Paperless Post Review **AD**

Hey readers,

As we fastly approaching Christmas you may be thinking of sending Christmas cards to loved ones. Well, there is a fabulous site called Paperless Post who has an amazing collection of holiday cards. 

With Paperless Post products the focus on using fewer trees to help the environment to make it more green which makes it much more attractive. 

Not only do you send a message to a loved one but you are also doing something positive for the environment you live in. 

If you are struggling with time or what to send someone an e-card doesn't worry as Paperless Post have it covered too as they have a fabulous selection of designs. 

Here are some examples of ecards you can feast your eyes on. 

In recent years personalised cards have come very popularly to send to people. You can upload any picture you want and write any message you desire. You can also change the colour and design to meet your needs for the perfect ecard.

Gold ConfettI - Paperless Post - Holiday cards

There are traditional designs if you like the classic look. 

Yule-tied - Paperless Post - Holiday cards

Or you might want something funky and bold so the choices are up to you. 

Warm and Cozy - Paperless Post - Holiday cards

With Paperless Post to purchase e-cards, you will need coins and how to get these coins is to create an account with Paperless Post.

 Another added bonus for new customers gets the first 25 coins free. 

To determine the total cost, take your design’s number of "Coins per recipient" and multiply it by the number of guests you plan to invite. For example, if a design requires 5 Coins per recipient and you are inviting 40 guests, you will need 200 Coins to send your invitation. Our 200 Coin package is $30.

Of course, holiday cards aren't the only item available on Paperless Post. There are many types of cards from birthdays to weddings. Plus there are more then traditional cards because if you're looking for flyers, invitations and even personalised stationary Paperless Post can meet your demands. 

Cheers for reading X

This is an ad for Paperless Post. I was gifted coins to use on the site for Paperless Post in exchange for a blog post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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10 reasons to love Christmas

Hey readers,

It is now less than a month away to the big day Christmas and what better way to get you in the festive mood then to give you all the good reasons why you should love Christmas.

1. Christmas. 

Christmas is a time where you can relax and you don't have to feel like you have to be doing something because it's a holiday and that means you can be as lazy as you want bliss.

2. Twinkly lights.

Christmas is all about the decorations and twinkly sparkly colours to decorate your home with. I'm partial to twinkly lights because they are not so daring. I like them also because they are relaxing and they just make everything so magical.

3. Hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate is the beverage of the festive season. There are so many varieties now in the coffee shops perfect to take time out from Christmas shopping. Alternatively, hot chocolate is delightful when at home when you want to snuggle down watch a film and feel all cosy hot chocolate is a drink for you.

4. Food.

Christmas is a time to fill up with glorious food that has a million calories but it doesn't matter because it doesn't count because it's Christmas. Food can vary from mince pies to a full roast dinner with all the trimmings followed by trifle. Therefore when you are full-on Christmas day you can sniffle down on the soda and have a nap. so that 

5. Music. 

I am partial to a bit of Christmas music especially from old-time crooners such as Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. Them jazz notes are perfect to relax in the evening or when you are wrapping Christmas presents with a little drinky poo. 

6. Food containers. 

Isn't it lovely when food comes in something where music plays and lights up? I am such a sucker for this type of product us it also makes a wonderful gift for someone? 

7 TV specials.

For once Christmas is an opportunity to have at least one or more decent programme to watch at Christmas time. For my children, they channel 4 special films aired on Christmas eve. However, for me this year I can not wait for Gavin and Stacey Christmas special. 

8 Dark nights. 

With winter being dark and cold nothing is better when closing the doors pulling the curtains closed and getting cosy with the family, perfection. 

9. Knitwear. 

Christmas is all about being cosy and happy. What better way to achieve this than wearing coy knitwear perfect for staying warm and snug especially after Christmas Dinner where you can have a checky nana nap in your warm, cosy jumper because it's Christmas and it is socially acceptable. 

10. Booze. 

Booze is lovely especially a glass of Babycham to make you feel merry. What is even better is the fact that is not frowned upon for one day only on Christmas day where you can drink before 10 am without any judgement made, get in! 

What do you love about Christmas? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

How to reduce food waste at christmas

Hey readers,

How often do we buy too much food over the Christmas period and end up chucking that food away? well, here I am going to tell you ways to help reduce food waste at Christmas time.

Shopping List.

Instead of just going full force when you go food shopping make a list beforehand and plan your meals so you know exactly what to get and use up.

Link up food.

Make food last longer and use up more by putting groups of food that are used in different items.  For example - If you're going to make custard with the yolk of the egg, you can save the yolk-white for making meringues instead of just throwing the used egg away it is going to get used in something else.


Instead of buying fresh food swap it for frozen then you can take out what you need and freeze the rest for a later date. You don't have to worry about going off quickly as it will last longer in the freezer.

Fruit and Vegetables.

Instead of going for the perfect vegetables use the wonky vegetables, not only is it cheaper but also it is not getting wasted win-win.

Buy the exact amount needed.

When you go shopping instead of buying a bag of carrots say go for the desired amount such as three carrots - therefore you know you are going to use them and not have food lying about rotting then ends up in the bin.

Buy seasonal produce.

When looking at the seasonal product it is what the farmers are harvesting and are ready to be sold to the supermarket. It is fresh and full of flavour. Depending on the season would equate to what food would be the season.

In season right now the types of food would be Brussel sprouts, goose, potatoes, parsnips and apples to name but a few.  

This will cost less because it has not been needed to travel to get to supermarkets as far and doesn't come with the premium prices, therefore, saving you money on your shopping.

Supermarket deals.

It can be very tempted to buy the deals that are in the supermarket such as buy two products and get the third three or buy one get one free. 

They are easy to spot in the supermarket as they have bright yellow labels and bold text to stand out and catch your eyes whilst shopping. 

But don't be fooled as you may not actually be saving money as they may be items that are hard to shift or close to their sell-by date. 

Also, check the quantity as you may get as much as you would if you brought the same pack on its own.

 For example, if one pack of digestives is 150g for 50p but you get 75g for buy 2 to get one three. It may cheaper just to buy one pack and not have an unwanted stock of food at home.

Cheers for reading X

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The Snowman Live 2019 at Coventry Cathedral 2019 **AD**

Hey readers,

On Saturday (07/12/2019) I and my family went to see The Snowman with a live orchestra at Coventry Cathedral. 

Which of course is shown in the beautiful new Coventry Cathedral. As a parent is important to point out that there are toilets in the cathedral. 

 Last year was a sell-out for The Snowman film and live orchestra that they have returned this year for more magical performances to get you in a festive mood. 

Carrot Productions who are the creators of The Snowman live have done over 200 live shows across the country in some of the finest cathedrals and venues. The orchestra comprises musicians drawn from the UK’s top orchestras.

The show lasts for an hour and I originally thought that seemed a bit short but actually it was a good length for young children. 

There was plenty of seats for everyone and it is disabled friendly.

Also, the screen is big so everyone in the audience can see the film plus the added extras such as Father Christmas message. 

At the front of the cathedral was the live orchestra so the children get to see the musicians play an array of instruments which is an experience in its self to hear live music. 

I and my son are autistic so were conscious that it might be noisy with a live orchestra so we came prepared with ear defenders.

 However, though the music is loud it is not in the style of music which was soft. I found the music relaxing to listen to. My son who normally struggles with noise sat through the whole of the performance with no problems. 

Santa made an appearance on the big screen. 
 A popular feature was seeing the snowman walk up and down the isles and it was enough to get all the children excited. The atmosphere was relaxed which was a rather lovely and enjoyable experience. 

There was a short piece on the display screen about explaining what the different instruments were being played in the orchestra.

 A really good informative piece as they explained the instrument and then played a little of that instrument to make it identifiable. 

Alongside the snowman segments, there was a short story about a donkey and his experience of becoming a dancer with the orchestra playing music. 

Of course, closer to the end was the classic film The Snowman shown on the big screen. Also, was the live orchestra and a singer who sang the classic hit from the film, Walking in the Air gave a lovely festive feel to it.

 It really did get you in the mood for Christmas and overall most children in the cathedral were quietly watching the film so it went down well.

It was fab to do something a bit different for Christmas with my boys that was a calming activity. I definitely recommend it for all that enjoy The Snowman and live orchestra music.

There are still more live performances for The Snowman film with a live orchestra and if you are interested in seeing this performance you can find more information here. The cost of the tickets starts from £11 upwards depending on where you are seated. 

However, children aged 18 months and under will be admitted for free if seated on a parent's knee, with the hope that you will be considerate to other audience members and take your child out of the performance temporarily if they are crying or disturbing others.

Cheers for reading X 

This is an AD for The Snowman live performance. I have been kindly gifted the tickets in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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Why I hate Elf on the shelf

Hey readers,

What I am going to write in this post may divide opinion but it is only my opinion so don't get too distressed if you're a fan of the old Elf on The Shelf.

 I am not, lol so I am going to tell you why.
If you haven't heard of Elf of Shelf let me give you a quick explanation about this popular trend at Christmas time. It is an Elf that is sent from Santa to check up on children to see if they are being naughty or nice. 

It derived from America from a story that was written in 2005. Parents go out and buy an Elf toy (if you buy the book there is one with it) and every day from the 1st of December right up to Christmas parents will bring old Elf when the kids are in bed and place him around in the home in different locations each day.

 Another addition to this phenomena some parents even add presents with the Elf to reward the child for being good.
Why I hate Elf on The Shelf!!!11.png


The idea of encouraging children to behave because the Elf is watching them can potentially encourage children to be deceitful and hide their behaviour in order to get rewards.

Pain in the bum.

The thought of having to think of new and creative ways for the Elf is hard work especially in December as it tends to be one of the busiest months of the year.

  There is the pressure to buy all the products that are attached to Elf on the Shelf and just encourages consumerism. Not to mention the pressure on Social Media to outdo friends or acquaintances with what the elf has been up to.


There is nothing more creepy then knowing an Elf is watching you all the time and is knocking about at your home.

 Why do we need to make children feel they are being watched I much prefer to give my boys the trust in doing the right thing.

 Not to mention giving them the feeling that they have the respect of their own privacy without thinking that an Elf is constantly watching them.


I have seen many fails on Youtube regarding Elf on The Shelf and one of the themes that made me question the whole idea of the Elf is the sheer anxiety and distress that it causes children.

 Some children have a fear of toys that come alive, especially if they have seen them in movies such as Toy Story.

The Elf can cause some children to be petrified in case they have done something bad and will get punished. Where it could simply be the case that they have done a mistake and that it was not intentional. 

They may feel paranoid and cause more distress, it may trigger them to be anxious when they really don't need to be,  bearing in my mind that The Elf on The Shelf lasts most of December.


It is common knowledge that sometimes the best way to learn is through mistakes, but this stops children learning through making things right when they are simple but on the naughty list. They don't get that opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

So, there you have it, that is why I hate Elf on The Shelf.

Cheers for reading X