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What you need to know about Alton Towers.

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Have you heard of Alton Towers? It is an amusement park set in Staffordshire near the village of Alton. Also, there is Cbeebies Land which is smaller riders for younger children based on the popular children's programs aired on CBeebies television channel.

CBeebies Land.

They have a brilliant selection of rides that are not too scary for them. There is the wonderful In the night garden boat ride which is really relaxing and you get to spot the famous characters such as Iggle Piggle and Oopsie Daise.

Postman Pat Parcel Post Ride.

There is Postman pat ride in the van which is fun as they have interaction buttons and also the child can drive around while us parents slop about in the pack.

There are also live shows that you can meet the characters from Bing to Hey Dugaee.

There is also a brilliant park and that lets face is always a hit with slides and zip wires to get your little ones burning off some energy.

There are little up and down rides in Cebbiesland perfect for the young uns such as this fun Go Jetters ride and all you can sit together as a family on one ride. 

Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure. 

This was a hit going around the track and seeing the Cbeebies and seeing what they were up to. I enjoyed being high up and seeing all the views. 

There is plenty of places to go to toilets that are clean and baby changing rooms as well.

In the park, there are picnic areas and also a large area near the shows where there is grass where you can hang out too.

The Numtums Number Go Round.

The smaller rides at CBeebies Land can be a bit dull for my 5 and 7-year-old. I think there transitioning but still enjoyed themselves on many of the rides. However, this ride wasn't as much of a hit but be perfect for the toddler. 

Something Special Sensory Garden. 

I will be honest with you to have been at CBeebies Land for over an hour and a half. My eldest who is autistic was really struggling with the environment. He was very meltdowny and it was hard for him to calm him down. So, I took both boys the Something Special sensory garden perfect for time out and a little calm. 

There are plenty of benches to sit at and your little 'uns can have a runaround or indulge of sensory with touching and learning with the trees and plants. 

My eldest is the happiest when is climbing which he has done since 5 months old. If he could he would live in a tree. There are also musical instruments which can be relaxing too. 

The opening times. 

During the summer holidays the park is open from 10am till 6pm however, the times change according to the months so do double check if you visit here.

Car park costs. 

The car park cost is a flat rate of £6 all day. However, there is an option where you can pay for an express car park for £18 per car you get to park your car right next to the entrance of the theme park. This option is only available pre-booked and you can not buy it on the day.


Now when we visited we had purchased a Merlin Pass which allows you access to the park as many times as we want to.  With the Merlin Pass, it meant that we could get into the CBeebies Land at 9:30 before it opened at 10am to non-merlin pass tickets.

With the merlin pass, we opted for a premium because we thought that the perks were worth it. The price for premium pass is an individual price for adult or child £229 PP or a family 3+ (max 3 adults 12+) £189 PP. With this pass, you can get free parking at the attractions, 20% of food and visit anytime without restrictions. 

Alternatively, the standard annual pass or adult and child £179 pp or family 3+ (max 3 adults 12 +) £139 PP. 

With this pass it allows you to enter 30 top attractions across the UK such as London Eye, Sea Life Centre, and Legoland. 

Also if you have a disability that requires a career then that carer can get a free merlin pass. Guests with certain disabilities are able to get a disabled access pass which means they can enter via the ride exit to avoid the queuing. 


Near the car park there is a monorail and it approximately 15 minutes for waiting and arriving at the entry of Alton towers. However, you can walk to the entrance and it is roughly about 20-25 minute walk. 

I just want to point out that if you are a carer for the person with a disability then that person has to be 14 years of age to accommodate them on the ride.

Fast track pass. 

Comes in different packages - details below.

 * The platinum unlimited - fast track on 14 attractions cost £100.

* Gold - fast track 15 rides and attractions cost £60.

* Silver - fast track the big 6 rides cost £40.

Bronze - fast track 4 rollercoasters cost £24.

**Bear in mind that this total is not including the entrance fee into the park**.

Drinks  - refill.

You can purchase a drinking vessel in one of the many shops at the resort and this allows you to have as many refills as you want on the day for £7. However, due to sugar tax sugary coke, etc cost an additional 20p on top each time you want a sugary drink.


There is plenty of variety of eateries from fast food to top-notch restaurants. I took a picnic with us so that cut costs.

Alton Towers rides.

There are many different rides from rollercoasters to teacup spinning rides. You can check on the app the height restrictions so then your child won't be disappointed. 

Marauder's Mayhem - aka teacups. 



I took my children on the Hex which is a haunted house and sat in a ride that gave you the illusion of going upside down. Bear mind it was later in the day, we had been on a wet ride and they were quite tired. Both my boys had full-on meltdowns so be wary if you do go on that.

I much prefer Duel The Haunted House Strikes Back which is another haunted house ride. However, it feels more fun with different size floorboards and lighting. 

When you have walked around the house you then can go on the ride which is a great family-friendly ride. 

You have lasers in the boat for each person, a maximum of four. You ride around and hit targets and score points. Definitely, recommend this ride as it is my favourite. 

Runaway Mine Train. 

There is a choo ride which is brilliant fun where you sit on a rickety train, both my boys loved this and were laughing their heads of all along the ride.

Rapid Congar Rivers. 

There are wet rides to congo really good and the boat is prepared you will get drenched.

Sharkbait Reef. 

As Alton Towers is owned by Merlin Attractions which also owns the sea life centres throughout the UK they have added a small sea life centre in the park. It is ideal if you want a break to check out the fishes. The attraction also has a popular tunnel where you walk above seeing all the fish swim by. 

Sky Ride. 

There are three sky rides where you can travel in a box above the air which is brilliant for looking below near the gardens.

Ho pirate ship. 

here are also some really good rides for children under 1.2m such as the rocking boat and it was lovely and gentle. My 5-year-old loved this as you can see in the photo. 


A good tip is to measure your child before coming to Alton Towers as some rides will only allow children over certain heights depending on the ride. This will help your child not to get disappointed. 


There are plenty of toilets situated throughout the amusement part so no need to fear. 


The resort is big so be prepared to walk. But also if you want to explore there are lovely gardens and towers to walk around. 

Alton Towers App.

I would recommend the app because you can check the times of waiting, you have a map that can navigate well and you can click on all the rides closest to you so making planning a bit easier. It also had where the toilets and other facilities located.


‣ arrive early to the park so you get the full use.

‣ be mindful that at busy times there is a lot of waiting for rides.

‣ The park is massive and you will be walking a lot so make sure you wear comfy shoes.

‣ Do what feels right for you, don't stress about doing everything.

‣ You can buy cheap tickets at 241 when you buy chocolate. There is also Tesco points you can convert saving you a ton of money that way.

I have teacher training days and they are a brilliant time to take my boys as during a school weekday where it is quieter meaning smaller ques.

‣ I suggest bringing a spare set of clothing with you so that when you leave you can change and get cosy for the trip home.

Cheers for reading X 


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