Monday, 12 October 2020

Reasons to love soft play.

Hey readers, 

 Now I am not a particular fan of soft play areas but I will venture out to one for my boys. When you're a child they are magical places and fun let's not forget. I will go out of my comfort zone to make my boys happy, not all the time but quite often even if I dread and sweat over it. Because let's face nothing beats making out children happy. 

* So I thought as I am a bit jolly having a drink *ahem* I would write some positive points about soft play and a reminder of why it is good to out to the daunting places.

* You can get a hot drink when they around like crazy lunatics. I dont often get the chace so as my bous get lost in all this newness and adventure with the hub I can relax sipping away at my tea.

* The little darlings get knackered out, therefore, a great way to get rid of all that pent up energy.
You can guarantee they will sleep through the night after a two-hour full-on session running around like Bolt! You're instantly winning at a stress-free evening and a quiet one to boot.

* It is a great place to go when it is raining as let's face it staying in can be hard to entertain when they are little and so energetic.

* It can help your child socialise, communicate and take it in turns with playing with the equipment. They will also use their working out skills, not to mention co-ordination with climbing up the padded walls, swinging from rings and kicking a football about. 

* A change of scenery for your child and play area can help stimulate and be engaging. Such as softball pit, slides, rope bridge. 

* As it is child friendly you don't have to worry about the noise your child makes and know that it is a safe environment to take your child.

* It's a physical activity to help get them active and use their bodies.

* As it is unstructured it allows your child to be free and use their creative skills and imagination. Which is all very good for their development. 

* It allows children to take risks and build their confidence in a newish environment. Inturn gives them confidence in themselves to be more expressive.

* it is dry when the weather is terrible.

* Mostly my children love soft play and get enjoyment in going as it is great fun for them.  
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