Wednesday, 23 September 2020

9 mummy secrets

 Hey readers,

Now I will state firstly say I love my Bambinos to the earth and back. But it is OK to be selfish and have some things for yourself. That I have learnt through motherhood that you need some things that you can claim as your own or you will slowly lose a part of you.

1. Pen and pad.

My funky pad and pen are mine and not for little pinkies. I need my lists and order to keep me sane. They are the little luxury that belongs to me. 

Though my kids do try to get my pad and pen it ain't happening on my watch. They are secretly placed so that they are not at risk of being scribbled on and destroyed. H

ave no fear though that my sons do have all different types of pens, crayons, colouring pencils, paper etc. So, therefore they are not losing out and mummy feels happy having something special that's ALL MINE.

2. Toilet.

Going to the toilet is my time out and some peace - so much so that I have a lock on my door and I will not open it until I have done my wee without the tornado of destruction entering my tertiary.

3. Chocolate.

Secretly having a full bar of chocolate to myself without sharing it. OK, so I am secretly hiding around the corner trying to be the quiet son they can listen to rich American kids play Roblox on Youtube, *AHEM*!

4. Kids cartoons.

That secretly I hate the majority of children's programmes (though I secretly love Nanny Plum and her sarcasm). 

I shall name one in particular that gets right on my nerves and that be TOPSY AND TIM. (More Tim mind as he such a miserable so and so and always carries that look of being slapped with a wet fish). Not to mention when are they ever going to actually move into that new home which looks identical to the one that they live in now. Yep, I know motherhood really comes with random thoughts such as above. 

5.  Window.

My decision who gets to sit near the window - END.OF.CONVERSATION.

6. Messy play.

I hate messy play and only do it for the selfless reasons as I know you boys love it so much but it does make my skin crawl. 

7. Space.

I may intentionally accidentally have thrown out a few of your drawings that are so alike it seems wasted to keep them all. I still need to save space for all your other work/reports/cards/memorabilia to store

8. Notes.

When I want to tell daddy something that I don't want your kiddies to know I may spell out the word or scribble a secret note to my beloved that I would like a beer and chocolate tonight.

9. Countdown.

When both mummy and daddy count to five we have no idea exactly what will happen after. So far we have only gone to 4!
    You know it makes sense to keep somethings a secret to make family life run smoothly.

    Do you have secrets that you have that you don't tell your children? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X


    Monday, 21 September 2020

    Reasons why I love autumn.

    Hey readers,

    We have reached September where the evenings are getting darker and that little bit cooler as we are fast approaching Autumn (22 September).

     So I am going to celebrate why I love Autumn and why it trumps over other seasons.

    Pile of knitted winter clothes on wooden background, sweaters, knitwear

    1) Woolie jumpers to get cosy and snug.

    Hot Chocolate

    2) Hot chocolate to warm off that coldness.

    Senior couple throwing leaves in the air

    3) crunchy leaves to jump and walk-in is the best.

    Family Walking Dog Through Winter Woodland

    4) The air feels fresher and crisper.

    Woman and foggy forest.

    5) Walking in the park is much more pleasurable watching the different colours changing.

    Ground cinnamon

    6) The smell of cinnamon makes my nose twitch with joy.

    Feet warming at a fireplace with coffee

    7) Hot drinks and putting your hands around the cup is so comforting.

    Cosy and soft winter background,candles on a blanket

    8) candles and wanting to stay in with blankets and books is a real joy.

    The misty road (2)

    9) I really like it when there is dense fog and I can't see anything. It feels closed in and secures.

    Feet in comfortable and warm woolen socks

    10) Fluffy socks keeping your toes lovely and toasty!

    Happy Autumn,

    Cheers for reading X

    Sunday, 20 September 2020

    My Sunday Photo 20/09/2020


    Friday, 18 September 2020

    How to improve your mobile battery.

    Hey readers,

    Do you suck the energy dry form your phone? Let me give you some tips to help extend the amount of battery phone.

    Firstly, turning down the brightness can help reduce the amount of battery.

    When using wallpaper as a background for your mobile chose a darker theme as less light is used and can help reduce your battery usage.

    Turning off vibrate can increase talk time for an extra 10 minutes, If you go into the settings of your phone it is very simple to switch over.

    Turn off additional settings such a GPS, location and anything else that might not be used.

    One of the easiest ways to help reduce battery time is to turn down the brightness as this contribute to your battery life. 

    This is one of the most popular and effective ways used by people.

    Looking through the apps on your phone and work out which ones are using up more battery than others, then turn off the irrelevant ones.

    Now again go through a clear out of apps on your phone that you do not use anymore, this will help with reducing battery.

    If you are not worried about constantly getting notifications with emails and any other notification form apps. 

    Then my suggestion is to turn off them notifications will be a big help in increasing your battery life.

    I have found that being on Android that using apps constantly comes with updates that never seem to stop. 

    Well, a way to deal with this is the turn off your notifications. Therefore saves a lot of battery and if you need to update an app it is easy to do manual through the app store.

    All these tips may seem little improvements but when achieving all these actions then they soon add up to longer battery life, making you get more out of your mobile during the day.

    Cheers for reading X

    Wednesday, 16 September 2020

    A letter to guilt.

    Hey guilt,

    We don't need introductions we already know each other fairly well, as you are always there permanent 24/7 hiding in the background waiting to pounce.

    I am just writing this letter to let you know that I seriously mother f****** hate you. you know this, you know when am weak and you can manipulate me. You think I will listen but I will put up a fight. 

    There are days when there are constant internal squabbles between me and you. It is tiring and no one comes out.winning in this war. But I still put up a fight most days, while you hoover in the background.

    I try to be a good mother,  I really do. I don't get it always right but please stop with the pestering, knocking at my door every corner of the way through motherhood. 

    No one provides a manual with this parenting malarkey so how am I supposed to know. Sometimes I am so scared that I don't know what to do. 

    All you can do is hope for the best. I am constantly learning through trial and error. Sometimes I win, other times I fail dramatically so.

    I know you love the control over my weak mind, especially when I'm not certain but I'm sick of this battle between you and me. I have had enough of this constant battering me down with your mental torture.

    You take advantage of all the information available, whether that be online, TV or whatever to make a stronger argument and bring me down. I am sick of this punishment! 

    You dampen my mood and make me feel miserable. I shouldn't have to feel like this. I have a right to be happy just like anyone else.

    Ok, I lose my shit from time to time and shout mum makes an appearance. I let the kids watch TV, sometimes I look at my phone a little bit too much but give me a goddamn break it is hard work.

    I know people are going to criticise me for making the comment but parenting is a full-time job but no-one recognises what you do. Apart from your guilt, you are there waiting at every opportunity to put me down and make me feel like I'm the worst parent in the whole entire world.

    Sometimes you mess with my brain so much that I lie awake in the early hours of the morning reflecting and where it all went wrong.

    Right now I don't care anymore and no I'm not 100% perfect but I'll give it a good try. We all have to learn from my mistakes or how else do I grow as a parent.

    I work my ass off, I try to do all the things that you should do as a parent I feed them a clear of them I love them but now and again I make mistakes I am only human after all.
    so on a final note to your guilt, I want to say f*** you.


    A tired mother dealing with this guilt trip!


    Monday, 14 September 2020

    Messy play, ugh!

    Hey readers,

    SO the other day I thought I know what would be fun and creative on Sunday morning, pre-9am getting the paints out to some messy play. I know what you are thinking already.

    I am absolutely insane because it appears that I have some sort of long term memory with forgetting all about the crappy attempts last time and all the stress it caused.

    But as per usual 'mummy expectations' put on me through reading too many ideologies through social media, this sodding technological world we live in. 

    I respect the fact that no one ever put a gun against my head, it is just having low self-confidence in anything and parenting I worry about everything. 

    I do I am not going lie, I don't need pity it just a fact of life.

    But just remind me any time I think it is a good idea to go solo with a three year with paints, just step away. 

    Seriously, I appreciate art but I don't really rate a Pollock style rug, nor walls, nor table, nor sofa, nor bath, basically any fucking where the child decides to put the paint.

    I am nervous wreck anyway because I am lucky enough to have a disposition to anxiety type A  personality shall we say.

    Why, is it so important to paint, it consists of the child painting a grand total of five minutes whilst muggings here spends a good old forty minutes to clean up. 

    I spend more time doing the work then the actual child, surely that is not right.
    I will be honest I am not very good with the mess, and disorder with no logic to it. 

    I REALLY, REALLY should leave this type of activity to the professional's AKA school. He has a good three hours, five times a week to lose his shit with the paint then all I need to do is bath him in the brown mess every single day and constantly add to the pile of washing.  

    I am down with that, they can guide him to be an outstanding artist, teachers are trained and expert in this field, hence why they have so many teacher training days to deal with such skills.

    So, the moral of the story is don't ever let your child loose with paint until they are at an age where they can clean up after themselves. I shall just embrace painting app on the table and leave the important stuff to the professionals!

    What do you think about messy play? Is a dream or is it hell for you? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X

    Sunday, 13 September 2020

    My Sunday photo 13/09/2020

    Stuck in Roblox world 😂!