Friday 5 August 2022

100 things to do on facetime with friends

Hey readers, 

If you're looking for things to do with friends on facetime then I have heaps of fun ideas to have lots of laughs together and great ways to kill time whilst watching each other on a video call. Below I have 100 things you can do with your friends on facetime. 

100 things to do on facetime with friends


2. Paint nails. 

3. Workout.

4. Dance. 

5. Tell jokes. 

6. Paint a picture.

7. Play would you rather. 

8. Draw.
9. Write poetry. 

10. Look at pictures of baby animals. 

11. Read a book. 

12. Do make-up. 

13. Gossip. 

14. Do an all-nighter. 

15. Guess the song game. 

16. Shop online. 

17. Watch Netflix.

18. Learn a TikTok dance together. 

19. Bake together. 

20. Organise your bedroom. 

21. Play trivial pursuit. 

22. Watch the same movie. 

23. Play a game of would you rather.

24. Truth or dare questions. 

25. Ask me anything. 

26. Listen to songs. 

27. Explore Reddit together. 

28. Do a lego challenge.
29. Draw a picture of each other. 

30. Do a video chat scavenger hunt. 

31. Play charades.
32. Play bingo. 

33. Craft and chat. 

34. Play what am I. 

35. Tie-die t-shirts. 

38. look at the stars together. 

39. Play Nintendo switch together. 

40. Have a snack. 

41. Make a scrapbook. 

42. Watch youtube.

43. Make a gratitude jar.

44. Make a list of what you are grateful for. 

45. Prank call people. 

46. Do a chubby bunny challenge. 

47. Do the Spirt challenge. 

48. Karaoke. 

49. Take part in an online cooking class together. 

50. Have dinner together. 

51. Plan your next getaway.
52. Visit Disneyland virtually.

53. Answer questions on a forum. 

54. Sit in on a free online college lecture. 

55. Work out with youtube classes. 

56. Google yourself. 

57. Travel through space with a free online free space simulator. 

58. Look at expensive properties on Right Move. 

59. Listen to the #1 song when you were born. 

60. Host a virtual happy hour. 

61. Read funny amazon product reviews. 

62. Do a pub quiz. 

63. Create your own website,

64. Pick a hobby on Pinterest. 

65. Get painting lessons from Bob Ross. 

67. Learn photography tips from Nikon Live. 

68. Watch available Broadway musicals and shows. 

69. Mix your own eleectronical music. 

70. Join a writing community. 

71. Clean up your emails. 

72. Make memes. 

73. Learn some magic tricks. 

74. Write stories together. 

75. Talk about your day. 

76. Write role plays together. 

77. Talk about fears and hopes.

78. Start a book club. 

79. Do embroidery together.

80. Do knitting together. 

81. Host a dance party with other friends and family. 

82. Start a trivial night. 

83. Start a podcast.

84. Do yoga. 

85. Make a blanket fort and talk to each other on facetime in that setting. 

86. Have a picnic. 

87. Origami. 

88. Make your game. 

89. Do a science experiment such as mixing baking soda and vinegar and see the reaction. 

90. Tidy your room. 

91. Do Wordle together. 

92. Learn a new language. 

93. Do some mindfulness. 

94. Learn how to juggle. 

95. Try a new food. 

96. Order each other a surprise takeaway and see each other's reactions. 

97. Watch the zoo live camera. 

98. Listen to a podcast together. 

99. Make Tiktoks together. 

100. Explore the surface of Mars with this digital 360° camera.

So there you have a whooping 100 facetime ideas to do with friends enjoy. However, is there anything that I have missed that you think is a good activity to do with a friend on facetime? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X