Sunday, 25 August 2019

A to Z of mental health

Hey readers,

I love good old A to Z and though as a person who has mental health issues and is interested in mental health I thought I  would do a list of  A to Z of all things mental health. So here goes...

A - antidepressants because it does help and makes a huge difference to help give you some space to think. 

B - body image is a critical player at times when it comes to the way you feel whether positive or negative. 

C - change is something you have to do to help you get better in a mental state.

D - depression because it is something that happens to a lot of people and it isn't just the feeling of a bit down. At times it can make you want to kill yourself. It is a fight that you have to battle with.

E - emotions because they are the things that trigger a response to the environment and the thoughts in your head. 

F - flight of ideas refers to a  person experiencing a flight of ideas may be extremely excited or anxious. Flight of ideas itself is not a mental health condition but can be a symptom of one. People with bipolar who are experiencing mania may exhibit flight of ideas. Mania can feel like being sped up, and manic people may jump from idea to idea.

G - gardening can be a therapeutic activity to give you something to distract your mind and relax. It has really positive benefits on mental health.

H - housing conditions which are poor or lacking help with everyday things like sorting out bills can be detrimental to someone with mental health problems.

I - isolation is a common feeling amongst people with mental health problems. I myself have at times feeling isolated and sense of not longing which can make your worse on top of your own mental health issues that you have to do with. 

J - juggling constantly to find the right balance to help you and your mental health. Whether it be a balance of diet, getting enough and not too much sleep. 

K - keep in shape is really beneficial to help with mental health. Not only does it help if you get side effects of weight gain from medication but it can also boost your mood. 

L - loneliness because it can be so lonely when your going through hell and trying to fight that battle every day.

M - medication is a lifesaver for me anyway. Of course, it doesn't radiant the problem but allows you to think clearer and that break from the constant pulling down feeling you get. 

N - negativity sadly often comes along when you feel crap it can be hard to see any light. 

O - oppression through society and judgment. 

P - paranoia can be experienced with some mental health conditions. I have it regularly and it can be very distressing and can feel very real at the time something that I am still working on. 

Q - quiet because sometimes you feel somber and don't have to the energy to communicate. Other times you need time to reflect and be quietness around you. 

R - regression because at times you shift back to old behaviour and vice versa. I feel that is important when it comes to mental health to mindful and conscious of changes in behaviour to help put strategies in place for when a bad badge occurs. 

S - self-care is vital to help with improving how you feel and getting your needs met. 

T - time because nothing comes instant and you have to work bloody hard to make progress when it comes to mental health.

U - upheaval because that is how it feels when I go through a bad spell of depression. 

V - vital to get the right support whether it is medication, seeking counseling or volunteering this call help towards a better hold of managing your mental health.

W - worry because it is partnered with mental health conditions such as anxiety, OCD etc. 

X - xenophobia can affect someone who is mistreated due to coming from another country or being discriminated in terms of where the individual is from. E.g. studies have show doctors more likely to diagnose immigrants with schizophrenia conditions compared to citizens of the UK for example.

 This, in turn, can affect massively on the individual with getting the wrong treatment and the quality of life. 

Y -yearning, and grief because losing someone you love to death is hard and it is a process that takes time to heal. 

Z - zestiest affects mental health and the way that current theories influence what kind of treatment one would receive. For instance, nowadays cognitive behaviour therapy is the thing that seems successful with treatment to some mental health conditions. Compared to the 50s where electroconvulsive biological theories favoured at the time where electronic shoots.

This is where seizures are electronically induced in patients to relieve some of the psychological stress caused to them by their mental health condition. 

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