Friday 30 October 2020

Leading an eco-friendly life in a busy home.

Too busy to think about how to make eco-friendly choices at home? Try these one-step, one-time ideas to live greener, but think a bit less about it.

Leading an eco-friendly life in a busy home.

Leading an eco-friendly life in a busy home.

Modern life certainly comes with its challenges. The climate crisis has thrown another one into the mix, forcing us all to be more aware of what we consume and how we consume it.

 The most simple and cost-efficient way to start living more sustainably is definitely at home. Green living is becoming increasingly important to people across the UK. More and more of us are opting for energy-efficient appliances, environmentally friendly products and low-waste alternatives. 

A lot of households now actively work to lower their carbon footprint and make their way of life that little bit more sustainable. But with the business of life, how can we fit these changes into our daily routines?

How can we be more efficient?

Making your home more sustainable involves making changes that improve the energy efficiency of your property. This means that you waste less energy and save money in the process. 

Sustainable living means you will make the most of the resources you have, reducing your carbon footprint. This can range from the cleaning products you use at home to the energy supplier you choose to power up your home. 

Some of these changes require sustained change, but some are small, one-off things you can do, which will make a big difference. For example, don’t leave the fridge door open, unplug appliances if they are left on standby, and try to purchase as little plastic as possible.

While making these other changes, it might be a good time to switch your energy supplier. If you haven't managed to switch in a while, it's highly likely that you are overpaying for your energy. 

Not only is this a waste of money, but you can also make the switch over to a more green energy supplier with green energy tariffs

A green energy supplier means one that provides tariffs with 100% renewable electricity and aims to offset gas usage by investing in green projects.

 Also, you can switch to a tariff that saves you money, like an Economy 10 tariff for your electricity. This is a one-off task, so once you’ve switched you hopefully won’t have to switch again for a while. 

You can be content with the fact that your energy is coming from more renewable sources. If you lead a particularly busy life, switching suppliers is an easy way to be a lot more eco-friendly at home, without having to put in any hard work.

In short, you want to make sure that your gas and electricity come from renewable sources, rather than fossil fuels that are contributing to climate change. 

You won’t have to feel guilty about the energy you use at home, as you know that you’ll be leading a greener life in your safe haven. You can read more about ways to make your home greener on Ofgem’s handy website.

Go reusable.

Like I said, let’s avoid plastic when and where we can. Stop buying zip-top bags, plastic straws and food in a lot of plastic packaging. Let’s start buying alternatives, like beeswax. 

They last for ages, way longer than plastic, and are far better for the environment. Invest in glass tupperwares so you don’t have to throw away single-use plastic bags and boxes all the time.
 All these things you can do one time so you never have to worry about them again.

Consider composting!

If you like gardening, at least make it efficient! Keeping a compost bin means you won’t have to think about throwing food away, which we all know is really bad. 

Keep a compost bin where you can put peels, coffee grounds and other organic waste. If you don’t have a garden, or enough space to keep a compost bin, then you can always give your compost to public gardens or to friends and neighbours who have the resources.

Save water.

Water is one of our most wasted resources. Think about how many times a day you use water - it’s all the time! 

So let’s start thinking about how much water we use and when. Are you an avid tea drinker? Don’t waste water by filling up the kettle more and more every time you make a cuppa.
This also wastes so much energy and you’ll see the consequences on your energy bills. Take shorter showers or buy a low-flow shower head; only use the appropriate amount of water when you are boiling food; don’t overwater your lawn and your plants.

Ready to make all these small changes? Of course, you are! No matter how busy you are with life, work, family and friends, you can transform your eco-lifestyle with just a handful of different, more thoughtful choices. 

Things just got easier if you are struggling to pay for your energy bills.
Ofgem has just introduced new regulations for energy suppliers to introduce as of the 15th of December 2020. The new regulation’s purpose is to protect customers who are struggling to keep up with their energy bills. Energy suppliers will be obliged to give more time to customers who are struggling to pay their bills this winter.
For those on prepayment meters, more time will be given to top-up and additional credit will be given to those customers who need it. A debt repayment plan will also be introduced for all those that are currently behind on paying their bills. Energy suppliers will also reach out to customers that they deem more vulnerable and aid them in setting up this repayment plan.
For more details you can read the full article

30 November blog post ideas.

 Hey readers,
sometimes you may get stuck as a blogger coming up with blog ideas so to help you feel inspired I have 30 fantastic ideas perfect to do during November. Check it out below. 

1. What are your blog goals for the month.

2. Meal plan for the week.

3. What are your thoughts on Black Friday.

4. Share your favourite Thanksgiving recipes.

5. Share your thanksgiving hosting tips. 

6. Favourite autumn fashion trends you like. 

7. Ways to use up pumpkins.

8. Favourite autumn make up looks.

9. Autumn photography ideas.

10. Slow cooking recipes for autumn. 

11. How to get cosy in the evenings. 

12. How to manage the darker days.

13. Write about world kindness day (13th November).

14. Autumn date ideas.

15. Current books you are reading.

16. Christmas decoration wish list. 

17. Best advent calenders in 2020.

18. A list of things to declutter in November.

19. How to save money on your electricity bill.

20. What I am thankful for.

21. Your top mum hacks.

22. 50 fun things to do with your children. 

23. Rainy day outfits.

24. Rainy day activities.

25. November Instagram challenge ideas.

26. November blog challenge ideas.

27. A list of good shows on the telly during November.

28. Write a 'how-to' post. 

29. November bucket wish list.

30. November self-care tips. 

Have I missed anything off the list that you think would make a really good idea for a blog post in November? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Autistic Blogger!

Hey readers,

I hear this term branded around a lot through the bloggershere called 'tribe', to me, it feels like we are back in the playground. 

Maybe because I don't really connect to people the same way others do because of my autism. It makes me feel maybe a bit isolated or that I am missing out on a better support network.

The big question is, do you need a tribe of people to connect with to empower and motivate you? does it make you more successful? these are the kind of questions I think about a lot. 

I suppose it depends on what you really want and need from people, I guess. For me the whole tribe business makes me feel like a failure yet again at life, it is another point score if you are in with the right crowd and for me being autistic that will never be. 

Yes OK if your autistic should you be worried about having such feelings of loss and for me yes it does get to me at times. It would be nice to bounce ideas off with others but the fear of rejection is much stronger.

 I don't really have an answer. I think it is really down to my state of mind having an influence when I am engaging in social media platforms.

Sometimes you get a feeling to be a successful blogger you have to be in some kind of tribe with others. It is a real shame I feel as you not always getting merit for your work but in who you know instead. 

Fairplay to people that do, because it takes a lot of additional work other than just writing content to make a blog successful. 

A major factor is engaging in social media as a form of communicating with the audience or attending events that help achieve recognition and achievement statues. 

Sadly, I don't feel I will ever truly get to grips connecting on such a level, but that is ok because I do have a disability that limits me. 

Whether I like it or not, somethings I can improve, somethings I can't but having the knowledge to accept that is a milestone for me personally.

Sometimes, you get what you put in and for me, I can only do so much before I have pushed past my threshold and want to collapse with mental exhaustion.

Until you start a blog and work on social media, you really don't realise what hard work it is with keep plugging away and reaching out. As they say, nothing comes for free.

One major attribute that influences my performance or connecting to people is communication. It is like the backbone of what affects autism. It plays such a huge role on and offline. 

My brain is overloaded as it is with all the rules I need to remember. I stick to the rules that I can follow and it is not the 'norm', it's controlled and I don't feel I am being rude but maybe I am being very rigid and not flexible with my thinking but then again that is an effect of my autism interfering its ugly head.

It would be wonderful to have someone to connect with but I don't feel it is important right now but maybe next week I may different about the whole thing. But sadly autism is selfish and it hinders you. 

It never leaves you or lets you forget that there is a big influence there right in your brain controlling your interpretations on everything that you are exposed to.

 It really sucks at times but other times it is the fuel that keeps my fire burning inside of me.
OK, I have bitched and have been a moany cow so I am going to focus on a positive here. People aren't aware of how much I have come along in my improvements in me. 

Blogging has given me a voice to express whatever I feel I want to share. When I am having a meltdown it has been a tool to distract me from all the things going one and stops me getting overloaded when I can simply focus on just writing. It has calmed me when I have been so angry I have wanted to explode. 

It has helped me to understand who I am and try to take on board other people's perspective (which is a real struggle at the best of times). It has taught me on a basic level how to have simple conversations and it further help me develop as a person with autism.

So, what is the point of this ramble, well I am just trying to find a way to accept me with my disability. I want others to understand particularly what it is like for female adults with autism.

Who knew blogging would be such a learning journey to think about yourself and where you are in the pecking order even though I don't really know what I want. 

I think if I look internally I want to feel accepted from others, though I don't know whether that will ever happen. Maybe I just feel really lonely and a bit sad today when I see others in the world can just make friends and excel verbally. 

I seem to fall over at the first hurdle. It is hard as blogging is so social and if you want to grow networking is crucial I feel.

For me personally most of the time I go about my days winging it and trying to keep my head above water whilst others speed pass by me.

That my readers are what my personal take is of an autistic blogger in a social climate in the blog world.

Cheers for reading X

Monday 26 October 2020

Parenting is hard at times

Hey readers,

Today I just want to curl up in a ball and hide away from the world. I have had a really difficult day looking after a really energetic child.

 It didn’t help that when walking into town my son decided all he wanted to do was just scream most of the way and chanting that he wants daddy. It is unbelievably exhausting especially as I am so sensitive to hearing because of my autism.

Then in the afternoon I just constantly had to deal with this mental battle in my head that if I am not entertaining my child 24/7 then somehow I am a rubbish parent. It is a constant battle that occurs in my own head and the sad thing is, is that it is all made by me.

 No one has told me that I am rubbish, it is just me putting so much pressure on myself, probably some guilt around being autistic and having shortfalls that other parents don't have to deal with. 

However, today my anxiety is so high that I am left with a killer headache because I am so tense from my self-inflicted anxiety. 

I have already had a panic attack and sometimes when so bad I am fearful social services will come and take my child of me simply because I had the TV on to much or I am a bit rubbish at communicating.

  It sounds silly writing this down but at the time the fears are real and frightening.

Why is it so hard to find a middle ground, I suppose this is always my problem never really reaching that right balance of moderation. I have always been extreme because that is just simply the way my brain is wired. I am all or nothing, so naturally, it would seem down into my parenting. 

I think because a lot of things is down to not communicating and no 'rules' as such I find it difficult to manage. All the things that I am good at are structure-based and have a step-to-step system, it is what I excel at. 

I am not good at ambiguous. I never have and I don't think I will ever have the skills no matter how many times I try. SO, basically, I need to accept me for who I am and instead of putting me down, embrace the skills and use them to my advantage,. I think this is one of the biggest learning curves for me as an autistic parent to master.

But I will say truthfully with having such an energetic child who will not sit still or does not want to engage in anything longer than five minutes is tough. 

Especially, when at times where I am by myself and feel like constantly breaking down with fear of how am I going to get past the next three hours?

I hope this stage gets easier and that I can relax and enjoy parenting a bit more and less of a pain in the arse chore that I have to get through.

I feel awful for writing this but this is the truth, this is how I feel at times. Don’t get me wrong other times parenting feels like a breeze especially when there is another parent to help out.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday 25 October 2020

My Sunday photo 25/10/2020

Wednesday 21 October 2020

10 things to do during october half term 2020

 Hey readers, 

This year is a funny old year where a lot has happened coronavirus and you may be dreading half term as it is not like other times when there is a lot more available and socially you could do more i.e. stay over at grandparents house. 

It is all different this year and you may want to find some activities that you can do safely this half term holiday. so, here are 10 ideas that won't break the bank but keep you sane.

1. Slime. 

Kids love slime and my boys especially love slime and baths, So this is perfect. I picked up these pots of slime in Poundland for a quid and it is going to be an afternoon/rainy situation where it will come out and keep them amused for a little bit. 

poundland slime

2. Scavenger hunt.

There is a million and one on Pinterest and similar search engines that you pick one that suits you and your family. It is a great way to hunt for items out in the wild while keeping kids entertained.

3. Colour in.

A lovely activity to do with children is doing some colouring - is not only for children but for adults as well. There are loads of printouts and if your feeling seasonal there are Halloween wants to choose from.

4. Zoom calls.

If you cant see someone in person to keep contact with friends and family good old zoom meeting will safe the day. 
5. Carve a pumpkin.

Had to be including with Halloween falling in half term grabbing a pumpkin (doesn't have to be expensive you can pick up big ones from Aldi for a couple of quid. Carving a pumpkin is a fun and sensory activity and looks really effective when you light it with tea lights in the evening giving you that spooky ambience.

6. Film afternoon.

There is a good range of films on the telly during the half-term holiday for kids or you could stream, I like Hotel Transylvania and Scoob perfect for the family. 

7. Baking. 

Kids love baking in the kitchen and you can do some simple recipes so you don't have to feel overwhelmed in your confident like me. A good recipe is chocolate chip cookies not too complicated but always a hit.

8. Science experiment.

If you are feeling adventurous you could try a science experiment such as making slime or a bath bomb. 

 9. Go for a bike ride. 

A free activity you can do is go on your bike for a ride, you don't have to go far it could be local but at least you get out of seeing the four walls. 

10. Check out the local park.

Parks are an excellent way of burning kids energy off and if it is mild you could even take a picnic with you. 

Have I missed anything off the list that you think would make a great idea for entertaining kids during this coming half term? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday 18 October 2020

My Sunday photo 18/10/2020

Friday 16 October 2020

What to do when you are a blogger insomniac

Hey readers,

Sometimes I struggle to sleep. I have had sleeping problems all my life. However, I am now on medication. 

However, last week I messed up my medication so I ended up not taking. Because it was late and if I did take my medication it would result in me feeling dead the next day. 

Which would not be cool when you have two kids under five and you need to have the energy of superwomen. 

So when I am bored in the late hours wondering what the fuck to do here is the list of my ideas to keep you amused. Thank God I do blogging as well as it sure does kill time, haha!

1. Organised.

As a blogger, you can never be too organised. One idea is to catch up on all the blog posts that need to be done for the week.

2. Pinterest.

Pinterest kills time in an instant. Any old shit that you can think of can be found on this social media platform. It is great mind fantasying and activating your creative skills even if you are just dreaming that you can do, still fun to make boards with ideas/inspiration. That is the place to be my friend and at least it can save you money compared to going on eBay ;).

3. Brain dump. 

 Get writing and do a brain dump of potential blog ideas. This point can also be linked to number three as there is a host of information about ideas or prompts to get your moving in the right direction.

4. Youtube. 

 If all else fails then that don't fear as there is always old faithful YouTube to help take your blues away.

Do you blog? How do you find blogging and has it been helpful for insomnia?

Cheers for reading X

Thursday 15 October 2020

10 reasons to love Pinterest!

Hey readers, 

The past fortnight I have fully emerged myself in Pinterest. I used it previously sporadically but this time I got stuck right in. Went a bit crazy with pinning and now would say I am fully Fletched pinner! I have written my case for why I love Pinterest.

1. Escapism - it is a place where I can get lost in beautiful stuff or ideas and not have to go anywhere.

2. Don't have to spend a penny even though you have put loads of ideas together. Cheaper then visiting eBay.

3. You feel connected in an unusual way with random people. You don't have to get too personal but you feel a sense of online community.

4. Let's face it is a great source of inspiration for ideas.

5. Instead of instantly going to Google I hit Pinterest.

6. It is a place to learn something new and stumble on something that you may not necessarily think off.

7. When I am depressed I go there to look at funny pictures, bad parent fails or Pinterest fails and honest it can make me feel so much better.

8. It is a great distraction to eating.

9. It's great for writer's block and there are loads of boards or pins to get your creative juices flowing.

10. It can get you excited the endless possibilities and can help you think in a different direction.

Do you use Pinterest? Do you find it helpful? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Wednesday 14 October 2020

Anti- Homework

Hey readers,

One of the things that pisses me off about school is sending children home with homework.

 Firstly, I believe we should stop homework because kids have a long day at school learning, why then come home to do even more work. 

Let's give children a break and allow them to play and let them wind down. I think if the child has to constantly be meeting deadlines to get work completed then it could lead to loss of enthusiasm to learn. 

I know that people are more willing to learn when they are less under pressure.

There is the risk of cheating by copying each other work in order to get the work done. Therefore getting rewarded for falsework which really doesn't help anyone in the long term.

How many arguments are met through parents having to deal with the additional responsibility of getting the kids motivated to complete their work? 

There is not enough time in the evening and it can cause potential friction between child and parent. Homework reduces the amount of family time spent together, it is important to have quality time with the family and to socialise.

A different reason for being against homework is the child for a large. A portion of the school day is sedentary. So, to come home and then be made to sit down for even more time is not really good when instead they could be having fun and doing some physical exercise.

There is no real link that homework increases learning or grades*. Causing unnecessary pressure and frustration for child and parent. There is no real cleat link to say that homework increases the chances of a child gaining better grades.

My child is exhausted from coming home from school as he uses all his energy to learn, concentrate and listen to instructions. To then try to get him to complete his homework is pretty pointless. 

He is halfhearted and not really concentrating because of being so tired. I feel it is important that when he is at home that there is that time to relax. So, there is a clear and definite break from education. 

Children need to have time to wind down and relax. It helps them sleep and not be overactive with keeping their brain wired for long periods. Not to mention the fact that if they are calmer in the evening they will sleep better and feeling fresh in the morning to be more motivated to work on education at school.

I am all about learning but I think there should be a balance between learning and play. I think with homework included in the mix of a school day it is unevenly balanced. I don't really feel it is healthy nor necessarily to include homework in the curriculum.

 Sometimes you get the feeling that it is more about meeting targets then the actual child's development and health.

What do you think about homework? Do you like it or not? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

*"What research says about the value of homework: Research review." The Center for Public Education, web. 17th February 2007.

Tuesday 13 October 2020

10 Reasons Why Animals Are Good For Children

Hey readers,

I believe that animals are really great for children and help them learn in so many ways. Let me express them reasons below:

1. Animals teach children how to be gentle and soft towards animals. 

2. Animals can help with learning, mainly dogs because children who are not feeling confident in reading out loud are more willing to do so when dogs are around. They feel more confident in reading to dogs which can really help enhance their education.

3. Animals can be loving and be a companion towards children. 

4. It can give responsibility to the child to learn to clean, feed and make sure the animal is loved.

5. Stroking animals can help lower blood pressure and calm down a child who is angry or anxious. By giving the child something to focus on, therefore can help relax the child through touch and stroking movements that are slow and gentle.

6. Animals help provide love and build a relationship of trust between child and animal.

7. Having animals around can help strengthen the immune system.

8. Living with an animal can provide compassion in children.

9. Sharing a common interest of looking after animals with other siblings can help enhance the relationship of the siblings because they have a common thing that they are both interested in.

10. Having an animal to cuddle can help reduce loneliness, isolation and feelings of hopelessness. 

What do you think about animals and their effects on children? Love to hear your thoughts down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Monday 12 October 2020

Reasons to love soft play.

Hey readers, 

 Now I am not a particular fan of soft play areas but I will venture out to one for my boys. When you're a child they are magical places and fun let's not forget. I will go out of my comfort zone to make my boys happy, not all the time but quite often even if I dread and sweat over it. Because let's face nothing beats making out children happy. 

* So I thought as I am a bit jolly having a drink *ahem* I would write some positive points about soft play and a reminder of why it is good to out to the daunting places.

* You can get a hot drink when they around like crazy lunatics. I dont often get the chace so as my bous get lost in all this newness and adventure with the hub I can relax sipping away at my tea.

* The little darlings get knackered out, therefore, a great way to get rid of all that pent up energy.
You can guarantee they will sleep through the night after a two-hour full-on session running around like Bolt! You're instantly winning at a stress-free evening and a quiet one to boot.

* It is a great place to go when it is raining as let's face it staying in can be hard to entertain when they are little and so energetic.

* It can help your child socialise, communicate and take it in turns with playing with the equipment. They will also use their working out skills, not to mention co-ordination with climbing up the padded walls, swinging from rings and kicking a football about. 

* A change of scenery for your child and play area can help stimulate and be engaging. Such as softball pit, slides, rope bridge. 

* As it is child friendly you don't have to worry about the noise your child makes and know that it is a safe environment to take your child.

* It's a physical activity to help get them active and use their bodies.

* As it is unstructured it allows your child to be free and use their creative skills and imagination. Which is all very good for their development. 

* It allows children to take risks and build their confidence in a newish environment. Inturn gives them confidence in themselves to be more expressive.

* it is dry when the weather is terrible.

* Mostly my children love soft play and get enjoyment in going as it is great fun for them.  
Cheers for reading X 

Sunday 11 October 2020

My Sunday photo 11/10/2020

Saturday 10 October 2020

10 things I want for my boys

Hey readers,

I thought I would compile a top ten desires that I wish for my sons to acquire. So here goes: -

1. Happiness, obviously essential in my opinion, do whatever it is to reach happiness as long as no one is getting hurt.

2. Appreciation for life and the small things as beauty is everywhere.

3. Your own mind to use it in a creative way that makes you HAPPY.

4. Please be kind to one another.

5. Enjoy nature, people take it for granted but it is something else beyond beautiful.

6. Learn the art of moderation, I know mummy hates it but I promise you it will make life easier and a smoother ride.

7. Read because boy is it great escapism and has helped me in times of need.

8. Don't take life too seriously - don't think what needs to be done just enjoy the moment and simply be.

9. Don't rely on money it only lasts in the immediate moment but later you will be screwed.

10. Be true to yourself.

what kind of things would you add to the list of things you want for your children.  
Cheers for reading X

Friday 9 October 2020

Top 10 advice for new parents

Hey readers,

Reminiscing on the time when I was blessed with having my first child I remember all those mixed feelings ranging from excitement, love, happiness, optimism, scared, paranoid, frightened, hopeful, dread, worry all rolled into one day, it is exhausting. 

It is such a massive change to have a child. It is such an experience from being at the hospital with all the support from the staff to suddenly leave or home is a very frightening experience.

 I never felt so frightened with the unknown and doubting how I was going to cope with something so small and precious. The massive realisation of knowing that I was my son's carer for all his needs and having this massive responsibility was just overwhelming.

I remember the first night at home, my husband was in the middle of a phone call in the other room and I was in the living room with my son and end up getting myself in a state and having the biggest panic attack ever. 

It was terrifying knowing that this is now my reality. No one in the pregnancy classes talks about emotions/mental health and how very delicate you are when your newborn arrives.

 The whole experience feels so isolating and a very lonely place to be. It does not help with the sleep deprivation enhancing emotions making the smallest thing blow at of proportion.

 Though do not fear it does get better with time and experience I thought I would offer my top ten list of things I wish someone would have told me when I had my firstborn.

1. Bottle feeding.

It's ok to bottle feed your not less of a woman because you do it. You do what is right for you.

2. Go outside.

Go out, don't stay in for six weeks it's utter bollocks. Don't let the walks cave in nothing beats a bit of fresh air and new scenery.

3. Books.

Save your money don't invest in parent books, focus more on you and what you think.

4. Trust. 

Trust in yourself you know more then you think

5. Sleep.

Forget the washing, have a sleep, you earned it and you are granted permission to live in a pigsty.

6. Skills.

Somethings as a mother doesn't come naturally for instance it took me about six months to grasp how to change a nappy and work the frigging steriliser. You have skills some are better then others it doesn't make you a crap parent your just human. We all have strength and weaknesses. Just learn to work with them and you will get through it.

7. Blog.

Write a blog, you feel less lonely and feel connected more with 'real' mummies

8. Youtube.

Learn to  love YouTube, it will help you during those late-night feeds

9. Help. 

Ask for help, no shame in it, if anything it is the strength that you recognise a problem and your willing to get it sorted out.

10. No pressure.

This notion of supermum is a pure fantasy we all make mistakes, mess up but we love our children non the less. 

Cheers for reading X