Friday 27 November 2015


Hey readers,
Hope you are well. My word of the week would be:
This is because I have been challenged with getting out of my comfort zone and practising positive steps to become more confident and help improve my behaviour. I have autism (as you probably well aware) but one of my downfalls is communication particularly when asking for help such as asking on the bus where such and such stops at. Or when I am in a shop asking if they have a certain thing in stock.
Also, building my confidence by going in public areas where my social anxiety is heightened. I have a key worker now who helps try and progress with goals that I made to achieve.
However, my anxiety has been high due to the start of this intervention which I accept is natural but it has an affect on my patience and parenting. And sometimes I struggle when say my son had a meltdown when he is overly tired. But hopefully with time I can be a better mummy and be a bit more relaxed.
Thanks for reading XX

Wednesday 25 November 2015


Hey readers,
My word of the week is:
I don't know what has happened this week but this wet weather has been a right royal pain in the arse!
It is so much more hard work when you cooped up indoors trying to entertain two toddlers. Especially as I feel terrible in saying no to my DS1 every time he asks to go to the park. Our local park as been redeveloped therefore he is obsessed. But so far we have only been once as it ridiculously wet to go.
 I would love to just fall asleep whilst watching a movie snuggled under the blanket Fat change of that! Instead got caught up in the rain looking a drowned rat whilst trying to tame my two year old troublesome toddler who really is testing his boundaries at the moment.
But at least I get to use up some of the arts crafts I have stocked up on in an emergency.
Another bonus of it being a November is the fact all new comedy dvds are out. Meaning that I have something decent to watch and help destress. I can not recommend Alan Carr Yap Yap Yap tour, so funny had mecin stitches!
Hope you have a  good week.
Cheers for reading X

Sunday 15 November 2015

FTMOB 15/11/2015

Hey readers,

  1. The last week and a half my DS2 has started nursery and already his language has improved. He now loves coping tytms to sings that they sing such as Wheels on The Bus.
  2. My eldest when having his bath after dinner says to me, #look ast hjid tummy it looks so big". Which tyo be fair it did, haha!S
  3. So my son said to me today when playing with his small Minion Kinder Egg toy, "mummy he is flying home". I ask, " which way is his home?" And my son replies, "he going that way (indicating left), no mummy this way (turning instantly right).
  4. My son is fixated on Fireman Sam and repeatedly recently my DS1 has said to me, " mummy when I grow up I want to be a fireman".
  5. When my husband lifts my sons above his head he makes the eating noise and my son says, "I've eaten your hair all up daddy that is why we are bauld now". 
  6. My DS2 has now officially said, " mummy". I don't know weather I should celebrate this milestone or dread hoiw much I will hear it ;)

Cheers for reading X

Monday 2 November 2015

FTMOB - 02/11/2015

Hey readers,
Hope you enjoyed the half term, its be a former of a week with insightful chats from my eldest. My youngest is started go make a lot different sound shapes sothat is positive.
Anyhow here are few installments of chat from le boys.

  1. My eldest watched me dress in the morning and rather euthastically pointed at my chest and says, "boobieeeees". Thank God it is not said in public!
  2.  My eldest informed me this week he likes buses, voom voom cars, police cars, parks...interesting!
  3. Watching Thomas this morning both boys together put their arms up and repeated choo choo train like they do on the telly!
  4. Currently near where I live you can see a building being demolished and my son calls the machine that pulls the building apart a " munching machine#.
  5. My youngest has now adopted the word "why" and I bet it is from copying his older brother.
  6. My eldest is fascinated by our first aid kit and comments, "that is where the plasters are and adult medicine lives".
  7. Every time my son seems anything he wants he replies, " I want one of them " or "I want that for my birthday".
  8. My eldest enlighting me by telling me that he is growing and he will grow into an adult and therefore he can do the washing up and cooking like mummy and daddy.
  9. We walked past some older children playing on a field a football match and my son says, " I want to that when I am older and then I will win ".
  10. When we got out of the car my eldest said to me, " careful mummy the exhaust is very hot. You must not touch it or you will get burnt".
Cheers for reading X