Tuesday 27 August 2019

Bamboo SockShop Socks Review And Giveaway. **AD**

Hey readers, 

Nothing beats the luxury of soft socks to keep your feet warm and protected. Have you heard about bamboo socks well if you not then Sockshop have a bamboo range of socks that have become really popular. 

The sock shop offers a range of sizes for kids, men, women and unisex so there really is something for everyone.  

 If you have heard of SockShop they are one of the greatest success stories in British retail. that started with a 'silly' idea about selling socks to now becoming a world-leading brand with the largest sock collection on the market. 

There are over 70 big-name brands, including Pringle, Elle, Tommy Hilfiger, and Hugo Boss, on our online store and SochShop sell to over 240 countries across the globe. 

There is a wide range of colour and design to chose from. I have kindly gifted the socks pictured below and can say they feel so good. I do love bright and bold patterns like the rainbow stripes and it is a great way to add fun to your outfit. 

There are many benefits of bamboo socks especially as I have autism and sensory issues so having material that is soft on my feet really helps keep me calm when I am out in a stressful environment.  

The socks themselves are super soft and skin-friendly that has natural antibacterial properties that prevent odor. Which is brilliant as I have sensory issues with regards to the sensation of sweating. 

My feet sweat because I pace and walk due to stimming and anxiety. Having socks to help reduce the odor can make me feel loads better when I am out and about and feel less anxious.

 It is the small things that can make a big difference and if it works then why not. With the material being bamboo moisture is much better than cotton, keeping skin cool, dry and healthy. 

As we are fast approaching the return of children going back to school, then Sockshop have you covered. The children's socks have hand linked toes for a super soft feel which is perfect if they are at school all day. 


How would you like to get your hands on two pairs of ladies bamboo Sockshops? Enter the giveaway below and you could be in with a chance to win some,  good luck! 

Cheers for reading X 

This is an AD for SockShop. I was given the stripy pair of socks in exchange for a review. The two ladies socks were given to host a giveaway. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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Monday 26 August 2019

What you need to know about Alton Towers.

Hey readers,

Have you heard of Alton Towers? It is an amusement park set in Staffordshire near the village of Alton. Also, there is Cbeebies Land which is smaller riders for younger children based on the popular children's programs aired on CBeebies television channel.

CBeebies Land.

They have a brilliant selection of rides that are not too scary for them. There is the wonderful In the night garden boat ride which is really relaxing and you get to spot the famous characters such as Iggle Piggle and Oopsie Daise.

Postman Pat Parcel Post Ride.

There is Postman pat ride in the van which is fun as they have interaction buttons and also the child can drive around while us parents slop about in the pack.

There are also live shows that you can meet the characters from Bing to Hey Dugaee.

There is also a brilliant park and that lets face is always a hit with slides and zip wires to get your little ones burning off some energy.

There are little up and down rides in Cebbiesland perfect for the young uns such as this fun Go Jetters ride and all you can sit together as a family on one ride. 

Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure. 

This was a hit going around the track and seeing the Cbeebies and seeing what they were up to. I enjoyed being high up and seeing all the views. 

There is plenty of places to go to toilets that are clean and baby changing rooms as well.

In the park, there are picnic areas and also a large area near the shows where there is grass where you can hang out too.

The Numtums Number Go Round.

The smaller rides at CBeebies Land can be a bit dull for my 5 and 7-year-old. I think there transitioning but still enjoyed themselves on many of the rides. However, this ride wasn't as much of a hit but be perfect for the toddler. 

Something Special Sensory Garden. 

I will be honest with you to have been at CBeebies Land for over an hour and a half. My eldest who is autistic was really struggling with the environment. He was very meltdowny and it was hard for him to calm him down. So, I took both boys the Something Special sensory garden perfect for time out and a little calm. 

There are plenty of benches to sit at and your little 'uns can have a runaround or indulge of sensory with touching and learning with the trees and plants. 

My eldest is the happiest when is climbing which he has done since 5 months old. If he could he would live in a tree. There are also musical instruments which can be relaxing too. 

The opening times. 

During the summer holidays the park is open from 10am till 6pm however, the times change according to the months so do double check if you visit here.

Car park costs. 

The car park cost is a flat rate of £6 all day. However, there is an option where you can pay for an express car park for £18 per car you get to park your car right next to the entrance of the theme park. This option is only available pre-booked and you can not buy it on the day.


Now when we visited we had purchased a Merlin Pass which allows you access to the park as many times as we want to.  With the Merlin Pass, it meant that we could get into the CBeebies Land at 9:30 before it opened at 10am to non-merlin pass tickets.

With the merlin pass, we opted for a premium because we thought that the perks were worth it. The price for premium pass is an individual price for adult or child £229 PP or a family 3+ (max 3 adults 12+) £189 PP. With this pass, you can get free parking at the attractions, 20% of food and visit anytime without restrictions. 

Alternatively, the standard annual pass or adult and child £179 pp or family 3+ (max 3 adults 12 +) £139 PP. 

With this pass it allows you to enter 30 top attractions across the UK such as London Eye, Sea Life Centre, and Legoland. 

Also if you have a disability that requires a career then that carer can get a free merlin pass. Guests with certain disabilities are able to get a disabled access pass which means they can enter via the ride exit to avoid the queuing. 


Near the car park there is a monorail and it approximately 15 minutes for waiting and arriving at the entry of Alton towers. However, you can walk to the entrance and it is roughly about 20-25 minute walk. 

I just want to point out that if you are a carer for the person with a disability then that person has to be 14 years of age to accommodate them on the ride.

Fast track pass. 

Comes in different packages - details below.

 * The platinum unlimited - fast track on 14 attractions cost £100.

* Gold - fast track 15 rides and attractions cost £60.

* Silver - fast track the big 6 rides cost £40.

Bronze - fast track 4 rollercoasters cost £24.

**Bear in mind that this total is not including the entrance fee into the park**.

Drinks  - refill.

You can purchase a drinking vessel in one of the many shops at the resort and this allows you to have as many refills as you want on the day for £7. However, due to sugar tax sugary coke, etc cost an additional 20p on top each time you want a sugary drink.


There is plenty of variety of eateries from fast food to top-notch restaurants. I took a picnic with us so that cut costs.

Alton Towers rides.

There are many different rides from rollercoasters to teacup spinning rides. You can check on the app the height restrictions so then your child won't be disappointed. 

Marauder's Mayhem - aka teacups. 



I took my children on the Hex which is a haunted house and sat in a ride that gave you the illusion of going upside down. Bear mind it was later in the day, we had been on a wet ride and they were quite tired. Both my boys had full-on meltdowns so be wary if you do go on that.

I much prefer Duel The Haunted House Strikes Back which is another haunted house ride. However, it feels more fun with different size floorboards and lighting. 

When you have walked around the house you then can go on the ride which is a great family-friendly ride. 

You have lasers in the boat for each person, a maximum of four. You ride around and hit targets and score points. Definitely, recommend this ride as it is my favourite. 

Runaway Mine Train. 

There is a choo ride which is brilliant fun where you sit on a rickety train, both my boys loved this and were laughing their heads of all along the ride.

Rapid Congar Rivers. 

There are wet rides to congo really good and the boat is prepared you will get drenched.

Sharkbait Reef. 

As Alton Towers is owned by Merlin Attractions which also owns the sea life centres throughout the UK they have added a small sea life centre in the park. It is ideal if you want a break to check out the fishes. The attraction also has a popular tunnel where you walk above seeing all the fish swim by. 

Sky Ride. 

There are three sky rides where you can travel in a box above the air which is brilliant for looking below near the gardens.

Ho pirate ship. 

here are also some really good rides for children under 1.2m such as the rocking boat and it was lovely and gentle. My 5-year-old loved this as you can see in the photo. 


A good tip is to measure your child before coming to Alton Towers as some rides will only allow children over certain heights depending on the ride. This will help your child not to get disappointed. 


There are plenty of toilets situated throughout the amusement part so no need to fear. 


The resort is big so be prepared to walk. But also if you want to explore there are lovely gardens and towers to walk around. 

Alton Towers App.

I would recommend the app because you can check the times of waiting, you have a map that can navigate well and you can click on all the rides closest to you so making planning a bit easier. It also had where the toilets and other facilities located.


‣ arrive early to the park so you get the full use.

‣ be mindful that at busy times there is a lot of waiting for rides.

‣ The park is massive and you will be walking a lot so make sure you wear comfy shoes.

‣ Do what feels right for you, don't stress about doing everything.

‣ You can buy cheap tickets at 241 when you buy chocolate. There is also Tesco points you can convert saving you a ton of money that way.

I have teacher training days and they are a brilliant time to take my boys as during a school weekday where it is quieter meaning smaller ques.

‣ I suggest bringing a spare set of clothing with you so that when you leave you can change and get cosy for the trip home.


Cheers for reading X 

Sunday 25 August 2019

A to Z of mental health

Hey readers,

I love good old A to Z and though as a person who has mental health issues and is interested in mental health I thought I  would do a list of  A to Z of all things mental health. So here goes...

A - antidepressants because it does help and makes a huge difference to help give you some space to think. 

B - body image is a critical player at times when it comes to the way you feel whether positive or negative. 

C - change is something you have to do to help you get better in a mental state.

D - depression because it is something that happens to a lot of people and it isn't just the feeling of a bit down. At times it can make you want to kill yourself. It is a fight that you have to battle with.

E - emotions because they are the things that trigger a response to the environment and the thoughts in your head. 

F - flight of ideas refers to a  person experiencing a flight of ideas may be extremely excited or anxious. Flight of ideas itself is not a mental health condition but can be a symptom of one. People with bipolar who are experiencing mania may exhibit flight of ideas. Mania can feel like being sped up, and manic people may jump from idea to idea.

G - gardening can be a therapeutic activity to give you something to distract your mind and relax. It has really positive benefits on mental health.

H - housing conditions which are poor or lacking help with everyday things like sorting out bills can be detrimental to someone with mental health problems.

I - isolation is a common feeling amongst people with mental health problems. I myself have at times feeling isolated and sense of not longing which can make your worse on top of your own mental health issues that you have to do with. 

J - juggling constantly to find the right balance to help you and your mental health. Whether it be a balance of diet, getting enough and not too much sleep. 

K - keep in shape is really beneficial to help with mental health. Not only does it help if you get side effects of weight gain from medication but it can also boost your mood. 

L - loneliness because it can be so lonely when your going through hell and trying to fight that battle every day.

M - medication is a lifesaver for me anyway. Of course, it doesn't radiant the problem but allows you to think clearer and that break from the constant pulling down feeling you get. 

N - negativity sadly often comes along when you feel crap it can be hard to see any light. 

O - oppression through society and judgment. 

P - paranoia can be experienced with some mental health conditions. I have it regularly and it can be very distressing and can feel very real at the time something that I am still working on. 

Q - quiet because sometimes you feel somber and don't have to the energy to communicate. Other times you need time to reflect and be quietness around you. 

R - regression because at times you shift back to old behaviour and vice versa. I feel that is important when it comes to mental health to mindful and conscious of changes in behaviour to help put strategies in place for when a bad badge occurs. 

S - self-care is vital to help with improving how you feel and getting your needs met. 

T - time because nothing comes instant and you have to work bloody hard to make progress when it comes to mental health.

U - upheaval because that is how it feels when I go through a bad spell of depression. 

V - vital to get the right support whether it is medication, seeking counseling or volunteering this call help towards a better hold of managing your mental health.

W - worry because it is partnered with mental health conditions such as anxiety, OCD etc. 

X - xenophobia can affect someone who is mistreated due to coming from another country or being discriminated in terms of where the individual is from. E.g. studies have show doctors more likely to diagnose immigrants with schizophrenia conditions compared to citizens of the UK for example.

 This, in turn, can affect massively on the individual with getting the wrong treatment and the quality of life. 

Y -yearning, and grief because losing someone you love to death is hard and it is a process that takes time to heal. 

Z - zestiest affects mental health and the way that current theories influence what kind of treatment one would receive. For instance, nowadays cognitive behaviour therapy is the thing that seems successful with treatment to some mental health conditions. Compared to the 50s where electroconvulsive biological theories favoured at the time where electronic shoots.

This is where seizures are electronically induced in patients to relieve some of the psychological stress caused to them by their mental health condition. 

Cheers for reading X

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Friday 23 August 2019

How to slow down in your life.

Hey readers,

Let's face it life in this technological world can be very fast-paced that can be difficult to stop, think and appreciate what you have around you. I have come up with my favorite top ways to help you slow down and just be present at the moment.

Do Less.

I for one struggle at times with this idea that I need to be on the go all the time. However, I am slowly wising up to the fact that sometimes you just need to do less. 

I have found that in actual fact, in the long run, this will affect overall production because you are getting the rest and not working yourself into the ground. My theory that I try to follow is slow and steady wins the race.

Be present. 

Sometimes we can get lost whether through stress or obsessing something that is good to get into the habit of checking in. This is where on the spot just stop and focus on the environment around you, you will be amazed how good you feel when you get into this habit. 

Do nothing for 10 minutes. 

I just have this thing where I stop doing things for 10 minutes. I have found lying on my bed in the evening looking at the washing moving in the wind on the washing line calming. this helps me to chill out without constantly go, go, go. 

Say no.

Learn the art of saying no because you know what you can because you have a voice and you have that right. Don't feel ashamed because you need to look after yourself. 


Learn the art of delegating tasks. Focus on the most important ones that need to do. Then if you have completed the less important jobs schedule a different time to do the tasks. Be kind to yourself, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Write down.

Write down things that give you pleasure and that you appreciate it. Allow yourself to enjoy the memories and do something positive for you instead of constantly thinking of what to do next. 

Don't multi-task.

I am one of these people that get caught up doing too many things in one go. I find focusing on one thing at one time much better for me and has better results in the end. 


Sleep is so important and helpful to get a rest and break. Making sure you get enough sleep will help with your overall health. 

Turn off technology. 

Make time aside and turn off technology during the day. It will do you the world of good to have some downtime from the interweb. 

Spend time with friends and family.

It is important to spend time with loved ones because life shouldn't be all about work but also having fun and making memories. 

What kind of things help you to wind down? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Thursday 22 August 2019

Why mockups are key to helping move your blog forward. **AD**

Hey readers,
As a blogger design is important when it comes to giving a visual idea of who you are and what kind of style of writing you want to offer to your readers.
A great way to add personalisation to your blog site or pictures on your posts is by buying digital items called mockups.

If you have not heard of the term mock-ups it is basically a design term meaning an arrangement of text or pictures to be printed.

This is a brilliant concept as there many a variety to choose from so you get the ride design for you that is personal to how you want to express yourself.

Of course, mockups can be used in a variety of places, not just in the blogging world. You can use them to place pictures on clothing and give them as gifts. Or you could use them to get designs on clothing to say for a restaurant. You can even place the design on photos. So as you can see mockups are rather flexible in use in a variety of places.

Going back to blogging as I am a blogger and design and visual features are just as important as words.

Where can you get this mockup?

Well, a specially dedicated website called Design Buddles sells  mockup logo target="_blank">mockup logo. They provide a variety of different and affordable packages so you can tailor them to what you need. The type of packages is Graphics, Templates, Mock Ups, Patterns, Illustrations and Craft Files. 

At Design Bundles you can browse over 15, 000 marketplace products. An example of this would be a mockup logo where 20 different types of logos to add on. The type of things would be useful if you are a blogger and you want to see your merchandise you can get the logo on a cup, or sell t-shirts or even business cards that are going to blogging events and want to promote your blog as a professional blogger. 
20 Logos Mockups example image 1
The picture above demonstrates the kind of design for these 20 logo mockups and what it includes is:

* 20 PSD files.
* 20 Mockups.
* Smart objects to place your photos
* High resolution with 300ppi.
* 3000x2000px files.

So this is really easy to get professional-looking products to further your investment and growth of a blog. It is really easy to contact the individual who is designing and also it only cost £9.98.

Not only that but the designs are tailed to you and you can download them and edit them if you so which. This, therefore, allows you the choice to get the best design for you and your blog. 

Like I said before mockups don't just help out bloggers but they can expand to any area whether it is you wanting to sell products as a business or even perfect for special days like hen dos and want to have personalised t-shirts. 

Another important point I would like to make is that Design Bundles offer 24/7 technical support online so you don't have to worry if you don't feel confident as there is always somewhere there that can help you tackle any problems that you may occur. 

Cheers for reading X 

This is an ad for Design Bundles. However, all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. 

Tuesday 20 August 2019

Sensory overload and autism.

Hey readers, 

One of the problems I have is I get overloaded and my mind can't cope with all the information it wants to process.

 This is a big struggle for someone like myself on the autistic spectrum. It is very challenging and hard to deal with at times. 

This post was an idea where I wanted to discuss the impact of sensory overload as a person who is autistic. 

However, the ironic thing is I have been thinking about this post for at least three months beforehand because my head has been spinning as a result of overload. 

I had so my many thoughts that I wanted to write down but it is draughting because of how much there was to process.

I struggle to process thoughts especially when they are fast pasting causing me to stress out.

 I feel overloaded with information and one big thing for me when thinking about how autism affects me is the need for control. 

I am massively swayed to think in black and white and if it is not concrete with regards to my thoughts I find it extremely stressful to manage my thoughts. 

When I feel overloaded I feel at times excited but stressed because I want my thoughts in order and it feels messy.

 I have so many thoughts at times and I want to process them but can't because other thoughts appear.

 I like to take my time and look at the details of the information but when I am juggling these thoughts information gets lost because I can't hold all the information. it is nion impossible. It leads back to not being in control. 

Sensory is a big factor and overload doesn't just deal with thoughts though that is one big trigger for me. 

Another scenario that causes me to feel overwhelmed and the need to want to shut down is when I go shopping.

 My body aches after and when I return home and husband knows not to bother me for a while as I am snappy and need time to wind down.

 Before he used to ask questions and it would really cause me to get stressed out. 

It is mentally exhausting being in a busy environment with people walking in all different directions.

 I struggle with fast movement plus people unintentionally touching you causing me to feel nauseous. 

On top of that, there is space and big spaces and small ones make me feel suffocated.

 If I am in a big Asda store say for example there is humming noises above with the extract fans really hurt my ears. 

The music played in the supermarket is loud and words can cause an emotional response. 

Not to forget I have a need to take in all my environment which is tiring as there is so much to see.

 Then the ultimate thing is the cashier small talk where they ask questions and wait for a reply. 

I have learned to script replies beforehand to respond through new questions occur where I am not prepared. 

I stutter and worry afterward whether I said the right thing. 

I am not good at confidently speaking and saying something off the cuff. It does not come naturally to me.

Afterwards dealing with that over sensory experience leaves me drained because it has taken all my energy to get through the struggles. 

I can feel really dizzy and I need to time to lie down to help get my balance back. 

 So, in just one scenario it all adds up to the pivot point where I am having a sensory overload as there too much information to process. 

I need time and that is what is important to allow me to deal with the feelings and thoughts that I have experienced. I then need to work out how to deal with the information and file it away. 

Ways that have helped me deal with sensory overload. 

1. Learn to accept you can't hold on to everything,  the world won't stop turning because I lose some information. If it is that important I will remember otherwise let it go. 

2. Don't watch programmes that cause me to overthink before bed, I need time to slow down my thoughts. 

3. Know that if it gets too much to have a backup plan. Even if it is just to sit down somewhere quiet away from the busyness for five to give me that rest to then go back and continue if needed.

4. If you are going shopping it can help to write a list of the things you need so you can focus on getting them and then get out. 

Therefore, you don't have to think on the spot nor spend loads of time working out what to do when you are anxious. 

Having a concrete plan also gives you that control and you know what you are doing. 

5. Have sensory toys that suit you so can use if you need to stim or get some sensory seeking done. 

6. Make sure you have snacks (I get low blood sugar levels when I am out for a long time). Also, make sure you have plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated and help think more clearly. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday 18 August 2019

6 Ways To Make You Feel More Happier.

Hey readers, 

We all get in a funk from time to time and it can be a struggle to breakdown that negative cycle. So, here are my top 6 ways to help shift your mood to a more happier one. 

1. Distractions. 

It can be hard to get out of snapping out of the negativity because you are constantly feeding it with your thoughts. 

It can be an automatic response to when you feel rubbish to focus on the negatives. That is why sometimes I have found that instead of trying to come up with a solution to the problem use distractions to take my mind off the negative feelings works well.  

Distractions give you something to focus on other than the situation you are in and can help breakdown the negative cycle. It doesn't have to be something big it could be as a simple as walking to the shop buying a newspaper and reading it on a bench. 

2. Breathing. 

A good idea is to take five minutes to lie down somewhere that is quiet and where you won't be distracted with noise etc. 

This allows you that time to focus on breathing. Breathing is brilliant especially with feelings of anxiety and worry. Focusing on using all your diaphragm and lungs is key so you allow your body to adjust and find equilibrium after experiencing a fight or flight response. 

3. Write down. 

Write down how you are feeling on paper. You don't have to worry about spelling but just write free-flowing off the cuff. This can help get your words down and understand more clearly how you feel instead of constantly having the thoughts swimming around in your head. 

4. Thoughts. 

It is so easy when you have low self-esteem to constantly be one's own worst enemy and drag yourself down. Be mindful of what you say to yourself. For example, instead of saying to yourself, 'your crap and won't get the job' swap by saying a positive response to a situation, 'I did my best and that is all that counts, what will be will be'

It is so important for your mental health to work on yourself (trust me I know as have had low self-esteem for a number of years and can totally understand how bloody hard work it is). Nevertheless, you can make positive steps forward and I am a big believer of baby steps.  

5. Sleep. 

Sleep is so important in helping clear your head and making sensible decisions. Sleep helps with regulating your emotions. 

I think we have all been there when a tiny thing can cause an irrational response when we are overtired. 

A good tip to invest in is to make sure you turn off electrics an hour before bed and watching or reading something that is calming can really be helpful for settling your mind. 

6. Exercise. 

Exercise is not everything however it can be of benefit with triggering positive hormones such as endorphins that give you that feel-good feeling. You don't even have to go to the gym, you can simply go for a walk for 20 minutes. All these little things add up and have an impact on your mental health. 

What ways help put you in a more happier mood? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X