Friday 30 September 2022

Positivive benefits of video games for kids

Hey readers, 

Playing video games for kids gets a bad press but did you know that actually there are positive benefits to playing video games. Here are 10 benefits of video games for kids. 

Positive benefits of video games for kids

  1. Teach them problem-solving. 

Traditionally video games train problem-solving and strategy development skills by getting the player to solve increasingly complicated problems. In many cases, there is time pressure which develops speed and decision-making skills.  

2. Sparks creativity. 

Ample research has shown that video games can stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving. And they help to keep your cognitive abilities sharp as well. Gaming can also have other big benefits when it comes to creative problems and works. Video games can also help to set up perfect challenges that help gamers to expend energy. Engaging in an activity that is either stimulating or engaging leads to an increase in dopamine levels in the brain. 

3 Visual-spatial awareness.  

When we are talking about spatial awareness in games it refers to the spatial skills that we have and our ability to rotate and conceptualise 3-D objects and decipher maps, graphs and diagrams can help with spital awareness.

 Studies have found evidence that video games can increase processing speed, cognitive flexibility, working memory, social skills, and problem-solving skills. The bottom line: it's absolutely possible to develop important spatial awareness skills while playing games such as Minecraft, Roblox and The Sims.  

4. Social connections. 

Studies have found that playing video games, especially those that are social and collaborative, can lead to more prosocial behaviours (behaviour that is positive, helpful, and aimed toward social acceptance and friendship) among children. 

Video games have created a fun and engaging way of connecting with people and can act as an essential teaching tool in developing social skills. Video games can help build cooperation skills and supporting skills as players have the option to work together to form alliances and create teams working cooperatively.

5 Improve concentration.  

Video games help improve children's concentration. And it was the kids who played action video games which showed the biggest improvements. Not only did they perform better on attention tests. They also improved their reading speed without any loss of reading comprehension. 

6. Improve coordination.  

Managing a controller with their hands while watching a screen with their eyes improves kids' hand-eye coordination. In fact, research from the medical journal PLOS One found that surgeons who played video games improved their hand-eye coordination and precise muscle movement. 

7. Enhance memory. 

According to some research studies, video games improve problem-solving skills. These research studies reveal that some parts of our brains may grow as a consequence of playing. These parts are associated with strategic planning, memory and spatial navigation.

8. Reduces stress.

Specifically, video game play has been found to lead to improved mood, reduced emotional disturbance, improved emotion regulation, relaxation, and stress reduction. Importantly, the moderate play has been associated with better outcomes than either excessive play or a lack of play.

9. Improve self-esteem.  

Specifically, video game play has been found to lead to improved mood, reduced emotional disturbance, improved emotion regulation, relaxation, and stress reduction. Importantly, the moderate play has been associated with better outcomes than either excessive play or a lack of play.

10. Good learning tool. 

 Many modern education institutions incorporate video games as a teaching methodology. This helps these children improve their academic skills by providing video games that are specifically aimed at enhancing their cognitive and creative skills.

What do you think about kids' video games? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X  

Monday 26 September 2022

How to save money on your clothes

Hey readers,

Times are tough and we are looking for ways to cut down our costs of spending one way we can do that is by reducing the amount we spend on clothing. I have 5 tips on how to save money on your clothes. 

How to save money on your clothes

 1. Recycle old clothes for vouchers

These schemes all reward you for recycling old clothes:

  • H&M - receive a £5 voucher (to be redeemed against a £25 shop) if you recycle a bag of unwanted clothes or textiles from any store in any condition at a branch of H&M.
  • Marks and Spencer - receive a £5 voucher (to be redeemed against a £35 shop) if you donate items to Oxfam (either clothing or soft furnishings). They must not be damaged or soiled as clothes will be resold. You can also donate items in M&S stores under the retailer's 'Shwop' scheme - you won't get a voucher but Sparks members will get a free treat if they scan the QR code on the donation box.
  • New Look - take good-quality, pre-loved fashion to a Hospice charity shop (find them here), scan the QR code on the counter and receive 15% off your next shop at New Look.
  • Schuh - receive a £5 voucher (to be redeemed against a £25 spend) when you bring an old pair of shoes (any brand).
  • Sweaty Betty - receive a £10 voucher (to be redeemed against a £50 spend) when you recycle an old pair of leggings (any brand) to the store, which can also be done online.

2. Shop out of season.

We know, it’s exciting to buy things pre-season. When it’s icy outside, that lightweight sundress makes you feel like spring is right around the corner. But if you’re buying in anticipation of what’s next, you’re paying the maximum retail price. If you shop for what’s not happening, you’ll get a much better price. Sure, it might feel weird to buy a sweater when it’s nearly triple digits outside, but it’ll save you some cool cash.

3. Where to buy second-hand clothes

There are many places where you can buy second-hand clothes, either in-store or online. 

For stores try local charity shops, or antique shops if you like vintage clothing. Many such shops have now reopened with all the necessary Covid-related measures in place. You will need to be prepared to browse as obviously everything is a one-off item and you can’t guarantee what will or will not be there. But there are many bargains to be had and you will be helping to support either a charity or a local business

There are also many online auctions and selling sites, for example:


Facebook Marketplace


*  Preloved 

As well as searching for specific items that you want, it can also be worth including the word “bundle” or “job lot” in your search. You can often find a listing that includes several items which a seller does not have time to list individually, so can work out at incredible value. And if there are some of the items that either don’t fit or you don’t like, you can always pass them on to friends or your local charity shop: you will still bag a bargain.

5. Try 'swishing'

 'Swishing' is the term for swapping items of clothing or footwear with other people. Instead of shopping for new garments, it’s worth getting a group of friends or colleagues together to swap unwanted clothes.

6. Upcycle existing garments

Changing your existing clothes is one way to freshen up your wardrobe without throwing out and replacing the whole lot.

Merion Willis, the Craft Editor at Lovecraft's, said embroidering flowers, geometric patterns or fun lettering to clothing can give a personal finish.“Adding embroidery to tired knitwear is a super-fast way to brighten it up.”

What do you think of my tips on how to save money on clothes? Have I missed a good way to save money that you use that has helped you? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Sunday 25 September 2022

My Sunday photo 5/09/2022


My Sunday photo 25/09/2022

They can be nice together now and again 😉 

Friday 23 September 2022

What does an autistic shutdown feel like?

 Hey readers, 

As I am getting older I have noticed that the way I manage to respond emotionally has changed somewhat. I have reduced the number of times I have a meltdown and I am more likely to respond to a situation by going into a shutdown mode. 

 I don't know whether this is a direct response to getting older or having more experience of life. It could simply be down to the fact that a shutdown is the better response for me as it is less emotionally draining and easier to hander after the event as well.

 You have to realise that meltdowns not only are emotionally charged during that the moment of the event but also there needs to be a time to recover after the situation.  Compared to a shutdown you use less emotional resources which results in an quicker time to recover emotionally. 

Although one does wonder does a shutdown in the long term causes harm if you are suppressing emotions however that is something I probably will blog about at a later date.

What does an autistic shutdown feel like


You may be wondering what I mean by the terms of a meltdown. 

A meltdown in regards to a autistic one, as opposed to a toddler one, is a response to the mind or body when it is feeling overwhelmed. It may at times appear to happen without warning.
By rights, anyone can have a meltdown an autistic meltdown is stronger and more frequent. I tend to find I need time after my meltdown to recover and deal with processing the situation.

 With my meltdowns I tend to shout because I am angry and lose control because mainly as a result of the change, I am flapping and pacing, I sometimes self-harm, hyperventilate and struggle to put my thoughts into words and express myself clearly. I am also very anxious and can have panic attacks again linked to control and not knowing what is happening or being in control of a situation. 


So on the other side, we have a thing called a shutdown and you probably can work out from the name what the behaviour will be towards this term. 

Due to the overwhelmingness of the situation and the inability to know how to deal with the situation an autistic person will sometimes literal shut down like a computer. 

The characteristics of a shutdown tend to be for me is when I go mute, I don't want to talk to anyone. I want to hide away in a corner away from anyone or any stimulation time. 

 I like to hide in the darkness as this tends to help calm me down. As before shutdown mode, I do often get sensory overload when too many different sensory things all occur at once whether that be the level of noise in the background, the lights, business etc. 

 So I seek out a quiet, dark and calm environment where I can just be still and don't have to think. Going into shutdown mode for me is a safe place where I can regain regularity within my body and mind. It is the time when I can stop thinking the most and not have to collect so many messages to my brain, it is a break to breathe and just be. 

One of the reasons I prefer shutdown to a meltdown is that they take up less emotional guilt which I feel after a meltdown I will be honest I am aggressive and get very frustrated. 

Autism affects me with change and not knowing what is happening strongly and I would call myself a control freak and hate not knowing what is happening. 

If people are late it sends my anxiety high and then waiting for a response pushes me right over the edge. So you can see I like to know what is happening, I am not a placid easy come, easy-go type person. I hate uncertainty which causes me great anxiety hence it displays itself in anger. 

So shutdowns I prefer are less emotional and time-consuming before and after a meltdown, but they come with a cost not only do you feel shit for a long time. 

Meltdowns chip away at your confidence as a person especially if you're having them frequently and as an adult, I think as a child you are more socially acceptable to have a meltdown but people judge you. 

Over time, this really affects your mental health, so you can see the correlation of why so many autistic people have mental health conditions as well to deal with.   

Shutdowns are easy to manage they take less time because they are slower you are calmer in a sense so that helps although over the long term could fuel depression which has happened to me in the past so be mindful of that. 

So you can see why shutdowns are more attractive if you had to choose between two as a way of dealing with the neurological and emotional factors of autism issues that occur frequently throughout most autistic persons' lives. 

Cheers for reading X 

Monday 19 September 2022

60 autumn blog post ideas

Hey readers,

Sometimes it can be challenging to think of ideas on the spot so I have 60 fantastic blog ideas for the autumn period so you don't have to stress. Hope they help find some inspiration.  

60 autumn blog post ideas

1. Autumn wardrobe capsule.

2. Outdoor activities to do during autumn time.

3. Your favourite autumn Instagram captions.

4. How to deal with darker days.

5. A seasonal recipe.

6. A coat wishlist.

7. A favourite autumn Instagram account to follow.

8. Things to do in autumn with the family.

9. Your favourite knitwear.

10. Morning routine.

11. Evening routine.

12. A list of autumnal walks in your local area.

13. Autumn bucket list.

14.  How to carve a pumpkin. 

15. Different ideas to decorate a pumpkin.

16. Autumn self-care routine.

17. Autumn wellness tips. 

18. Things to do on a rainy day. 

19. Slow cooker recipes.

20. Hot chocolate recipes

21. Ways to embrace Hygge.

22. Why do you like autumn.

23. Your favourite autumn candles. 

24. Halloween nail art.

25. Halloween DIYs.

26. Autumn photo props.

27. How to take blog photos on darker days.

28. 10 autumn stables.

29. Frugal autumn meals.

30. How to cut down on your heating bill. 

31. Autumn bag essentials. 

32. Autumn hairstyles.

33. Loves and lusts for autumn.

34. What's worth watching on the telly this autumn.

35. Your favourite Halloween movies.

36. How to keep warm this season.

37. Places to go pumpkin picking. 

38. Autumn date ideas.

39. Product Review.

40. What I am thankful for this year.

41. Your favourite autumn scents.

42. Blog post ideas for autumn. 

43. Share a Q & A autumn tag.

44. Best bloggers to follow this autumn. 

45. Your autumn workout routine.

46. How to save money during autumn time. 

47. How to layer clothes.

48. How to deal with dry skin.

49. Where to get cheap Halloween decorations.

50. No cost fall activities.

51. Top 5 autumn beverages.

52. Autumn stables you can not live without. 

53. Autumnal activities to do with children.

54. Autumn/Halloween decorations you have in your home.

55. Favourite Halloween memes

56. Halloween costume ideas.

57. Do an autumn photography challenge.

58. Blogging essentials for autumn. 

59. The boots you need this autumn.

60. Share an autumn music playlist. 

Have I missed any good autumn blog post ideas out of the list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Sunday 18 September 2022

My Sunday Photo 18/09/2022

We had fun enjoying the Polination event in Birmingham listening all about senses and taking it all in. 

Friday 16 September 2022

100 of the best mummy blogger Instagram hashtags!

 Hey readers, 

I love Instagram it is a great way to see loads of different types of interests and gives so many visual ideas. You can check out my Instagram account here I often post about parenting (I do have two boys aged 8 &10). 

I also post about food and saving money I am not one for sticking to one area as I get bored easily and get distracted. I go by the philosophy that variety is the spice of life so I am going t tell you you should be tailoring your Instagram to be a certain style of feed. I miss the old Instagram when people just posted random shit, people seem so obsessed with making the feed a certain and the colour theme and all that bollocks.

 I digress but my point is I do enjoy Instagram, I post whatever tickles my fancy often parenting because I am a parent it influences my life it is fun and hard so yeah that is one theme. 

100 of the best mummy blogger Instagram hashtags!

So do I like to use hashtags, of course, they help with reach because if you didn't use them then fewer people would see you're imaged because they wouldn't be tagged with the hashtag.

 Obviously, your feed does what the hell you want but if you're going to get more engagement the most way would be hashtags. If parenting is your jam then you might find this post helpful as I unveil 100 mummy blogger hashtags that can help give you some inspiration for you to use when tagging on your photos.

100 hashtags for mum bloggers on Instagram. 

1. Mumlife. 

2. Mum.  

3. Momlife. 

4. Instamum.

5. Pbloggersuk.

6. Motherhood.

7. Parenting.

8. Mummybloggeruk. 

9. Mumbloggeruk. 

10. Familytime. 

11. Mummyblogger. 

12. Raisingboys.

13. Dailyparenting. 

14. Mumofboys. 

15. Family. 

16. Motherhoodunplugged. 

17. Mama. 

18. Ukmumssquad. 

19. Pblogger. 

20. Boymum. 

21. Happydays. 

22. Memories.

23. Familylife. 

24. Capturingmemories. 

25. Realparenting. 

26. Familyfirst. 

27. Love.

28. Documentyourdays. 

29. Mumblogger.

30. Parentblogger. 

31. Mumlifeuk.
32. Mumblog.

33. Ukmummyblogger. 

34. Ukmums. 

35. Kidsofinstagram. 

36. Momsofinstagram. 

37. Channelmumvillage. 

38. Parenthood. 

39. Familiesofinstagram. 

40. Parentbloggeruk.

41. Childhoodunplugged.

42. Mumbloggers. 

43. Magicofchildhood.

44. Mumssupportingmums. 

45. Mummydaries. 

46. Instamummy. 

47. Mummylife. 

48. Ukmumblog. 

50. Dailymotherhood. 

51. Mommybloggers. 

52. Momblogger. 

53. Family blogger. 

54. Motherhoodunfilitered. 

55. Familyof. 

56. Ukparentbloggers. 

57. Pbloggers. 

58. Mumsofinstagramuk. 

59. Mumbloguk. 

60. Ukmum. 

61. Mommyblogger. 

62. Justanothernormalmum. 

63. Cutekidsclub.

64. Lethembelittle. 

65. Kidsofinstagram. 

66. Unitedmotherhood. 

67. Childhoodunplugged

68. Rememberingthesedays. 

69. Momswithcameras. 

70. Littleandfierceones. 

71. Magicofchildhood. 

72. Igmoms.

73. Lifecloseup. 

74. Littlestoriesofmylife. 

75. Worldoflittles.

76. Motherland.

77. Themagicineveryday.

78. Capturedmoments.

79. Developinglife. 

80. Mbloggers.

81. Whatevertheweather.

82. Celebratingmotherhood. 

83. Familylove. 

84. Candidchildhood. 

85. Letthekids.

86. Simplychildren.

87. Letthemexplore. 

88. Runwildmychild.

89. Thehappynow. 

90. Clickinmoms. 

91. Wildandbravelittles. 

92. Kidsfashion. 

93. Mytinymoments. 

94. Cameramama.

95. Thatsdarling. 

96. Simplemamahood. 

97. Nothingisordinary. 

98. Livethelittlethings

99. Blessed.

100. Mycolourfulkids. 

There you have 100 mummy blogger Instagram hashtags you can use at your disposal!

Cheers for reading X 

Monday 12 September 2022

50 date night ideas for parents

Hey readers, 

Date nights are so important to spend time with your loved one and it is good to do fun stuff, so check out my fun list of ideas for when you next plan your date night. 

50 date night ideas for parents

1. Have a picnic

2. Take a walk, hike or bike ride together. 

3. Take a brewery or winery tour.
4. Grab some ice cream. 

5. Rent a canoe, paddleboat, kayak, or paddle board. 

6. Head to a coffee shop. 

7. Go out for breakfast. 

8. Hit the arcade. 

9. Go bowling. 

10. Go ice or roller skating. 

11. Paint together on a big canvas. 

12. Prepare dinner together from another culture.

13. Organise digital family pictures together. 

14. Play video games together.

15. Play cards together.

16. Play a childhood game. 

17. Have an indoor picnic. 

18. Take Youtube dance classes together. 

19. Do a puzzle together. 

20. Watch the first film you ever saw together.

21. Gardening. 

22. Go camping. 

23. Stroll a local farmer's market. 

24. Go geocaching. 

25. Attend a local karaoke night. 

26. Take a driving test in a new car you dream of owning one day.

27. Take a drive around town. 

28. Fine free events in your area such as concerts, art displays etc. 

29. Volunteer together. 

30. Take a bubble bath together. 

31. Lie down in the grass and look at the clouds. 

32. Take random photos of each other at different points in town. 

33. Look at local deals on your mobile app. 

34. Catch up on a tv set together. 

35. Play frisbee golf together. 

36. Go to a spa together. 

37. Make homemade pizza together. 

38. Build Lego together. 

39. Go window shopping. 

40. Go to an escape room.

41. Head to the theatre. 

42. Get a hotel room, take a picnic, and just chill for a few hours in peace. 

43. Go to a desert place together. 

44. Go for a walk together in a country park. 

45. Have high tea together. 

46. Go bird watching

47. Go to miniature golf. 

48. Do a photoshoot together. 

49. Go fruit picking together.

50. Go to the zoo. 

What do you think of my list of date night ideas for parents? Have I missed any ideas? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday 11 September 2022

My Sunday photo 11/09/2022

And just like that they back at school with the eldest entering his final year at primary school. My youngest is starting year four so let's get ready for all the fun and games to start 😜

Friday 9 September 2022


Hey readers,

I have depression, however, I can still function fairly well most of the time. This week though I have suffered a knockback which has been hard to even get out of bed to function. 

I wanted to hide because I just didn't have the energy to fight. The only time I got up was for my children; otherwise, I felt numb and worthless.

Everything feels like a chore, having to find the motivation to continue was so hard it felt like a mental workout. 

My body aches because it has taken a battering from my mental torture inside my mind. I am frustrated because I fool myself that I am better when all I do is mask and try to continue.

I suppose with uncertainty my anxiety flares up making me hyper-alert to emotions and always on the lookout because I am not in control. I feel powerless and scared. I hate to think about my future because it saddens me.

My anxiety seeps into my dreams and I relive some painful memories. I don't like it, I smashed all my stuff on my bedside cabinet not realising until I was awake to find the destruction.

People don't realise how hard work it is. I know to change the record but it is true, you can't escape your own mind, there is nowhere to run and feel safe. You have to get through it.

 It is one of the toughest things I have to do, living is hard work when you feel like a pile of crap. I am consciously aware of how I feel. It is exhausting because I am battling my inner monologue.

Sometimes I want to give up a bit I don't because I would never dream of doing that to my children. They are the only things keeping me going at the moment. 

I know it's just an episode where I feel this crap and I know it will pass. it is just getting through this lousy storm to see the other side. During this dark time, it is hard to believe that light will appear because it feels like it will never end.

I think one of the triggers is feeling threatened and not being heard. I feel the injustice and the accusation that has been flowing around.

 It sucks and hurts. Fear that what I need won't be there and the fight forgetting what I deserve is tough going. It wouldn't have been so bad had it not been the situation encouraging the event to then turn the other way.

It is hard trying to fight and price something when really the person should open their eyes, but of course, money talks and who cares about being honest when really it all boils down to the number game, f*uck the individual.

I just feel so angered by life and just trying to prove my point. I just got to keep reminding myself it will pass and take one day at a time.

Cheers for reading. X

Monday 5 September 2022

Why you should do a brain dump before bed.

 Hey readers,

As someone who struggles at times with sleep due to anxiety one technique that I have found that has helped me is called a brain dump.

Now that you have not heard of the term brain dump let me tell you what it means. 
A brain dump is where you get a piece of paper and you simply just write down all your thoughts that are swirling around in your mind. It is a great way to feel like they have been put away for you to deal with them tomorrow. 

Why you should do a brain dump before bed.

Writing down the thoughts gives a clearer picture instead of thinking over again making it murky and making it feel like there is a lot more on your mind. It can give you more peace to know there is a smaller amount which can be dealt with tomorrow because you can't do anything right here, right now and it is much better to get sleep and be able to function tomorrow to deal with your issues. 

Writing down your worries helps if you worry that you may forget about these things tomorrow, now you can feel pressured because they are written down in black and white on paper. 

It is recommended to give yourself extra time to do this task and also not do it in the bedroom as it is best to go to bed with a clear head and not keep your thoughts with you in the bed. 

Now to make brain dumping a thing it has to be a habit so you have to be consistent and keep doing this every night even though at first this feels like a chore it will outweigh the benefits later on in your journey. The more we keep at it, the more we become better at doing brain dumping to the point where it becomes second nature to you.  

So even if it doesn't feel right at first you stick at it because the benefits are worth it with getting a good night's sleep. Brain dumping also reduces stress and anxiety which also clears the mind. 

What do you think of brain dumping? have you tried it? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday 4 September 2022

My Sunday Photo 04/09/2022

We got some £3 tickets yesterday for cinema day fo course we finally got to see Minions 2 which my youngest is obsessed with!

Friday 2 September 2022

Autism and change.

Hey readers, 

Today I am going to talk about change in autism as I am autistic and it is one of the big things that pisses me off! I may be an adult, I may have had years living with my diagnosis of autism but still, I struggle with change, more so when it is out of the blue and I am not prepared.

Autism and change.

Just for the record..... I HATE CHANGE! I know change happens all the time and it is something that from time to time we all have to deal with, but still sucks nonetheless!

Why do I hate to change so much you ask?

Well, one reason is the unpredictability of it... the not knowing it is happening and when it does it is scary for me. I just freeze and lose myself, I don't know to respond and depending on the situation either totally shut down  - where I go within myself and don't talk to anyone and hide away. Or I meltdown and scream and shout and boy can I do that like a badass!

 I like to be in control, I like to know what is happening and I like to plan things, I am a control freak and when I am met with change from the unknown totally throws me. I am confused and lost and I just go blank, I don't know what to do, looking back when I talk to my husband I can see I could do this or that but when I am an emotional wreck I lose or sense of logic. My thoughts just crumble and I don't know what to do. The range of anger fuels my veins and takes over so I don't think straight or I see the change and just total fear about what is happening.

 It doesn't matter how many times change has happened over the years when I am unaware and not in control. Or when someone says they are meant to come at a certain and they are late over two for example recently and don't tell me what is going on then I literally lose my shit.

 I can't concentrate on anything I am shaking, my anxiety is getting bigger and bigger as time goes by, and I am not in control so don't know what is happening.

 I am left to wait so don't know how to plan. I am better when I am aware of situations occurring and when I take time to adapt and process what is happening. I can take the time to talk to someone, I can research, I can plan.

 In contrast, stations that happen immediately with no notification through, out of such and again it goes back t some not being controlled and having no routine. I am also a rigid thinker so when I focus on one thing such as a change I can't think of anything that is happening because it just takes over my brain. It is exhausting along with the meltdown I am wiped out the next day. 

That is why communication is important for an autistic person to know exactly what is happening...if you let them know if something changing then tell them beforehand for example. 

What makes me happy is routine and knowing what to expect because I am in control as I know what to expect and don't have to use all my energy trying to think outside the box.

Cheers for reading X

Thursday 1 September 2022

How to make quick money online.

Hey readers, 

If you have some spare time on your hands and want to earn some money, there are many side hustles online that you can do to earn a few quid and some aren't that hot to do.

How to make quick money online.

1. Online surveys. 

One of the most popular ways to make a passive income is through online surveys where you fill in questions on a variety of topics that are sometimes short and some more extensive. Normally you get points that you get converted into cash or gift cards. You won't become a millionaire overnight or although with dedication you can earn some money.

2. Delivery driver. 

With food delivery being very popular since lockdown the demand for delivery drivers whether that be driving a car or on a bike is needed and apparently Glassdoor claim that food delivery drivers earn on average £15.00 per hour which is not bad at all. 

Although bear in mind that if you are thinking of becoming a delivery driver you will need to have business use insurance to cover the use of food delivery, and 'hire and reward insurance which allows you to carry and deliver goods in return for payment. 

3. Flip items. 

So what flipping items are where you buy something from a charity shop, car boot sale, Facebook market etc for a low price and then sell it on for a higher price. 
More invested long-term sellers like to buy pallets of large quantity items in a customer returned pallet which will have a variety of items that will or may or may not work but you can sell them on. 

4. Sell photos. 

If you are interested in photography then why not sell your photos. There are so many different types of photos needed that the world is your oyster the landscape, urban, nighttime, abstract, and still life to name but a few.
Many different want to buy photos for different projects such as the media, bloggers, private companies and public companies.

5. Transcriptor.

If you are good at listening then this side hustle is for you. It may be that someone needs the voice recordings from the meets being transferred to written format on paper.  Maybe a Youtuber wants their video transcribing to turn into a blog post. There are just two examples of why someone is looking for a transcription. There are specific websites hiring transcribers such as Way With Words Jobs.

6. Virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is a great role because you can do it from anywhere around the world as long as you have access to a computer. The role involves a variety of tasks and it is flexible so it can fit your lifestyle. 

An example of a virtual assistant role in a social media assistant is helping with social media with the comments, looking for ideas, dealing with messages, making pins for the social content, and even making newsletters for them. 

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