The A to Z of Valentines

Hey readers,

Love is in the air....well it is in the shops with all the Valentines paraphilia everywhere. So, for a little light-hearted read. I thought I would breakdown Valentines with an A to Z of everything you need to know about the love event and how I view Valentine's day, not everyone will agree, but hey ho it is all a bit of fun right.

A - admirer you say?  no change of any admiration around here just my boys waking me at God forseen hour of the day to get up and make breakfast. Let's get this day rolling. 

B - ballons apparently, red and bright and that pop in your face.

C - chocolate is not something I would put my nose up, chocolate for days, chocolate saves lives. Chocolate is love. 

D - dear you look so sexy when you fall to sleep and dribble like that it gets me so excited. Keeping it real is key to a happy and long term relationship.

E - embrace the fact that we don't bother now after 10  years, love is now when husband sprays air freshener when he has had a poo, who needs flowers and cards to waste money on.

F - fourteenth February for some, just standard day may even push the boat and hubby makes me a tea, ooo the luxury.

G - gifts are apparently a thing for Valentines, the only gifts I want is a lie in, please.

H - handsome devil yes you are.

I - I hate you, is so underrated.

J - jokes about the last one.

K - kiss not when you burp in my face.

L - laughing is the key to my heart.

M - morning because it is a normal day in this household.

N - nob I say under my breathe as hubby flicks through the channels while watching one thing and then watching something else.

O - opportunity to give a passive aggressive comment because I like to keep my love real as we know relationships are tough and are not just for one day to make it all magical. 

P - perfect is something unattainable.

Q - questionable is my sanity, who needs love when your mind is intact.

R - roses are so red, I am mad, everything is messed, let me go to bed.

S - sorry I forgot to empty the washing machine, but it is Valentine's day and I still love you.

T - tulips are my preferred flower of the day.

U - unreal for thinking valentines is about love, let's face it all this valentines stuff is commercialism at its finest.

V - My view of my family is perfect. I am so lucky to have all the love I need.

W - work harder to hide the remote, to stop you from flicking through channels, grrr.

Xxxx please empty the bin.

Y - yours truly who has to clean your pants up from the bedroom floor. 

Z - zzzz darling, I may kick you in the pack for snoring.

Lots of love to you and don't get too bogged down in the love, just remember to be happy. 

Cheers for reading X 


  1. Totally agree with the snoring bit#anythinggoes@_karendennis

  2. hehehe! I love this. It really made me smile.

  3. haha, I thought I was going to be reading some romantic slush, but this is brilliant, well done for keeping it so real.

  4. You made me smile this cold Monday morning - thank you! #MMBC

  5. Ha ha! I am totally with you that a lie in would be the best gift #mmbc

  6. Lol, keeping it real is definitely the key to a long-lasting relationship! What a fun list of Valentines-themed things – and I love the honesty of some of them! We tend not to bother much about Valentine’s Day although chocolate is always appreciated as is a lie-in! I’m a fan of tulips too. Love your new blog by the way – it’s been a while since I last popped by and I hadn’t realised you’d changed it :-) #AnythingGoes

  7. Thanks for the giggle. Visiting you from the mix it up linky.

  8. Ha ha.I definitely have a love hate relationship with Valentine's Day, and this sums it all #MixItUp

  9. LOL my favourites were n and z. #mixitup

  10. Hehe glad I am not the only one 😉

  11. I love a good A-Z list. I love N and W! Co-incidentally I just posted one myself - on positive words #AnythingGoes

  12. Haha! Love this Sam, it did make me smile. I love tulips too :)

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. x