About me.

Welcome to my blog! 

I'm Sam, a proud parent hailing from the Midlands! 

With two energetic boys aged 10 and 12, my life is a whirlwind of adventure and learning experiences. 

As someone with autism, I navigate the world with a unique perspective, and I'm passionate about sharing my insights and experiences.

On this blog, I delve into a variety of topics, from lifestyle tips and parenting advice to discussions about autism awareness and acceptance. 

Through my writing, I aim to provide support, encouragement, and inspiration to fellow parents, individuals on the autism spectrum, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of this complex and beautiful journey we call life.

Join me as I explore the ups and downs of parenting, celebrate the joys of everyday moments, and advocate for a more inclusive and understanding society.

 Together, let's embrace the diversity that makes each of us special and embark on this journey of growth and discovery.


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