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Sunday, 23 January 2022

My Sunday Photo 23/01/2022

My Sunday Photo 23/01/2022

My Sunday Photo 23/01/2022

My kids get easily amused by the simplistic of things such as these Dairylea stackables and stacking them up. 


Friday, 21 January 2022

Sods law of parenting.

Hey readers,

We all hate situations that happen when we least want to deal with them. It happens a lot with my boys and sometimes it begs the question if sometimes my children do it just for the laughs. 

sods law of parenting

Check out the list below:

1. Snot. 

Kids enjoy wiping snot onto your trousers - yep my children do this disgusting habit! You feel that you as an individual are merely there for their convenience to do what they want to you.

2. Early mornings.

Why do children get up at the same time in the morning no matter what time they go to bed evening it does not matter how late they go to bed they still seem to master getting up every day the same every fucking time, sods!

3. Toilet.

When you are just about to leave the home after half an hour wrestling with getting my boy ready, boom he needs to go to the toilet. Doesn't seem to think about time and is very blase in going to the toilet and taking longer than normal just when we need to be somewhere at a certain time. 

4. Attachment. 

When you get round to thinning out the children's toys suddenly they become attached to that one item that they have not seen for months.

5. Falling asleep. 

The moment you arrive at the supermarket the little monkey falls asleep in the car. Then you have to wake them up and be greeted with a mardy bum all around the supermarket, fun times.

6. School run.

Why is it when I try to get the boys to school they take forever, forget everything, and dawdle. Compare this to the normal days when I am more relaxed they race of like Hussian Bolt.

7. Bus. 

When I get on the bus there is always some old dear at the front where I can't run away. They so kindly like to tell me some 'lovely' pieces of advice on how to parent or question my ability to parent. Go fuck yourself you know nothing about me or my situation.

8. Shower.

Why is it when you try to have the fastest shower in the world that something happens? It is either my DS1 within seconds will need a wee even when asked prior does he need to go and saying no. Or an argument will erupt where hubby needs assistance in breaking it up a major meltdown.

9. Cold.

The first day back to school after the holidays you end up getting hit with a cold, grrrrr!

10. Lego.

Every time you always get the Lego out you will at one point stand on a piece of, the little fuckers!

Are there any sod's law of parenting that I have missed that you have experienced? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

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Monday, 17 January 2022

McDonald's I love thee!

Hey readers,

I love McDonald's restaurants as they are the one place I can take my boys without too much stress. My boys really enjoy going to Mcdonald's too, not to mention that is reasonably priced meaning I won't break the bank. That is just one of the reasons why I loved McDonald's. Want to know more? then keep on reading down below. 

McDonald's I love thee!

1. Child-friendly. 

Where do I start with the reasons to love Mcdonald's well I guess the first point would be that it is child-friendly and I can relax as a parent. I don't have to worry about being judged as it is laid back and people have children that make noise so it is much more relaxed to go than other places where you get judged if your child dares breathe a word. Inturn if I am relaxed it gets mirrored in my children's behaviour. 

2. Meal boxes. 

With the children's happy meal you can tear around the bottom and it instantly becomes a plate which is fun. Kids love the magic of the box transforming into a plate and as a parent, I like the fac that keeps food clean in one place. 

3. Tablets. 

 McDonald's at some of the tablets (electronically) to keep kids entertained whilst you chill out without losing your shit waiting! It is great it has child-friendly games and they get to learn as well, win-win!

4. Toy. 

With the children's happy meal you get a free toy which the kids love. You can bed that toys are still played at home months later.  

5. Grownup. 

 My sons feel like they are grown up sitting on the stools at the table. They are located near the window which is perfect for people and bus watching.

6. Chillout. 

If I am shopping with the boys in town and feel a bit overwhelmed going to Mcdonalds is a good place to go as I can relax there, it is reasonably priced and my kids really enjoy going too. 

Therefore I can have time to calm down from the mayhem of shopping with kids and have a drink in peace. That my friend is living the parenting dream!

7. Reasonably priced. 

With Mcdonald's, it is reasonably priced, a great way to entertain kids and this is a particularly good place to go during the half-term holidays compared to other activities which can cost an arm and a leg.

8. The app.

The Mcdonald's app is awesome because you can sit at the time, take your time and look through the menu (whilst your child takes ages to decide what they want). Easy to navigate and the best bit is that you can request someone to bring over your order so you can get relax and not have to wait in big queues with kids messing around.

Therefore, McDonald's....... I heart you.

What are your thoughts on Mcdonald's? Are you a fan or not? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 10 January 2022

kids activities to do while stuck or driving.

 Hey readers,

Do you dread the prospect of traveling long distances with kids in the car? Then you need to read this post. I have some cracking activities your kids can do in the car to keep them entertaining and stop them from asking are nearly there yet. 

kids activities to do while stuck or driving in the car.

1. I spy. 

Starting off with a classic game of I spy. It is a really straightforward game where the person asks I spy with my little eye something beginning with a letter. Then the other people taking part have to guess that something with that letter they can see with their eye. Once the person guessed correctly it is then their turn to say the phase I spy...

2. Name that song. 

A fun game is for one person in the car to hum a tune whilst all the other people have to try and guess the name of the song. 

3. Car bingo. 

For this game, you will need a pen and print the bingo sheets beforehand but it will be worth it as it is lots of fun. Below is an example of car bingo (there are many free printable ones, just type into google car bingo UK printables). 

As you can see reach square has something you will come across journey so hold on to paper and circle of every item on the sheet. The person who circles all the boxes and shouts out bingo is the winner. 

I got the above bingo sheet from Startrescue which is free to use and print if you're looking for a good resource check that one out

4. I went to the shops and bought...
Someone starts off with the first person saying I went to the shop and bought and they have to think of something beginning with A (e.g. apple). 

The next person continues by saying the previous item (apple) and then something beginning with B (e.g. banana).  This then continues with each person having a go and working through the alphabet, adding one more item to the end of the list each time.
5. 20 questions.

Designate one player (the thinker) to think of a person, animal, or thing familiar to all the players.

The other players (guessers) take turns asking yes-or-no questions to help them guess the person, animal, or thing. 

The thinker must keep track of the number of questions asked. If you like, distribute twenty counters (pennies, beans, or paper clips) evenly among the guessers. 

As each guesser asks a question, she gives a counter to the thinker. When the guessers run out of counters, the game is over.

Any guesser may try to guess the person, animal, or thing on her turn. If she's right, she's the thinker for the next game. If she's wrong, the guess counts as one question, and the game continues until someone guesses right or until twenty questions have been asked. 

If no one guesses right within twenty questions, the thinker reveals the person, animal, or thing and starts a new game by thinking of a different person, animal, or thing.

Are there any good car games that I have missed out that you enjoy? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

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Monday, 3 January 2022

100 outdoor things to do with kids

Hey readers,

Sometimes I can find it hard to think of ideas on how to entertain children especially outside. So if you're looking for inspiration then look no further as below I have a whopping 100 children's activities. The activities vary and different seasons depending but it is always good to plan now and again. 

100 outdoor things to do with kids

 1. Roll down a big hill.

2. Camp outdoors.

3. Skim a stone.

4. Build a den. 

5. Create some wild art. 

6. Go paddling.

7. Watch a sunrise.

8. Explore a cave.

9. Discover what is in a pond. 

10.  Catch a crab.

11. Fly a kite.

12. Make a campfire.

13. Toast marshmallows.

14. Pooh sticks.

15. Make a leaf collage.

16. Play conkers.

17. Collect shells.

18. Go sledding.

19. Swing on a rope swing. 

20. Make a daisy chain.

21. Plant a tree.

22. Run a mile. 

23. Climb a tree.

24. Go fruit picking. 

25. Count 60 when hola hooping. 

26. ride a bike. 

27. Blow some bubbles.

28. Play frisbee. 

29. Play duck, duck, goose.

30. Make a birdfeeder. 

31. Feed a horse.

32. Visit a farm. 

33. Have a picnic in your garden. 

34. Go bug spotting. 

35. Enjoy a nature walk. 

36. Create an obstacle course in your garden.

37. Enjoy some tie-dying outside.

38. Paint some rocks and put them in the park for others to spot.

39. Create a nature diary.

40. Make up some potions.

41. Do some bird spotting. 

42. Find a shady tree and read.

43. Make a floral crown. 

44. Learn cartwheels. 

45. Have a water fight.

46. Build a fort.

47. Dance in the rain. 

48. Imitate a bird's call. 

48. Blow dandelions into the wind.

49. Dig up worms. 

50. Sleep under the stars. 

51. Explore a skate park. 

52. Jump in a pile of leaves.

53. Build a snowman. 

54. Make a walkie-talkie out of two tins and some string. 

55. Go fishing. 

56. Find a walking stick. 

57. Catch snowflakes on your tongue. 

58. Make a crayon leaf rubbing. 

59. Whittle a stick. 

60. Collect 6 different types of rock. 

61. Rollerskate.

62. Draw a hopscotch board on the floor. 

63. Eat homemade ice lollies.

64. Sing as loud as you can.

65. Water the plants. 

66. Run through a sprinkler. 

67. Pick flowers.

68. Walk barefoot on the grass. 

69. Make nature confetti. 

70. Ice-skating.

71. Snow paint. 

72. Christmas light walk.

73. Go caroling. 

74. Construct a mud pit. 

75. Jump in muddy puddles.

76. Photograph flowers.

77. Go on a scavenge hunt. 

78. Paint fairy houses.

79. Stargaze. 

80. Go for a swim. 

81. Kick a ball. 

82. Create twig frames. 

83. Battle with shaving foam. 

84. Float a paper boat down a stream. 

85. Use a compass.

86. Yoga outdoors. 

87. Listen to a waterfall. 

88. Nerf gun wars.

89. Geocaching.

90. Pokemon Go. 

91. Fly a drone.

92. Go ape.

93. Orienteering. 

94. Hide and seek. 

95. Plant a vegetable garden. 

96. Go to the beach.

97. Build a sandcastle. 

98. Jump over waves.

99. Press flowers.

100. Pick up rubbish. 

Have I missed any good activities that you think are perfect to do with children outdoors? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X
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Sunday, 26 December 2021

My Sunday Photo 26/12/2021

Merry Christmas everyone 🎅 



Sunday, 19 December 2021

My Sunday Photo 19/12/2021

Yay my youngest returned home after a week in hospital with two infections in his foot. 



Sunday, 28 November 2021

My Sunday Photo 28/11/2201

My Sunday Photo 28/11/2201



Sunday, 21 November 2021

My Sunday Photo 21/11//2021

                                                  My Sunday Photo 21/11//2021

My Sunday Photo 21/11//2021

SO during the week, I had to go to a routine checkup at the options. Options had photos of inside my eye and spotted swelling on my optical nerve. This resulted in going to the hospital for a few days so they could investigate it.

 Anyhow, after scans and lumbar puncture, I didn't medication as my fluid levels in my span ok, so they just regular hospital appointments every six months or something like this. 

Really weird to not be at home with the kids, of course, they were worried but they loved the information about scans and needles going in my back. 

I met them downstairs in the foyer as no visitors on my ward due to covid. Which is fine and they came to see me which is lovely. 

As I write this post I am at some recovering and fingers crossed I make a full recovery. 

Cheers for reading X


Friday, 19 November 2021

Why I hate Elf on the shelf

Hey readers,

What I am going to write in this post may divide opinion but it is only my opinion so don't get too distressed if you're a fan of the old Elf on The Shelf.

 I am not, lol so I am going to tell you why.
If you haven't heard of Elf of Shelf let me give you a quick explanation about this popular trend at Christmas time. It is an Elf that is sent from Santa to check up on children to see if they are being naughty or nice. 

It derived from America from a story that was written in 2005. Parents go out and buy an Elf toy (if you buy the book there is one with it) and every day from the 1st of December right up to Christmas parents will bring old Elf when the kids are in bed and place him around in the home in different locations each day.

 Another addition to this phenomena some parents even add presents with the Elf to reward the child for being good.
Why I hate Elf on The Shelf!!!11.png


The idea of encouraging children to behave because the Elf is watching them can potentially encourage children to be deceitful and hide their behaviour in order to get rewards.

Pain in the bum.

The thought of having to think of new and creative ways for the Elf is hard work especially in December as it tends to be one of the busiest months of the year.

  There is the pressure to buy all the products that are attached to Elf on the Shelf and just encourages consumerism. Not to mention the pressure on Social Media to outdo friends or acquaintances with what the elf has been up to.


There is nothing more creepy than knowing an Elf is watching you all the time and is knocking about at your home.

 Why do we need to make children feel they are being watched I much prefer to give my boys the trust in doing the right thing.

 Not to mention giving them the feeling that they have the respect of their own privacy without thinking that an Elf is constantly watching them.


I have seen many fails on Youtube regarding Elf on The Shelf and one of the themes that made me question the whole idea of the Elf is the sheer anxiety and distress that it causes children.

 Some children have a fear of toys that come alive, especially if they have seen them in movies such as Toy Story.

The Elf can cause some children to be petrified in case they have done something bad and will get punished. Where it could simply be the case that they have done a mistake and that it was not intentional. 

They may feel paranoid and cause more distress, it may trigger them to be anxious when they really don't need to be,  bearing in my mind that The Elf on The Shelf lasts most of December.


It is common knowledge that sometimes the best way to learn is through mistakes, but this stops children from learning through making things right when they are simple but on the naughty list. They don't get that opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

So, there you have it, that is why I hate Elf on The Shelf? Are you a fan or do you hate like I do? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.  

Cheers for reading X

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