Sunday, 19 May 2019

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Thursday, 16 May 2019


Hey readers, 

This week I have felt HAPPY!

This is because I just have got loads done and having the energy to do something has put me in a good mood. 

I had a lovely weekend with the boys and my eldest was much calmer compared to some weekends where is very anxious (loads of different reasons why). 

We enjoyed a spot of baking, went to the local park and just had a nice time without too many squabbles. Makes a big difference where there is more of a chilled vibe. 

I have also enjoyed the return of the sunshine of course and it has helped lift my mood. I found watching the new Louis Theroux documentary moving like someone who suffers from mental health issues along with parenting knows how tough it is. 

So, yeah I am rather happy and just enjoying the moment which often doesn't always come easy to me. 

Cheers for reading X 

Monday, 13 May 2019

5 things to remember when you feeling anxious.

Hey readers,

When in the depths of anxiety it can feel like aq turmoil in your brain. It can be hard to get past the feelings of anxiety. So here are five things to remember when you are feeling anxious.

1. It will pass. 

I know this probably obvious to people however when you are experiencing anxiety it is hard to see anything else. But remember it will pass as time goes on and they feels will end. Hold on to this thought and if you can reflect back to previous feelings of anxiety and remember that they passed.

2. Facts. 

Remember that anxiety thoughts are not facts but feelings. You don't have to believe them as they are just thoughts. There are millions of thoughts going through your mind and you have the choice to listen to them or not put any value on them, It is amazing when you let go the anxiety thoughts will disperse, however, it holds work so stick with it be worth it in the end. 

3. Change.

Sometimes it is easy to opt to stay in one place and feeding them anxious thoughts. A good way to help think about something else is to change the scenery, it does not have to be complicated it could simply be a walk down the road or around your local park. Changing the scenery is great for the mind especially getting fresh air makes a big difference. 

4. You are not alone. 

When going through an anxious time it can help so lonely and like you are the only one person suffering from anxiety, however, that is not true and there are many people who suffer from anxiety and from all walks of life. It doesn't matter what your age, wealth or background anyone could experience in anxiety. It is a known fact that people in the UK 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems each year. 

5. It is ok. 

It is ok not to be ok. It is ok to have anxiety and sometimes just accepting the anxiety can help reduce the stress and pressure that builds up from the stress of worrying about it all.  

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Reasons to love lego

Hey readers, 

I assume most people have heard of Lego which is a toy for children and adults. The idea is to follow the instructions and build an item made of Lego bricks such as say a car or a hospital. Lego is brilliant and I have listed the reasons below why you should check it out.

Fine motor skills.

Lego can be fiddly and tricky but with the time you can strength your fine motor skills. It is a skill to hold one brick and using the other hand to place the brick into its slot.  

It's ageless. 

The brilliant thing with Lego is that there is so much variety. There are different blocks and skills fro different ages. Lego is available for toddlers right up to adults. Therefore doesn't matter what age you can still get that buzz from building something spectacular. 

Patience and organisation skills.

With Lego, you need a lot of patience because it takes time to organise the pieces in colour because in my opinion the easiest way to follow Lego. Then the process of building the model takes time but you will be rewarded with latent satisfaction. 

Planning ahead.

This key with Lego is to be organised with planning ahead and getting the bricks in order. It is important to read the instructions and then have a go at putting the bricks in place. 

Teamwork and communication. 

Now with teamwork and communication, this only applies if your working with someone else. Each person needs to know what they are doing and what the plan is. Say one person gets the brick, whilst the person reads the instructions and builts. Communication is important when it comes to Lego. You have to talk to one another as you need to know what each person is doing so there is no confusion or arguments. 

Facing challenges. 

With Lego at times, it can be challenging you may not have the strength or struggle to identify the colour brick in the instruction manual or working out the diagram to which way the brick is facing. Sometimes, you get it wrong and only later that it isn't going right and you have to go back and redo. This is rewarding as it helps you learn I think via your mistakes and accepting that you know things go wrong. 


Lego can be tricky where you have to work out how to solve a problem. Sometimes you have to do trial and error and this teaches you how to come up with a solution through trying different scenarios. 

Spatial awareness.

Using Lego can help with improving spatial awareness by working out how mentally rotating objects and planning how bricks will be placed before building can help understand where to place the bricks. 


Finally, the best part of Lego is the reward you get for all the effort and time you put into building into making the Lego item to then be able to tangibly see it at the end and know you have created that design through the Lego instructions. 

Do you like Lego? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 

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Thursday, 9 May 2019

16 thoughts whilst on my period

Hey readers,

Today I am going to talk about periods and that thought that occurs when I am going through the dreading menstruation. Some people may think this is a bit too much information but at the end of the day, it is so important to talk about periods to help period taboos.

So, what kind of thoughts do I have when I am on my period.....

1. Everything is annoying me, even the bloody kettle that leaks are getting right on my nerves right now. 

2. I hate my husband, absolutely 100% because he doesn't have the pleasure of having to deal with a period every sodding month.

3. I am hungry, from the moment I wake till I sleep I can not stop thinking about food and eating. 

4. I feel like someone is stabbing me in the stomach or kicking me as the cramps are taking over and I hate life. 

5. Why do they say periods last 5 days, this is a joke because mine don't and maybe Mother Nature hares so much she tortures me with a prolonged period time. 

6. Right now I am so full of emotions, one minute I am happy and then the next I am having a full-on breakdown because of the anxiety and fear that comes with having a period. 

7. I am definitely not wearing white because that is too dame risky.

8. Got to reach in the bottom of the draw for my 'period pants', all black, big and comfy around the waist.

9. I am out and randomly my period has arrived is it alright too makeshift and use toilet tissue for a pad? 

10. I think I am dying because there is no other way to explain this pain right now. 

11. If I sneeze whilst on my period that is a risk attached and probably best not to do in public unless you want it to look like a murder scene. 

12. I have eaten this tub of ice cream which is acceptable since I am on my period. I now have dealt and think I may become ever fattier and my life is destroyed by one single action. 

13. I wish I could live my bed for the next few days with my heated blanket on to deal with cramp pains and killing two birds with one stone by hiding away from the world because everyone annoys the hell out of me. 

14. Chocolate should be mandatory with sanitary wear just because it is helpful for when you are on your period, fact. 

15.  Why do men think they understand periods? you don't know the half of it so does all a favour with your advice f*ck off with it. 

16. When I start my period it comes to the realisation of why things happened recently and has enlightened me since being on my period. 

Have you experienced any of these period related thoughts? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Why is silence good?

Hey readers, 

Since recently I have found that I have really enjoyed now and again just sitting in my room in the evening when it is dark and just lying down on the bed. I just find it really calming and it got me thinking about silence the benefits of it for your health. So, in this post, I give you my reasons why you should embrace the silence in your life. 


It is good to engage in silence during periods throughout the day as it can help with getting to sleep and insomnia. I think one the reasons is because you are taking time out to allow the noise to disperse and have the time to wind down during periods of silence which can help reduce the overactive thoughts that can occur during the day. This help calms down your mind when you go to bed at night because you are dealing with the thoughts. 


When you actively enhance with having moments of silence in your day it is dealing with the tension so you can relax more. This, therefore, can help relieve tension as it is not being built up in your body as you are having periods when you calm and peaceful in silence.


The brain needs time to rest without having constant stimulation. When you are embracing the silence you are shutting off more noise, therefore, allowing your brain to have a much-needed rest. 


Participating in silence allows me to think more and cut down on the noise. 


  When I am having silent periods I allow my body and mind to rest. Therefore this opportunity of silence gives me the time to replenish our energy sources making my day much more manageable. 


Again the idea that having silence helps generate brain cells which mean overall will lead to a more better productive day because you are giving the brain change to heal and grow through silence and being still during the day.


 Research has shown that being silent during the day can help with lowering blood pressure which helps prevent a heart attack and boosts your immune system.


  Being silence helps to get rid of frustration by letting go and just being quiet.


 When you take up the art of being silent it allows you to listen to your mind and body with the messages it wants you to hear. 

Ways in which you can embrace silence in your day to day life. 

One way of embracing the silence is lying in your bed for five minutes before getting up or vice versa but don't turn anything on and just lie down and embrace the silence. 

Alternatively, you don't need to be inside to allow silence in your life just going for a peaceful walk outside but with no music on and just be present with the environment around you. 

Just sit die down on a bench and just watch the world go by.  

Do you enjoy the silence? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 

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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Me and sweat

Hey readers,

If you haven't noticed it is getting hotter and with someone who is fat, the problem with sweating makes an appearance.

I know this may be too much information for some people but this is my life and sometimes it isn't pretty, however, I think some people can relate to this topic.

So as we heading for more high temperatures now and the sun gets hotter there comes a time when your body wants to help you cool. How does it doe this? by sweating naturally. Therefore, sweating does have a purpose but still dame right annoying!

I like dresses and skirts and to wear them with bare legs **oo la la**. However, I can't be walking about in the sunshine for too long as I get this thing called chub rub. This is when my thighs sweat so much that it rubs and it is really bloody uncomfortable actually!

I hate the sensation of my palms sweating so much I am frequently having to wash the sweet of my hands. Of course, I always carry a handy sized bottle of antibacterial hand gel with me to help give my hands cool feel.

Another symptom is feeling exhausted because the heat is hard work to get motivation and worse still at night it is too hot to sleep. This makes me ratty and quite moody at times because I am miserable when I don't have enough sleep.

I hate feeling sweating especially when it so humid and sticky - you literally have to pull off your clothes. I have to multiple showers a day to clear that sticky hot feeling that comes across my body when I have been out in the sun. 

Not to mention that sweating gets on my nerves and makes me a moody bugger to be around. Yes, I do complain but I am British after all.

If I had to choose between sweating and freezing I definitely would opt for freezing my ass off to be perfectly honest with you. At least you can put more layers on but with the heat apart from standing in a cold shower hard shift that uncomfortable feeling.  

Do you hate sweating as much as I do? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 

Monday, 29 April 2019

A to Z of autism

Hey readers,

As an autistic person and a lover of the A to Z post I thought I would combine the two and see what I would come up goes!

A - Autism obvs!
B - Biological family members are linked to autism as well associated with me. 
C - Communication is somewhat a struggle. 
D - you can still manage in life even with a diagnosis
E - Elopment where I just leave without telling anyone or letting my husband where I am going. 
F - Focus is strong when I am obsessed with a topic.
G - Girls have autism too!!!!
H - Hypoactivity occurs most nights.
I - More information needs to be made aware of adults who have autism.
J -  An autistic person likes things just so. 
K - Keep things consistent.
L - Language is difficult whether it is non - verbal or verbal it is hard to know how to get it to acceptable levels at times.
M - Meltdown because I have had a fair share of them.
N - Neurotypicals need to be said because we have to abide by there rules.
O - Overwhelmed in most cases. 
P - Patterns are comforting.
Q - Quiet helps calm me down.
R - Routine is worshipped. 
S - Sensory over or under it will be there somewhere.
T - Tired because it is hard work trying to remember all these rules. 
U - If I am not overwhelmed then I am underwhelmed and it is hard work trying to get the right balance of stimuli. 
V - Vocal in terms of speech where I don't know my volume, can either really loud or quiet as a mouse. 
W - Worry seems to make an appearance often in my autistic world.
X  - Fragile X is a close relative of autism. 
Y - You are not less with autism.
Z - Zoloft medication helps my obsessive nature.

Cheers for reading X  

Sunday, 28 April 2019

10 tips on how to have an awesome picnic.

Hey readers, 

Nothing finer than getting outdoors and eating Al Fresco, it just makes the food taste so much fresher and enjoyable especially when you are with the family. Even since becoming a parent I have enjoyed as a family picnicking more so when it so warm and sunny. I thought I would put down my top tips to have an awesome picnic. 

1. List. 

We all know I love a good list and planning is key especially with children. Make sure you write down all the food and equipment you need so you don't forget it when you are in a blind panic. 

2. Drinks 

Make sure you bring plenty of drinks even more so when it is hot so you all keep hydrated. Another crucial thing is to bring open opener if you need for bottles that need to be open with an opener. 

3. Blanket. 

Having a blanket that you can throw on the ground with soft material makes picnicking a much more enjoyable affair. I know it is a nice to be one with nature sometimes the floor is dirty or still, quite a dame plus you don't want any grass marks on your bottom from where you have been sitting, haha. 

4. Mosquito repellent. 

Always handy during the summer when there are bugs about and you don't want to be eaten permanently. So make sure you have some mosquito repellent ready on hand to apply and make a barrier between bugs and you. 

5. Ice ice baby. 

Make sure you have ice boxes or ice packs to keep food cold and not melt such as ice-cream or drinks. This will help your food and drink stay cool and more enjoyable. Plus nothing worse than have a melted mess in your picnic box to have to contend with. 

6. Stay clean. 

Something to add to your list of items to pack is wet wipes because they make life so much easier to clean sticky fingers. Napkins as well help collect or the crumbs and keeps the area tidy where you are having your picnic. 

7. Delicate.

Probably best to leave delicate food at home as it is another stress to worry about especially if you have children to deal with as well. Simple is key when it comes to picnics. 

8. Check.

If you are planning on going to say a country park check beforehand that they are open and that picnics are welcome, always best to be safe then sorry. 

9. Activities. 

Bringing activities to keep you and your family amused is something to consider. Things like a football or frisbee are good because it is fairly simple to play and you don't have to carry a lot of items with you, which ideal if you are a long way from the car or bus say and you don't want to carry loads of stuff with you.

10. Sunshine.

Always stay protected in the sunshine, make sure you have sun cream, hats and shady places to eat when it sunny. Also, if you go at high noon during the summer it can be baking hot and you don't want to get sunstroke so be prepared and stay cool. 

Have I missed anything off my list that you think is a good thing to do when you go for a picnic? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Apps I use everyday

Hey readers, 

Today I thought I would share with you my top 10 apps that I use every day, if you are like me and love a noisy then this post is for. 

1. Pinterest

Kicking off with firstly with Pinterest, such a great place to share my content from my youtube and blog channels, not only that but great for finding inspiration on a whole host of ideas. I also am attracted to this app as it is a visual base.

2. Facebook. 

If I am honest with you I only use Facebook for finding details about blog opportunities and blog support otherwise I would delete this app as I don't algorithm and definitely not what it was when it was in its heyday. 

3. Twitter.

I love a bit of Twitter especially when I am watching a live programme and you can look under the hashtag and see other peoples thoughts, I think this is a really fun way of viewing programmes. I find it also helpful for me as an autistic to look and see other peoples experiences on their journey with autism. It makes me feel less isolated even though I don't know these people, to know that you don't feel alone is comforting, to say the least. 

4. Google. 

Let's face first port of call for asking questions from finding a certain come dine with me an episode to trying to find out when McDonald's sell milkshake from. Yes, I have done both these searches recently, lol. 

5. Youtube.

YouTube the hub of entertainment - well for me anyway it is mostly where I watch something. There are documentaries, vlogs, music, interviews, how-tos, it is quite frankly amazing what you can find nowadays on YouTube. 

6. Facebook.

I know niches are all the rage now and again like Facebook all about the algorithm. That being said I still enjoy Instagram, I just which it was in the right order plus so many great memes which let's be honest saves lives. 

7. Shopmium.

If you like free sh*t (hell yeah) then check this app out as you can buy items from the list of available products, scan the receipt in and get the money back, sometimes all of it and others it will be a percentage. One of the best frugal apps out there in my option. 

8. O2 Moments.

Again, another money-related app and I am on 02, therefore, can apply for the rewards such as a free hot drink on a Wednesday from Cafe Nero, yes, please. 

9. Gmail. 

Got to check out all the emails from pr companies emails of junk companies, else they do build up and that is a ball ache to sort out in the long term. So once a day check on emails and clear out the rubbish. 

10. Sarcasm Quotes. 

Finally a fun little app with memes and funny photos to put a smile on your face. 

What apps do you like using? Any on my list that you also enjoy? Love to hear your thoughts. 

Cheers for reading X 

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

10 reasons why i love carbs

Hey readers,

Is it just me or over recent years carbohydrates are frowned upon. In some cases, some people even fear them due to this myth that carbs make you put on at least 3 stone if you dare eat a portion of mashed potato or a bowl of pasta.

So, instead of fearing carbs in this post I am going to tell you reasons why you need carbs in your life. I have selected my top 10 reasons why I love carbs.

1. Exercise

 Carbohydrates are good because they provide energy which is fantastic especially if you want to do exercise. 
Nothing is worse when you have a plummet in low energy. I for one have experienced this and it has led actually to me to binge eat which then turns into a cycle of self-sabotage.

2.  Delicious.

I eat carbohydrate because of the simple fact that they are delicious. I think is whenever it comes to food is moderation is must and it is ok to have carbs as part of a healthy diet.

3. Lose Weight. 

 It is funny because actually, carbs can help you lose weight if you eat the right carbs correctly such as brown bread, pasta, and bread along with vegetables and nuts.

4. Full up.

 Carbohydrates fill you up and leave you filling fuller for longer.

5. Type 2 Diabetes. 

Carbohydrates control your blood sugar level and help reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes therefore even more reason to tuck into them and enjoy. 

6. Diet. 

 I have in the past tried out the Atkins diet but in all honesty, it made me feel super miserable. I  just love carbs and what is even better is carbs makes me feel so good. So, now I am not going to sacrifice them to lose a few pounds. I would rather be fat and happy any day of the week. 

7. Versatile. 

 Carbs are so versatile that you can fry them, boil mash, grill and even oven cook them. This makes cooking with carbs so appealing to use them when adding to meals to make them interesting. 

8. Brain Fuel. 

Carbs provide fuel and brain power so key to helping if your studying and need help to working out information out.

9.  Full up. 

Carbs name your belly feel happy as they provide fibre which helps keep the bowels moving and lower the chances of constipation. The focus should be on using wholemeal grains as they have the best qualities in the food and better for your digestive health. 

10.  Vitamins. 

Wholegrain carbs provide vitamins such as vitamin B and iron which helps with keeping the blood flowing around in your body. Also, carbs help with keeping your immune system strong therefore fighting off any germs and keeping your body healthy.

Do you love carbs?  Or are you scared to even look at them? Love to hear your thoughts below.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Small spaces and autism

Hey readers,

When it comes to small spaces and my autism in some instances I like to be in small spaces. Other times small spaces make me feel really claustrophobic making me feel like I  want to run away and be free. 

Therefore in this post, I'm going to split up for reasons why I like small spaces and reasons why I don't small spaces. 

So why do I love small spaces as an autistic person? 

I think one of the reasons I like small spaces, in particular, is when I'm having a meltdown I feel like I need to curl up in a fetal position. I want to hide away in a small space where no one can get me that is dark and secure and safe.

 I identify my bedroom as my safe place and that is where I go to escape the emotional situation that can cause me to a breakdown of sorts. 

when I am in a small space I find that there are fewer stimuli for me to concentrate on. Therefore it calms me down a lot more quickly than when I am in a very stimulating environment where there is a lot going on. The type of stimuli that affects me is noise from the TV, bright lights, someone touching me. So, shutting out that noise helps calm me down and dispenses the meltdown. 

When I go into a small space it helps me to stop the overthinking and fast thoughts that occur in my mind. Small spaces give me a chance to reduce my feelings of being overwhelmed and trying to process this information when I'm deeply anxious. 

when I am in a small space it's normally deep within a quilt on a quilt on a quilt so that I am warm and secure in my small space. The small space and being closed in helps me feel safe again.  

Looking back and evaluating how I respond to small spaces I think one of the reasons that I see small spaces at times positive for me because they are comforting when I'm distress or when I'm anxious. Going to a safe and small space gives me that time to hideaway. 

Reasons why I do not like small spaces? 

I guess like most things the way I think about things is black or white and this the small spaces. Sometimes I deeply enjoy them and other times I detest them, there is no in-between for me. 

I don't like small spaces when I am in a busy place or I am not coping well with my anxiety. I feel trapped and find it hard to think of solutions, therefore, have felt that this is going to be forever. 

I need to feel in control and when I am not it causes upsets and meltdowns. Another time I don't like small spaces is at bus stops waiting for the bus. 

I feel really paranoid when there are others provided the space. I have been knowing to stand in the pouring rain because I don't like the entrapment. 

Cheers for reading X

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

75 Simple pleasures that give you complete satisfaction

Hey readers,

Today I am writing a list of all things simple pleasures. I have come up with 75 of my favourite simple things that happen in my life that I very much enjoy. 

1. Blowing bubbles with kids.

2. Hearing your favorite song come on and singing your heart out.

3. Cracking the yolk of a boiled egg.

4. A morning stretch.

5. Getting into bed with the heated blanket.

6. Being lazy on a Sunday. 

7. The smell of fresh cut grass.

8. When you do a deep clean and the room is tidy.

9. Getting to the bottom of the washing pile.

10. Having hot tea after hours of not having one.

11. Freshly baked bread.

12. Helping someone in need.

13. Making someone laugh. 

14. A crossed of to-do-list.

15. Making someone smile.

16. Laughing till your belly hurts.

17. Lying in bed listening to the rain.

18. Having a picnic.

19. Finding money.

20. Kindness from a stranger.

21. Walking barefoot through the sea.

22. Clean sheets.

23. Planting a seed.

24. Hearing a cat purr.

25. Dancing with no care in the world.

26. A warm drink on a cold day.

27. At night closing the curtains and hiding the world away.

28. Taking a cat nap.

29. Snuggling under the quilt.

30. A long hot bath.

31. When a website loads really fast.  

32. Making shapes out of clouds. 

33. Finding a relaxing place to sit. 

34. When you hike and reach the top of the hill.

35. Sitting down in a coffee shop and watching the world go by.

36. Going to sleep when you're exhausted.

37. When I accomplish something that someone told me I could not do. 

38. Sunsets.

39. Peeling an orange in one go.

40. Having a wee after a long time. 

41. Having freshly cleaned laundry.

42. The smell of a new book.

43. Using a new notebook for the first time.

44. Wrapping in a blanket straight after it has been in the dryer.

45. Seeing a squirrel bounching about.

46. Being outside.

47. The smell of rain. 

48. The first minute of a hot shower.

49. Changing into my pajarmas after a long day. 

50. Drawing a perfect circle with a compass. 

51. When you find a yellow sticker.

52. Reading a good book.

53. Having a lie in.

54. Discovering a new song that you love.

55. Sitting near the sea eating fish and chips. 

56. Eating strawberries and cream in the summer.

57. Fairy lights twinkling at night. 

58. New socks.

59. Watching children giggle and play. 

60. The smell of a burning candle.

61. Falling asleep in a sunbeam.

62. Being the first person to open the coffee jar.

63. The smell of coffee is emerge.

64. Watching a lightning storm. 

65. Waking up in a warm bed feeling all fuzzy.

66. When it is a cold and dreary day.

67. Taking your bra off after a long day. 

68. Silence. 

69. Thunderstorms at night. 

70. Waking up without an alarm clock. 

71. Tasty food. 

72. A cold drink when you have walked for ages. 

73. Peeling the plastic off a new phone cover.

74. Freshly shaven legs.  

75. Sitting in the park in the summer and the sun is shining. 

What simple pleasures do you enjoy? Love to hear your comments below. 

Cheers for reading X