Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The best car journey games for kids.

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As parents, we all know it can be a right pain to entertain children on a long car journey. So, here are some suggestions of games that you can play whilst in the car.

Eye spy with my little eye.

Firstly, I have chosen a classic gamed called eye spy with my little eye and then you have to find something that you can see and say the letter. The other people in the car than have to guess an answer that has the same letter that is asked of.

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Car bingo.

For this game, you will need bingo sheets and pen. Now on the internet, you can find loads of different car bingo sheets to print off. It is a fun thing to do and try to get all the pictures on your sheet. The first person who shouts bingo wins. It is a good idea to remember to pack them pens mind, haha.

Nursery rhymes/sing-along songs.

A great idea is to purchase a cd with classic nursery rhymes or songs (This is more for the younger child) so that you all can sing along to old-time classes such as Humpty Dumpy or old McDonald had a farm, who doesn't love a good sing song.

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Subject matter.

A brilliant game to help children talk about certain topics is this one where you pick a certain subject and they have a minute or two to talk about that chosen topic. This game is a useful tool to help communication and learn discussion skills. It doesn't matter what the subject is on as long as the speaker is interested and knows what it always helps a great deal.


This one is for any parent who needs some quiet time and that is the game where you can see who is the quietest. The person who stays the quiet the longest wins. It is as simple as that.

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Word association.

This game is where you pick a word and the other players have to pick words that are associated with it. The person with the highest answers linked to the word wins.

Shopping game.

This game is fantastic for the old memory. What you have to do is start off with the first person saying, “I went to the shop and I brought…” and the have to choose something being with the letter A. Then the next person has to say the last answer and then pick something begging with B. That continues till all the letters have been chosen.

No - yes game.

This game is taken from the classic game show Take Your Pick. What you have to do is ask questions to a person and that person cannot answer with yes or no then they are out of the game.

Would you rather.

Another super-duper game that goes down well with kids is a question-based game where you ask a person an ultimatum such as… Would you rather lick the bottom of your shoe or eat your boogers? You can make up the questions about anything but if you have young children they love anything to do with pooping or farting goes down a treat.

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