Friday 4 November 2022

The Cat Lounge Coventry review

Hey readers, 

The other day, my eldest and I went to check out The Cat Café Lounge in Coventry, which is easy to get to as it is in the city centre. 

The Cat Lounge Coventry review

The address is 26 Market Way, Coventry, and CV1 1DL.

The opening times of the Cat Cafe are: 

Monday - 11am until 6pm. 

Tuesday - 11am until 6pm. 

Wednesday - 11am until 6pm. 

Thursday - 11am until 6pm. 

Friday 11 am until 6pm. 

Saturday10am until 6pm. 

Sunday  11am until 5pm. 

Remember that kids under 10 are not allowed in, and if children do not look their age, they must provide ID. 

The Cat Lounge Coventry review

We arrived on Saturday afternoon, which was fairly busy, so we had to wait a few minutes, which was fine. 

You must make sure when you enter to close the doors for obvious reasons.

The Cat Lounge Coventry review

You do not need to book tickets to come here; you can just  turn up. You can, though, mind, sometimes be busier than others. 

We were then greeted at the reception desk and given instructions on what we could and couldn't do, such:

* Couldn't pick up the cats.

* If a cat comes near you when you drink or eat cake, stand up as a couple of cats will try to steal your food and drink your drink.

* No flash photography. 

* No chasing cats. 

* Not allowed to feed the cats. 

After reading the instructions (most of them are common sense), you need to sign your name and time in, as it is a record that

 You are paying per minute. 

The Cat Lounge Coventry review

Once that is done, you can go further to the end of the café to order drinks and food or can still go down at your allocated number to your sitting area. 

The cost of visiting the café is  £1.10 for 5 minutes and £2.20 for 10 minutes. 

If you use a card, payments must be a minimum of £3.30.

 Just outside the opposite is a Tesco with a free cash point to get cash if needed

If you stay after 15 minutes, you get free drinks. They accept card and cardless payments.

See the below picture regarding the prices of the extra time. 

The Cat Lounge Coventry  review

The cakes and drinks are £3.00. The cakes are really lovely. The hot chocolate is also nice and comes in a big mug with marshmallows and cream. 

The Cat Café Lounge, if you couldn't tell by its name, is a café where you can sit down for coffee and cake and get to pet cats. 

There are various cats, and they are all pedigree cats. They have short-haired British cats, lynx dolls, persons, and calico main, to name a few. 

Some cats are timid; well, other cars love a fuss and are happy to jump up and greet you. 

The Cat Lounge Coventry review

You can walk up to them and fuss with them, and they even have cat toys if you want to play with the cat. 

They have comfortable sofas and tables and lots of room for the cats to walk about explore, scratch posts and areas to climb up on.

 It has a chilled vibe with low music and soft lighting to create a calm ambience. 

The Cat Lounge Coventry review

Overall, I enjoyed the experience as it was something different to do with my son. 

We both have autism but found the atmosphere relaxing and calming.

 I highly recommend it if you're around Coventry City centre you won't regret it ☺ 

Cheers for reading X


  1. Why is it so expensive 15 mins is over £15 per person out of the reach of normal working people , it would cost over£45 to bring my two granddaughters 😢

    1. Author - thisiswhereitisat24 August 2023 at 16:49

      Hi I've just read through it again and just realised I made a big error
      It is £1.10 per 5 mins per person which is a lot cheaper. Obviously the costs go towards looking after the cats but I can totally understand your frustration especially during cost of living times. I will update later?
      I have autism and was with my autistic son so got a but Confuddled with the info but researched to get the correct details so I can make corrections soon X

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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