Friday 30 June 2023

Dippy the dinosaur at The Herbert Art Gallery Coventry.

 Hey readers,

If you're looking for something to do with the kids in the West Midlands area, then why not visit the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry? 

Dippy the dinosaur at The Herbert Art Gallery Coventry.

It hosts an impressive life-size replica of a Diplodocus carnegii skeleton – a 26-metre-long dinosaur that lived 155-145 million years ago.

For over 100 years, Dippy has been delighting visitors of all ages at the Natural History Museum in London. Now, Coventry families can discover the Jurassic giant on their doorstep.

Dippy the dinosaur at The Herbert Art Gallery Coventry.

Dippy the dinosaur at The Herbert Art Gallery Coventry.

You can see Dippy free of charge; however, you need to book tickets beforehand on the website Here

Dippy the dinosaur at The Herbert Art Gallery Coventry.

Dippy will be at the Herbert until 2025, so there is plenty of time to visit if you want to.

Ensure you bring a digital or physical copy of your ticket when you visit to enter the gallery and collect any purchases from the shop.

Slots are bookable in 15-minute intervals, but you can stay as long as you wish.

If you wish to book for more than 10 people, please email our visitor experience team at

You can purchase enhanced tickets which will cost you £8 per person. 

Online exclusive deal: This ticket includes entry to see Dippy and a goody bag, which contains Dippy: The Nation’s Favourite Dinosaur book from Natural History Museum and a plastic assorted dinosaur toy. Goody bags must be collected in person on the day of your visit.

If you feel even fancier, you can buy an Online exclusive deal: This ticket includes entry to see Dippy and a goody bag, which contains Dippy: The Nation’s Favourite Dinosaur book from Natural History Museum, a 15cm dinosaur teddy and a children's lunch voucher for Alfred's cafe. 

Goody bags must be collected in person on the day of your visit. 

My personal experience is my kids love seeing Dippy in actual real-life size.

 They love exploring and seeing Dippy smiling. It is great to see the physical form of the dinosaur.

 There is also a paper trail where you can fill in answers to questions relating to Dippy, adding more fun to your learning. 

Plus, you can take the sheet away with you as on the other side of the sheet is a picture of Dippy you can colour in. 

There is plenty of other artefacts relating to the era of Dippy. See the photos below. 

Dippy the dinosaur at The Herbert Art Gallery Coventry.

Dippy the dinosaur at The Herbert Art Gallery Coventry.

Dippy the dinosaur at The Herbert Art Gallery Coventry.

Getting to Herbert Art Gallery is easy as it is in the city centre and a 5-minute walk from the train station. 

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Monday 26 June 2023

How to make homemade coconut hair mask

Hey readers, 

A coconut oil hair mask is quick, low-cost, and efficient to calm frizzy, dry hair.

Because it includes lauric acid, a type of fatty acid that aids in moisturising your hair, it is a particularly effective hair treatment. 

How to make homemade coconut hair mask

Additionally, it can enter the hair shaft and nourish your strands from within. Its antimicrobial qualities are excellent for your scalp.

Follow these instructions to make an easy coconut oil hair mask at home.


  • * 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. 
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil. 
  • 120 ml of honey (optional). 


1.  In a small dish, mix the coconut oil and the olive oil. Both coconut oil and olive oil are thin, natural treatments that can add shine and hydration to dry hair.

 To get the most out of these hydrating substances, combine both in a dish.[1] For longer hair, increase the amount of each ingredient while maintaining the balance.

Because it nourishes and softens your hair, coconut oil is an ideal ingredient for hair masks.

2. Honey can be added to moisturise and brighten skin tone. Another all-natural product that locks in moisture is honey, which is also excellent if you want to lighten the colour of your hair subtly. To loosen it up, add 20 ml and thoroughly stir.

Don't add honey if you don't want to change the colour of your hair.

3. Gently comb the mixture through your hair. Apply the mixture to your hair with your hands and comb a wide-toothed comb through the strands to distribute it evenly. Make careful to cover all of your hair, from the tips to the roots, with the mask.

 Pay special attention to coating your ends. They are usually the most damaged and dry parts of your hair.

4. Gently comb the mixture through your hair. Apply the mixture to your hair with your hands and comb a wide-toothed comb through the strands to distribute it evenly. 

Make careful to cover all of your hair, from the tips to the roots, with the mask.

 Pay special attention to coating your ends. They are usually the most damaged and dry parts of your hair.

5. To assist the mask in penetrating your hair, use heat. You can also use a hair dryer to heat your hair if you'd like. 

For a few minutes, direct the drier at your hair to open the cuticle and aid the mask's efficacy.

6. In the shower, thoroughly rinse the mask, then condition it. After rinsing off the mask in the shower, condition your hair, as usual, to help eliminate any remaining products.

 Although shampooing may suck out even more moisture from dehydrated hair, it is still an option.

To maintain healthy, smooth hair, use this mask once a week.

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Sunday 25 June 2023

My Sunday photo 25/06/2023


My Sunday photo 25/06/2023

Seeing Dippy the dinosaur. 

Friday 23 June 2023

5 great reasons to play board games with the family.

Hey readers,
The family game night provides a lot of advantages. While having fun, your youngster can pick up skills like patience, taking turns, and teamwork.

5 great reasons to play board games with the family.
Playing classic family games together may be fun for you and your kid. 

They will learn how to share, take turns, and lose. Along the way, hopefully, they'll also gain a little patience! 

They're also wonderful for keeping you occupied at home on a rainy school holiday morning or afternoon.

1. Practices and teaches essential life skills. 

 Parents can teach their children important life lessons through playing games, such as how to communicate with people, how to deal with failure, how to handle conflict, and how to demonstrate teamwork, strategy, flexibility, and resilience. 

Together, playing games is the ideal learning environment for developing these skills as well as a sense of sportsmanship.

Children learn how to converse with adults and react and feel after losing a game. Additionally, by having to wait their turn and deliver it, they develop patience

Kids are forced to plan and solve difficulties at the moment by playing strategic games, which increases their adaptability and resilience.

Awesome bonus Games can boost self-confidence, especially if they provide certain difficulties. Kids feel successful and begin believing they can do it when they successfully navigate these obstacles (or win the game).

2. Making memories.
Playing games provides enduring memories. Outside of the grind of housework, errands, and homework, playing games with the kids is an enjoyable way for parents and children to communicate.

As kids age, they will reflect on such moments and recall how much pleasure they had doing something together.

 It fosters a relationship between parents and children that endures beyond this day, this week, or even this year. It endures forever.

3. It's fun and relaxing. 

Playing games is enjoyable and soothing; there is no denying that. It also makes you chuckle, which makes you feel wonderful.

 As a result, everyone in the house is happy. Additionally, playing video games helps you feel good and enjoyable since it releases more endorphins into your body.

4. Games help your kids solve problems. 

Children who practise problem-solving and strategy with their parents have superior memory skills and are more successful at solving various problems independently.

Playing strategy games with your children is one technique to help them improve their problem-solving skills. 

But more significantly, it allows you to show how to solve problems in a way your children may learn from and imitate. 

When you play games with your friends, discuss how you approach each issue that needs to be resolved. 

Describe how you break challenges down into steps, how taking the time to prepare ahead can help you succeed, and how your brain processes operate when you solve a problem.

Your children will gain a valuable understanding of their thinking through these discussions, which will help them later on when they need to solve problems in the real world.

5. Improves cognitive performance. 

Some board games demand a lot of concentration and expertise. 

You may not even be aware that you are improving your mental agility while playing, whether you have to memorise information, follow a pattern, or perform quick calculations in your head.

What do you think about board games with the family? 

I love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

Cheers for reading X 

Monday 19 June 2023

50 boredom jar ideas.

Hey readers, 

Those who can handle adversity often do. Although, as a parent, we know to help with creativity by making an I'm Bored Jar to help give ideas for things to do when boredom hits.

What is a bored jar? 

A bored jar is a container with ideas for things to do when your child gets bored. It doesn't have to be a jar; it may also be a tiny box, tub, or bag. Even though our bored jar is just a simple recycling container with some lollipops inside, it is essential in our home.

Building a fort, making the bed or painting rocks are just a few examples of creative, fun or practical ideas. Ideally, these activities should be ones your child can perform in and around your home.

Therefore, you can go to the jar, box, or tub, and you'll have many ideas at your disposal if your kids get bored, or you run out of things to do for the day.

50 boredom jar ideas.

The type of things to our on a stick are enjoyable, like going on a nature hunt or making an obstacle course; others will make your kids think a little harder.

 To put it another way, there is a possibility that they will reach into the "I'm bored" jar and discover an activity that will make them feel less bored than they had anticipated. 

They might visit the "I'm Bored Jar" for the remainder of the year, then.

Check out these 50 I'm Bored Jar ideas right now!

50 bored jar ideas. 

1. 30 mins YouTube. 

2. Bake a cake. 

3. Build a Den. 

4. Play football in the garden.

5. Tidy your room.

6. Play Dress Up.

7. Watch a movie.

8. Paint a picture.

9. Vacuum the house.

10. Create a scavenger hunt.

11. Transform a cardboard box into a house, car, or whatever you want.

12. Build an awesome fort, inside or outside.

13. Research an insect, animal, planet, or country. 

14. Build a bridge that can support a tennis ball. 

15. Use a large piece of paper to draw a neighbourhood map. 

16. Create a new language – create a dictionary of terms. 

17. Make friendship pins or friendship bracelets. 

18. Make an original board game. 

19. Do twenty star jumps. 

20. Write someone a letter. 

21. Have a disco. 

22. Paint your family. 

23. Make the beds. 

24. Design a new car. 

25. Play charades. 

26. Craft a robot from recycling. 

27. Paint rocks. 

28. Call a grandparent. 

29. Dress up. 

30. Try some yoga. 

31. Dance to loud music. 

32. Tidy craft cupboard. 

33. Sew something. 

34. Bake cookies. 

35. Make some ice lollies.
36. Ride your bike. 

37. Water balloon fight. 

38. Wash the car. 

39. Make something with buttons.  

40. Read a book. 

41. Write in your holiday book. 

42. Tidy your bedroom. 

43. Do one job. 

44. Draw something. 

45. Draw an animal. 

46. Draw our house. 

47. Paint something. 

48. Watch a movie. 

49. Do something for someone. 

50. 30 mins on your computer console.

Cheers for reading X  

Sunday 18 June 2023

My Sunday Photo 18/06/2023


My Sunday Photo 18/06/2023

A knife angel made up of 10,000 knifes which were anonymously denoted and knives sized by the police were included. 

The sculpture is to highlight knife crime in the United Kingdom

Friday 16 June 2023

Limeade recipe.

Hey readers, 

Suppose you are looking for a classic drink with a twist, then you're in the right place. I have limeade, the perfect refreshing drink on a hot summer day. 

Limeade recipe.

* 3 unwaxed lemons, roughly chopped.
140g caster sugar. 

1l  water. 

How to make. 

Place the limes in a food processor together with the sugar and half the water, and process until the lime is very finely diced.

2. Press as much juice through the sieve as you can after pouring the mixture into a bowl over it. 

3. Fill to the top with the remaining water, then garnish with frozen lemon and lime slices or plain ice.

Cheers for reading X

Monday 12 June 2023

How to stop your hair from fizzing after washing it

 Hey readers, 

After washing your hair, dealing with fluffy hair can be time-consuming and annoying. 

You've come to the correct place if you're seeking strategies to prevent your hair from becoming puffy. 

How to stop your hair from fizzing after washing it

No matter how frequently you wash your hair, I'm going to reveal some easy tricks and strategies that can maintain it looking smooth and shiny. 

1. Trim hair regularly.

The expansion of the hair shaft brought on by split ends might make your hair more frizzy. To prevent frizz, it's crucial to keep the lots of your mane well-trimmed and smooth. 

Additionally, getting your hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks can lessen frizz from split ends.

2.  Use a deep-rooted conditioner. 

Once every week, use a deep-conditioning treatment. Deep conditioners and hair treatments are essential because heat and humidity can badly dry out your hair. Anything with oil in it works wonderfully to get rid of frizz.

3. Cold water. 

Washing your hair in cool or cold water is preferable to using hot water. After a warm shower, you can change the water's temperature for a cold rinse

Your hair cuticles will remain healthy rather than dry and damaged when you use cold water.

4. Condition, conditioner, condition. 

You might believe that you must shampoo your hair after every shower, but that is just untrue.

 The natural oils and moisturisers in your hair can still be stripped away by even the most excellent shampoos for preventing frizz.

 To lock in your natural moisture, alternate between using shampoo and conditioner one day and merely the next. 

To avoid a greasy scalp, only condition your hair from the nape of the neck towards the ends.

5. Invest in a microfibre towel or hair wrap. 

The hair responds quite well to microfiber cloths or wraps. This soft material is more gentle on your hair than a standard cotton bath towel, making it an excellent choice for drying hair.

What do you think of my tips to help stop hair from getting frizzy? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 


Sunday 11 June 2023

My Sunday photo 11/06/2023

My Sunday photo 11/06/2023


Friday 9 June 2023

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

Hey readers, 

Dads are challenging to buy for since they don't make detailed wish lists like moms do, and they never seem to need anything.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

he best Father's Day presents do exist, though; you simply need to look hard enough to find them. 

Fortunately, this gift guide is available to meet all of your needs, so check out down below Father's Day gift guide for 2023.

1. Coffee mug -  Sweet Family Gift - £19.95.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

A funny mug for a new father is this one, which states wow, look at you becoming a father and shit. 

Great if you want something light-hearted and a bit of fun for the new dad in your life.

2. Multi-tool Hammer Gift - Amazon - £13.99.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

This Multi Tool Hammer is an ideal gift for fathers who like to explore, hike, fish, DIY, camp, hunt, and backpack: the high-quality stainless steel and wood construction features.

 I believe this 'best-personalised gift' will bring him touch and tears.

3. 100 Things to Do with Dad poster - Not on the high street - £12.99.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

he interactive scratch-off bucket list poster is here to guide you through some of the most fun, character building and exciting activities you and your dad can experience. 

Take time to discover, play and learn as you create lifelong memories together! 

When you’re done, keep your poster as a reminder of your adventures.

4. Now That's What I Call Dad Rock CD -  World of Books - £5.99.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

ather’s Day is quickly approaching; struggling for ideas? NOW That’s What I Call Dad Rock is the perfect gift for a rockin’ Dad. 

The definitive list of manthems, this compilation features the biggest rock and indie anthems. It’s time to turn that stereo up!

5. Personalise DAD set of 3 pale ales - Card Factory - £24.99. 

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

When lined up in a row, the labels on these bottles of Pale Ale spell out the word DAD, and each can be personalised to include your dad's name alongside a special message—an ideal gift for Father's Day.

6. Pick and Mix Sweet Hamper - Big Sweets Uk - £10.99 – £16.99.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

 perfect sweet treat for the dad's pit with a massive bag of pick and mix. 

What better gift to a sweet tooth than this one? The lovely hamper contains all your favourite sweets, including Haribo, Maoams, flying saucers, strawberries, Astro belts, and more!

7. Silly Socks - Chatty Feet - £9.00.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

 got a pair of socks for Father's Day, and how cool are these quirky socks from Chatty Feet? 

They have all sorts f fun figures and patterned socks. I like Professor Cox because my kid's dad is into him, and they would make a hilarious gift. 

8. Let's Get Ready to Crumble bath bomb set - Lush - £20.00.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

erfect for some me time for the dad in your life with this rich bath bomb set, making baths colourful and fun.

 You don't have to be boring when it comes to men's gifts, and this is a perfect example of a delightful present. 

9. Super Daddio hoodie - Spooky Tees - £28.99.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

his Super Daddio unique hoodie is the perfect gift for any dad. It features the saying ‘Super Daddio’ in a Mario-style font. Makes an ideal gift for any Dad on Father's Day.

10. Whittard Coffees of the World gift set - Whittard - £28.00.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023
This gift is for the coffee-loving dads out there with a treat trying different ground coffees worldwide. 

This premium gift set is sure to delight any coffee lover or can be a treat for your taste buds.

Cheers for reading x

Monday 5 June 2023

How to make air fryed chicken nuggets

Hey  readers,

Easy homemade air fryer chicken nuggets recipe with a golden crispy coating and tender, juicy chicken inside! 


* 400g chicken breast fillets. 

* 4 tbsp plain flour. 

* One egg, lightly beaten. 

*115g panko breadcrumbs or other dried breadcrumbs. 

* 2 tbsp vegetable or sunflower oil. 

How to make. 

  • 1. Preheat the air fryer to 200° C for 5 minutes.
  •  2. Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Put the details on a layer of cling film, cover with another layer of cling film, and then use a rolling pin to bash the pieces until around 2-3mm thick and uniform.
3. Tip the flour onto a plate and mix with a pinch of salt. Put the beaten egg in a bowl, and tip the breadcrumbs into another bowl. 
4. Dip each chicken piece in the flour, then into the egg (shaking off the excess), and finally toss in the breadcrumbs and transfer to the air fryer container. We find that breadcrumbing using one hand is less messy.
5. Air fry the chicken nuggets at 200°c  for 10-15 minutes or until crispy. Make sure regularly turning over the nuggets. That’s it – so easy!
Cheers for reading X

Sunday 4 June 2023

My Sunday photo 04/06/2023


My Sunday photo 04/06/2023

My Sunday photo 04/06/2023

Half term holiday fun!!! 

Friday 2 June 2023

How to show respect to a person with autism.

Hey readers, 

Autism is a condition that impairs a person's capacity for interaction and communication. 

How to show respect to a person with autism.

People with autism frequently experience prejudice from society. Given the societal conventions surrounding autism, it is pretty simple for non-autistic people to internalise ableism towards autistic persons.

 Fortunately, it is possible to overcome these prejudices and develop a tolerance for autistic people, which will be discussed in this post. 

1. Recognise any biases you have. 

Recognise any factors that may be influencing your prejudice against autistic persons.

 Is it a result of the environment you're in? Have you ever met someone who has autism? Unaware of it, many people internalise the information they are exposed to. 

You need to be aware of your bias, even if you don't mean any harm.
What comes to mind when you think about autistic people? Is it a result of generalisations you may have heard?

It's critical to determine whether you have internalised ableism because it frequently has roots in other prejudices.

2. Be respectful. 

Recognise that you might be acting in ways that an autistic person might find uncomfortable. Numerous autistic people experience sensory problems due to various sounds, sensations, tastes, or sights. 

Don't do something if someone in your life, whether autistic or not, informs you that it makes them uncomfortable, such as loud noises like chewing and slurping, which might exacerbate sensory problems.

 Don't take it personally if someone leaves the room or finds another solution, like putting on headphones if they've made it apparent that a sound is triggering their sensory issues.

Don't make things obvious. Many autistic individuals use repetitive habits as a calming technique. 

Don't make a big deal out of something an autistic person does that you find weird.

These mannerisms include things like humming, tapping their foot, and back-and-forth swaying.
Inform them formally if they are creating a commotion. 

Later, don't make a big deal out of it.
Pay attention to them. A special interest, sometimes known as a subject of particular enthusiasm, is something that many autistic individuals share.

 Do not minimise them for their hobbies if they choose to discuss them.
Don't be harsh about it if it isn't a good time to talk! You don't want to discredit somebody for having strong opinions.

3. Educate yourself. 

Find out more about autism. Due to its extreme complexity, autism is frequently referred to as a spectrum disorder.

 Understanding how people with autism experience it is essential because no two autistic persons are alike.

Take care when choosing your sources. Since there is a lot of misunderstanding about autism, it's crucial to use resources from nonprofits and organisations that concentrate primarily on autism.

 Don't go to Autism Speaks. Look for sources written by autistic people!
Speak to those who are autistic in your life. 

Inquire of anyone you know who has ASD about their experiences. It's a lot simpler to understand that persons with autism are much like everyone else when you can interact with one in person.

Consider how you can assist them more effectively! It's crucial to help them just like you would any of your friends, whether lending a sympathetic ear about issues related to their disease or simply treating them like any other person.

Don't just approach someone with autism and ask them about it. If you are close enough to someone to be able to ask about their experience with the disease, only do so.

Cheers for reading X