Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Why money cant buy you happiness.

Hey readers,

A lot of people assume that to be happy you need money. Yes to some extent you need to survive but money isn't everything there many other factors that influence your happiness. Below I have outlined why money can't buy you happiness.  

Why money cant buy you happiness.

1. Free activities. 

Money can't buy some things such as cleaning or going on a walk can bring joy and that doesn't need to be brought to get the feeling of happiness. 

2. Memories.

spending time with someone or people can create happy memories and that doesn't have to be money-based. It could be simply watching the tv playing a game but something funny happens and can bring you joy.  The memories are what can bring happiness and that is based on time spent with people. 

3. Internal happiness.

True happiness comes from inside, it is that realisation that we have and can't buy that. It is contentment based on feelings and the way you feel about your self. Sure you can buy yourself something to get that buzz of happiness but that is short term. Happiness from within is long-lasting and can impact how you feel in the long term. 

4. Geniune relationships.

 You can't buy relationships that are genuine and real. There will be a time when you know who your real friends are and to have that special gift is priceless. You cant buy that authentic friendship, it is real and can give you so much happiness just to know someone has your back is so much better than having millions in the back in my opinion. 

5. Attitude.

I think attitude is a big player in bringing you happiness. The way you view your situation and being grateful for what you do have can really impact your happiness levels. I always remember my nanny saying to me when I was young that there are always people better off than you and there are other people that have less then what you have. 

I think it is important to not hold on to this idea that money can buy you happiness. sure money has a place such as proving food or a roof over your head but realising that there is a point that happiness comes within. 

It is important to not compare yourself to others, you on your own journey and even if you don't have the fancied things that jo blogs have got that is ok because there are things to be grateful for. Taking time to appreciate what you do have is key in helping you find happiness within. 

What are your views on happiness? love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

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  1. You're so right. Some of our favourite family memories have cost nothing. I would like to test the theory though. Life sure would be easier with a lot of money. x