Monday, 26 July 2021

You know it is half term holiday when...

Hey readers,

I have seen many associations with myself and other parents with children when it comes to half term. Here is the list of my favorites.

You know it is half term when...

1. Ice lollies. 

If it is sunny the ice lollies come out and are a lifesaver to keep kids cool. 

2. Bedtime.

What bedtime you say, we all need a break the rules it is a holiday, and definitely bet that bedtime routine after a week off for summer has gone truely out of the window ;).

3. Extra time.

At the beginning of the holiday, it is so lovely having the kids off and spending extra time with them. Then at the end of the week, I need a break up the kids from all the stopping about or the bickering between them. Let's also not forget about the hell of boredom kicking in and constantly asking what can I do? Then you give them suggestions and there like NO!!! I give up!

4. Shopping.

You need to add a couple more hours to do your shopping trip. Not only for your children but also all the other children clogging up the Isles ;).

5. Money. 

You are guaranteed to spend more money on shite that you don't need and to add more clutter to your home.

6. Getting anywhere. 

Every day is becoming a bigger mission to walk around your home because of all the toys everywhere.

7. Free places. 

You have explored every free art gallery in your area. The beauty of these places is that it's free and your skint from buying all the state that you don't need. Not to mention that indoors which is always won especially with the unpredictable weather of the UK!

8. Cinema.

 You have been to the cinema at least once as it's pouring again and you need to get away from one set of walls to go and be in another. What is better than being in a busy room full of kiddies on a sugar rush, Whoop!

9. Youtube. 

Yet again your days are filled with Gamers playing videos on youtube and your there wo0ndering why you bothered to get toys when they prefer to watch others play.

10. Programmes. 

 You go cold turkey with adult shows because you can't hear them with the sound of your little cherries arguing over a £1 water bucket.

Happy days and hope you had fun this half term. Is there anything I have missed or any signs you know when it is the summer holidays? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 25 July 2021

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Friday, 23 July 2021

75 acts of kindness

Hey readers, 

sometimes it is good to do something for someone else with not wanted something in return. It can really make the person feel good regardless of how big or small the gesture is. Below I have 75 ways to show someone an act of kindness. 

75 acts of kindness

1. Bake cookies for the elderly.

2. Hold open the door for someone.

3. Do a favour for someone without expecting a favour in return. 

4. Snap a photo of a couple. 

5. Hole the lift for someone. 

6. Send flowers to a friend.

7. Make someone laugh. 

8. Send an interesting article to a friend.

9. Say good morning.

10. Make a drink for your work colleague. 

11. give an unexpected compliment. 

12. Return a lost item to the owner.

13. Give blood. 

14. Donate your old glasses.

15. Sign up for a shift at your local soup kitchen. 

16. Sign up for the bone marrow register.

17. Become an organ donor. 

18. Donate unwanted items to the charity shop. 

19. Read stories to school children.

20. Leave positive notes in random places. 

21. Go litter picking in your local park. 

22. Comment something positive on Instagram. 

23. Donate to someone's go fund page.

24. Offter to babysit for free. 

25. Tell a new mum she is doing a good job. 

26. Let someone go in front of you in traffic. 

27. Let someone go in front of you in the queen. 

28. Volunteer at an animal shelter. 

29. Smile at a stranger.

30. Organise a fundraiser or raffle. 

31. Mow your neighbour's lawn.

32. Read a book for an elderly person.

33. Leave a nice note on someone's car.

34. Give your favorite book to a friend.

35. Send a care package to someone you miss. 

36. Participate in a charity walk or run.

37. Buy the person behind you a coffee.

38. Take a neighbors dog for a walk. 

39. Wash someone's dishes.

40. Give your seat up for someone on the bus.

41. Share your umbrella with someone. 

42. Cheer someone on. 

43. Offer to drive.

44. Donate gifts to children in foster homes.

45. Offer to tutor a struggling student.

46. Donate your hair after you have had a haircut to a charity.

47. Instead of birthday gifts request donations to a charity.

48. Help someone declutter their home. 

49. Practice patience by reframing from road rage when driving. 

50. Help someone find a job.

51. Wash a neibours car.

52. Plant a tree.

53. Collect recyclables.

54. Feed the birds in a local park.

55. Offer someone your last piece of chewing gum. 

56. Actually, put the shopping trolley back to its original place.

57. Make a bird feeder and put it outside for the birds to enjoy.

58. Plant flowers for the bees. 

59. Buy or build a compost bin for use in gardens. 

60. Visit an animal shelter.

61. Reduce the amount of meat you eat. 

62. Help make dinner. 

63. Leave a thank you note above the post box. 

64. Write to your mp about something that could be improved in the area that you live in. 

65. Make everyone's bed for them.

66. Hug someone today. 

67. Get someone to go on an adventure with you. 

68. Give someone a list of things you love about them. 

69. Treat someone to the cinema. 

70. Prepare breakfast in bed for the family. 

71. Teach someone a new skill. 

72. Tip generously. 

73. If you see a parent trying to take a photo of their children offer to take a picture for them for the whole family. 

74. When someone speaks, listen tentatively. 

75. Do your best to make people feel included in the conversation.  

Are there any acts of kindness that I have missed on the list that you think are good ideas? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

3 Little Buttons

Monday, 19 July 2021

A to Z of parenting

Hey readers,

Parenting invokes all times of emotions and ideas. So I thought it would be fun to do a blog post of A to Z of all things parent-related.

A to Z of parenting

A - arguments because the changes of arguments are high whether it be a disagreement with your partner or your child giving you check it happens, it's normal and sometimes it is good to have an argument to clear the air. 

B - besotted with your baby when it is born and being mesmerised with how you have created this small creature.
C - chores are forever there with children it just stops cleaning, even if you do now and again go on a strike it will be there. The list will never end so do what you can don't stress about it. 

D - Discipline - because it is really important to teach your child right from wrong. It will help them be a good person and also making parenting so much easier. 

E-education is so important in our lives because it is where we get knowledge and learn vital skills such as reading, forming opinions, and reasoning to name a few. 

F - fathers - because they are part of the deal of parenting. 

G - google - thank goodness at times to find helpful information for example I learned how to clean milk bottles (trust me I needed several times to master this skill). So, Google helps me and gives me confidence in learning knowing that some answers are available. 

H - homework - My kids are currently at primary school and do homework and I hate it. Sadly, it starts at reception and finishes right at the end. Hopefully, as my kids get older it will be less of a chore as I need to motivate them as not kids want to comply. 

I - imagination - Kids love this stuff, me not so much. 

J - jokes are so important to help manage life parenthood. You need some lightheartedness to help get through them bleak periods. 

K kindness - sometimes we can be really heard about ourselves as parents because we want to do the best for our children. But you also need to give yourself some slack and be kind because that too will impact parenting in the long run.  

L - laughs- nothing is as cute as hearing kids have innocent fits of laughter. 

M- mothers - the other part of the parenting world. 

N - no - is the most overused words when being a parent. 

O - opinions are raff everywhere you will find them. Whether it is family members, other parents, and the odd moaning cow at the bus stop looking down at you. You have to learn to go with what feels right for you and sometimes you seek advice that is fine but when it comes down to the unsolicited variety just take it with a pinch of salt, you can't please everyone. 

P - parenting welcome along, it is a long journey and I don't think it will ever end until you die I think. 

Q - quiet  - these times you appreciate and savor like never before. 

R - routine - some enjoy like myself find comfort in having some sort of control and it helps children as well to feel settled.

S - shouting - you will shout at times, you feel crap after however sometimes you little darlin's just don't listen.

T - tears - whether it is from you worrying about your child, them crying over something dear to them, or being overtired there be many tears shed. 

U - unpredictability - just when you think you have this parenting lark sussed something comes along and tests you out. 

V - volume because especially when kids go to school it seems they get louder when they come home even though they stand right next to your eardrum and shout. I have lost count on how many times I have to say quiet or use your indoor voice. 

W - worn out - this is often a feeling, especially during the earlier years. 

X - xylophone - why did you think was a good idea to get this musical instrument for your child to smash the crap out of it. 

Y - you - because you count as well and do something for you that you enjoy. 

Z - zombie - the times when you become a parent and you lose so much sleep you are walking around like a zombie. 

Cheers for reading X

Confessions of a Crummy Mummy

Sunday, 18 July 2021

30 day minimalism challenge

Hey readers, 

 I bet you are wondering what the 30-day minimalism challenge is? well, let me tell you about it.

Basically, the 30-day minimalism challenge can be done any time that suits you. The idea is to challenge you to do some sort of decluttering in your life. The lists I have produced are some easy and a bit harder.

The goal is to do complete each challenge every day. It is good sometimes to have something to aim for and hopefully by the end of the challenge you feel more organised with less clutter in your life. 

There are many benefits to cluttering with reducing stress, boosting your creativity, and making your home be a bit tidier.

30 day minimalism challenge

Here is the list of the 30-day minimalism challenge. 

1. Purge your wardrobe. There is a good post by Simply Saving that goes into more detail on how to declutter items such as shoes, clothes, and bags. You can find out more detail here.

2. Throw out old socks.

3. Avoid spending for a day. 

4. Cook at home for the day - all three meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5. Clean out your fridge.

6. Clean out your email inbox.

7. Create a morning ritual. 

8. Practice single-tasking.

9. Go through your books.

10. Spend 30 minutes outside. 

11. Evaluate your current spending.

12. Delete the unwanted apps that you don't use.

13. Write tomorrow's to-do list before bed.

14. Say no to something.

15. Turn off notifications.

16. Empty your junk drawer.

17. Clean out your car.

18. Clean your makeup brushes.

19. Recycle old receipts and paperwork.

20. Write out some new minimalist rules to live by.

21. Act of kindness.

22. Get all your errands done.

23. Ditch makeup for a day.

24. Declutter 5 items.

25. Organise your digital files.

26. Make a new dish.

27. Take a long bath.

28. Write down 3 things you are grateful for.

29. Unsubscribe from at least 4 email newsletters. 

30. Don't complain all day.

30 day minimalism challenge

Have you tried the declutter challenge? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

My Sunday photo 18/07/2021

My Sunday photo 18/07/2021

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