Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The benefits of being in a relationship.

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I have been with my husband for over ten years so have had some experience of what it is like to be in a relationship with someone. So I thought I would focus on the positives today and tell you the benefits of being in a relationship with someone.

The benefits of being in a relationship

One of the biggest things for me is that you have someone to talk to who can understand where you are coming from have someone to talk to you. You know that they are committed and willing to take the good and the bad so you don't have to feel a burden. It is like a commitment you make once your in a relationship because you want the best for that someone and it works the other way as well. Sometimes you are going through bad stuff and they are lifting you up and other times you are being their pillar of strength.

If you are in a long term relationship with a person then one of the most wonderful and liberating things about being in a relationship is that you can be yourself, you can take off the mask. You can be yourself and don't have to put on a front, because you know that they like you just the way you are.  I think there is something special when you are in a relationship where each other can be authentic especially when you go further in committing with one another and decide to live together - during that period you learn a lot about each other.

Having a partner means that you have a cheerleader that has your back and will provide moral support during the good times and bad times. They will pick you up, they pat you on the back and they will provide them with words of encouragement.

I have had periods in my life where I have dated, and though it can be exciting to get to know someone new it can also bring the stress of finding a good person that you want to spend your life reduces stress not having to deal with a new relationship.

With being in a long term relationship that is healthy can help longevity and can help you grown as a person with the nurture and support from a partner.

One of the biggest things I enjoy is having lighthearted moments where my husband makes me laugh, to have someone who can get you and have a similar sense of humour makes it all worth it.

With spending time with someone you can make them special memories that money can't buy you but you can cherish them and put a smile on your face.  Being able to experience something special with some is lovely because you are not alone in the experience and can relive the memories together.

As a person with a disability, it can be frustrating to be in a relationship for both sides but it also means you can learn from each other and help each other get a better quality of life.

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