Thursday, 8 October 2020

Reasons why I love the internet

Hey readers,

 Could you imagine being without the me neither *sweating profusely at the thought*. 

The internet is my dear friend and it has helped me so much just as a parent which I would be at a total loss without it. 

I have made a list of the reasons why I am thankful for having such an amazing tool.

The internet is where you can find advice and talk with like minded people and generally just feel a sense of solidarity. 

Whether that be topics depression, parenthood etc wherein face-to-face be really difficult to talk to you can relax with a cuppa in a relaxed environment and talk openly with people in a similar situation.

The social media offers a variety of platforms such as blogging allowing you to meet others with similar interests and gain valuable knowledge, find a sense of identity and learn about yourself and the topics you're interested in.

The internet can be a fun way to get information on a whole a host of topics and it is so easy to access 24/7.

The internet lets you meet people from all around the world regardless of distance, money etc. It also provides a wider learning experience as your not limited to what you know but learn about different cultures, opinions and perspectives.

When buying products you can enquire and get information about your purchases. What with more reviews and feedback from consumers this has helped give a bigger picture of weighing up whether to buy an item or not. 

The net also gives you the opportunities to explore different avenues giving you more of a consumer choice. This would not have been possible years ago as pre-internet you would be stuck with the shops you could access. Now in this modern-day, you have more choice.

Research has shown that internet therapy has helped the reduction of onset post-natal depression as you can talk about your experiences leaving you to feel less isolated. Not only that meeting other parents can be a motivator and help make you feel better in your mood. 

Even if it just learning about other people's experiences or knowing that you are not alone with having negative feelings and knowing that others have manned their depression can make you feel better.

Opportunities can arise though the interest such as open university degrees, meeting new people or gaining aspirations to name a few can be down to logging on the internet and connecting to the online community.

Do you relate to any of these positive aspects of the internet? Love to hear your thoughts down below in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X


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