Monday, 30 December 2019

102 blog ideas for your mum blog

Hey readers,

Sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas to write for your blog. So let me take away the pain and give you a 102 blog ideas to get your inspired today and start writing great content.  

1. Write about your birth story.

2. How to deal with potty training. 

3. Describe your best day as a mum. 

4. Describe your worst day as a mum. 

5. Write about a day in the life for 24 hours. 

6. How to deal with fussy eaters. 

7. Write a list of your favorite mum bloggers. 

8. Review a child's product of your own. 

9. Write about milestones. 

10. Write about how to encourage your baby to walk. 

11. Things you love about motherhood. 

12. Things you hate about motherhood. 

13. Exercise ideas for children. 

14. A day in the life of your child. 

15. Local fun days out. 

16. Your favorite things to do with your child. 

17. How do you discipline your child? What works for you.

18. A letter to your pregnant self. 

19. The benefits of breastfeeding.

20. The benefits of formula feeding. 

21. Easy recipes for families. 

22. Clothing wish list for a child. 

23. How to deal with siblings squabbling. 

24. How to get your toddler ready for nursery.

25. How to get your child ready for school. 

26. How to help your child read. 

27. How to help your child learn the time. 

28. How to help your child potty train.

29. How to help a child do up there shoelaces.

30. Ways to save money on days out. 

31. Road trip games to do in the car. 

32. Fun games for children. 

33. Self-care ideas for mums. 

34. How to tell if you are ready for another child.

35. A list of your best mummy hacks. 

36. How to organise your child's room. 

37. Write about your experience of postnatal depression/mental health surrounding parenting. 

38. How to deal with mummy guilt.

39. How not to compare yourself to other mums. 

40. Tasks you can accomplish when your baby is asleep. 

41. How to help your child be independent. 

42. How to talk about death with your child.

43. A list of chores that your child can help you with. 

44. Your views on pocket money.

45. How to introduce a new baby to your child. 

46. How to deal with a child with low self-esteem. 

47. How to deal with temper tantrums. 

48. Does time out really work?

49. How to deal with breastfeeding issues.

50. A list of items every new mum needs in their lives. 

51. Why I love my child but don't always like them. 

52. How do I know if my toddler/child has autism? 

53. Why motherhood is hard for introverts. 

54. The case for homeschooling.

55. The case against homeschooling. 

56. How motherhood has changed me as a person. 

57. How to avoid raising a  'snowflake'.

58. How to survive the summer holidays. 

59. The case for why homework is good.

60. The case for why homework is bad.

61. How to survive a miscarriage. 

62. Your views on abortion. 

63. Remedies for colic. 

64. Surviving the first week with a newborn.

65. Mess-free toddler activities. 

66. How to declutter the family room. 

67. How to store toys when they are not being used.

68. Tips on how to have a budget-friendly child's birthday party.

69. Stay at home mum jobs. 

70. How to keep a family budget.

71. Tips for finding a good babysitter. 

72. Ideas for having family fun nights. 

73. Why routines are good for children. 

74. What is your bedtime routine for your child? 

75. The best parenting books you have read. 

76. Ways to save money when shopping at the supermarket.

77. How to get your child to listen to you when they totally ignore you. 

78. Funny things your child has said. 

79. Why did you start writing a mum blog? 

80. Tips on how to deal with the terrible twos. 

81. Share a guest post. 

82. Write about something difficult you had to face as a mum.

83. Your best tricks for stain removal.

84. Write about the times that parenting can be overwhelming.

85.  The best kids audiobooks. 

86. How to make sure your child is not spoiled. 

87. Things you should never say to another mum. 

88. Halloween costume ideas.

89. What's in my changing bag.

90. The mum tag. 

91. What is in my hospital bag. 

92. A review of nappies. 

93. Baby-led weaning for beginners.

94. Sensory play ideas.

95. How to trust your instincts. 

96. 5 tips for using reusable nappies.

97. Best sites for medical advice. 

98. Benefits of reading to your child. 

99. What are your views on sports day?

100. Is my child being bullied?

101. When should a child get their first mobile?

102. How to teach a child to clean up their own room.

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 29 December 2019

100 of the best free things in life.

Hey readers, 

Sometimes life can be and we can forget to see the positives in life. So here are my 100 of the best free things in life that will make you smile.  

  1. A roof over your head 
  2. My health.
  3. A movie that makes you laugh. 
  4. First coffee of the morning.
  5. When my children say, 'I love you'. 
  6. A great joke.
  7. The smell of fresh grass. 
  8. Sunsets.
  9. The feeling you get when you fix something. 
  10. Colouring in books. 
  11. The kindness of strangers who I have never had. 
  12. Being outdoors. 
  13. The first signs of a new season.
  14. Your favourite comfort food. 
  15. When a bus driver waits that 10 seconds for you to run and catch up. 
  16. The moment when you can't control your laughter.
  17. Finding lost change. 
  18. When someone sees your hands are full and opens the door for you. 
  19. A good nights rest. 
  20.  Sunny winter days. 
  21.  Winning a game. 
  22.  Receiving something in the post. 
  23. The moment food comes to you at a restaurant. 
  24. When your favourite song comes on the radio at the right moment. 
  25. Chocolate. 
  26. A lie-in. 
  27. Hearing some good news.
  28. The freedom to vote. 
  29. Cups of tea. 
  30. Cameras to capture amazing moments.
  31. Waking up to the warm sunshine on you. 
  32. Having a nana nap. 
  33. Getting lost in a good book. 
  34. Cosy blankets.
  35. Getting home after a long day and putting your PJs are. 
  36. A hot bath. 
  37. Being a parent.
  38. When you accidentally get something for free. 
  39. A new book. 
  40. Feeling of acceptance. 
  41. A nice hot shower. 
  42. Mistakes that helped you be a better person. 
  43. A sunrise.
  44. Taking a morning walk. 
  45. Fuzzy socks. 
  46. Having easy access to clean, freshwater. 
  47. The smell of fresh clean sheets. 
  48. Freedom of speech. 
  49. The honesty of a child. 
  50. Spellchecker. 
  51. Old photographs. 
  52. Home-cooked meals. 
  53. The first flower of spring. 
  54. Happy memories of childhood. 
  55. The sound and smell of the sea. 
  56. Good hair days. 
  57. Having a picnic. 
  58. Feeling hope. 
  59. The perfect playlist. 
  60. Money in the bank.
  61. Free wifi. 
  62. Quiet time. 
  63. The smell of fresh-baked bread. 
  64. The billions of stars on a clear night. 
  65. Flying a kite. 
  66. Hearing good news. 
  67. Pets. 
  68. Learning from your mistakes.
  69. Opportunity to get an education. 
  70. Breathing fresh air. 
  71. Safety and security.
  72. Sunshine.
  73. Tears. 
  74. The wisdom that comes with age. 
  75. Jazz.
  76. The moon. 
  77. Modern medicine. 
  78. Warm clothing. 
  79. Living pain-free.
  80. Your imagination. 
  81. Nature.
  82. Unconditional love.
  83. Access to medication. 
  84. Forgiveness.
  85. Senses.
  86. Music.
  87. Rainy days. 
  88. A burning candle smell. 
  89. The smell of newborns. 
  90. Baby giggles.
  91. Watching children play and have fun. 
  92. Understanding that you can't control everything.
  93. Eating dessert first. 
  94. Organised drawers. 
  95. Singing. 
  96. Being motivated.
  97. Keyboard shortcuts.
  98. The library.
  99. Setting the high score on a game.
  100. Being barefoot on the sand. 
What free things are you thankful for? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

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Monday, 23 December 2019

top 5 christmas movies

Hey readers,

Can you believe we are in December already, so in honour of Christmas I have picked my favourite Christmas movies to get you feeling all festive?

The Grinch.

Related image

What can a say it is an adapt from Dr Seuss's class book The Grinch who is a green hairy fellow who hates Christmas. he hates it so much he goes to the town where he lives and nicks pretty much everyone's presents, decorations and food. 

Of course, when Christmas day arrives everyone appears unhappy because everything Christmas related has gone, however, they learn to still have a jolly good time together. 

So, what happens to the Grinch and all the presents? well, I let you watch and find out.

The nightmare before Christmas.

Image result for the nightmare before christmas

Another classic animation movie by Tim Burton. This one was my favourite one as a child and now it is my youngest favourite. 

It involves Jack Skellington bored and a bit meh with the whole Halloween scene decides to take on the role of Father Christmas.

 Problem is it all goes belly up as he is not Santa nor does he have the required skills to take on the role of the big guy. We soon learn about why it is important to be happy with what you have. 

Rather dark and not too sickly sweet either and I have to say the soundtrack to the film top-notch as well.

The Snowman.

Image result for the snowman christmas

I had to include, didn't I? Timeless classic! Involved a boy making a snowman in his backyard on Christmas Eve.

 Then when everyone is in bed he comes alive, of course, the boy wakes up to discover the magical process. Then the snowman takes the boy on a magical ride through the valleys and towns.

 Really beautiful illustrations and it doesn't involve words other than the song 'walking in the air'. Another thing is that it is not long probably about half an hour max which is perfect for little 'uns who get itchy feet.

Bad Santa.

Image result for Bad Santa

I love Bad Santa as it is really funny and a little bit cheeky as well. So the gist of the story is these two con men try robbing a store on Christmas Eve. 

They do this by posing as Father Christmas and his little helper the elf at the local shopping centre. Of course, Father Christmas is an alcoholic and it is fair to say he is not the best with children.

 A lot of events occur to keep you amused and the plan to rob a place doesn't go all that well.

Father Christmas.

Image result for father christmas raymond briggs

From the same author (Raymond Briggs) who wrote The Snowman turns another book into an adept called Father Christmas.

 This is a tale about Father Christmas what normally gets up to before and the lead up to Christmas. 

Apparently, he lives in a house on a normal street, just like a lot of people in England. He also is depicted as being a little grumpy and not the jolly good fellow that is depicted by adults, lol. 

Really lighthearted and enjoyable for all the family to enjoy. A fun fact about this film Father Christmas says BLOOMING 72 times no less!

Cheers for reading X

My top 10 christmas songs.

Hey readers,

I have compiled a playlist of my favourite Christmas songs to get you dancing around that Christmas tree. 

I love a bit of everything from Jazz, to hip-hop to even 80s (of course has to be done doesn’t). So grab a mince pie and enjoy.

Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea.

My favourite Christmas song EVER is Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea. I just think it is a really beautiful voice and that sense of love to it, makes me smile and feel all googly inside.

Let It Snow – Dean Martin.

I love jazz music when its Christmas time, it just feels classy and a bit like your got to sh*t together. It just has the right collection of notes. Dean Martin’s voice just captures Christmas for me and it makes me think of fires and all the jazz (excuse the pun there).

Winter Wonderland – Frank Sinatra.

My favourite Jazz singer has to be Frankie baby with this classic of Winter Wonderland. it is a perfect compliment when wrapping presents and decorating the Christmas tree.

Baby, it’s Cold Outside – Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews.

Let’s move along in time to the late ’90s with this amazing duet from Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews. It is checky, it is fun what more could you want.

Merry Christmas – Mel and Kim.

I can not miss out in adding an 80’s classic in my Christmas song wish list with this timeless song that you definitely hear. It is, of course, Merry Christmas by Mel and Kim. You know this a fun pop song and you be guaranteed to want to sing along to it.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year – Andy Williams.

A beaut of a song is this is one of the most popular songs of Andy Williams with it’s the most wonderful time of year. What a credible voice and perfect to add to anyone’s Christmas playlist.

Merry Christmas I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight – The Ramones.

Now I have picked something a little alternative and not such a popular Christmas track. It is a song by The Ramones called Merry Christmas I don’t want to fight tonight. I like this track because it is got a raw edge to it and a bit more realistic regards to the pressures of family life at Christmas. Let’s face there is a lot of pressure whether it is financial or whatever it can take its toll.

The Little Drummer Boy (Peace on Earth) – Bing Crosby featuring David Bowie.

A beautiful duet with David Bowie and Bing Crosby. To think a glam rocker and a crooner could work so well but it did and thank goodness it was released because it is brilliant!

Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto – James Brown.

Now we are moving on to a bit of soul with the Godfather of Soul James Brown. If you ain’t tapping along with this one what is wrong with you, it is upbeat and full of funk with a mix of Christmas blended in.

Christmas in Hollies – RUN-DMC.

For fun and one you want to turn the volume up is Run DMC with Christmas in hollies, for of awesome Christmas raps to get you in the spirit of Christmas.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 22 December 2019

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Thursday, 19 December 2019

The best christmas memes.

Hey readers,

Christmas is upon on us and you know what puts you in a festive mood???? Of course, good old Christmas meme to make toy smirk or nod along.

Frosty the snowman.


This hilarious light heart carton is every but perfection. Although if frosty the snowman sows melt I am sure there would be some darkly funny about Santa tripping up in the pool and smashing his head. (Oops I have just leaked some of my dark thoughts, lol).

Haters going hate.


what's better than a pug dressed up in a cute Christmas outfit... That's right a pug with a whole lotta sass!

Batman, you did what?!

Image result for batman christmas meme

Poor for years not ha have been the bits.of the joke that he needs some therapy to get over his anxiety about what people think of him.

Dwight Schrute.


Nothing brings me more happiness. a Dwight Schrute (The Office Us) meme he sums up society perfectly. apparently, the moment the hand hits midnight on the 1st of November it instantly turns to Christmas. Just look at the shop's bang goes pumpkins and it is all about the tinsel!

The Rock.


This has to be my all-time favourite meme. Of course, The Rock rocking around the Christmas tree. A meme + a pun= perfection.

The Grumpy Cat.


Oh, I have a special place for The Grumpy Cat he is the true grinds of Christmas. How can you not like a sweet looking cat that is so grumpy he will claw tour eyes out.



This meme sums up the aftermath of Christmas and when you put your tree down. That strange empty feeling and that bizarre thought of how your room looks so much bigger when a massive tree has vanished.

Rudolph the red nose reindeer!


You mock Rudolph he will show you what he is made of. Be warned and stop singing about his misfortune or much next time you will hear a bang!



Now I know what to put in Christmas cards to be people that p**s me off. Nothing is worse than glitter everywhere, ugh!

Mariah Carey.


Why is it that Mariah Christmas hit permanently plays and is always on in shops, grrrrr.



because you know it is all about the family especially at Christmas when we all stick together.

Cheeky Santa.


Apparently, he is a bad Santa and loves nothing better than smoking and leaving a special present for the families he delivers too.


You know since having children you need to be a shareholder in Durrell. I am sure most parents have learnt the art of cheeky ripping out the batteries of the loudest toys ever. I would call this one of the most valuable parent lessons you need to learn during parenthood.

Would you like cream with that dear?


I do love a filthy meme that makes me laugh due to its rudeness. this is a cracking one and no more words are needed.

Judge McClaus.


Oh, the irony of Santa having the easy life of working one day a year and the rest he sits back and watches and makes a judgement.

Cheers for reading X

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Christmas pressure

Hey readers, 

Christmas can be tough especially when you see how good some people live their life on social media. 

But what you must remember is that it is only what you see in a picture, you don't know the whole story. Remember you are not alone and lots of other people feel similar to the pressure of Christmas and the high expectations you put on yourself.

I don't have all the money in the world but I have learnt that it does not matter. I don't need to be perfect nor do I need to put this big expectation on myself to be something that I can not achieve, it is ok too so what feels right for you. 

Everyone is different and the more I accept myself and my situation the better chance I will of enjoying Christmas without the stress.

I think one of the things about the Christmas stress is expectations to be perfect and provide everything for everyone. why put Yourself under that stress when you know it is not achievable if you haven't got the money. 

No point beating yourself up over it, it is ok to have a budget, it is ok not to buy everything in the Argos Catalogue. You do not have to worry as social services will not be knocking on the door because you have not brought your child enough toys for Christmas or the latest gadget.

However, it is also important to remember that Christmas should not be about the money but getting together and being nice to one other. you don't need a million pounds to have a good time. 

You could go for a walk together and that would be just as wonderful be sure you are doing something together as a family. 

Sometimes just being with the people you love is more important. I have been at times the loneliest with no one and I need to remind myself it is so much better now with having the opportunity to spend Christmas with the people I love and love me back.

You don't always to have money to be happy.. of course, it helps with paying the bill's and keeping a roof over your head. but for materialistic gifts, happiness is only short-lived anyway into you want the next thing.

 Anyone can go out and buy something but not everyone is as lucky as me to have a safe roof over their heads or having people in your life that accept you for who you are.

Who cares about all the stresses of Christmas? The only person is you, most kids really care and just hold on the memories.

Don't spend if you can't afford it is ok to do what is right for you and within your means.

No point getting stressed about money do what feels right for you and remember really it's the only day. Enjoy watching telly, eating too much chocolate and being with the ones you love.

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 16 December 2019

Paperless Post Review **AD**

Hey readers,

As we fastly approaching Christmas you may be thinking of sending Christmas cards to loved ones. Well, there is a fabulous site called Paperless Post who has an amazing collection of holiday cards. 

With Paperless Post products the focus on using fewer trees to help the environment to make it more green which makes it much more attractive. 

Not only do you send a message to a loved one but you are also doing something positive for the environment you live in. 

If you are struggling with time or what to send someone an e-card doesn't worry as Paperless Post have it covered too as they have a fabulous selection of designs. 

Here are some examples of ecards you can feast your eyes on. 

In recent years personalised cards have come very popularly to send to people. You can upload any picture you want and write any message you desire. You can also change the colour and design to meet your needs for the perfect ecard.

Gold ConfettI - Paperless Post - Holiday cards

There are traditional designs if you like the classic look. 

Yule-tied - Paperless Post - Holiday cards

Or you might want something funky and bold so the choices are up to you. 

Warm and Cozy - Paperless Post - Holiday cards

With Paperless Post to purchase e-cards, you will need coins and how to get these coins is to create an account with Paperless Post.

 Another added bonus for new customers gets the first 25 coins free. 

To determine the total cost, take your design’s number of "Coins per recipient" and multiply it by the number of guests you plan to invite. For example, if a design requires 5 Coins per recipient and you are inviting 40 guests, you will need 200 Coins to send your invitation. Our 200 Coin package is $30.

Of course, holiday cards aren't the only item available on Paperless Post. There are many types of cards from birthdays to weddings. Plus there are more then traditional cards because if you're looking for flyers, invitations and even personalised stationary Paperless Post can meet your demands. 

Cheers for reading X

This is an ad for Paperless Post. I was gifted coins to use on the site for Paperless Post in exchange for a blog post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Sunday, 15 December 2019

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Friday, 13 December 2019

10 reasons to love Christmas

Hey readers,

It is now less than a month away to the big day Christmas and what better way to get you in the festive mood then to give you all the good reasons why you should love Christmas.

1. Christmas. 

Christmas is a time where you can relax and you don't have to feel like you have to be doing something because it's a holiday and that means you can be as lazy as you want bliss.

2. Twinkly lights.

Christmas is all about the decorations and twinkly sparkly colours to decorate your home with. I'm partial to twinkly lights because they are not so daring. I like them also because they are relaxing and they just make everything so magical.

3. Hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate is the beverage of the festive season. There are so many varieties now in the coffee shops perfect to take time out from Christmas shopping. Alternatively, hot chocolate is delightful when at home when you want to snuggle down watch a film and feel all cosy hot chocolate is a drink for you.

4. Food.

Christmas is a time to fill up with glorious food that has a million calories but it doesn't matter because it doesn't count because it's Christmas. Food can vary from mince pies to a full roast dinner with all the trimmings followed by trifle. Therefore when you are full-on Christmas day you can sniffle down on the soda and have a nap. so that 

5. Music. 

I am partial to a bit of Christmas music especially from old-time crooners such as Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. Them jazz notes are perfect to relax in the evening or when you are wrapping Christmas presents with a little drinky poo. 

6. Food containers. 

Isn't it lovely when food comes in something where music plays and lights up? I am such a sucker for this type of product us it also makes a wonderful gift for someone? 

7 TV specials.

For once Christmas is an opportunity to have at least one or more decent programme to watch at Christmas time. For my children, they channel 4 special films aired on Christmas eve. However, for me this year I can not wait for Gavin and Stacey Christmas special. 

8 Dark nights. 

With winter being dark and cold nothing is better when closing the doors pulling the curtains closed and getting cosy with the family, perfection. 

9. Knitwear. 

Christmas is all about being cosy and happy. What better way to achieve this than wearing coy knitwear perfect for staying warm and snug especially after Christmas Dinner where you can have a checky nana nap in your warm, cosy jumper because it's Christmas and it is socially acceptable. 

10. Booze. 

Booze is lovely especially a glass of Babycham to make you feel merry. What is even better is the fact that is not frowned upon for one day only on Christmas day where you can drink before 10 am without any judgement made, get in! 

What do you love about Christmas? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Unknown to me.

I didn't sign up to this,

There was no contact,

So, how am I supposed to know,

How to perform,

The way you want me to be.

Monday, 9 December 2019

How to reduce food waste at christmas

Hey readers,

How often do we buy too much food over the Christmas period and end up chucking that food away? well, here I am going to tell you ways to help reduce food waste at Christmas time.

Shopping List.

Instead of just going full force when you go food shopping make a list beforehand and plan your meals so you know exactly what to get and use up.

Link up food.

Make food last longer and use up more by putting groups of food that are used in different items.  For example - If you're going to make custard with the yolk of the egg, you can save the yolk-white for making meringues instead of just throwing the used egg away it is going to get used in something else.


Instead of buying fresh food swap it for frozen then you can take out what you need and freeze the rest for a later date. You don't have to worry about going off quickly as it will last longer in the freezer.

Fruit and Vegetables.

Instead of going for the perfect vegetables use the wonky vegetables, not only is it cheaper but also it is not getting wasted win-win.

Buy the exact amount needed.

When you go shopping instead of buying a bag of carrots say go for the desired amount such as three carrots - therefore you know you are going to use them and not have food lying about rotting then ends up in the bin.

Buy seasonal produce.

When looking at the seasonal product it is what the farmers are harvesting and are ready to be sold to the supermarket. It is fresh and full of flavour. Depending on the season would equate to what food would be the season.

In season right now the types of food would be Brussel sprouts, goose, potatoes, parsnips and apples to name but a few.  

This will cost less because it has not been needed to travel to get to supermarkets as far and doesn't come with the premium prices, therefore, saving you money on your shopping.

Supermarket deals.

It can be very tempted to buy the deals that are in the supermarket such as buy two products and get the third three or buy one get one free. 

They are easy to spot in the supermarket as they have bright yellow labels and bold text to stand out and catch your eyes whilst shopping. 

But don't be fooled as you may not actually be saving money as they may be items that are hard to shift or close to their sell-by date. 

Also, check the quantity as you may get as much as you would if you brought the same pack on its own.

 For example, if one pack of digestives is 150g for 50p but you get 75g for buy 2 to get one three. It may cheaper just to buy one pack and not have an unwanted stock of food at home.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 8 December 2019

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