Monday 30 March 2020


Hey readers,

my word of the week is:

because it is the last week of term and I am knackered. I always am but have to say I am a wingy cow, haha!

My eldest did me proud, we have always struggled with homework. He protests every time he hates homework. I encouraged him to do a bit and remind him that once it is done that he then has the rest of the night to play.

Well, he did his homework and then decided he wanted to do all of it. I told him he could do it tomorrow but he was having none of it and wanted to complete it there and then.

Another big achievement for him is he made up all the sentences by himself with no prompt. Now, this may seem like nothing but this child struggles with abstract and thinking ideas without prompts. So, when he did do sentences I was pretty proud of him as I know this is a big challenge for him.

hope you have a lovely Easter.

Cheers for reading X

10 best life tips

Hey readers,

As we get older hopefully we learn and grow insight to improve as a person. 

I myself have learnt some things along the way on my journey through life and I thought I would share some of my best life tips.

1. This lesson IS difficult but if you learn to not be angry and put blame on people you will lead a more fruitful life. Life is a b*tch and there are some God awful people out there. 

I have experienced a fair few. But, once I learn to let go of that anger and just accept it, life is much more pleasant. I don't forget the hurt by any stretch of the imagination. 

I just let go, untie it from my emotions. The more you hold on to the negative feels they will only fester and bring you down. The more that you don't allow it to influence you means you can enjoy life better.

2. I know people go on about enjoying every second and you should be enjoying it. However, let's face it life is not like that.

 Don't put these expectations on, just focus on not taking life too seriously, have a laugh and make happy memories.

3. I know it is cheesy with the whole idea of the power of positivity. I suffer depression but looking at one small thing a day no matter what it is can really help you. 

Even for example it is just getting out of bed or leaving the house, that is one step closer to helping yourself move forward.

4. Enjoy the outdoors and surround yourself with nature - it can really help physically and mentally. Plus it is free, so even if you have no money you can still go out and look at the trees.

5. If you can help people, karma and all that. Plus it is nice to just do something for someone.

6. Don't compare yourself to other people, remember that we are all on our own journey.

 You don't know what people are going through, you only see a section of that person especially if it is on social networks like Instagram. 

Never forget that comparison is the thieve of joy so instead of worrying about missing out, just focus on your self and what you are doing.

7. Write down goals - small or big get them down physically on the paper and see where you can make improvements. Small steps lead to better destinations. 

It can help if you are in a negative frame of mind to work on something that you can focus but also check in each month to see how far you have progressed. 

This can help make it feel more real and concrete giving you that well-earned boast that you deserve.

8. Make sure you get some sleep because it really does help give a clear mind to think.

9. If in doubt or you don't want to do something, do micro-tasks that lead to the bigger goal. This can help you feel less overwhelmed and in the long run, be more productive.

10. Make sure you are on top of your emails. Go through them each day and delete the unnecessary ones.

What life lessons have you learnt along the way of your journey?

Cheers for reading X

Sunday 29 March 2020

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Wednesday 25 March 2020

Easter Cornflake cakes Recipe.

Hey readers,

Looking to do something with a young child over the Easter holidays then you need to check out this simple recipe.


* 50g of butter.

* 100g of milk or dark chocolate.

* 100g cornflakes.

* 3tbsp of golden syrup.

* Mini eggs (for decoration).

*Cupcake cases (my Easter themed ones come from Poundland and they have decorative pictures on a stick that can stick in the cake).


1. Measure out the ingredients.

2. Melt the butter and chocolate, one at a time in the microwave.

3. In a bowl place the corn flakes, add the golden syrup, chocolate and butter. Mix all together so the cornflakes get all covered in the chocolate mix.

4. Pour the mix into cupcake holders (o got my Easter themed ones from Poundland). Stick the decorative sticks in if you have some.

5. Place a couple of mini eggs in the middle.

6. Place the cakes on a tray and put them in the fridge for a good couple of hours or until set.

7. Voila there you easter cakes.


Cheers for reading X

Monday 23 March 2020

11 reasons to like Twitter.

Hey readers,

If you haven't heard of the social media platform Twitter then where have you been?

Twitter has got a lot of bad press recently what with the likes of Trump using it as a medium to communicate to everyone. 

Of course, we can not dismiss the trolls but let's face it there is bad in everything. So, let's have a look at some positives about the popular social media site.

1. It is a great way to connect with like-minded people.

2. I love it when you are watching a live programme on the telly (I know right shocking in this day and age) and jump on Twitter and there is that community of other people watching the same programme. It is a great way to watch something and discuss the programme with others.

3. Hashtags are a great tool to grow your audience, get more people to notice your tweets.

4. You can find out information via news reports or blog posts with specific content via reshared tweets.

5. It is a great way to get your frustrations out with a ranty tweet.

6. You can do all sorts of forms of communication, whether that be a tweet, gif, poll, video.

7. You can find some cracking memes and a good way to kill some time.

8. You can find up to date news coverage.

9. You can follow famous people that you enjoy reading about and their thoughts. 

10. It can be fun with hashtag games and play on words.

11. You don't have to be serious and can just write random tweets if you so wish to.

So let's all praise Twitter and get on tweeting.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday 22 March 2020

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Friday 20 March 2020

Holiday packing tips.

Hey readers,

One thing when it comes to holidaying with a family is remembering that preparation is key. 

It is important to be prepared for all emergencies and planning is essential. 

So here are some of my tips to help with family packing that may be of benefit to you and your family to make a smooth experience.

1. Washbag.

With having a family on holiday, there will be a lot of dirty washing. However, you don't want to mix dirty clothing with clean clothing so a great tip to deal with this situation is to simply pack a spare bag to keep your dirty clothes in.

2. Spare clothes.

We all know young children especially get dirty easily it is a fact of childhood. So it is always a good idea to pack more clothes then necessary. As you do not want to stress about running out of clean clothes in the middle of the week because that is a nightmare believe me and you. Also, don't forget extra pants and socks as well.

3. Packing cube.

Although they are pricey at first they can be a good investment and keep your luggage organised when your away on holiday. The packing cubes come in sets of different square type fabric containers. 

They are great because they save space, you can divide different items into sections and not only clothing.

 Some items are just for travelling so you can keep them stored away in the cubes for a later date. This will save time next time around and you don't have to worry about losing items as they will be safe in the storage compartments. 

Such items that can be left for a later date are batteries, toiletries etc. Also with using cubes for clothing, they make an impromptu pillow if need be. 

4. Roll clothes.

A fab packing hack is to roll your clothes into your suitcases as these reduces space needed. You can pack more stuff into your suitcase which is always a win.

5. Medication. 

I find that it is easy to keep medication close by in your everyday bag or someone where you know it will be such as the inside pocket of the suitcase. 

6. Packing. 

Always best to keep heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase so they don't squish clothes and make them wrinkly because let's face it none has the time for ironing on holiday right?!

7. Outfit. 

To save stress with the travelling and getting used to the new routine one best tip I suggest is packing your first-day outfit at the top of your suitcase. This, therefore, means it is there ready there and waiting for the first day of your holiday. 

8. Washing powder.

A good product to buy for travelling is washing powder for the sink. 

This is brilliant in an emergency where something happens for whatever reason and you want a quick solution to get something clean. 

Well, you can place the item of clothing in the sink and hand wash your clothing. The washing powder stuff comes in a small bottle so handy for travelling with as it doesn't take too much space up.

What are your go-to packing tips that make your life easy? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Cheers for reading X 

Wednesday 18 March 2020

You know your a school mum when...

Hey readers,

My eldest is in year one in primary school and I have noticed some things that happen once you become a school mum. Here are some of the signs you are definitely a school mum.


are a slapdash affair, trying to remain calm but more frequently than not losing your s**t about the fact, your child can take 30 bloody mins and still not got their shoes on.

Letters, Letters, Letters.

How many? the never-ending forms of dates of book sales to trips and parents evening. It is non-stop and at times a bit overwhelming trying to keep on track of it all.


 is now something you have to get done and let's face it on a Sunday night mad dash to get something coherent down.

Social Pressure.

Knowing that you are losing the walls of protection of your child and social pressure is a big player now and that it is just the start.


Having to keep a check on making sure that you have paid for XYZ. You basically need a diary to keep on top of all the payments and dates that are happening.

Lost Property.

Constant arguments of wondering how your son could lose this and that. Bringing home someone else's jumper or at the end of the term accidentally losing his pumps from three weeks ago and not mentioning it to us, which coincidentally it is now half term holiday so you can't do naff all about it.


 is there pestering you every week about this or that just so they can look good amongst all us other parents who are totally below there standards?


Having to sit and listen to this and that committee every week it is something, why can't they just let kids be kids and actually learn to fail instead of constantly trying to see positive in everything.

School Run.

Arguing with your spouse with who is going to collect your child as you know it is mayhem and you can't stand the small talk waiting for your little child to be returned to you.


When teachers can't be arsed to listen to you and feel totally helpless because all they see is one side of our child and they seem more bothered about attendance.

Cheers for reading X

Monday 16 March 2020

10 things great about being a parent

Hey readers,

I thought I would share a positive post all about the awesome things that come with parenting. Here are my top 10 things that are great about being a parent. 

1. Bringing up children gives you a new sense in life. Like you have a direction and you have a goal to raise good humans. 

2. Nothing beats unconditional love a child, it is pure and true and I don't think anyone could love you like a child loves a parent regardless of all their flaws. 

3. Their imagination is amazing and how they can think outside the box will astound you. 

4. Being a parent you want to be the best person you can be for your children. 

5. I have learnt to be more patient since having children, especially when you are teaching them something new and a little bit tricky.

6. You get to watch your child shape and form into their own person. 

7. Being with children and looking after them makes you feel young again especially when you have to learn how to think like them to get them. 

8. One of the best things about being a parent is making a kid laugh, it truly is wonderful especially when the smile is bright and they just go into a full giggly mode. 

9. Keeping all the best artwork and turning your home Tate Modern. Just a sense of children around is lovely to have because it is important to you as you are so proud of your little darlings. 

10. Hearing your child say "Mum" and wondering who that is, then realising - it's YOU!

What do you think is good about parenting? Do you recognise any of these observations about why parenting is good? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday 15 March 2020

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Friday 13 March 2020

My top 5 kids apps

Hey readers,

Technology is so great, you can learn so much and it is for everyone. What I love though is that my boys can use the tablet for fun or learning and it gives me five minutes peace.

CBeebies play app.
I love this because it is an app based on most of the children's programmes on Cbeebies, so there is familiarity.

 There is also more than one choice you can paint with Mr Tumble, to Nina and the neurons where you programme the floor for the robot to follow the instructions. So, there is a mix of fun and educational games to play.

Kids Doodle.

Related image

This is a fun one for letting your little ones be creative and there are no rules. 

My eldest is autistic and this has helped him when he is stressed or having a meltdown, can help relax him and take the mind of his worries. You can make pretty patterns, glow in the dark.


Image result for minions apps

What kid doesn't like minions. It is a platform game and even though my 4 year does play on it, I am not sure he strictly follows the runs but nonetheless still enjoys it.

Whereas my 6-year-old understands the rules and likes to play competitively. This is one of the longest we have and it gets used the most.

Fish Farts
Image result for fart app fish

This a funny game, it involves touching the fish on the screen and hearing them move with the vibrations of the fart. 

Both boys find this so hilarious because let's face it what kid doesn't find the sound of farting funny.

Zombie Smash.


Zombies is a good game (some parents may frown) but it is fun. It makes silly noises and pictures and they not allowed to squash the children which makes them laugh they do.

What apps do your children enjoy?

Cheers for reading X

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Review of Birmingham Sea Life Centre.

Hey readers,

Last week I and the family went to visit the sea life centre in Birmingham. If you haven't ever been to the sea life centre they showcase a variety of different sea life creatures for you to go and see them in their natural habitat.

The types of sea life available to look at.

At the start of the centre you could see the penguins playing, squabbling, and swimming that type of thing.



There is a section for octopus and you can see the way they transform into the spaces and sometimes got to see their long tentacles.

There is also seahorses which are really elegant and very beautiful to watch.



The centre has the option for children to touch a starfish. This is a great experience for children to interact with fish. A child can feel what a fish feels like and work out the different textures on their fingers.

There is a massive fish display at the beginning like an upward tank that hols different fish swimming around.

There are rays in a big area further along that swim a big area and the glass is clear so you can watch them swim about.

We really enjoyed seeing the different types of jellyfish and you even got to change get to change the lighting in the tank by a touch screen which I thought was rather cool.

One of the big features is the 360c transparent tunnel where you can walk under the fish and see them go around you. You can walk on the glass floor while the big sea turtle and sharks swim by, totally blow your mind.



Obviously, there are much more fish but I am just giving you a general feel of some the types of fish you can visit.

Extra fun parts for children.

At the end of exploring all there is to see at the sea life centre there is a soft play which is free. It is small but wonderful for kids who love to have a free play and to run around and get in the ball pit. There are two tiers so you can climb as well.
At the reception desk where you pay for tickets or enter the centre, you can get a stamp sheet where you go and collect six stamps around the location. During the Halloween period as well there is a list where you write all the Halloween items you have spotted that are hidden in various location. At the end you can collect a medal and a cup as a price, no change occurred, which I thought was really good as one it is Merlin and we know they don't do cheap normally and secondly, most places that similar activities normally just give you a sticker.



With the witch though lucky that the camera was broken so could use your own camera and was free saving made of £10-£15. However before in the middle section, there is a green screen where you could sit in a boat and present you're being attacked by a shark. We did actually buy them pictures for £15 which I think is a lot but my hubby is a sucker for things like that, lol.

4d cinema experience.

4d cinema experience (free and part of the price ticket) is great fun for kids and adults too. We saw a show though I have been before and it is different so they do change the films. Not only do you get to experience a short film based around a fish but also there is plenty of balls, the vibration of the chair you get randomly squirt water unexpected making it more fun. Plus with the 3d glasses, you feel the fish are coming out of the screen.

Location of Birmingham sea life centre.

The location of the sea life centre is fairly easy to get to as is in the city centre and not far from Lego Land adventure world and the arena and ICC.

Cost of tickets.

How much does a ticket cost, well as national sea life centre is part of the Merlin attractions you can get a combined ticket that includes another attraction such as Warwick Castle or Lego Land discovery centre they start from £23 24 hours in advance online? For just your basic sea life centre is from £13 through if your carer and have a letter to confirm you can go free. You do also have to book 24 hours advance on the website.

Car parking.

With regard to parking there is a car park very close by and in walking distance however due to location costs a lot more. We go to paradise parking car park which is a lot cheaper but five minute but very easy to get to. So always best to check before going where the parking is and the pricing.

Cheers for reading X

Monday 9 March 2020

April blog ideas.

Hey reader, 

It is nearly April and if your looking for some content ideas then check out my 30 April blog ideas to get you excited. 

1. A list of April fools day ideas. 

2. Decoration Ideas for April.

3. My personal blogging goals.

4. Things to do during Easter.

5. National car clean month - share how you clean your car.

6. How to make a kite for National Kite Month.

7. Stress awareness month - share some tips on how to reduce stress. 

8. National walking day.

9. Easter basket ideas.

10. If my life was a soundtrack....(share your favourite songs).

11. My favourite things to wind down. 

12. Top trends of April. 

13. Fun ways to decorate Easter eggs. 

14. Your favourite egg recipes. 

15. A list of things you enjoy doing on a rainy day.

16. A spring clothing wishlist. 

17. Nature walk with photos - practice your photography skills and share some snaps from a nature walk.

18. A round-up of the best chocolate eggs for Eater. 

19. Deals and bargains in April. 

20. How to save money shopping? 

21. Places to go walks locally where you live. 

22. Favourite hashtags for Eater time to use on Instagram/twitter.

23. Share 7 things about yourself. 

24. 9 ways to save money for Easter. 

25. 5 nail polishes you must try during Spring. 

26. How to make your own Easter Eggs.

27. 5 movies that shaped who you are.

28. Easy coffee cake recipes.

29. April bucket list.

30. Spring activities.

Have I missed anything off the list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X

Sunday 8 March 2020

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Friday 6 March 2020

Rubbish bits about motherhood.

Hey readers,

We all know there are wonderful parts of motherhood but also sometimes motherhood can sometimes feel a bit crap. So, here are the rubbish elements of motherhood and let's have good old rant shall we.

1. When kids make that hideous wingy noise especially when they are tired everything will bother them and cause so much distress, even simple things like do you want a drink or put your pyjamas on for bed. 

2. When siblings constant think it is funny to jump on one another or you if you dare lie down. 

3. Having to entertain children when it comes to imaginary play sucks because I am so crap at it and it is 100% harder when you are not good at something. 

4. The never-ending feeling of being tired, does it ever stop I wonder?

5. Nothing belongs to you anymore, when I say nothing I mean NOTHING. 

6. You lose a sense of direction with fashion etc, don't even ask what the number 1 is in the chart.

7. The relentlessness of it all.

8. Boredom... cause lets be frank here at times it can feel like GroundHog day especially when it is rubbish weather outside and you stuck in the four walls going slightly mad.

9. Everything takes a whole lot longer to do.

10. The pace of a child walking, honestly, you think they were a snail the rate they walk at especially when trying to get to school first thing in the morning. 

11. Having to blow their nose constantly.

12. Shit programmes you have to watch, I mean some examples Peppa Pig, Power Rangers and Shimmer and Shine to name a few, though the list could go on forever.

13. The constant squabbling between my two children, I literally have to be the referee and split them apart at times. 

14. Not being able to go to the toilet without one of my little darlings wanting to smash the down like they were part of MI5. 

15. Having a consistent alarm clock in the form of your child who wakes you up without fail EVERY.SINGLE. DAY without fail. 

16. You are excluded from that day once a year where you don't get an extra hour in bed but more like an extra a wake courtesy of kids not getting the memo that clocks go back means stay in bed.

17. The non-stop washing, even when you get to the end of it like magic another item appears. I think children have a secret sensory where they get a message to tell them that the laundry bin is empty, my theory anyway ;).

18. The never-ending walking around the home and saying who has left the light on? Whos left there cup here? Why is this sticky? 

What bits do you relate to? Have I missed anything off the list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Wednesday 4 March 2020

How to put a spring in your step.

Hey readers,

I know it is grey and rainy outside and can sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to do anything. Which is a sad case as it Spring but it is hard to believe when looking out of the window.  So, here are my five ways to put a spring in your step.


There is nothing more cathartic than having a good clean out, sort out the things you want and not need. If there is the stuff that is suitable sell it on eBay or give it to charity.

 I also love to get organised as sometimes as a parent always have the time or energy to put things in order. 

So, this could mean putting items in the right location to sorting out your paperwork so that it is in order and clear to find.

Go outside.

It can be hard to feel motivated when it is so wet and grim outside but sometimes it is good to get outdoors for your soul. 

Put your wellies on and go out with the kids, they love splashing in puddles and you feel tons better after getting fresh air.


A lovely way to bring Spring into your home and some colour are to buy some flowers, even if it is just a bunch of £1 daffodils they really do brighten up your mood.

Spring Clean.

Nothing says Springtime like good old deep cleanse around your home, dusting them cop webs of and giving the place a good old bleach. 

It is lovely now and again to feel like a new page has turned and you feel so much better in your home.

Try something new.

Sometimes, as parents or adults, we can get stuck in a rhythm and we do the same old because change is scary or hard work. 

However, trying something new can recreate the excitement, whether that be doing exercise, learning a new hobby or visiting somewhere you have not been before is a great way to get that buzz back in life.

Cheers for reading X

Monday 2 March 2020

My top 25 frugal tips.

Hey readers,

I love to save money and being frugal is something I strive for in my life. So, if you like me and like to save some pounds then check out my top 25 frugal tips below. 

1. Only go to the supermarket twice a week.

2. Don't go to the supermarket when hungry.

3. Swap from branded items to supermarket own branded items.

4. Write a plan for food shopping and stick to it.

5. Use discount sites such as eBay or everything for five pounds.

6. Each week meal plans your meals.

7. Ask yourself before buying do you I really need this.

8. Try cheaper cut meats.

9. Wait 21 days before making a purchase on a big item such a TV. This will give you time to assess whether you need it or not.

10. Use something up before buying something that does the same job.

11. Use trials to get free temporary items such as Amazon Prime and Spotify. 

12. Check out the yellow sticker section of the supermarket, ost stuff is fine if you use it up immediately or freeze it. Saves a small fortune, especially as the supermarket, knocks off a lot when it is about an hour before the supermarket closes. 

13. Before going out buying something specific check out to find the best deal. 

14. If you have short journeys such as taking your children to school, ditch the car and walk. 

15. It will do you and your car the world of good. 

16. Buy second hand because it is more environmentally friendly and tends to be of good quality 90% of the time, checks out eBay or Facebook market to find some fab deals. 

17. Use a budget tracker to keep on top of your finances. 

18. Instead of buying a meal deal whilst at work for your lunch takes five to ten minutes the night before to knock up lunch for yourself, you will be saved so much money it is unreal.

19. Instead of buying coffee from coffee shops buy little sachets take them to work. You still get a treat but cuts the cost down a lot.

20. Shop for season stuff when it is at the end and being reduced, e.g Christmas items in January at knocked down prices.

21. Sometimes, when you are out and about in clothing shops you can forget how much stuff you own. That is why it is good to have a list of all the items you own and refresh your mind when out and about.

22. Rotate your wardrobe so clothes at the back get a chance to be seen and worn instead of instantly going for the easiest items to get hold of in the morning.

23. Check out your local library where there is an array of books and magazines you can read for free.

24. Check out websites like Groupon for cheap family days out.

25. When buying items online use Topcashback to get cashback for buying items on certain websites.

What are your favourite frugal tips? I love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday 1 March 2020

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