Saturday, 12 January 2019

5 ways on how to eat mindfully.

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I have had issues with my relationship for a long time and I have slowly been working hard to have a better grip on how I respond to food. One way in which I work on is a thing called mindfulness eating. 

What is mindfulness eating? 

In simple terms instead of rushing my food down me, I am consciously aware of my food and taking in all the feelings and sensations I great when I eat which means it makes me feel fuller for longer and I can enjoy eating instead of it being a chore. 

There are many different ways to do mindful eating and I am to explore them below.

1. Stop. 

I think because when I was growing up it was common practice to eat ALL your food of your plate because if you didn't it would be a waste and people seem more frugal when I was younger anyway. Even though I now know this is not a good practice to participate in. It is more important to listen to your body and stop when you feel full rather than just eating for the sake of eating. 

2. Listening. 

One of the techniques I have adapted with mindful eating is listening to your body and eating something when your stomach rumbles or your feeling faint because your blood sugar is low. It is ok to eat when you want, you don't have to eat junk food either it can be something small and satisfy like a piece of fruit or some yoghurt. Also, getting out of the bad habit of eating your emotions - this is something I have struggled with, whether it be good or bad times food is there as a way to deal with the emotions. Now I try other techniques such as going for a walk or buying a book I want when I want to celebrate something I want to achieve, 

3. Eating together. 

I am a binge eater though I am getting better it is working progress. A characteristic of binge eaters is eating alone, secretly and rushing the good down my gob without even thinking about it. Now, I try to eat with people or when I do have a binge do it outside with people - amazing how you don't rush around others. 

4. Diet.

At the end of the day food is fuel and getting the right nutrients is key in giving you that energy to feel better. It is better to eat a variety of food then just food that is comforting and being restricted. Eating meats, vegetables and some protein is all the way forward. 

5. Sit Down. 

I am guilty of rushing about, eating on the go and just doing something else whilst eating. A good habit is to sit down, take your time and focus on just at the moment eating the food, making sure it is chewed enough and enjoying the flavours. It is a lot more enjoyable eating food this way and adapting to a slower pace. You feel better for it after and if you take the time to eat slower you reduce the risks of getting indigestion.

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