Monday, 21 June 2021

Benefits of Amazon Prime!

 Hey readers,

If you have never heard of Amazon it is basically an online shop where you can pretty much anything from clothes to books, to technology Amazon has it covered. 

You can also buy second-hand items at a reduced price and also your unwanted items to make some money. 

Benefits of Amazon Prime!

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is a prescription program where you pay for certain rewards such as Amazon video, next day delivery, you can even do your grocery shopping, stream movies and listen to Amazon music. ( I will go into more detail below). Amazon Prime is also available in lots of different countries.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

In the UK Amazon Prime costs £7.99 per month or there is the option of paying annually at a cost of £79.00. 

If you are new to Amazon Prime you can have the opportunity to subscribe free for 30 days so you test out the service and can cancel the trial when it ends. 

Amazon students can get a yearly subscription for £39.00 (£3.25 per month) and if you are feeling dubious you can get a six-month free trial to test out Amazon Prime. 

Amazon family costs annually £79.00 and this allows two adults and four children to register with one account to access all the Amazon Prime benefits.

The benefits of Amazon Prime. 

Faster delivery.

With many items on Amazon, you can get the delivery by the next day though this is depending on your postcode. It is really handy if you want someone quick. With Amazon Prime, you also get free delivery instead of having to pay if your a non-Amazon Prime member and can only get free delivery when your orders to over £20. 

Same day delivery - items will be delivered on the same day though do check the time frame on the list next to the product. Again this is subjected to the postcode you live in. 

Property delivery - this is delivered two days after the item is dispatched. 

Expected delivery - items will be delivered between one and three days after placing an order on Amazon. Again this is eligible for certain postcodes so make sure you check before buying so you won't be disappointed. 

Standard delivery - items will be delivered within two to five business days. 

Amazon Prime streaming service.

The streaming service offers a prime video section on Amazon where you can watch 30,000 videos that you can stream unlimited as an Amazon Prime member. 

You can also feast your eyes on Amazon's original shows such as The Grand Tour, Downtown |Abbey, Walking Dead. Not only tv shows but also a variety of films you can watch such as Borat, Lego Movie, and Shazam. 

To stream them it is accessible on many platforms such as Amazon Fire Stick, now tv, laptop, mobile, and game consoles. As long as you have wifi you can download shows from Amazon Prime and watch them on the go.

Prime music. 

Prime Music gives you over 20,000 ad-free songs to listen to, unlimited skips, and the ability to download and play offline., 
If you are an Amazon Prime member there is an offer for Amazon unlimited music for £7.99 a month or if you are a non-Amazon Prime member it would cost you £9.99 which results in an increase of 40,000 songs you can listen to. 


All Amazon customers get 5GB photo storage regardless of having a prime membership. However, with a Prime membership, it allows you to have unlimited photo storage and 5GB video storage so that you can save, share and access photos on a desktop, mobile and tablet. 

Prime gaming. 

With Amazon Prime, you can get exclusive access to twitch via prime gaming with the benefits of ad-free viewing and have access to pre-ordering video games. You can also get games to try and free game content. 

Prime reading. 

Prime reading offers access to prime customers of over 1,000 ebooks. magazines and comics and what is even better are it is accessible on Amazon Kindle free apps so you don't need a reader to take advantage of this offer. 

Every month Amazon gives a free ebook (first read) to read from a selection of popular choices that arent always available for free for you to enjoy. 

Access daily deals. 

Being an Amazon Prime member allows you to check out the lightening deals 30 minutes before everyone else does each day. Lightening deals are where a limited amount of products is reduced for a certain time so best be quick to get a hot deal. 

Amazon Fresh. 

You can do your weekly shop if you wish on Amazon Fresh, including fresh produce, household essentials, popular and specialist bands>
You can have delivery slots from 1-2 hours either via Amazon Fresh or directly from your local Morrisons supermarket. Of course, it is also down to your location and it depends on your postcode if you are eligible.  

Prime wardrobe.

Prime wardrobe is a service that allows you to try on the clothes before you buy them. The kind of items that are included are watches, shoes, women accessories, men and kids categories. 

You have up to seven days to try on the items before decided whether to keep or return the items. Amazon will only charge for the items that you keep. 

Amazon Prime Day. 

Amazon Prime Day is an exclusive event where prime members can get access to special deals on items such as speakers, clothing, and even toiletries. 

Amazon Prime Day this year will be on the 21 & 22 of June 2021 so make that a date to check out any good deals on Amazon. 

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 20 June 2021

My Sunday Photo 20/06/2021

My Sunday Photo 20/06/2021

Happy Father's day to the best daddy in the world my boys could ask for :)

Darren Coleshill

Friday, 18 June 2021

Reasons why we love you, daddy

Hey readers,

As is Fathers day coming up I thought I would do a post for my husband who is an exceptional daddy, unlike my dad I won't go there, lol. 

Reasons why we love you, daddy.

You so chilled and don't follow any scedules.

You also stay calm and keep your togetherness whilst mummy is an emotional wreck.

You are really enthusiastic about reading the books at bedtime with different types of voices making it that extra special.

You are so anal and when you do something you put 100% into it. 

You think outside the box and have a creative flair in an organised manner which results in you having quirky ideas and you can bring them to life. 

You are hands-on and a maker and I can't wait for you to make our bunk beds they will be so bespoke!

You keep things simple where mummy struggles greatly with this making everything much more complicated than it needs to be.

Your always open and tell it as it is, a vagina is a vagina no messing about.

You never hideaway and the top lesson that you teach your children is truth whether that be about mental health (mummy's lol) or how the car works.

 Communication is very important for you and you want to pass that importance on to your children. 

You make your children feel calm knowing that you are a true and trusted caregiver in their life. You will protect them and always love them unconditionally.

You have a wicked sense of humour. 

You hold me high on your shoulders making me feel like a warrior.

You are not scared to cry or shamed and open to emotions.

Your the bedrock of this family and keep everything together.

Life is complete with you in our lives.

You accept me for who I am and don't put pressure on me but encourage my strengths. 

Happy Father's day. 

Cheers for reading X 

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Monday, 14 June 2021

9 things that annoy me about being a school parent!

Hey readers,

As a parent, it can be lovely but also moments of pure irritation and there are few elements of being a school parent that is really annoying so below I have discussed them. 

9 things that annoy me about being a school parent!

1. Homework. 

Of course, homework had to be at the top. I think homework should be banned for primary school children, it is just constant work and trying to get kids motivated.

 Yes, some love it but my kids hate having to do something that is forced upon them. It is stressful for everyone and a lot of pressure for parents which could potentially cause conflict in the home. 

2. Paperwork. 

If homework isn't enough to deal with you always seem to have constant letters and paperwork to fill out. 

You also have to remember to do it and return it. I cannot trust my child to hand it in as it will be in the back when it gets home after school even though you have asked them to hand it in.

 So, trying to remember water bottles, getting kids out of the door, and safely to school have to remember to hand in that dame slip on time, grrrr!

3. Cash.

Ok, these pro-covid times but having to have cash, who has cash???? I only tend to have my money card. You need short change as well to pay for stuff such as tickets or raffles. 

Normally it is at the end of the day where you completely forget to go to the cashpoint before picking up your darling children. 

4. Other parents.

Do I need to say anymore! Jokes though serious I don't understand playground dynamics, can't really be arsed with cliques. 

I just can't be bothered to hear about people's opinions on their little darlings. I am already fucked being autistic and yet again feel like an outsider. 

5. Headlice.

This is something once your kids hit school will receive frequent letters informing you that there is a case of headlice. 

I am already itching thinking about it. Plus if you have already treated your child and got rid of the little sods there will be another child in their class who for whatever reason still has nits and you bet your child will come home the same day with them.

 I may as well just through money down the drain with the amount sometimes we have to buy on head lice treatment.

6.  Being on time. 

Yes once you finally remember everything and your child is ready to leave and then just like that they forget something at the very last minute. 
Or if you are walking at a reasonable pace but you have to constantly shout hurry up we are going to be late because your little darlings won't stop dawdling behind. 

7. Dates.

Having to remember all these dates such as parent's day, sats, after school club, extra meetings with teachers, listening to lectures on how to help your child learn the time's tables, on it goes. It just never stops with the dates flying at you.

8. Dress-up day.

I bloody hate it because I have to fork out extra money for one day or use my imagination which is something I am not good at so extra ball achy don't really need. 

So, is there anything that I have missed off the list that annoys you as a school parent? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 13 June 2021

My Sunday Photo 13/06/2021

We checked out the new water fountains in town. Perfect activity when it is hot ☀ 

My Sunday Photo 13/06/2021

Darren Coleshill

Friday, 11 June 2021

Autism and heat intolerance.

 Hey readers,

I hate the heat! I used to think that it was just what I didn't enjoy. But researching and reading more on other people's experience of how heat affects their autism. Like autism, it's always the two extremes whether it be tolerance or intolerance for something. The subject I want to talk about is heat and how that affects me. Let's start off with the major thing I like to say about heat is the fact I HATE IT.

Now don't get me wrong I like sunshine however I don't like humid and unbearable heat (into the late 20s and 30s degrees). It really impacts my mood and makes me really, really irritable. I literally can not think straight in such hot temperatures and anyone around me really irritates the crap out of me the moment they speak to me.

Autism and heat intolerance.

No control of the heat 

I don't like sweating, the feeling of it, and just makes me feel nauseous. I have to take a shower after every time I go out. Sometimes 3 or 4 showers in a day at home when it is in the 30s temperature as my flat is like a bloody greenhouse due to the fact where my corner of the tower block faces the sun, absolute joy I can tell you

I don't like having sweat constantly dripping when it is so hot, it feels like my skin feels really dirty. I hate the sensation and feel the need to frequently wash my hands, face, etc. It can take over my thoughts of having these horrible thoughts and again impacting my mood making me feel grumpy AF as within minutes of washing I can feel yuk again. 

I think the heat sucks all your energy out and you don't want to anything. This is even more prominent when you get little sleep due to the heat. Therefore impacting my mood and being less rational in my thinking. 

The sunshine so bright with the blue skies and no clouds about really affects me visually. It is not uncommon for me to have frequent headaches during the summer due to my sensitivity to sunlight and trying my best to say in the shade.

I am lucky I guess being in the Uk that we may have a few spells of a heatwave but during that time it is hell. I wish I could afford air con. However, until that day I try and make it through the day. 

I am thankful that I actually like the white noise of the fan and actually find it quite comforting. I tend to avoid going out because I just hate it and much prefer if I have to go out in the evening because just about bearable. 

Another couple of ways to help manage heatwave intolerance is to have black-out blinds to reduce the lighting coming through the room. Also, making sure having cotton clothing to keep cool has been a blessing. 

Keeping hydrated and eating cool food such as watermelon help keep me cool. I also like ice cubes which I normally hate in drinks. But during the heat, I can manage with them and they are a lifesaver to keep cool in hot conditions. 

Another tip is to put the pillowcase covers in the freezer and get them out at night, it is so soothing and helps keep you cool which in turn gives you a better night's sleep. 

Of course, I am always looking for tips from other people who have knowledge on autism and heat management, Thank goodness for the internet as it is really useful to read what helps other people like myself who struggle with the heat.

If you have any tips I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X


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Monday, 7 June 2021

How to make playdough.

 Hey readers,

It is really easy to make your own playdough and perfect for a rainy day activity. It doesn't take long to make and most items you might have already in the cupboard. Kids love playing with playdough and it is a sensory activity as well. 

How to make playdough.

What you will need. 

* 8 tbsp of plain flour. 

* 2 tablespoons of salt. 

* 60ml warm water.

* Food colouring. 

* 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.


1. Mix the flour and salt together in a bowl. 

2. Next add the water and oil. 

3. kneed the mixture together for about 10 minutes so that it is smooth. You might need to and more water and flour until the 
consistency is smooth but not sticky. 

4. Add the food colouring of your choice and mix that in so that planted into the playdough. 

5. Put in a covered bowl or bag in the fridge until it is chilled enough to use.

How to make playdough

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 6 June 2021

My Sunday Photo 06/06/2021

Get an uncle who will climb trees with you :) 

Darren Coleshill

Friday, 4 June 2021

I hate baths.

 Hey readers,

I will let you into a confession.... I don't like baths. I have tried several times but I just don't gel with them. I have discussed below my reason why I hate taking baths.

I hate baths

1.  Baths are filthy. 

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty in that baths are filthy. Think about it your filth from your body, sweat, and dead skin is swirling around in the water that you are bathing in. How is that appealing? It just makes me feel a bit sick if I am being honest. I never feel clean after a bath, unlike showers which I do feel so good after. 

2. Baths are boring. 

Let's just be honest baths are boring AF. I am not the type of person who enjoys sitting in water and waiting for ultimate relaxation. I am a person who enjoys doing something physical whether it is reading a book or writing a blog post for example.

 I can get in the zone with that. Yes, I could read a book in the bath though sadly I have tried doing it and it is just an uncomfortable position to lie in the bath. So that is a definitely no for me. 

 I also spend time thinking about when is it time to get out of the bath.  We have a clock on the wall and I just sit there listening to it tick every second. 

3. Lifting your body out of the water.

There is nothing more annoying than trying to get out of the bath. It is just so dame uncomfortable. You have to be careful as I have learned you can potentially slip which is painful, to say the least.

4.  It takes ages to fill up a bathtub.

Filling up a bath is irritating as it takes so long to get the bath filled up. You have to keep an eye on it and that is not good for me as I get distracted by other things that are happening. Therefore I have to sit there and watch the tub fill up for ages and it is dame boring. 

5. The water doesn't stay warm for long.

And another thing about baths is that when you eventually do fill up the bath full of lovely hot water sadly it doesn't last long. It actually is either lukewarm or cold in such a short space which I think is unpleasant to just in the bath with temperatures like that. 

8. Shampoo your hair is a pain.

I hate shampooing my hair in the bath, it is an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. I always get shampoo in my ears which is gross. 

Let's not forget the painful experience of getting shampoo in your eyes and you cant use dirty water to wash your eyes out. Then you have to move awkwardly to the taps to get fresh water to clean your eyes out. It is just an all-around pain to do. 

So, there you have my reasons and why I opt for a shower. What are your thoughts on baths? Do you like them or hate them? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X 

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Thursday, 3 June 2021

**AD** 5 game based date ideas for gamers.

 Hey readers,

Are you a fan of gaming and want to meet someone who loves games that you want to date also who is into dating then you're in luck as there is a niche market for gamer daters? 

I think with the internet there are a lot more people who enjoy gaming and it is a fun way to connect with someone via playing games. 

A fun website to check out is gamerdates. It is a site designed for gamers, geeks, and cosplayers who are looking for love.

So when you do arrange a date with someone you probably want to have a game-based date which a great way to connect and get someone better. Doing someone that both people enjoy on a date makes feel relaxed and being able to connect with someone.

As restrictions are easing and more establishments are opening it will give you several options to chose from for a game-based date with someone. 

Below I have 5 game date ideas to get you inspired to go and arrange a date with a fellow gamer. 

5 game based date ideas for gamers.

1. Visit an arcade.

A retro place to visit on a date is going to an arcade as there are many different types of classic games to play. Whether it be racing games, shooting games, air hockey, coin pusher machines are just a few examples. It is a loud and excitable environment and one worth a go if you are of a competitive nature. 

2. Escape rooms.

 Most people have heard of escape rooms where you are locked in a themed room and you have to work out riddles, puzzles, and clues in order to get out of the room. It is a way to work together and see how well you communicate as a team and is a unique date idea to do. 

3. Board game cafe.

A more relaxed setting for a game date would be to go to a board game cafe. At the cafe, you can get food and drinks whilst having the opportunity to play board games of your choice. A type of place that is popular is The Dice Box in Leamington Spa that offers great food and a variety of games. 

 Sometimes board games are the most fun to do. At the board game cafe, there are a variety of board games to choose from card games, strategic games to silly games. Also, you don't have to worry about getting away from the table as they offer table service. 

4. Gaming convention. 

A great way to explore gaming together and checking out all things gaming-related is to go to a gaming convention.  Not only can you play games you can also go check out gaming panels and hear talks on gaming topics. 

5. Laser tag. 

If you like hands-on gaming and like games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite and Warzone then laser tag is something to consider to go on a gamer's date.  You get to play with laster guns and run around in the dark whilst trying to shoot one another. It is a unique idea and if you have a competitive nature then is the perfect date to go on.

6. VR gaming centres.

If you want to escape then go to VR gaming centres as you can put on a headset and emerge yourself in a game with your date. You can play together and work as a team but if you want some real fun you can work against each other for laughs, perfect for a game date for someone that you have met online sites such as dates for gamers.

Cheers for reading X

This is a sponsored post, all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. 

Monday, 31 May 2021

Things that will be missed after lockdown

Hey readers,

Now I know there is the potential risk of the final stage of lockdown restrictions being eased going to be delayed. One day soon hopefully we can look back to the time of lockdown. Below are some of the things I will miss about the lockdown. 

Things that will be missed after lockdown

 1. The stillness on the streets and it is eerily quiet. 

2.  Being able to appreciate the small things.

3. Not having to meal pre-packed lunch because let's face you are home all the time.

4. In the earlier days when kids first went back to school and parents actually bothered to queue in an orderly fashion at the school gates.

5. Spending hours scrolling through TikTok without a care in the world, they were the days. Well let's face it you ran out of anything to binge-watch on the telly and who can be arsed to cook for the 89th day. 

6. People keeping their distance and actually made an effort with rules, distant memory now. 

7. The bus was empty that was a strange but also an enjoyable experience. 

8. Not having to worry if someone sits next to you on the bus that absolutely stinks of bo.
9.  Not missing on delivery because you are mostly at the home bar the walk you went on.

10. Knowing your neighborhood a lot more due to the number of local walks you took.

11. It was so quiet on the road you could breathe in the clean air.

12. As above during lockdown it is a lot quieter so that you could clearly hear the birds singing. 

13. Slowing down day-to-day and focusing on the small stuff. 

14. Nor experiencing FOMO (feeling of missing out) as we were all at home.

15. Having more time to do personal hobbies.

16. No crowds anywhere.

17.  Less rushing around and just being.

18. Spending more time with family.

19. Saving money whether that be eating out, going to the cinema, visiting the pub. 

20. Cooking more at home and enjoying meals together. 

What things will you miss when lockdown ends completely? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X 

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Sunday, 30 May 2021

My Sunday Photo 30/05/2021

Friday, 28 May 2021

Why education is important

Hey readers,

 I have two children currently in primary school it got me thinking about education and why it is so important for children. 

So what does education actually mean?

In the Cambridge directory, it is defined as the process of teaching or learning in a school, or the knowledge that you get from a high school/college education.

why education is important

What are the reasons why education is important?
1. Dreams and ambitions.

Having the opportunity to have an education gives you a chance to learn and through that, you can work out what you like and do not. This in turn helps provides dreams of where you want to go. For example, if you want to go into engineering then you would have the ambitions to work hard in the areas needed to be an engineer. Also, if you have a goal of where you want to go it will provide motivation for keeping to reach the desire you want.

2. Confidence.

Knowledge is power and this can through education help you feel more confident with knowing things that will help you out in life such as working out an equation or reading a book to further your education. 

3. Money.

Let's face it we all need some money to survive by paying for things like a roof over your head or food in your belly. Getting an education will help put you on the ladder to get a drop or further your career for a further drop that has a good salary. 

4. Equality.

You are lucky if you live in the UK as everyone regardless of background is entitled to free education. This makes it much fairer given everyone the opportunity to learn and grow without being held back because of their background. It means it is fairer for all and allows everyone the same opportunities to get in life such as a top job. 

5 Stop you being fooled.

Having an education allows you to have knowledge which means less likely to be a target of someone exploiting you. Being in the UK means that we have certain rights and freedoms. Having an education means you learn to write and read and therefore less likely to be fooled into signing a document that you cant read which could result in you being trapped into some sort of agreement you can't get out of. 

6.  Provides stability.

Having an education is something that no one can take away from you. Having a good education especially if you a degree means that you are more likely to get a successful job. This, therefore, provides stability as you have a secure job, get money in your bank and have a comfortable life. 

What do you think about education? Do you agree or not with my points about education? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

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Monday, 24 May 2021

The benefits of pets

Hey readers,

Today I want to discuss why families should have a pet and the positive aspects of getting one. My reasons are listed below.

the benefits of pets

1.  Teaches about responsibility.

Having a pet comes with responsibility such as walking an animal, making sure it is fed and cared for. Having to do this every day teaches you that having a pet comes with responsibilities that you have to continue to make sure the pet is looked after. Looking after a pet helps build a child's empathy with others and also looking after a pet gives the child a sense of achievement. 

2. Comfort. 

Having an animal to care for gives a child comfort as they have an animal that gives cuddles and company if they are feeling good or bad the pet is there for the child. It has also been found that children with pets feel less anxious and withdrawn.

Having a pet also reduces loneliness as they have a company with a pet being around and giving cuddles helps reduce stress and anxiety. Also giving a child comfort knowing they have an animal that caters can help them feel happier dealing with life's difficulties. 

3. Confidence.

Pets are known to help young children with their confidence when they are learning to read. Getting a child to read with a dog gives them encouragement to read and feel less anxious therefore giving them the confidence to read and learn more. 

4. Improve health.

Having an animal that goes for a walk or bounces around the garden will help improve a child's health by exercising more and getting fresh air. 

5. Strong bonds.

Having a pet and taking care of it helps build a bond between animals and children. Taking time to look after the pet such as grooming, cuddles and feeding give the child a feeling of something needing them. It creates a bond between the pet and child with trust over time and knowing the animal is there for them. 

What do you think about pets for the family? Are they good or bad? love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 23 May 2021

My Sunday Photo 23/05/2021

My Sunday Photo 23/05/2021

So proud of my youngest getting star of the week at school for his positive attitude towards his learning :)

Darren Coleshill

Friday, 21 May 2021

4 reasons to take the family on a hike this summer

Hey readers,

A good thing to do for a family day out is to take a hike somewhere in nature whether it be through fields, up mountains, or longer trips overnight.  

There are many good reasons why you should consider going hiking with your family. Below I discuss the positives of hiking with the family down below.

4 reasons to take the family on a hike this summer

Before we get into the reasons for hiking a quick look at the Oxford dictionary defines hiking as, the activity of going for long walks, especially across the country. So what the benefits you are asking? well...

1. Appreciate nature. 

When being surrounded by nature you can really appreciate the beauty it has to offer. Just the simple act of walking through nature and breathing in the clean air can be so good for the soul.

 If you live in an urban area it can be a pleasant change to see a setting that is all about nature. Getting connected with nature can make you appreciate natural beauty. 

2. Free.

Most places in the countryside are free to walk about (though do check before you head out that it is allowed for the public to walk on). It is a great form of exercise to do with the family. 

3. Building self confindce.

When you regularly take up hiking it can help build your confidence as you get past the challenges  - through building strength through working your muscles and having the resilience to go on long journeys though you may not be used to them. 

3.  Available for everyone.

Hiking is accessible for everyone, young or old anyone can do it as long as they are willing to take on the challenge. It is fantastic to do with the whole family as you are working together through the hike and encouraging each other when difficult times occur.

 It is also an opportunity to do something together and create memories. During hikes, it allows you to be switched off from modern life and can give you the chance to talk and learn about each other along with bonding more. 

4.  Minimal equipment.

With hiking, you don't really need much equipment as long as you know ow the route you are taking and have some decent footwear you are ready to go and explore the countryside with your family. 

Do you like hiking with the family? Have I missed out on any benefits of hiking together with the family? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

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Monday, 17 May 2021

Problems only bigger boobed women will understand

Hey readers,

I have a confession to make I hate my breasts because I am a bigger breast woman and the right pain in the back and not the fact that buying bras is a breast ache and having to get a bloody loan out to pain for them.

Problems only bigger boobed women will understand
Here are my reasons why big boobs suck!

1. They give you a backache and that kills, especially when you have to carry a child to bed in the evenings.

2. They are harder to finder and then become more expensive.

3.  No way would I suit a bralette, which is a shame as they are so God damn pretty.

4. I can't run As the boobies bounce everywhere so I may as well kiss goodbye if I want to run after that bus and accept that I am going to be late ;)

5. The prospect of going bra shopping sends you into a sweat and there is nothing worse than trying to find a size that actually fits you in a 'normal' shop.

 6. You dream of having the funds for breast reduction.

7. The pain of a button shirt and constantly having a gap there. You can't go out in public because you are scared your pop open.

7. What do my toes look like?!

8. You thought it was bad enough until you get pregnant and then they grow some.

9. In the summer you have under breast!

10. I hate having to wear a swimsuit because it never fits right and has a major fear of my boobies pop out in the swimming baths.

11. Can never wear anything backless.

12. Can't wear low tops without looking like a bag of s**t.

13. Never sleep on my stomach, I would never get any rest but pain.

14. I can never wear long necklaces because they make me feel self-conscious and worry they may go right in my cleavage.

Are you a bigger boobed woman? Can you relate to my points above? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X
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Sunday, 16 May 2021

My Sunday Photo 16/05/2021


My Sunday Photo 16/05/2021

My Sunday Photo 16/05/2021

My eldest did his first session of canning with his cub group this week and absolutely loved it :) 

Darren Coleshill

Friday, 14 May 2021

11 changes on Monday that families can enjoy!

 Hey readers,

It is lovely to see things slowly reopen and with more restrictions relaxed from Monday (17th May) there so many good things to look forward to for the family.

11 changes on Monday that families can enjoy!

1. Eat indoors.

The good news is you can on Monday eat indoors which is a relief with this awful weather we are experiencing. You can enjoy a meal in the warm...bliss. However, you will have to remain at your table as it is only table service allowed albeit you are allowed to go to the bathroom. 

2. Soft play areas,

Finally, the good news of parents with young children have all been waited for is that soft play areas are opening which is great for doing something different than just going to the park. You will have to book in advance and adults have to wear a mask. 

3. Cinemas. 

If you like watching films on the big screen the good news is cinemas are being reopened. You do have to wear a fash mask whilst watching a film unless you are eating or drinking. 

4. Indoor entertainment.

Places like theatres, indoor aquariums, bowling alleys, ice rings, model villages, and amusement centers will all open on Monday meaning more things to look forward to doing with the family.  

5. Hugging is allowed.

If you have missed hugging a friend or family member then this news is for you as from Monday you get some physical contact and give hugs again. 

6. Sleepovers. 

Sleepovers can happen now and if you want your child to stay over at your grandparents it is now doable. Also, your child can have friends over for a sleepover. 

7. Gatherings of up to 30 people. 

You can meet friends and family at the park, gardens, or other outdoor locations and the limit of people is 30. You can have a family party or go on a day out as a family of four and go with other groups that make up 30 people. 

8. Indoor play dates.

What this means is that you can gather inside someone else's home with a limit of 6 people or groups of people from a maximum of 2 households. 

This means you can have your child's friend visit or have a meal with the family in your own home with knowing that it doesn't matter if it is pouring down with rain but know that your safety as you in the dry with no worries. 

9. Kids parties.

As mentioned before with the rule of gatherings of 30 people, this too can apply to children's parties. So you can have that party outdoors or have people over to the maximum of 6 people to celebrate at home. 

10. School masks.

If you have a secondary school child on Monday they do not need to wear a mask in the classroom or communal areas as they are ditched. 

11. Holidays.

Indoor hospitality will reopen on Monday which means you can take your family on holiday if you so wish. You can book hotels, cottages, self-catering, caravan or lodge on Monday can be done. 

Holiday abroad is also allowed on Monday though it will have to be on the green list. These countries include:

- Portugal. 

- Israel.

- Singapore.


- New Zealand.

- Brunei.

- Iceland.

- Gibraltar. 

- Falkland Islands.

- Faroe Islands. 

- |South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

- St Helena, Tristan de Cunha, Ascension Island. 

Although these countries above have been approved some countries still have their borders closed so make sure you research before booking a place. 

What are you looking forward to on Monday that is being opening up? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X


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