Wednesday 30 January 2019

100 things that make me happy.

Hey readers, 

As someone who suffers from depression, it can be tough going and sometimes it can be hard. That is why just seeing some simple pleasures can really brighten your day up. Also, I personally can come back to this post when I am having a downer and reflect on things that make me happy. 

100 things that make me happy. 

1) The smell of fresh grass. 

2) Sunsets. 

3) Sunrises.

4) Witty puns.

5) Belly laughs.

6) Hot coffee.

7) Cracking your neck.

8) Listening to your favourite song.

9) Soaking your muscles in hot water.

10) Caccooning yourself with the quilt in bed.

11) Heated Blanket.

12) Summer evening walks.

13) Thrilling book.

14) A gentle breeze.

15) Taking an afternoon nap.

16) Lying on the grass and looking at the clouds.

17) Having a picnic.

18) Stargazing.

19) Thunderstorms.

20) Being cosy inside when the rain hits hard on the window.

21) Jumping in muddy puddles.

22) Hot shower.

23) Ice cream.

24) Watching the bubbles forming in a lava lamp.

25) Bare feet on grass.

26) Hearing the right song at the right moment.

27) Realising you have more time to sleep in the bed.

28) People watching.

29) Walking in the countryside.

30) Being at the seaside.

31) Eating fish and chips at the beach.

32) Jumping waves on the beach.

33) Smelling the sea air.

34) A good old workout.

35) Blowing bubbles with kids.

36) Hot towels straight from the drier.

37) Watching children giggle and play.

38) Sleeping in on a rainy day.

39) Being a passenger on a drive in the dark.

40) Sitting on a hill. 

41) Having a candle burn. 

42) Incense sticks burning. 

43) Taking your shoes off after a long day. 

44) The smell of freshly baked bread. 

45) Climbing into bed with fresh sheets.

46) Writing an ace blog post. 

47) Getting a compliment.

48) Turning over the pillow and laying on the cold spot. 

49) Putting your feet out of the bed.

50) Stopping and smelling a flower. 

51) Feeling the sun radiate on your face. 

52) Having a cup-a-soup. 

53) Getting fresh air. 

54) Emptying the wash basket. 

55) Pottering about.

56)Putting washing on the line.

57) Mcdonalds banana milkshake. 

58) Stroking a cat. 

59) The sound of birds singing. 

60) Stretching your back. 

61) Having all your clothes hung up nicely in the wardrobe. 

62) Taking a nap in the sun. 

63) Feeling safe. 

64) A bacon sandwich. 

65) A rollercoaster ride. 

66) Getting a ton books out from the library. 

67) Having a brain wave. 

68) Having a good old cry. 

69) Buying some daffodils. 

70) Watching daffodils open up and brighten a room. 

71) Blossoms. 

72) Autumn leaves.

73) Kicking through crunchy leaves. 

74) Stripping off a face mask. 

75) Fluffy socks. 

76) Wearing a dressing gown when it is cold.

77) Hot water bottle. 

78) Eating al fresco. 

79) Cleaning out the lint from the drier in one single swipe. 

80) Fairy lights. 

81) Twinkling Christmas lights.

82) Watching Fail Army on youtube.

83) Squishing playdoh.

84)Watching a stand-up comedian. 

85) Seeing a rainbow. 

86) Fuffy clouds. 

87) Buying a new packet of colouring pens. 

88) Buying something in the sale. 

89) Housetops covered in frost.

90) A field covered with untouched snow. 

91) Writing out a proper letter. 

92) Finding some money in your pocket.

93) Walking through a forest. 

94) Learning a new skill. 

95) Chocolate. 

96) Peeling of nail polish in a single strip. 

97) Spotting a full moon. 

98) Blow drying your hair. 

99) Not feeling guilty for saying no. 

100) Emptying your spam folder. 

What are your simple pleasures?

Cheers for reading X 

Tuesday 29 January 2019

Things not to say to an autistic person.

Hey readers,

As a person with autism, it can be frustrating at times talking to people about my condition as they have these preconceived ideas about what it must be like for me. Here is a list of things that I think don't need to be said to an autistic person like myself.

1.  You don't look autistic?

I got a feeling that a lot of autistic people have had this said to them. It is so frustrating because assume autistic people either sit and rock in a corner somewhere or are Rain Man, which I am neither extreme. Autism is a spectrum condition and it affects people differently and at different times. Not to mention that autism is constantly fluctuates depending on the circumstances and mindset of the person with autism.

2. Rain Man.

Like I said above some people assume you are Rain Man or you can excel in maths or computer studies. Yet again this is not me, I am not really good at either and enjoy fashion, ummm what about then.

3. Girls.

The amount of people who think autism affects only males is shocking. Ok, the thing is with the whole diagnosis is it is a bit outdated let's be honest. 

When we look at the criteria it is hard to see the complexities as its focus on certain characteristics and autism does not always correspond in that way. Because girls get diagnosed a lot later than the male counterparts they have to survive and that is where masking comes in, hence why they say girls are better at it, but that is one of the reasons why. 

Masking is basically mimicking the behaviour that the individual has observed someone do. The downside to this coping mechanism is that it is restrictive behaviour. The autistic person is not able to adjust if something changes because again you haven't learnt that pattern. The changes are you don't know what you are doing just basically blagging in order to try to fit in. I know because I still do it now and fail often.

4. Adults and autism.

A classic assumption is that children, once they reach adulthood magically, do not have autism anymore. People believe that the condition just vanishes overnight and the person when they reach adulthood can somehow function normally. 

However, I can assure you that this is not the case as autism still affects me and many more autistic adults. Autism is a condition that you have for the rest of your life, though you can create coping mechanisms to help manage living in a neurotypical world. 

I think this assumption is down to the fact sadly that there is little information or research was done on adulthood, yet but I feel optimistic that in the future there is more awareness about autistic adults.

5. Empathy.

People assume that a person with autism is cold and has no empathy. Yes, we do struggle with emotions and putting emotions in the wrong context etc. However, there have been times when I have been too empathetic with someone and literally felt their pain go through my body.

6. You can't have relationships. 

Yes, relationships of any variety are hard but I am married still going strong and raising two boys. It can be done with a lot of patience and understanding, it does not come easy and definitely not a smooth ride but if you work at it then it can be obtainable. 

Cheers for reading X

Sunday 27 January 2019

The A to Z of Valentines

Hey readers,

Love is in the air....well it is in the shops with all the Valentines paraphilia everywhere. So, for a little light-hearted read. I thought I would breakdown Valentines with an A to Z of everything you need to know about the love event and how I view Valentine's day, not everyone will agree, but hey ho it is all a bit of fun right.

A - admirer you say?  no change of any admiration around here just my boys waking me at God forseen hour of the day to get up and make breakfast. Let's get this day rolling. 

B - ballons apparently, red and bright and that pop in your face.

C - chocolate is not something I would put my nose up, chocolate for days, chocolate saves lives. Chocolate is love. 

D - dear you look so sexy when you fall to sleep and dribble like that it gets me so excited. Keeping it real is key to a happy and long term relationship.

E - embrace the fact that we don't bother now after 10  years, love is now when husband sprays air freshener when he has had a poo, who needs flowers and cards to waste money on.

F - fourteenth February for some, just standard day may even push the boat and hubby makes me a tea, ooo the luxury.

G - gifts are apparently a thing for Valentines, the only gifts I want is a lie in, please.

H - handsome devil yes you are.

I - I hate you, is so underrated.

J - jokes about the last one.

K - kiss not when you burp in my face.

L - laughing is the key to my heart.

M - morning because it is a normal day in this household.

N - nob I say under my breathe as hubby flicks through the channels while watching one thing and then watching something else.

O - opportunity to give a passive aggressive comment because I like to keep my love real as we know relationships are tough and are not just for one day to make it all magical. 

P - perfect is something unattainable.

Q - questionable is my sanity, who needs love when your mind is intact.

R - roses are so red, I am mad, everything is messed, let me go to bed.

S - sorry I forgot to empty the washing machine, but it is Valentine's day and I still love you.

T - tulips are my preferred flower of the day.

U - unreal for thinking valentines is about love, let's face it all this valentines stuff is commercialism at its finest.

V - My view of my family is perfect. I am so lucky to have all the love I need.

W - work harder to hide the remote, to stop you from flicking through channels, grrr.

Xxxx please empty the bin.

Y - yours truly who has to clean your pants up from the bedroom floor. 

Z - zzzz darling, I may kick you in the pack for snoring.

Lots of love to you and don't get too bogged down in the love, just remember to be happy. 

Cheers for reading X 

My Sunday Photo 27/01/2019

Friday 25 January 2019

Being an autistic mum at school.

Hey readers,

Today I feel defeated once again. Once again I feel like I have let my children down in the fact that I can't perform as good as the other parents. I have decided to say no to going to school assembly because it is too much for me and my autism. 

I will confess that I hate my children's assembly which is held every Friday morning. I have done it for over two years and now I admit defeat. It is getting more crowded with classes and my senses are getting worked up. 

I get sensory overload as a result of being autistic. I get it really bad and sadly attending assembly is just unbearable. I feel rubbish because I wanted to be this perfect parent but I am not. It is making me feel physically sick from being exposed to the bright lights, the noise, the anxiety and the general chaos of kids coming and going. 

It appears I suffer from motion sickness, only recently has been bothering me. Therefore when kids run to take a sit and go past to go back to their class my head is in a spin. Don't get me wrong nothing personal, I think kids are great and much prefer them to adults - simple and you know what you are getting. 

Sadly, I don't mix well and occasional can be found to put my foot in it. I notice now that parents in cliches and chat. It hurts me because I feel rejected and the black sheep. Ok, my husband is here but I full well know next week when I am not he will be one of them. Yes, I am envious that he can jel and be a normal person, where I will always struggle. 

With having a disability that affects my parenting and stops me from doing things I am constantly trying to compensate for this as a way to balance it out. I don't know why because to be honest my kids love me, they understand and we discuss my autism. 

My eldest completely emphasises and never says a bad word. He has potential autism and that is the one good thing in a way is that with my autism I have inside knowledge and can help him in some areas. Just don't expect me to deal with emotions and relationships because that is not my area of expertise. I am practical-minded, I can come up with things to do that can distract him but if it is grey then I fail yet again. 

It is non stop guilt for me not being good enough. I know it is only me and I put this pressure on, maybe I care too much and have high expectations. I just wish I could drop them because I love my children and I am very proud of them with whatever they do. But we all have our limits and I am designed differently to most parents. Maybe one day I will find a way to drop this horrible guilt when I can't do something. 

Cheers for reading X 

7 tips limiting child's screen time

Hey readers,

Do you struggle with trying to manage screen time then here are some ways you can help get a balance? Let's face it technology is important and a big part of our lives but it is about controlling their lives and not dominating it.

1. Meals.

When you have meals a ban on technology is the best, you will be amazed at how they can adapt. It is a good thing to have as a firm rule as this helps and it means more change of you know talking with one another instead of looking at screens.

 I think it is a much more pleasant way to have dinner together. Also, it allows your child to be mindful of eating instead of rushing. Your child can, therefore, enjoy the simple pleasure of eating their food because when they are on screens they are so preoccupied that they are aware of what is happening to the food when they are eating it.

girl sitting on chair

2. Time.

Set about how much you think realistically a child should use a tablet/computer or whatever and make sure you set a timer and also don't get in on the tech they are using. As children are crafty and can turn it off as I myself have learnt in the past.

3. Ban.

Personally, I think not having technology in a child's room is best whether it is TV or whatever. They then don't get distracted and it definitely improves their sleep without wanting to play games or watch all the cartoons or night long. 

If you have technology in the bedtime you can not monitor it or see what the child is doing, having technology-free zones allows you to monitor what the child is doing online.

4. Hobbies.

Try introducing a new hobby for when they are bored like learning a musical instrument or putting stickers in books anything that keeps their mind busy without having to think about technology.

boy sitting on chair beside table using tablet computer

5. Parental controls.

Make sure when they do use the tablet, for example, make sure that there is parental control especially on things like Google Play because children can easily spend a million pounds on your account if they access in one click. The best way to stay safe is to set a password. 

6. Talk to your child.

Discussing the dangers with your child is really beneficial for them to understand what it means and why you respond to technology the way you do. The more child understands the better chance they will comply with you in working together as a family, instead of fighting and arguing over the technology.

7. Age appropriateness.

Being aware of what your child is doing is key in making sure that what they do on the interest is appropriate for their age. 

My child is 7 and he desperately wants to play Fortnite. There is no way I or his dad would let him, as we feel it is not appropriate even though no one dies in the game. We feel it is too graphic and it is not appropriate, it would not benefit at this time in his life and may trigger him quite badly at this age. It is important to do your research and read or talk to others on their experiences with their children.

What things do you do to help protect your child with screen time?

Cheers for reading X

Thursday 24 January 2019

top 10 reasons to move your body more

Hey readers,

It's January which means we know all about the frequent messages about improving your health. So, why do we need to move more, well let me tell you the benefits of increased activity in your life?

1. Move. 

shallow focus photography of person walking on road between grass

When you move more you feel so much better physically and mentally to help enhance your quality overall. Hopefully being in better physical health can also have a knock-on effect with general life and the way you respond to it.

2. Doctors. 

Keeping fit can actually reduce the risk of needing to go and see the doctor for help. It produces lowering the risk of developing health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

3. Reminder. 

pink bell alarm clock showing 2:10

 If you set your alarm every 20-30 minutes as a reminder to get up and move more can help your spine and allow it to get stressed by just moving around can be a big help towards your posture.

4. Calories. 

 Of course, when you are moving about it helps speed up your metabolism which then means you are burning more calories which is all good in keeping fit and well.

5. Circulation.  

orange heart decor

 When you are moving about it helps you with circulation by working your heart and getting vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells. This then helps the body be more efficient and getting the body to work quicker.

6. Warmth. 

When you are moving more it means you are naturally getting more heat to your body and this is really important during the colder months.

 Using exercise is a great technique if you are struggling with the cold even if it is just moving from one room to the other you are working your body and getting warm by working your muscles. Not only is moving good for circulation but also when you walk more, you sweat more which is a natural way for the body to get rid of nasty toxins from the body meaning a more healthy you.

7. Hormones. 

woman holding blush emoticon during daytime

When you are walking the body is producing the feel-good chemical endorphins that help improve your mood but also it is a natural pain reliever which apparently can help reduce the risk of tiny tears in muscles and tendons. Being more active has helped severe suffer from arthritis as overtime keeping active help with reducing stiffness in the body.

8. Metabolism.

Not only does exercise help with your metabolism it also helps with your immune system making it stronger and reducing the risks of getting a cold or any other gem related illnesses.

9. Sleep. 

woman sleeping on bed under blankets

Exercise helps you get a better quality night sleep which will also work with again improving your immune system and metabolism making your body be even more efficient.


 Regularly excising can help improve your energy levels meaning you have the energy to do more stuff which will again it will make you feel better because you are getting stuff done and will enhance your mood.

Do you do exercise and does it help your health?  Love to hear your thoughts.

Cheers for reading X

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Sensory autism wish list.

Hey readers,

I am autistic (if you didn't know, I just put it out there!). One thing that helps me is some sensory depending on what the item is. I find sensory items really beneficial and can be a real comfort especially when I am feeling really anxious. So, here are some products that if I had the money I would definitely buy them, till then I just wish for them.

1. Weighted blankets.

folded Gravity Blanket

Can't start without mentioning the ever popular their ever so popular weighted blanket. I love the feeling of heavy material (I sleep most nights with a quilt, a throw and two sleeping bags, I sh*t you not). I just feel secure when I feel that entrapment on my body, I feel like I am in my own little bubble, especially when I am going through a meltdown a weighted blanket would benefit me a lot. I picked this one because it looked well made. The fabric looks super soft and comforting.

2. Sensory light explosion prism.

Image result for light explosion sensory

I respond very well to low, soft lighting. I am very hypersensitive to lights so it works for me. I really love this sensory light explosion, it looks amazing and the colours are subtle which I appreciate a lot. I don't like really bright lights as they trigger headaches and make me quite stressed due to the sensory of it. This explosion light is 3D and it also changes colour. This light would be a great distraction especially when I go through obsessive thinking and it could help calm me down when I am anxious.

3. Massage Mat.

Image result for Massage Mat* - Sensory massaging mat with different massage combinations
Basically, this item is a massage mat with Five 12v motors inside a padded mat. Choose different combinations of speeds with the hand-held controller. I like the idea that you can control the strength and there are different settings depending on performance. Personally, I am not a fan of soft tough so I would 100% be hitting the hardest speed because I respond well to really strong and firm movements.

4. Large liquid filled sensory floor tiles.

Sensory Floor Tile - Purple/Pink

Now if you have even been to a soft play then you may have come across these sensory floor tiles. I have been lucky too and love them. I think they are amazing to play with, lovely colour arrangement and just all round great tactile product.

5. Giant bubble tube.

Related image

I have wanted a bubble tube for so long now. I think they are stunning with colour movement and so calming. They would really help especially if you had a sensory room (that would be the dream right there). The tube has different soothing colours along with bubbles to relax anyone. It absolutely transfixes me for hours as I love light shows to calm me when I am hypo anxiety and would definitely benefit along with my eldest - which  I could imagine both of us together sitting watching it.

Cheers for reading X

Tuesday 22 January 2019

10 ways to reduce chronic pain.

Hey readers, 

As a person who suffers from chronic pain, I can totally relate to with wanting to find ways that can help manage my pain. Here are some ways that I have found beneficial in helping me manage pain day today. 

1. Distraction. 
Book, Reading, Read, Relaxation

Anything that can take your mind away from the pain can really help, because you can only focus on one thing at a time and if you are focusing on something else then you not putting the emphasis on the pain and that can help a great deal. 

2. Exercise. 

I have suffered during my period week with really bad back pain and the one thing that has helped me is to do exercise and move the muscles. Even if it is just walking and being active can really help over the long period. It is important to take your time and don't push yourself as it is something you can progress when the time is right for and your body. 

3. Counselling. 

Consulting, Mental Health, Health

If your chronic pain affects you emotionally whether it grieves or a loss or even the feelings of frustrating and not achieving because of your help, something you can consider is counselling to talk someone confidentially about your feelings and getting the emotions out there. 

4. Avoid alcohol. 

I know for some people drinking is a form of escapism and can make you numb the pain but in the long run, it really is not good for your health. Try reducing or avoiding it because though the pain is tough going it can help in the long run with not having the lasting effects after drinking and being in even more pain. 

5. Quit Smoking. 

Man in Hoodie Smoking Cigarette

Research has shown that people in chronic pain are more likely to smoke larger amounts than the general public. I think some people use smoking as a form of pain management but in actual fact can make it worse with circulation and breathing difficulties causing the pain to intensify. Opting to not smoke will help a great deal with making the heart work better and making you're breathing a lot more cleaner. 

6.  Relation techniques. 

Great pain management is taking up relaxation techniques such as progressive muscular relaxation when you work through the body and focus on one muscle at a time. Such as the back consciously letting your muscles relax because when your anxious one of the symptoms is your tense your muscles and that causes pain if it occurs during long periods of time. Allowing time to learn to relax every day can really help give your body time out and relax. 

7. Hot bath.

Woman's Face on White Liquid

Hot baths using Epsalt salt (which you can get cheap from Home Bargains) can help with the pain and help with allowing the body to relax and stimulate the blood flow with frozen or stiff joints.  it can also be a safe place to do stretching to help with the muscles that ache. 

What helps you with pain management? 

Cheers for reading X 

Monday 21 January 2019

Top 8 useful Amazon Alexa skills.

Hey readers,

I assume most people know of the electronic device called an Alexa that can pretty much do any requirement other than say kill or punch someone. So what are the best things you can ask and get off Alexa....Well, let's go exploring as I reveal the top ten useful things Alexa can do for you. 

1. Laugh a minute.

Beauty, Smile, Happy, Woman, Young

If you need lightening up then look no further as Alexa can give you a joke, a one-liner or even a funny question such as what happens if I stand on Lego or Alexa are you, my father? this will guarantee to put a smile on your face. 

2. Factoid. 

Who doesn't love a good fact then you need to ask Alexa the question of the day where she can provide you with some trivia information. You have to answer the question and you can gain points if you answer correctly. The topics vary from art to news so there so something for everyone. 

3. Play that funky music. 

Equalizer, Beat, Dance, Fiesta

Want to listen to something and can not be bothered to look? well not anymore with Alexa in your life you can ask her to play any song you like and with seconds you be sure that song will be playing in your speaker. 

4. Two can play that game. 

Echo Dot, Amazon, Language Assistant

Got some spare time to kill then why not play a game with Alexa. You can play bingo where Alexa calls out the numbers. If worried about the number cards to tick of the numbers don't worry as you can download them at Alternatively, there is a song quiz where you have to listen to the clues relating to the answer and guess the artist and song title. If that doesn't tickle your fancy then there is the fake news where you have to guess if the headlines are true or not. There are many more but these are some of the types of games you can play with  Alexa. 

5. Get fit.

Did you know that Alexa has workouts for you to do? She can do the 7-minute work out that can be tailored to your needs so it can be easy medium or hard intensity. A great way to do a quick workout and help get fit.

6. Lost something. 

Don't you just hate it when you lose your phone, well not anymore as Alexa can help you find your phone or you need to do is ask, "Alexa, find my phone" and she will ring it for you to help locate where your phone is.  

7. Something cooking?

Woman, Kitchen, Man, Everyday Life

It can be quite stressful cooking and getting everything together but Alexa can take the pressure off as she can set the timer to help you cook your food and not only that but she can talk you through instructions so you know what you are doing when it comes to cooking the food. 

8. Give you the news headlines and weather.

Who watches the news nowadays, not anymore as Alexa can give you a quick fire-round of the headlines and tell you what the weather is going to be like. Perfect if you want to multi-task in the morning with getting breakfast ready or your bag whilst listening to Alexa. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday 20 January 2019

My Sunday Photo 20/01/2019

How to deal with an autistic burnout.

Hey readers,

Some people may not be aware but I am autistic (I was diagnosed as a child with Asperger Syndrome). One of the things that a person like myself experiences is a thing called burnout. An autistic burnout can be short - as an experience of totally, exhaustion every week as I have two boys who go to school and that for me with all the social interactions is mentally exhausting. Short term burnout is what it says on the tin, I feel tired and very exhausting.

Tend not to get very motivated and just collapse on the sofa for a few hours or sleep to recover from all the mental processes because when you are autistic a lot of things are scripted (rehearsed or memories to help deal with a social situation) probably hence why can't cope with a new situation as I haven't got a coping strategy for it. I digress.

Depression, Sadness, Autism, Body

Long-term burnout is more severe in the sense of that it last longer and it can have long-term impacts such as regressing. For me sometimes when I have long-term burnout I regress, I can't cook, communicate probably or leave my home by myself (these are a few examples). It is basically I believe where I just had enough of constantly doing something over a long period and I just shut down because it is exhausting, to say the least.

Fidget Spinner, Various Fidget Spinner

So, how do I cope with burnout, well here are some ways that have helped me?
I suppose the most obvious one to help reduce the burnout feelings in to rest and you would be right. Rest is so important just to have that break to breathe and not focus on too many stimuli has really helped me. Also, keeping things simple and do things that help me relax like reading a book or listening to music.

When you have suffered a burnout you can beat yourself up especially when you have you have commitments like being a parent, you want to do your best so your build self up when you don't meet the expectations. No one is perfect and something that even now I still learning and that is it to be kind to myself.

Autism, Brain, Dyscalculia, Health

This may help some people, it does for me but after a period after resting from burnout as I generally struggle to put my thoughts into words after the immediate event. It is ok to take your time and speak to someone if it helps you.

Like I have said previously to help rebuild your strength you have to start slowly and build from that. I have in the past wanted to go and too much which actually just sets you back further. Taking my time and doing things at a slower pace is fine. I used to be also on the go and feel that is what I had to do but mindfulness and allowing a slower pace has made a tremendous impact on my health.
Finally, writing down triggers to find out ways that help reduce or eliminate the triggering behaviour works for me. I am a bit of a sucker for a solution, sometimes we don't have a solution and that is ok, just focus on managing the situation the best you can.

Cheers for reading X

How to beat the winter blues

Hey readers,

I know it is not winter yet but it won't be long before it is here with us. The clocks have already gone back and it slowly getting darker and darker meaning that we will not get as much sunlight as we once during the summer time. The weather is getting bitter with the cold air and this can really dampen some people moods. So, here are some ways that have been useful in beating the winter blues.


I know during the darker evenings there is nothing more appealing than to sit under a throw and curl up. However, one way that can stimulate them to feel good hormones such as serotonin is exercise, you can just simply watch an exercise on YouTube you don't have to leave home. This can make you feel so much better and it might you go the motivation to do more stuff around the home.

Like I have said previously one of the triggers for a decreased drop in mood is not got getting enough sunlight during the day which means less vitamin D to brighten you up. One thing you might want to consider is getting a sad lamp which helps reduce the sad feelings associated with season affective disorder (SAD). It is a lamp that mimics the daylight and the person should ideally be near it to work. It can brighten up the environment you are in and it affects the brain chemicals that are connected to your mood.

balance exercise facial expression fashion


Sleep is so important for your physical and mental health that is why it is important you make sure you get enough. Make sure that you have a comfortable place to settle and always leave your tech in another room, less likely to get distracted and then you can 100% focus on your sleep.

alarm clock analogue bed bedroom


Another great tip is even though it will be miserable outside wrap up warm and just do it as it will be really worth it. Going outdoors some exposure to light and blow some cobwebs off too. You will feel much better after you have done it.

adult couple dock fashion

Eat healthier.

As lovely as it is to eat them gorgeous gluttonous food such as chocolate and carbohydrates it is important to try to be mindful of eating healthy. With the food just mentioned the thing that attracts them is the instant hit and feel good factor they produce. The downfall is that it is instance what comes up must come down. Therefore triggering a slump like a state which won't do your mind any flavours in the long run.  Try snacking on fruit such as apples and grapes that give that sweet sensation but less like to make you feel like poop after.

agriculture basket beets bokeh


Sitting near windows whether at home or at work can help get that natural light needed to boost your mood during the winter periods.

black and white rainy portrait canon


Do something that makes you happy whether it is having a soak in the bath or going to the cinema, focusing on something enjoyable can help make you feel a lot more positive.

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Why the 90s was epic!

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Remember the 90s... it feels like ages ago! They were ace, didn't really think much at the time but hindsight is a valuable thing. So, here are some of the things that rocked about the 90s and not just having no responsibility for small humans and doing whatever I felt like. 

Daria was my icon during the 90s. Daria was a cartoon about an American school girl and the focus was on her life at school. She is not popular but different shall we say, she was crippled with low self-esteem and a popular sister. I loved Daria not just for sarcasm which to be fair was tremendously glorious.

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MTV channel was the bomb, it was incredible unlike now where it is crap!  Of course, there were some great shows like my darling Daria, who could forget Bevis and Butthead and the amazing and slightly addictive deathmatch. That at the time was what I was hooked on watching, I am not surprised I didn't have square eyes but hey ho, I am still standing!

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Of course, the 90s would not be the 90s if you haven't played the wonderful Sonic the Hedgehog on the old Sega Mega drive. I miss the carefree days when all you needed to worry about was when it was your turn to have a go and collect the golden coins.

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On telly when I was in the 90s there was a brilliant game show called Supermarket sweep and it involved Dale Winton as the host. The contestants had to answer questions to earn time to dash around the supermarket. Then the contestants had to run around and get as many high-value products into their shopping trolley within the time frame given wins.
I am now officially old because I can say this, if you are a youngster then you may not have heard of a thing called a cassette tape. A cassette tape according to
Also called cassette tapecompact case containing a length of magnetic tape that runs between two small reels: used for recording or playback of audio or video in a tape recorder, cassette deck, video camera, or VCR, and for storage of data by some small computer systems.

You can get music already on the tape but you can also record it. In the 90s I spent a large portion of a Sunday afternoon recording the certain songs I liked whilst listening to Radio 1 top 40. It turned into a mixtape of my favorite hits. I put so much work into making them start and stop within the time, such beautiful concentration was made.
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Reflecting back from the 90s I vividly remember glaring into a Where's Walley book and trying to find this random man dressed in a red and white striped hat and t-shirt lost in a picture full of themes such as on the beach, it provided hours of entertainment for me.
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When I was a youth in the 90s the best place to get clobber was from a store called Tammy Girl with such items as a skirt over trousers or peddle pushers.

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After you had been shopping at Tammy Girl the place to hit was the pick n mix in Woolworths where there was so much choice it took a good half an hour to make your selections.
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Flip out pencil case was my whole life when I was a child at school. It was amazing and the best piece of stationary that I have ever and I mean EVER owned. If you have not been fortunate to experience a flip out pencil case then you are missing out.

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Saturday 19 January 2019

10 ways to save money on your energy bills.

Hey readers,

It is January and we are all looking for ways to save money, One expense that costs a lost is electricity below, so let me tell you some tips on how to save money on your energy bills.

1. Thermostat.

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A simple way to cut down the cost of your energy bill is to simply turn down your thermostat by 1c can save up to £75 per year.

2. Layers.

When you feel cold don't instantly whack the old heating up but put an extra layer on with jumpers, socks, dressing gown etc. Even having throws can help a great deal.

3. Warm drinks.

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Another way to stay warm is to have a warm drink can help you feel instantly warm.

4. Appliances.

If your not using appliances turn it off and even turn the tv off at the mains. Don't have lights on if someone is not in the room it is a total waste and can save you a lot of energy.

5. Washing.

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When you are doing your clothes washing it is a good idea to change the temperature down 10 degrees for example from a 40 to a 30c can make a huge difference on your bill and could potentially save up to £52 per year.

6. Draught proof.

Did you know a cold draught can cause you to lose heat and money so it is important to get your home draught proof because it can be easy to just think to turn the temperature up especially in old homes? A thing that you can consider doing in your home is draught excluders and investing in draught proofing kits.

If you don't have double glazing them you can get plastic trimming to go around your window to stop the draught coming in and keep the warmth in the room.

Line your letterbox and if you have a chimney that is not in use then seal that up like that can easily save you £25 per year.

7. Hot food.

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Don't put hot food into the fridge or freezer straight away as it messes up with the temperature of the fridge, it is better to give the food time first to cool down and then store it in the fridge or freezer.

8. Shower.

Instead of hitting the bath first swap over to the shower and try to make your showers no longer than 10 minutes as this will reduce the amount of heated water that you use.

9. Hot water.

Check the boiler on the temperature that your hot water is at and think about trying to reduce it just by one degree will make a massive difference to reducing the energy you use.

10. Turn off.

Make sure that if you don't use a room regularly to turn down the radiator and make sure that doors are closed and curtains/blinds are drawn in the evenings to keep the heat in and room toasty.

What methods do you use to help with reducing your energy bill?

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