Wednesday 31 March 2021

The best Easter Instagram captions!

 Hey readers,

Who else is egg-cited for Easter? well, I have a treat for you with 
 easter captions perfect for your Instagram posts check them out below. 

The best Easter Instagram captions!

Cute Easter Captions.

🐰 "Have a hoppy Easter!"

 πŸ°"Don't worry, be hoppy."

🐰"Filling my Easter basket with joy and lots of chocolate."

🐰"The best Easter is one spent with your Peeps."

🐰"You're a good egg."

🐰"Bunny kisses and Easter wishes."

🐰"Living life in full bloom."

🐰"Spring has officially sprung!"

🐰"Spending today with some-bunny special."

🐰"Today was egg-stra special."

🐰"Have an egg-cellent Easter!"

🐰"Some-bunny loves you!"

🐰"Why did the Easter egg hide? He was a little chicken."

🐰"Wishing everyone an egg-stra special Easter!"

🐰"Spending Easter with the cutest chicks I know."

🐰"There is nothing better than a friend unless it's a friend with chocolate."

🐰"Cute chick."

🐰"Without you, I'd go off the Peep end."

🐰"Easter always puts a little spring in my step."

🐰"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." —Audrey Hepburn.
🐰"The promise of spring's arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter." — Jen Selinsky.

Clever easter captions. 

🐰Not decorating eggs today? Yolk's on you.

🐰(Cad)bury me in chocolate.

🐰Way too egg-cited about this holiday.

🐰Don't worry, be hoppy.

🐰I'm having a good hare day.

🐰Did you hear the joke about the egg? It's not all it's cracked up to be.

🐰How do I like my eggs? Cadbury.

🐰Quite literally putting all my eggs in one basket.

🐰Without you, I'd go off the Peep end.

🐰Who else is egg-cited for Easter?

🐰That’s all for Easter Sunday, yolks.

Easter captions using emoji.

🐰: Cheers to 🍫, πŸ’, πŸ₯š, and 🐰!

🐰: Every🐰 loves some🐰 on Easter.

🐰:πŸ₯πŸ₯dig me.

🐰 Some 🐰loves you!

🐰:🍫+ 🍷= my kind of celebration.

🐰:The Easter 🐰has arrived!

🐰:πŸ™ for 🍫

🐰:Here's to ☀️and 🍷!

🐰: On Easter, we eat 🍭🍫for breakfast.

🐰: I love my 🐣!

When your heart is full. 

🐰All my favourite holidays revolve around chocolate.

🐰 *Ears* hoping you have a happy Easter!

🐰I’ve been a good egg this year.

🐰Cheesin’ because I finally have some spring in my step.

🐰Full bloom.

🐰Wishing you all a hoppy Easter.

🐰Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.

🐰So glad I could finally come out of hibernation.

🐰Nobunny loves you like I do.

🐰 Spring is all about new beginnings.

🐰Hip hop hooray!

🐰Happy to let spring do its thing.

If you’re hanging with your crew.

🐰Just a couple of chicks.

🐰Happy Easter from me and my Peeps.

🐰I’m a chick magnet.

🐰Eggheads gotta stick together.

🐰Without you, I’d go off the Peep end.

🐰Cheers to wishing we all learn how to turn water into wine.

🐰There’s nothing better than friends unless those friends have chocolate.

🐰Thank goodness we’re all having good hare days.

🐰April showers aren’t so bad with buds like these by my side.

🐰The cutest chicks I know.

🐰So eggcited to see them, it hurts.

I hope you have a Hoppy Easter!

Cheers for reading X

    Monday 29 March 2021

    Why I don't support light it blue for autism

    Hey readers,

    The 2nd of April is a day dedicated to Autism Awareness Day. Autism Speaks raised awareness for lightening buildings, landmarks or homes on the colour blue for Autism. I won't be supporting this campaign as I object to it.

    Why I don't support light it blue for autism

    Firstly, it is the colour blue. No problem with colour but what I do have a problem with is Autism Speaks admits that they chose blue because boys are diagnosed more than girls. 

    To me this is sexist, it is almost as if to say that if you are a girl with Autism your condition is not as important. I may add that I am female and autistic and I know first hand the battle we female autistic individuals have to deal with!

    Why blue? I mean it feels like it is targeting one type of person. We all know that is not the case with the condition. It is a spectrum and no one person is alike.  I like the idea of the association with autism with a spectrum of colour. 

    It celebrates the diversities in the condition.
    That leads me to my next point is Autism Speaks attitude is if people don't donate money to the organisation they won't be saved and then that will lead to being left hopeless and useless.

     Well, I sure as hell don't feel like that and I don't give money to Autism Speaks. I am not perfect and have my faults but I don't think I result in anything. I don't believe any human is nothing, I am a strong believer that it is good and bad in everyone.

    Here's the thing with psychological research if you have the funding then you have more power of influence. It is more likely swung towards quantitative (numbers, questionnaires, tests) as a pose to qualitative (which is about people taking more about personal experiences and longitudinal studies which observed over a long period of time in the individual's natural environment). It is well known that qualitative wins the day most of the time. This is because it is cheaper, quicker and measurable. 

    Compared to qualitative which takes a long time but hears the voice of the person. Therefore you can manipulate numbers and that has an impact on the power of research. Then trickles down to treatment and assessment. If it is based on certain criteria and that cuts of other certain behaviours that are less typical and more found in females due to the response from their background. 

    This is going to sway what we perceive as Autism and therefore will only see the popular characteristics. This is not to say sex is separate it is to do with the way that gender is segregated and wrongly taught from an early age. Male aspies are more computer/geek but this could be argued that it is not down to their own natural personality more of a choice/opportunity.

     What the parents buy for them or what they see in their childhood through experiences can have a direct response to want impact s their behaviour. We all want to fit in and be accepted. Our parents most of the time try to adapt to the messages.  Not because they are being mean it is what their education or financial implications have on the behaviour. 

    As a parent, you try and do your best for your child. With the times and what is deemed as socially acceptable, that will influence decision making and performance. I.e. It was acceptable in the 70s to hit a child. Whereas now the vogue thing to do is use positive parenting where the focus is listening to the child and allowing them to be a person with a voice. The chances are if you were hit you became more sneaky and lie better to your parents. 

    You were less like to be heard and lore forced. Whereas the modern way the child may be more open and talk about issues. You can already see how behaviour can change due to standards and teaching. Hence why money is powerful and can easily sway judgement. 

    It just reiterates the ideas of certain criteria to fit Autism. Is ticking the correct boxes and not seeing the contextual identity within making the assessment for the individual. If you are put in a room with a stranger how can you possibly see the real you? There are many factors that influence behaviour.

    I'm not denying that Autism comes in all different manners. But I get the sense that Autism Speaks is narrow-minded. They have money to do the research. They also send out a strong message that Autism can be curable that somehow it is a disease that can be removed or treated. Somehow it will go away with treatment and be cured. Not denying that therapy can help and change responses. 

    But it doesn't get rid of. It just provides coping mechanisms to follow. The downside to Autism is we are flexible and we can have a set formula but if a change is made or too many stressors that is where the problem lies.

    What we need to do is not think of Autism as a problem that needs to be fixed. Rather there Autism has differences that need to be understood.

    Just look at the logo for Autism Speaks. It has a piece that is separated from a jigsaw. It says you are a problem to a parent or a caregiver and that problem needs to be fixed.

    I think we need to understand the condition and accept the person for who they are.

    Cheers for reading X

    Sunday 28 March 2021

    My Sunday Photo 28/03/2021

    Friday 26 March 2021

    tips on dealing with impulsive buying

    Hey readers,

    I think now and again we have all acted on impulse. It may be the odd item that is impulsive but a lot of people impulsive buying turns into a regular occurrence. 

    So, it might be a good idea t put in strategies to stop yourself from having a desire to spend impulsively so regularly. Here are my top tips below. 

    tips on dealing with impulsive buying

    1. No spend days.

    I do this twice a week and it is really great to train yourself to have a time where you don't spend money. 

    It is like a reset button and helps make you think before you spend. It also gives back control of your situation and makes you appreciate the things that you already have around you.

    2. Newsletters.

    Unsubscribe to company newsletters this stops the urge especially when the company try to entice you in with some sort of sale. Out of sight, out of mind is key and if you don't think about it then do you really need that item in your life?

    3. Shopping list.

    It helps to plan ahead and one way of doing this would be to have a shopping list beforehand of all the things you need. 

    It is important to stick to this method and not deviant away from what you plan to buy. This helps keep you in check with your finances.

     Having a shopping list gives you back control which will inturn in the long run give you confidence that you are keeping your finances in check. 

    4. Ask questions. 

    If you are seeing something in a shop and feel the desire to buy right here, right now then a good way to decide is to ask yourself, do I really need this? will I use it? can I  afford it? 

    Giving yourself that time to think about it instead of instantly caving and buying can help stop you in your tracks and again gives you back control as your not acting but deciding on what to do first.

    5. Plan your purchase. 

    If there is something that you desperately want then plan your purchase.  So for example, if you need to get someone a birthday present plan beforehand, set an amount you want to spend, what you are going to buy and find the best present by researching around.

     This way you are in control and you can save money buying finding the best price before going shopping. 

    6. Goals.

    If you want to save up for something (e.g. earphones) then it might be a good idea to set up a fund to save up each week with a set amount. Yet again it reinforces the sense of control but also gives you delayed gratification, which personally I think s better than impulsive gratification. 

    Having delayed gratification means you can enjoy for example the earphones when you have saved enough money. You have waited and known that if you put the effort into saving you will be rewarded. Therefore there is more pleasure as you have worked hard to save for the wanted item. 

    What do you think about impulsive buying? Have I missed a tip out on my list that you think is a good way of controlling impulsive buying? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X

    Wednesday 24 March 2021

    Love for daylight hours

    Hey readers,

    Have you remembered to forward your clocks? Isn’t it wonderful to get lighter evenings now and I am happy about this change, let me tell you why?

    I suppose the first obvious reason why daylight saving time is good because it is lighter evenings and lovely to see the beautiful sunsets you get during the summertime.

    Love for daylight hours

    It is lovely to have more motivation as there is more light, which means getting more things doing.

    Having more time to see things in the evening if I am out and about.

    I really enjoy the calm of the lighter evenings, especially if it is dry and you can go for a lovely evening stroll.

    Better change (if dry) to eat Alfresco, especially if it is a picnic at the park, makes my boys in particular super happy.

    For a parent, the dream of having a quicker time to get the washing dry, meaning more loads completed in a smaller time is the dream!

    That being said you don’t need to live in your home if you have some open space, a lot more quitter for us parents and the boys to play together outside without getting under your feet. Which is always an added bonus ;)

    I find that if my boys are out playing in the fresh air later in the evening they sleep better during the night-time.

    You feel happier when it is lighter and less likely to want to stay on watch TV, maybe because you are more energetic.

    Have more desire to get out of the house and less sluggish.

    During light times the golden hour is a beautiful time to take attractive photos.

    With the lighter mornings, you’re more motivated to get up and not need as much sleep during the lighter months.

    What things do you like about Daylight Saving Time? Love to hear your comments in the comment section down below.

    Cheers for reading X

    Monday 22 March 2021

    Stuffed potato skin recipe

     Hey readers,

    Looking for a recipe that is comforting but also popular with everyone in the family? Then you need to check out these stuffed potato skin recipe. It doesn't cost the world and they taste so delicious. 

    Did I not mention that is easy to knock up perfect if you are wanting something quick and easy for a meal in the week. 

    Stuffed potato skin recipe

    What you will need.

    * 4 baking potatoes.
    * 4 Bacon strips.  
    * A dollop of Sour cream on each potato.
    * 20g of chopped chives.
    * 100g of grated cheddar cheese. 
    * 1 tbsp olive oil. 
    * clove of garlic. 
    * 1 tbsp butter.


    1. Preheat the oven to 220°C, fan 200°C. 

    2. Prick the potatoes and cook them in the oven for an hour.

    3. Take the potatoes out of the oven and leave them on the side to cool down for five minutes.

    4. Then cut the potatoes in half, scoop out the middle section leaving the skins empty. Put the potatoes in a bowl and leave to the side.

    5. You can put the skins back into the oven to keep warm. 

    6. Next you will be concentrating on making the stuffing. 

    7. Get a pan put some olive oil into the pan. cut up some garlic and add the bacon. When that is cooked mix into the potato mixture, add the cheese, chives and butter. Mash it all together so that it is blended in well.

    8. Then take the skins out of the oven and scoop the mash into the skins and mould it to fit.

    9. Put back in the oven for 15 minutes. 

    10. Take out of the oven and add a dollop of sour cream and sprinkle of chives on top.

    11. The stuffed potatoes are ready to be served.

    Cheers for reading X

    Sunday 21 March 2021

    My Sunday photo 21/03/2021

    Friday 19 March 2021

    Spring I blooming love you

    Hey readers,

    Tomorrow (20/03/2021) marks the first day of Spring Equinox so here is a list of things I love about Spring.
    Spring I blooming love you

    This is the time when flowers start to bloom and blossom can be found everywhere.

    Sadly, the blossom is short-lived but is beautiful seeing blossom like confetti blowing in the air.

    What is lovely about spring is more colour dotted about and the sense of lightness that it brings through flowers, pastel colours in fashion to lighter meals that we eat.

    Lighter evenings gives a sense of calm and wanting to stay out later. If the weather is good it is pleasurable to eat Alfresco.

    Spring brings a mixed bag of weather but a lot of the time we are blessed with warmer. Therefore, meaning higher chances of being outside, making it a lot easier to look after children compared to being stuck indoors.

    Something magical to do during the springtime is going to the woods and see the area covered in bluebells, so picturesque.

    Spring marks the start of new life and it is lovely to see the new baby animals slowly emerging in the wildlife. You don't have to go far to find baby animals, I have to find the coots already making nests locally to me.

    As wildlife slowly migrates back in England you get more of an opportunity to hear the birds calling and singing that takes place during the mating season.

    One of the best things about the warmer weather is not having to wear heavy clothes making it more comfortable not to be so covered up.

     Plus, as the warmer weather occurs during spring we can finally get to wear sandals. I just love the sensation of fresh air brushing against my toes.

    What are your thoughts on Spring? Love to see your comments in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X

    Wednesday 17 March 2021

    7 most useful websites

    Hey readers,

    The internet is a vessel of information from trivial to serious. I thought I would share n this post some really useful websites that are really helpful for me and they are of some help to you. 

    7 most useful websites

    1. Pixabay.

    Now as a blogger I use Pixabay a lot to source royalty-free images that can incorporate into my blog posts. 

    It is great they are free and there is a ton of images ranging from all sorts of pictures such as nature, people to buildings you name it probably find a picture at Pixabay.  

    Also, you don't have to worry about crediting as anyone can use them in any setting and gives you confidence that you are doing legal and in the correct way.

    2. Is it 

    You know sometimes when you visit a site and it is not working is it your internet or is someone else have the same problem. Well on Is it lets you check a website address to see if any issues have been reported by anyone else.

     The website also does a check to see if it is working and how long does it take to load a page performed on their survey, not your machine. 

    4. CopyChar.

    If you like me have a chrome book and don't have the options of emoticons or some icons such as a pound coin sign check out

    It is a simple website but does a fantastic job that displays a variety of icons that you can copy and paste on a device that doesn't the available icons. 

    5. Adblockerplus.

    Fed up with ads on youtube videos or websites then adblocker plus is a brilliant option to block out adverts. Adblockplus is an extension to add to your machine and blocks any ads. 

    You won't regret this one as it has made my life so much better getting rid of the ads when clicking on a site.

    6. Canva.

    Canva is a free graphic design tool website (though the option of professional with a fee). You can create many designs from youtube thumbnails, pin designs even Instagram posts. 

    There are many free items you can use to create visual delights for you to use. There are thoughts of pictures, fonts, and colour schemes. 

    If you struggle there is plenty of templates to get you inspired and can be used for your own purpose. 

    7. Documentary Heaven. 

    Love a documentary? Documentary Heaven is a place you should start as it holds a catalogue of free documentaries in one place for you to explore. 

    There are so many documentaries for you to watch free online from history to political the choice is yours. 

    What do you think about my list of useful websites? Have a missed any good ones that you deem useful?

     Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X

    Tuesday 16 March 2021

    Observations from having two children 

    Hey readers,
    I am lucky enough to be blessed with two boys. I remember in the earlier days of having my second child how completely different my world turned, compared to just having one bundle of joy.

    Firstly, when having two children you need to have skills in multi-tasking and making sure each child has their own needs met. For example, when it comes to playing having suitable aged toys available to them. 

    An example of this would be a playmat for the baby but for the toddler more advanced toys such as stacking blocks.
    Online shopping or having the opportunity to take one child out is a blessing. 
    I found it so hard trying to navigate a child and a pushchair. I am really lucky enough to get my hubby to look after one child whilst I went shopping with the other child.

     This situation really good for me right now as my eldest needs a lot of one-to-one attention when it comes to practicing writing. Therefore, I don't feel as guilty. But I am slowly learning for everyone's sanity is it is ok to ask for help.

    Make sure if you have two children of close age to make sure that whenever you chose something for them make sure that the item is exactly the same. 

    Even if it is the same colour beaker, trust me the arguments over silly minor things like having a different colour cup are shocking. It keeps things calm and it protects your hearing from all the squabbling, win-win!

    If you have electronic devices make sure there are two. I will one day persuade hubby to get another tablet because really it gives us all peace. Currently, I dread when one child asks can they have the tablet, it is a nightmare. Sod the art of learning when it comes to technology, I opt for peace if I could. Until that day I am very much miffed at hubby, πŸ˜‰.

    A good thing about having two children is that the second time around you kinda know generally what to expect. I felt more relaxed and confident as a parent with things like potty training and weaning.

    Having a second child close in age is fantastic as my boys have such a strong bond and have a play partner. Not saying that they always get on as Pickering often happens but I know they care and love one another. I don't think you can ask for much more than that as a parent of two children.

    Cheers for reading X

    Monday 15 March 2021

    How to get rid of a headache

    Hey readers,

    I suffer headaches a lot since being an adult and they are a royal pain in the bum. Now you can simply pop a pill to help ease the pain in your head. 

    Sometimes pain relief doesn't always work so you might want to try an alternative treatment. 

    Below I have some other suggestion that may be of use if you are suffering from a headache. 

    How to get rid of a headache

    1.  Turn down the lights. 

    It can be of help to turn down the lights as this may be a trigger due to sensitivity to light. Of course, nothing beats lying in a dark room when you have a throbbing headache.

    2. Cold compress.

    Applying a cold compress where the pain is in your head can be a great relief. The idea that using a cold compress has a numbing effect that may dull the sensation of the pain. 

    A cold compress can be as simple as putting some ice cubes in a tea towel on to the pain, a bag of frozen peas or even a cold shower.

     It is recommended to use the cold compress for 15 minutes and then have a break for 15 minutes. 

    3. Get some caffeine. 

    This is a strange one as some people benefit from using caffeine to help with the headache and others not. But it is worth a try to see if it helps you.

     With a headache blood vessels swell and tighten which results in an increase in blood flow. The blood flow puts pressure on the surrounding nerves which then, in turn, sends pain messages to the brain which then results in a headache.

     This is where caffeine comes into play with help in relieving a headache because Caffeine has vasoconstrictive properties.

     This basically means that blood vessels narrow to restrict blood flow, thereby alleviating the pain.

    4. Hot bath or shower.

    Have a hot bath or shower can help relax your tensed muscles which helps a lot with a tension headache.

    5. Hydration. 

    Being hydrated can contribute to a headache. It can be easily resolved with a glass of water to keep hydrated and think more clearly.

     Above I mentioned that some people have a positive effect on caffeine however some people having caffeine drinks such as coffee and fizzy pop can trigger a headache. So, if that is you it might be a good idea to reduce caffeinated drinks. 

    6. Essential oils. 

    The smell is a powerful tool to help with the pain. essential oils are extracts from plants to form a base of oil. 

    Essential oils have properties attached to them such as peppermint oil as it has calming properties that can help ease the headache and help relax the muscles and help reduce the pain.

     You can use a few drops on a burner or in a bath and a diffuser are good ways to get peppermint oil in your environment. 

    7. Sleep.

    Having a nap can be worthwhile to help ease the headache as it gives your body time to relax and heal from the pain. 

    Do you experience headaches? If so what methods have helped relief your headache? 

    Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X


    Sunday 14 March 2021

    My Sunday Photo 14/03/2021

    Friday 12 March 2021

    6 reasons why dark chocolate is good for you

    Hey readers,

    It is often thought that chocolate is bad for you but actually chocolate can be good for you. However, when I refer to chocolate is it is dark chocolate that reaps the rewards. 

    This has to be the best news for any chocolate lover out there.  There has been many a study that confirms that having 25 grams of dark chocolate a day has positive effects on your health. Here are 6 reasons why dark chocolate is good for you.

    6 reasons why dark chocolate is good for you

    1. Mood enhancer.

    Chocolate has been found to help lift your mood especially when you are dealing with a lot of stress.

     Obviously dark chocolate in moderate proportions however it is found chocolate can help increase the feel-good hormones endorphins and serotonin levels in the brain. 

    2.  Skin.

    Dark chocolate is good for your skin, in particular, being a natural moisturiser. Chocolate contains cocoa beans which are full of fatty acids which really good for nurturing your skin. 

    The benefits are that it leaves your skin feeling pampered and soft. You can buy products such as a chocolate bar which is perfect to help deal with colder conditions that affect your hands drying out. 

    3. Stroke/heart attack. 

    Studies have shown that eating dark chocolate every day for 10 years can lower the risk of having a heart attack or stroke in patients that are classed as high-risk patients. 

    Dark chocolate contains flavonoids which known to have antihypertensive and anti-inflammatory effects, which relieve pressures on the heart (British Medical Journal, 2013).

    4. Blood flow to the brain.

    Compounds in dark chocolate have been linked to boosting memory attention, reaction time and problem-solving by boosting the blood flow to the brain. Chocolate contains caffeine which helps a lot with improving your performance levels. 

    5. Blood pressure.

    If you eat dark chocolate every day you could lower your blood pressure this is particularly helpful for people who have hypertension in just one month. Chocolate is rich in powerful antioxidant flavanols.

    What do you think about chocolate? have you thought it has helped your health? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X 

    Wednesday 10 March 2021

    Why money cant buy you happiness.

    Hey readers,

    A lot of people assume that to be happy you need money. Yes to some extent you need to survive but money isn't everything there many other factors that influence your happiness. Below I have outlined why money can't buy you happiness.  

    Why money cant buy you happiness.

    1. Free activities. 

    Money can't buy some things such as cleaning or going on a walk can bring joy and that doesn't need to be brought to get the feeling of happiness. 

    2. Memories.

    spending time with someone or people can create happy memories and that doesn't have to be money-based. It could be simply watching the tv playing a game but something funny happens and can bring you joy.  The memories are what can bring happiness and that is based on time spent with people. 

    3. Internal happiness.

    True happiness comes from inside, it is that realisation that we have and can't buy that. It is contentment based on feelings and the way you feel about your self. Sure you can buy yourself something to get that buzz of happiness but that is short term. Happiness from within is long-lasting and can impact how you feel in the long term. 

    4. Geniune relationships.

     You can't buy relationships that are genuine and real. There will be a time when you know who your real friends are and to have that special gift is priceless. You cant buy that authentic friendship, it is real and can give you so much happiness just to know someone has your back is so much better than having millions in the back in my opinion. 

    5. Attitude.

    I think attitude is a big player in bringing you happiness. The way you view your situation and being grateful for what you do have can really impact your happiness levels. I always remember my nanny saying to me when I was young that there are always people better off than you and there are other people that have less then what you have. 

    I think it is important to not hold on to this idea that money can buy you happiness. sure money has a place such as proving food or a roof over your head but realising that there is a point that happiness comes within. 

    It is important to not compare yourself to others, you on your own journey and even if you don't have the fancied things that jo blogs have got that is ok because there are things to be grateful for. Taking time to appreciate what you do have is key in helping you find happiness within. 

    What are your views on happiness? love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X

    Monday 8 March 2021

    Constructive ways to manage parental burnout

    Hey readers,

    This week I have been really burnout and depressed. I feel alone and somewhat embarrassed even scared to talk to my partner about worries I constantly have failure at being a mother.

     It does not help that I am being judged by external services with being autistic that over time paranoia and anxiety have built up causing it to interference with my day to day life.

    I will be honest it scares me to be open about this but one thing that I found helpful was reading other people's accounts and getting that sense of solidarity.

    Constructive ways to manage parental burnout

     I have got social anxiety therefore naturally inclined to worry a lot about people's judgements and fear of failure in front of others. It does not help that we live in a society where mental illness is frowned upon. I've experienced it myself which makes you even more scared and you get caught in a trap. 

    So all the blogs and information out there on the internet I am so glad that people are brave to talk about mental health issues.

    Anyhow, I am concentrating on ways to help me and thought I would share some of the tools that have helped ease the pressure and reduce the risk. Not saying that it will cure but it might help reduce the 'burnout' that you're experiencing.
      1. Get in the mode of being good enough, setting a lower benchmark makes you feel more relaxed, less pressured and from my own personal experience, you then get to enjoy the experience rather than worry and get in a state about meeting this unrealistic ideal.
      2. Perfectionism is something I struggle with especially in terms of my image of parents. It is about being realistic and knowing what is achievable. Also learning about moderation and not going from one extreme to the next but being aware that it is OK for instance if the telly is on. Plus the telly has actually helped with my son's speech development and made improvements.
      3. Learn to relax is one of the hardest things to do. I am one of those catastrophic thinkers and find anything to get anxious about. I have found that not reading newspapers, articles or the news relating to childhood. I found it hard as it is not black and white and so many variables that influence behaviour. That does not me from focusing on just one element rather than looking at the whole situation. It has resulted in me getting obsessive to an unnatural amount. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and if I am that worried I speak to the health visitor. I have found to focus my time on reading books or trashy magazines, colouring to grow up adult books (cause I'm cool) and focus on walking. All these distraction techniques have helped me relax and not be so obsessive ability my parental anxieties. It is good to have something other than parent-related activities in your life as it gives you a chance to think about others and reduce stress.
      4. Identify the positives as it just makes you feel good. It is so important to make sure you are aware of the good in life. It can be hard to do as you can get caught up in the spiral of negative thinking. I have brought a line a day diary that is kept next to my bed so that I can write something positive. Even if it is just one word that is a starting point.
      5. Know you're not alone, parenting can be very isolating especially with mental health issues. Just reading blogs or looking on specific websites knowing you're not alone and other people have experienced what you have gone through.
      6. Make time for you even if it is just 10 minutes a day, it will do you the world of good as you are doing something for yourself and not anyone We all need a break from time to time.

    Thanks for reading X

    Sunday 7 March 2021

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    Friday 5 March 2021

    st Patrick's day instagram captions that will bring you all the luck!

    Hey readers,

    If you don't know on the 17th March is St Patrick's Day. 

    This means that historically it is a day to observes the death of StPatrick, the patron saint of Ireland. 

    The holiday has evolved into a celebration of Irish culture with parades, special foods, music, dancing, drinking and a whole lot of green. 

    St Patrick's day normally is a very popular get-together but of course, due to pandemic, it is more of an opportunity to showcase celebrations at home. 

    Below is some St Patrick's Day Instagram quotes to help capture the vibe that you want to display on Instagram. There is a wide range so plenty to get lucky with. 

    st patrick day instagram captions that will bring you all the luck!
    Cute captions.

     πŸ€  Irish kisses and shamrock wishes.

    πŸ€  Feeling a little green.

    πŸ€  Green beer & St. Paddy's cheer!

    πŸ€ Lucky, blessed and all the rest.

    πŸ€  I'm not Irish, but kiss me anyway.

    πŸ€ Found my lucky charm!

    πŸ€ May not have found the pot of gold, but I still got lucky.

    πŸ€  Cutest clover in the patch.

    πŸ€  You don't need luck when you have friends like these.

    πŸ€  Making wishes on every four-leaf clover I find.

    πŸ€  If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough.

    πŸ€  You're my four-leaf clover.

    πŸ€  Who needs luck? I have charm.

    πŸ€  Lucky in love is lucky enough.

    πŸ€  A best friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.

    πŸ€  Wishing you a pot o' gold and all the joy your heart can hold.

    Funny captions. 

    πŸ€  The leprechauns made me do it.

    πŸ€  I'm not Irish, but my coffee is.

    πŸ€  The paddy don't start 'til I walk in.

    πŸ€  This is the only green shirt I have.

    πŸ€  Don't worry, beer happy.

    πŸ€  I pinch back.

    πŸ€  We will, we will (sham) rock you!

    πŸ€  What a brew-tiful day!

    πŸ€  I'm not Irish, but kiss me anyway.

    πŸ€ Shamrockin' and rollin'.

    πŸ€  Forget luck, give me beer.

    πŸ€  Magically delicious!

    πŸ€  Take a pitcher it'll last longer.

    πŸ€  Let the green beer flow.

    πŸ€  Redheads unite!

    πŸ€  Can't pinch this.

    πŸ€  It's easy being green today.

    πŸ€  Will pinch for beer.

    πŸ€  Who needs luck when you have plenty of charm?

    πŸ€  Oh my, Guinness!

    πŸ€  Ginger hair, don't care.


    πŸ€  "May your pocked be heavy and your heart be light. And good luck pursue you each morning and night."

    πŸ€  "Why should you never iron a four-leaf clover? Because you don't want to press your luck." — Daryl Stout.

    πŸ€  "Luck is believing you're lucky." — Tennessee Williams.

    πŸ€  "May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go." — Unknown.

    πŸ€  "You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it." — Jimmy Dean.

    πŸ€  "May your troubles be less and your blessing be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door." — Unknown.

    πŸ€  "I've always thought you've got to believe in lucky to get it." — Victoria Holt.

    πŸ€  "Is it me or did I just get lucky?" — Jake Hardin, Just My Luck.

    πŸ€  "Well, I'm a leprechaun so don't be telling me about rainbows!" — Reilly O'Reilly, The Luck of The Irish.

    Happy St Patrick's Day to you.

    Cheers for reading X