Tuesday, 13 October 2020

10 Reasons Why Animals Are Good For Children

Hey readers,

I believe that animals are really great for children and help them learn in so many ways. Let me express them reasons below:

1. Animals teach children how to be gentle and soft towards animals. 

2. Animals can help with learning, mainly dogs because children who are not feeling confident in reading out loud are more willing to do so when dogs are around. They feel more confident in reading to dogs which can really help enhance their education.

3. Animals can be loving and be a companion towards children. 

4. It can give responsibility to the child to learn to clean, feed and make sure the animal is loved.

5. Stroking animals can help lower blood pressure and calm down a child who is angry or anxious. By giving the child something to focus on, therefore can help relax the child through touch and stroking movements that are slow and gentle.

6. Animals help provide love and build a relationship of trust between child and animal.

7. Having animals around can help strengthen the immune system.

8. Living with an animal can provide compassion in children.

9. Sharing a common interest of looking after animals with other siblings can help enhance the relationship of the siblings because they have a common thing that they are both interested in.

10. Having an animal to cuddle can help reduce loneliness, isolation and feelings of hopelessness. 

What do you think about animals and their effects on children? Love to hear your thoughts down below. 

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