Wednesday, 6 November 2019

29 Christmas traditions to do this year with your children.

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Christmas time can be costly so you have come to the right place to find activities to do with the family on the cheap. I have made a list of 27 fun-filled activities to do with you and your family this Christmas.

1. Decorate some festive biscuits. 

2. Go for a Christmas walk and blow some cobwebs off on Christmas day.

3. Go out one evening and seeing the Christmas lights in your neighborhood.

4. Host a movie night showing some Christmas films.

5. Have a yummy hot chocolate.

6. Send a letter to Santa to tell him why you should be on the good list this year.

7. Visit Santa and tell him how you have been good this year.

8. Attending a Christmas light switch on in your local town/city.

9. Make your own Christmas cards for family and friends. 

10. Go on a Christmas themed scavenger hunt, there plenty of free templates you can print off online. 

11. Put red die in a bath to have a Christmassy bath.

12. Check out a Christmas tree festival local to you. 

13. Check out the reindeer deer camera on youtube to see how Santas reindeers are doing. It is also a live stream and is live continuous. Check the link out below. 

14. Make some homemade Christmas cards.

15. Paint some pine cones. 

16. Make a gingerbread house.

17. Check out the sky on Christmas Eve and spot the National Space Station AKASanta. You can check out the times when the spaceship travels above near you here.

18. Having a chocolate advent calendar to count during December.

 19. Count down the days till Christmas Eve. 

20. Decorate the Christmas tree together as a family whilst listening to Christmas songs. 

21. On Christmas Eve have a bath and watch the premiere of the Christmas special movie on channel 4.

22. Make paper snowflake garlands.

23. Read a Christmas book. 

24. Get some Christmas books out from the library.

25. Play a Christmas music playlist free on Youtube. 

26. Opening a letter from Santa. 

27. Leaving food out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

28. Flour or ice sugar Santa footprints. 

What Christmas traditions do you like to do during the festive period? I love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

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