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How brands can collaborate effectively with bloggers.

Hey readers,

I think as a brand it is really important to think about the way you work with other bloggers to promote your brand.

 Below I have some tips for brands on how to work successfully for bloggers that will make it all worth it.

How brands can collaborate effectively with bloggers.

Top tips on how brands can work with design bloggers and get the best out of the work arrangement. 

1. Selection process.

It is important to think about what your brand represents, you don't want to choose any blogger if they don't fit the brand or niche that they aim for.

The key is to take time your time in the selection process and consider bloggers that are appropriately matched to the brand.

 For example, there is no point in choosing a blogger who blogs about beauty to get to do a review of your restaurant. 

Another research method is to look for bloggers on Instagram for example who are already talking about your product or something similar that they tag in their pictures using.

 This indicates that the blogger is already got an interest in the product so comes across as more sincere than just choosing a blogger with no in the product beforehand. 

Look at the influencers past work and how they write, is it appealing to your brand. How is interacting with the blogger and their audience? These other elements consider when choosing the right candidate for your brand. 

2. Website.

Impressions count and making sure your website is optimised to the best of your ability is essential.

 Making sure that your website is clean and easy to navigate especially with quick load up is vital in getting visitors to your site. 

3.  Pitch perfect. 

Having a pitch ready before contacting a blogger is important. When you reach out to the blogger you want to be precise and clear about what you want.  

It is important, to be honest, as then that provides trust which is fundamental in making a good working relationship be successful. 

Layout what you want from the blogger and what you can offer the blogger in return. Be prepared in making a suitable pitch - be clear about what you want, set a budget and be honest. 

Remember though sometimes bloggers may want to negotiate if it doesn't feel right for them first off. Sometimes you have to work together to come to a suitable agreement so that everyone is happy with what they are doing. 

4. Goals.

Goals are something you should consider with where you want to improve with your brand. Things to consider are what you want to grow in terms of say growing your branded Instagram account, increasing sales of a product or bringing traffic to your website are just a few examples.

How brands can collaborate effectively with bloggers. 

 There are many ways in which a blogger can offer service when collaborating with your brand. Below are some examples.

1. Guest blogging.

Guest posts are similar to sponsored posts however they are not paid. They normally are written for the blogger to published on their site. 

This is attractive for the blogger as it is high-quality content published. The appeal to the brand is that it gets their name out there and helps increase their SEO along with not having to spend a penny on the advertising of the brand. 

2. Sponsored posts.

A sponsored post is where the blogger writes a blog post all about the product. 

There will be a discussion with the brand to decide on how long the blog post is and what kind of thing they would like the blogger to discuss. 

After the published post and everything is finalised the blogger will get paid a sum for doing the published post about their brand. 

3. Shoutouts.

This tends to be more suited for social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where the blogger takes a photo of the brand and mentioned them in the post. The incentive will be either the blogger getting a free brand product or get paid for it. 

4. Affiliate posts. 

This is where the blogger writes about the product, then leaves a unique code for that product. It means that if you click on and buy the product the blogger will get say 10% of commissions from the sales of the product if the visitor buys the product through the link.  

5. Interviews. 

This is a more personal type of collaboration as it is about either getting to know the blogger or brand and discussions motivations and the ideas behind the work that the brand/blogger does. 

There are however alternatives whereby you have someone in the middle to help brands connect with the right bloggers for projects in which you are looking for a suitable blogger. 

A brilliant site that is really beneficial for bloggers and brands is called Get Blogged Marketplace

I myself have used this platform for me to quickly get connected to brands and work with them. I find it easy to navigate and a great way to connect to brands without faffing with emails etc. 

Using the Get Blogged Marketplace is time-efficient for you the brand so quickly to get access to bloggers. 

The platform is ideal if you don't have a big budget but still want to get quality bloggers that provide good content. 

The good news is that you can get a variety of skills from different UK design bloggers. The fact that many design bloggers return frequently to the Get blogged marketplace site means have been their long term relationship which inturn shows trust and reliability. 

 Using the Get Blogged marketplace for your brand you can grow their backlink score and shareable content. 

Not to mention that using Get Blogged marketplace you grown your SEO meaning that your brand gets seen which is important in growing your business. 

The Get Blogged marketplace allows you to add a free listing to the marketplace with what you are looking for.  

As many design bloggers come to the blogger outreach services daily to check to see if they can apply for opportunities. This is beneficial because it potentially means sourcing a good blogger to help achieve your goal of getting a collaboration

How brands can collaborate effectively with bloggers.

Below are my top 5 design blogs that can give you a feel of what good quality bloggers can bring to the table to help enhance your brand promotion. 

1. I love Typothology.

This blog specialises in all things typology with detailed information about the history, to quizzes and new fonts that are on the block right now. 

I love typothology
2. Google Design.

This blog is from Google so there will be a lot of information about Google products and services. However, don't let that put you off as there is a wealth of articles on the world of design such as, 'Lessons From the Scariest Design Disaster in American History'. 

Google Design
3. Wix Creative. 

Now Wix Creative in its own right is a blog platform but it also offers some really useful information on design. The type of content you will be able to get is inspiration, tips and general information such as how to create an online profile. 

Wix Creative
4. It's Nice That. 

This blog hosts a variety of topics from art, illustration and graphic designs. It's Nice That is one of the best sites out there to keep up to date with design information. 

It;s Nice That
5. Creative Review.

This blog was established in 1980. It is a monthly magazine that covers art and design. You can expect high-quality journalism that offers reviews, news and features from the creative world. 

Creative Review

Hope this has been of help. 

Cheers for reading.

This is a collaboration post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Monday, 1 March 2021

How to trick yourself into becoming a morning person

Hey readers,

It can be quiet hard to get motivated especially in the morning when you have just woken up. That doesn't mean you can become more of a morning person with practice. Here are some tricks below in practising to become a morning person. 

How to trick yourself into becoming a morning person

1. sleep schedule.

By following a sleep routine can help you get your body into order and get used to the concept of getting up early in the morning. It is important to be consistent and you don't have to go wild but shifting even just 15 minutes early can help train your body to cope with the mornings. 

2. Time. 

Don't expect results immediate change takes time and you need to take one step at a time. Keep practising what you are doing is vital. Even if it is not perfect the first go or even month that is ok. Allowing yourself to make mistakes or not getting the results you want can help you keep motivated and stick at the change.

3. Wind down. 

Make sure you leave electronics all devices behind and not bring them to bed. That means less distraction and giving your mind the change to wind down and get sleepy. Also, try to avoid programmes like the news that can potentially cause an emotional response especially during the current climate with all the uncertainty. I find a good book that can help you get tired and want to go to sleep. it also relaxes me and my mind.

4. Time. 

Get up every day at the same time as this helps train your body and mind to get used to the mornings. Another benefit with the time you feel less groggy because you have already prepared to get up at a certain you are ready to face the day ahead.

5. Alarm clock.

An alarm clock is always handy to have even though you may think you get up naturally at a certain time it is always better to be safe. That is why having an alarm clock is important because the blaring noise helps you get up in the morning. 

It is important however not to have the alarm clock to close to you as you may be tempted to constantly press snooze and that is not good for you. Make sure to put your alarm clock in a place not too far but enough to physically get you up in the morning. Just the fact that you have to get up out of bed is the start point in helping you wake up in the morning. 

6. Light up. 

Light, whether that be natural or artificial, can help you wake up in the morning as this helps reset the circadian rhythm (helps controls your daily schedule for sleep and wakefulness that is tided in with your 24-hour body clock) and make you more alert. 

You can do this by opening curtains or blinds to get as much natural light in as possible. Or during wintertime a lightbox to help create lightness in your room. 

Do you do mornings? and if you do how do you manage to get motivated for the day? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 28 February 2021

My Sunday photo 28/01/2021

Friday, 26 February 2021

Reasons to blog

Hey readers,

I have been blogging for over three years now and feel that I have some experience of this whole blogging malarky. 

If you have never blogged let me enlighten you as to why you should consider starting a blog.


Firstly, blogging can allow you to be creative. You don't have to focus on a niche. However, if you wanted to then that is fine because at the end of the day you can write whatever you want to. 

 That is the beauty about blogging, you can literally write about anything from domestic abuse to reasons to eat baked beans. 

It is a great tool for creativity and a way to express yourself to the world.


When I started blogging it was a distraction as I was going through some personal trauma. 

Blogging also helped me write down my feelings and express myself.

 I have autism and really struggle with verbal communication so blogged helped me look at how I was feeling and understand myself a bit better.

 With blogging, I can take my time and ponder.

 Blogging has helped me express myself when I maybe wouldn't have. 

Writing has helped me grow in confidence in working out how I feel and exploring reasons why I respond in the way that I do.

Spread awareness.

One positive about blogging is it can help raise awareness of a message you want to spread.

 Blog posts are fantastic as they are from the individual rather than an organisation. 

They are personal and tend to be raw, making it feel more real in a sense.

 Blogging is a platform to get your voice out there, anyone can read it and it isn't edited like professionals. I think that is one of the best things about blogs is that they tend to be first-hand accounts.

You learn about yourself.

I think exploring yourself can be quite hard but when you write it allows you to think about things.

 It makes your analysis and sees things maybe you might not instantly think of.

 Over time I have learned more about me through blogging and expanding areas of myself when I write.

Built an engagement.

Now, I am no great communicator but I will say that it has helped me get engaged with people.

 You may stumble across people that in normal life you would never have the opportunity to meet. 

Some bloggers make long-term friendship and think that is beautiful that something positive can come out of blogging.

Opens up to opportunities.

Blogging opens up to opportunities such as reviewing items or attending events.

 I am not the most successful blogger in this aspect but reading a lot of blogs if you are good at the social side of things then there are many doors that can be opened.

Make money.

Now, I have made the odd bit of money here and there which is fab as it has helped me when I really needed it.

 Some people can make a career out of blogging which I think is such an amazing opportunity to do something that you love.

Better writer.

As I have been blogging for a long period of time I feel that it has helped me be a better writer. I can write more words and can express myself better, which is always positive.

Cheers for reading X

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Quick pitta pizza recipe

 Hey readers, 

A quick recipe to do with kids is pitta bread pizza, it takes less than 15 minutes that the kids will love it. 

quick pitta pizza recipe

What you will need.

* Passata or tomato puree.

*Cheddar cheese -  whatever strength you want. I opted for medium.
* Sweetcorn.

* Red onion.

quick pitta pizza recipe

How to make. 

1. Preheat oven at temperature 200C/fan 180C.

2. Spread tomato puree or passata onto the pitta bread. I had passata and used the back of the spoon to spread onto the pitta to make an even spread.

3. Then sprinkle the cheese, onion, sweetcorn or whatever your tastes.

Quick pitta pizza recipe

Quick pitta pizza recipe
4. Place the pitta bread pizzas in the centre of the oven and cook for 10 minutes. 

5. Take the pitta bread pizzas out of the oven and place onto a plate.
There you have a quick and easy activity to do with kids and it is a perfect lunch idea as well for something a bit different. 

Quick pitta pizza recipe

I forgot to say at the end the boys added peoormi but you don't have to. You can use any ingredients whatever tickles your taste buds or what you have available at your home. 

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 22 February 2021

Spring homeware ideas 2021

Hey readers,

Good news next month spring arrives and you might be thinking of changes in your home to give it a fresh feel.

Spring homeware ideas 2021

 I have selected some spring homeware interior that might be inspiring for you. 

 1. spring painting canvas - Wayfair.

Spring homeware ideas 2021First up with have this beautiful painting of wildflowers, It is an oil painting on a canvas and would look perfect in the living room as it is a relaxing image with the flowers and calming sky. It comes from Wayfair for £76.99. 

2. Olive small sideboard -  Dunelm. 

Spring homeware ideas 2021
A beautiful and simple design but the subtle colours will add character to any room. Not to mention that there is plenty of storage in the drawers. You can buy this sideboard from Dunelm for £199.00. 

    3. Yellow stripey throw - M&S. 

    Spring homeware ideas 2021

    This lightweight throw is perfect for springtime. Lovely design with the woven monochrome stripes with a splash of yellow. If you want this throw you can buy it from M & S for £29.50. 

    4 Harley Hare dinner set - Next.

    Spring homeware ideas 2021

    This adorable dinner set form Next is perfect to add a b of fun to the dinner table with the rabbit illustration with the hand-painted finish. The dinnerware set cost £35.00 includes 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates and 4 bowls. 

    5. Diffuser - Bobolyn.

    Spring homeware ideas 2021
    This air diffuser will bring a calm ambience to the room when you add aromeopthepy ails to the diffuser creating a mist to enter the room.

    Comes with the amazing visual of the firework. which is really relaxing to look at in the evening. You can buy this diffuser from Amazon for £31.00. 

    6. Foilage - Ali Express. 

    Spring homeware ideas 2021

    Add a bit of greenery to your room with this 2m of green leave ivy wall. It is a good way to get the outdoor feel inside, you can purchase from Aliexpress for. $1.16 - 1.18.

    7. Cotton Bedding - French Bedroom Company.  

    Spring homeware ideas 2021

    This bedding has a watercolour print with pink, blue and grey soft colours making it something a bit different from the norm. It is also 300 thread and 100% cotton making it feel soft to the touch. The bedding comes from the French Bedroom Company from £89.00.

    What do you think to my homeware spring ideas for 2021? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

    Cheers for reading X

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