How to help your child do well at school.

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Now that my children are of school age one of the main goals as a parent is to try and help them do well at school. So, what do you do to achieve that, well the suggestions below are opinion and you can take them on board or not bother? I am no expert I just wanted to share my view on this subject matter.

Parents evening.

Going to parents evening is so important for you to build a relationship with your child's teacher. It is an opportunity to understand how your child is performing, how they get on at school and areas where you can help at home to improve your child's learning.


Now that your child is at school you will find that homework is sadly something that is now required. The best thing you can do is try to encourage your child to do their homework and follow the requirements.

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Positive attitude.

A way to help build confidence in children especially with helping them grow with their learning is to have a positive attitude to your child about their education. Making sure you praise your child when they have achieved something or done well in their learning.


Remember it is ok for your child to make mistakes because that is the way that we learn. Sometimes getting something wrong helps we understand the reasons behind the answers.

Study skills.

Encourage your child to study and reinforce why learning is good and the benefits of it in the long term for your child's future.

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Homework routine.

I know as a parent when your child receives lots of different tasks for their homework it can be a daunting prospect of getting your child motivated and getting the homework done. That is why I think when looking at homework breaking it down so that it is achievable and not because added stress with the pressure to get it done all in one go. I think it is important to break down the homework so that the child can do small chunks every day so it is not daunting for your child. Routine is key in achieving a positive environment when it comes to homework.


I will be the first to admit it that when my eldest first started to bring homework home I wanted it done the second he got home and I got very stressed out about it when it didn’t go to plan. This was a hostile environment and not good for the whole family to be in. I have learnt however that not rushing to get the homework down is vital. Allowing your child time when they get home from school and the weekend to relax and unwind. It is much better for your child to be calm when under pressure to get the work done. The quality as well when relaxed vs stressed is a huge difference. Ironically you save time as the child will willingly just get on with the homework and not be argumentative.


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Sleep is so important to helping a child learn. Having the energy to listen and learn are key factors in achieving well in school.  Making sure that your child gets enough sleep and having a set time each night that goes to bed will help create a positive routine in a child’s life. Making sure the child is relaxed and doing calm activities before bed such as reading.

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  1. We have spellings and a lot is just getting into the routine of practice and me remembering sometimes. It can be hard with three and three different needs on a school eveing but we muddle through #Blogstravaganza

    1. Oh gosh I thought two was hard, hats off to keeping it all together X

  2. Routine is certainly important, and I do agree with your comments on breaking things down into smaller chunks. The information is more likely to stick if people break their learning down rather than trying to do it all at once. Thanks for sharing your views and experience #Blogstravaganza

  3. Great advice!
    I think having a routine is so important when it comes to helping kids with school. I bedtime, morning and homework routine. #ThatFridayLinky

  4. You make great points! I have a little one that started school as well and we've incorporated a routine of consistent learning so that "homework" wouldn't be a daunting task. I print out my own printable worksheets and both children work on them throughout school breaks and sometimes on weekends. We read almost nightly as well. We try to encourage learning and nurture their natural curiosity of the world around them and incorporate some kind of activity during the weekends when we're home together as a family. Yes, children will make mistakes, but they have to also learn from them and correct them. Sometimes I find myself erasing a letter 3 or 4 times because it is not legible. At the same time while they are getting upset at me I tell them the importance of writing the letters correctly and it takes practice and that mommy and daddy had to do it too. #ThatFridayLinky

    1. You have it succeed. I like the idea of worksheets X

  5. You make some great points here. It's definitely important to keep it manageable by breaking down the homework and getting a balance with non school activities. I do confess that I am a bit of a rebel though - I won't let my boys do too much! Thanks for linking up with #Blogstravaganza :)

    1. Yew definately though it is something that .I have to work on but breaks and small chunks is the way forward X

  6. These are some great points to think about. Luckily ours is just reading practise at the moment and he loves doing that but I'm sure that will increase quicker than I would like! #Blogstravaganza