Wednesday, 21 October 2020

10 things to do during october half term 2020

 Hey readers, 

This year is a funny old year where a lot has happened coronavirus and you may be dreading half term as it is not like other times when there is a lot more available and socially you could do more i.e. stay over at grandparents house. 

It is all different this year and you may want to find some activities that you can do safely this half term holiday. so, here are 10 ideas that won't break the bank but keep you sane.

1. Slime. 

Kids love slime and my boys especially love slime and baths, So this is perfect. I picked up these pots of slime in Poundland for a quid and it is going to be an afternoon/rainy situation where it will come out and keep them amused for a little bit. 

poundland slime

2. Scavenger hunt.

There is a million and one on Pinterest and similar search engines that you pick one that suits you and your family. It is a great way to hunt for items out in the wild while keeping kids entertained.

3. Colour in.

A lovely activity to do with children is doing some colouring - is not only for children but for adults as well. There are loads of printouts and if your feeling seasonal there are Halloween wants to choose from.

4. Zoom calls.

If you cant see someone in person to keep contact with friends and family good old zoom meeting will safe the day. 
5. Carve a pumpkin.

Had to be including with Halloween falling in half term grabbing a pumpkin (doesn't have to be expensive you can pick up big ones from Aldi for a couple of quid. Carving a pumpkin is a fun and sensory activity and looks really effective when you light it with tea lights in the evening giving you that spooky ambience.

6. Film afternoon.

There is a good range of films on the telly during the half-term holiday for kids or you could stream, I like Hotel Transylvania and Scoob perfect for the family. 

7. Baking. 

Kids love baking in the kitchen and you can do some simple recipes so you don't have to feel overwhelmed in your confident like me. A good recipe is chocolate chip cookies not too complicated but always a hit.

8. Science experiment.

If you are feeling adventurous you could try a science experiment such as making slime or a bath bomb. 

 9. Go for a bike ride. 

A free activity you can do is go on your bike for a ride, you don't have to go far it could be local but at least you get out of seeing the four walls. 

10. Check out the local park.

Parks are an excellent way of burning kids energy off and if it is mild you could even take a picnic with you. 

Have I missed anything off the list that you think would make a great idea for entertaining kids during this coming half term? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X 


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