Monday, 2 December 2019

The A to Z of Christmas

Hey readers,

Not sure if you are aware that it is the month December which can only mean one thing..... Christmas! Get ready as I give you the A to Z of Christmas, Ho Ho Ho.

A - Christmas would not be Christmas without an artificial tree to set of the living room decor nicely and place them Christmas presents under.

B - The bells, the bells yep them lovely shiny gold and chiming away in the classic Christmas hit of Wizard's 'I wish it could be Christmas every day'. Though personally not sure I would want that as it would be a hell of a chore to do every day.

C- Well as December is the Christmas month that means it is socially acceptable to have chocolate EVERY day and shock horror you can even have it after breakfast, whoop! No guilt is needed, it is all about getting in the spirit of Christmas ok people!

D - Decorations are one of the main features at Christmas time. Some people like tradition plain baubles or glittery baubles but not me, I have a cow, ice-cream and a pink fluffy silhouette. I personally, got more interested in tacky and non-related Christmas decorations when I learnt how much my husband hated them, lol you have to get your sh*ts and giggles somewhere.

E - Christmas is all about exchanging them gifts, who doesn't like a Lynx gift set or a pair of socks, this is the dream right there.

F - In the UK it is freezing during December, so remember to wrap up warm.

G - Christmas is all about making memories and having a good time. But you need to have at least one argument because you know it is bloody Christmas and it is stressful.

H - The ultimate beverage is no other than the hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows - now your talking!

I - Irrational fear about where you left the Christmas presents that were saved from the January sales. Arghh, they are hidden so well you have forgotten where you have left them, PANIC!

J - Everyone has to be jolly and plaster that fake smile because it is all about having a good time ;)

K - Kris Kringle the main geezer of this big event, every single year.

L - If you do have an argument you can sit in the room having a sulk and staring at the twinkly lights.

M - Moody me? No only when my husband decides to lie back and snore and I can't watch The Royal Family (not the real one but the comedy).

N - Nob my favourite word to mouth at my husband when he is stressing me out and we need to sort out dinner.

O - Organised because that is how I like my life.

P - Panic when you forgot the goose fat, these things matter at Christmas.

Q - queues everywhere, heating whacked up in the shops. I think I might be sick with this overload of chaos. Christmas is the air when you enter a shop so be warned because everyone is on the same mission.

R - Rejoice it is 8 pm on Christmas day and now we can sit back and check out the sales.

S - Must remember to stock them stockings.

T - Trimmings are crucial in the Chrismas dinner game.

U - Unwrap and leave your mummy to move around like a ninja with the black bin bag.

V - Visit from Aunt Sue who sits there and moans.

W - Wintery because it is freezing.

X - Is for Xmas in case you might have forgotten.

Y - I blinking love a chocolate yule log just for your information.

Z - ZZZ because this Christmas business is knackering init.

Cheers for reading X


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