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Friday, 24 June 2022

Reasons to love summer

Hey readers,

We have had a couple of days so naturally can’t help but get excited for the arrival of summer, I am British it is a thing and the fact that it properly me majority wet. That won’t stop me from celebrating all things summer.

1. sunshine. 

2. going to the beach. 

3. Ice cream. 

4. BBQs.

5. The light nights. 

6. Sandals. 

7. Ice cold drinks.

8. Tan lines. 

9. Warm sand. 

10. Looking at the stars. 

11. The sea. 

12. Swimming in the sea. 

13. Road trips.

14. Writing in the sand. 

15. Summer thunderstorms. 

16. Outdoor fun time. 

17. Long walks. 

18. Daisies everywhere. 

19. Sunsets. 

20. Fly a kite.

21. Hang out the washing. 

22. No homework.

23. Picnics. 

24. Eating alfresco. 

25. Blue skies.

26. Open windows. 

27. The summer breeze. 

28. Water fights. 

29. Hot tub. 

30. Go pick your own strawberries. 

31. Wild swimming. 

32. Having a coffee outside. 

33. People watching. 

34. Boost your mood. 

35. Slush puppies. 

36. Flowers in full bloom. 

37. Trees full of greenness. 

38. Don't have to wear a coat. 

39. Lighter meals. 

40. Salads.
41. Picky teas.
42. Not having to wear socks. 

43. The fact that everything feels more hopeful and better. 

44. Not having to wear loads of layers. 

45. Having more energy.
46. More time outdoors in the evening. 

What do you love about the summer? love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Monday, 9 May 2022

7 benefits of breakfast.

Hey readers, 

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but do you know the benefits of eating breakfast.... well I will tell you down below. 

1. Fight daytime cravings. 

When you skip breakfast, you may feel ravenous later and be tempted to reach for a quick fix such as vending machine candy or doughnuts. In addition, eating breakfast may reduce cravings, especially for sweets and fats.

2. Keeps are brain sharp.

Studies have shown that when people eat breakfast, things like concentration, memory, and energy all improve, making them more alert as well.  Eating first thing in the morning raises blood sugar levels and keeps them steady, which can improve mood and help people have more energy.

3. Improves concentration.

Cognitive function and memory improve as a result of people having breakfast. Studies have shown that when people eat breakfast, things like concentration, memory, and energy all improve, making them more alert as well.

4. Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism. 

Breakfast jump-starts your metabolism in the morning. Getting your metabolism working early helps burn calories throughout the day. Skipping breakfast your body to converse, rather than burn extra calories. 

5. Better Mood. 

 When you’re hungry, you tend to be grumpy and irritable. Your body is running on empty because it needs fuel. This affects your entire system. Who wants to be around you when you’re like that? DO yourself and everyone around you favour each day…eat breakfast.

6. Family time. 

Having breakfast together as a family is an opportunity to spend time with one another. It allows you to enjoy your thought and the opportunity to talk. 

7. You can prevent type 2 diabetes. 

You read that right. There is significant research showing that you may be able to prevent diabetes by regularly eating a healthy breakfast. In a study conducted over a 10-year program, researchers found that people who regularly ate breakfast decreased their Irish of diabetes by almost 30%. A possible explanation for this is that skipping breakfast can cause insulin resistance, which is a feature of Type 2 Diabetes. 

Cheers for reading X


Monday, 11 April 2022

Why social media is important.

Hey readers,

Social media can get bad press but there are some really good quality reasons for why social media can be good so let's celebrate the positive today. 

Why social media is important.

1. Communication.

Social media is an avenue where regardless of background, education or wealth can speak up on topics or opinions freely. It allows discussion where sometimes it might not constantly occur in other situations in life. 

Social media has changed the way we communicate from the time it tasks to respond, to communicate with anyone in the world. There is a sense of connection in finding similar people with the same thoughts and beliefs.

 People with similar interests are coming together and forming groups and sometimes depending on the topic raising awareness. This also can help build relationships and can definitely feel less lonely when you can find people who think similar to yourself.

It is not just talking to others but also for example artists have been able to showcase their work and gain popularity through Instagram and create more opportunities for themselves. Other formats like Youtube give singers a chance to branch out to more people with being access to listen on the platform freely.

2.  Awareness. 

Social media is a perfect tool to help raise awareness through sharing stories, narratives, and photos, providing facts and data in a consumable way, making it more appealing for the audience to engage and help understand. 

The work to help create awareness helps build a community. A good example of this would be on Twitter with the #metoo movement, at first, it wasn't really taken seriously but with more stories of women speaking out about their experience of abuse, people began to take notice and actually listen. Just the simple act of using a hashtag allowed communication to open upon such a serious topic. It gave women a voice and power across the globe.

 It highlighted the number of women who had been assaulted and harassed. It allowed family, friends, and co-workers to read the stories from first-hand accounts. It even had success case in prosecuting a famous American film producer who got convicted as a sex offender. 

Even though people were at the time scared to speak because he had the money and power to threaten. But with power and voice game changed and finally, Weinstein got punished for his awful crimes when at the time he thought he was untouchable. #Metoomovement sends out a clear message that people need to talk openly and that it is ok that their voices will be heard.

3. Prompt business.

Social media is the way forward to prompt your business. Most people do not search for information about a company online whether through Google, Facebook, or many other platforms as a way to assess the quality of service or to find something that they are looking for to help them. 

Social media reach your target audience, stay engaged with them, and respond to their inquiries immediately. Another benefit of social media is to help your business to evaluate your completion by monitoring their social media pages.

 Social media helps build customer loyalty.   Not to mention social media opens doors for selling products in different locations other than when you are based and making more sales with your business as opposed to getting work through traditional formats.

What do you think about social media? Have you found any positive benefits of using social media? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Friday, 4 March 2022

5 ways to unplug from technology

 Hey readers,

Today is a national day of unplugging. So first of if you haven't heard the term unplug you may wonder what that mean. Well essential it means just not using technology (mainly your phone or computer) to have some time away from the screen to recharge your batteries and do things that are not needing to use your devices such as running a bath, playing a board game, reading a book or simply having a chat with a loved one. 

It is found that if we spend a lot of time on social media it can make us feel negative with feelings of missing out, not being good enough, and so on and so forth.

5 ways to unplug from technology

That is why coming away from the screen gives us a break and time to just stop and think about what is happening around us physically rather than in the world of the internet.

So here are my 5 tips on how to unplug from technology. 

1. Alternative activities. 

I often pull out my phone when I don't know what to do with myself. One of the best ways to unplug is to simply find better things to do. Whether it's spending time with friends, reading, or a hobby, engaging with the world around you is an easy way to stay away from technology.

2. Put down your phone at mealtimes. 

When I eat with certain friends and family members, we put our phones in the middle of the table. Anyone who simply has to check their phone gets lighthearted public shaming.

3. Read a book. 

 Too much screen time is wreaking havoc on our eyes, posture, and brains. Taking breaks from the screen to read a book is a nice way to still get information and enjoyment, but without the physical strain induced by an electronic device. If you like to read in bed, prop a pillow behind your head so you are not looking down at the book, this ensures your neck is in a neutral position.

4. Airplane mode. 

 When you need a mental break throughout the day, take advantage of your phone’s “airplane mode.” Uninterrupted time is critical not only to ensure you complete tasks but also to unleash your creativity. Your brain needs time to think, ponder and plan. And you need some peace!

5. Notifications. 

 To avoid information overload and apps piquing your interest each time your screen lights up or your phone beeps or buzzes, turn off notifications on all apps that don’t require immediate action. 

To start, some apps that are easy to turn off are news apps, store apps, social media, and notifications of random apps that require no attention (for instance camera apps). This will lighten up your phone and make you less distracted.

5 benefits of unplugging.

This will instantly enable you to become more present in your life and that, in turn, will do the following;

* Strengthen interpersonal communication and your relationships.

* Boost creativity and focus.

* De-stress and calm anxiety or fear.

* Improve gratitude.

* Create inner peace and joy.

Try to incorporate these tips into your daily routine and life will suddenly become more engaging and less stressful!

What do you think of my tips on how to unplug from technology? Are there any tips I have missed that have worked well for you? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X


Monday, 24 January 2022

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

 Hey readers,

The other day I purchased my second ever magic bag from the app too good to go. 

I bet you're wondering what a magic bag is? Well, let's start with the app Too Good To Go app which you can download too good to go app on Google Play and the Apple Store. 

The idea behind Too Good To Go is to reduce food waste by allowing you to buy surplus food at a reduced rate from shops and restaurants. The items have a short life but you do get good value for a magic bag (which is what it is called on the app). 

The type of places that offer magic bags are Greggs, Go Puff, Costa, Starbucks, Morrisons, Auntie Anne's, Tony Carvery to name a few. The cost of the magic bags ranges between £2.66 -£5.00. 

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

There are a variety of products on offer from sweet treats, to grocery items, and some now even offer magic pints where it is just alcohol-based. 

The idea around the magic bag is you dont know what you are getting, it really depends on what is not sold on the day that needs to be gotten rid of. 

So, that moves nicely on to my own expeirence of the Go Puff magic bag I purchased and it cost me £4.00. With my local Go Puff store on the Too Good To Go app they offer three choices which are a mixed bag, a vegetarian bag, and a magic pint bag. I chose a mixed bag this time.

Now Go Puff is a fairly new service that is internet-based. It is an online grocery shop that offers everything you can think of really from toiletries to meat, to vegetables, drinks etc. You download the app called Go Puff and click the items you need and they willl deliver in minutes regardless of the time of day.  

Now when you purchase a magic bag from the Too Good to go app you can purchase your order using Google Play, card payment, and Paypal. You do have to pay for the bag straight away and it will be reserved for you.

 Depending on the store it can fluxerate with the times. My time location was between 11:00am and 5pm. I got to the location around 3:30 pm. It is straightforward to get their location using the directions from Google map which is automatically done in the app click on the location and then it will tranfer over to Google maps. 

At the place I just rang the bell, went to reception, and said that I was here to collect a magic bag from Too Good To Go. They asked how many so assume there were others who also were coming to collect a magic bag. I said 1 and they were really friendly and it took two minutes for them to get the bag and hand it over.  

Once you have recieved your bag you should click on the app and scroll the bar across to confirm that you have recieved your magic bag. 

Below is the details of the items I got in the bag. I will state how much the items cost normally on the Go Puff app so you get the feel of how much money you are saving and see what good value it is. 

I have also previously done a Auntie Anne's magic bag a few months ago if your interested check it out here.

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

I always say make sure you have your bags as I didnt know that Go Puff provided bags free of charge. Though it is a big bag I did transfered it into my own bags as it was quite heavy with the foodstuff inside. I was a bit conscious of travelling on the bus and the bag breaking and all the food rolling on the floor, that would be a bit embarrassing. 

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

These are all the items I got in my Go Puff magic bag which cost £4.00. 

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

The Curators Biltong sticks, 28g - £1.99.

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

Yeo Valley organic skimmed milk, 1 litre - £1.30. 

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

1 aubergine - £0.94. 

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

MuscleFood beef burgers, 4 x113g - £3.99. 

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

BOL Korean chilli posh noodles, 1 pot, 345g - £3.00. 

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

Bertagni aubergine parmigiana grandi girasoli, 250g - £3.99. 

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

Rocket leaves, 60g - £0.99. 

Go Puff magic bag from Too Good To Go App

Butternut squash, 1 pcs - £1.52. 

I added up the cost to see how much I saved by buying a Go Puff magic bag and in total it cost £17.72 which I got for £4.00. 

Obviously the food does have a short date however for £4.00 it is good value. One point to make is that when examining the food the aubergine was a tiny bit ripe. But for the value saving, I can't complain and save food that would of most likely gone in the bin. 

I would like to try others obvisouly though do have to have the money and also get transport but yeah can't fault the app. I definitely would recommend the app if you want to save some money. One final point is that you get to try food that you wouldn't normally. 

Have you expeirenced Too Good To Go app? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Friday, 14 January 2022

50 things to throw out today!

 Hey readers,

January means a time to do some cleaning so what better way to feel fresh and new than to sort out some clutter that you no longer need. Below I have 50 things that you can declutter and throw out straight away. This will help immensely with having more space and less rubbish. 

50 things to throw out today!

50 things to declutter and throw out now. 

1. Puzzles with missing pieces. 

2. Old nail polish that is all dried up. 

3. Earring without a match. 

4. Old socks.

5. Broken toys. 

6. Old glasses (you can donate them at your local options). 

7. Take out menus.

8. Worn out shoes.

9. Old make-up.

10. Old newspapers and magazines. 

11. Empty bottles.

12. Old perfume. 

13. Old razors.

14. Clothes that don't fit. 

15. Old underwear.

16. Broken hangers. 

17. Old shopping bags. 

18. Rubbish from your handbags. 

19. Old spices.

20. Junk mail. 

21. Old cords.

22. Expired coupons.

23. Old calenders.

24. Old receipts. 

25. Cardboard boxes. 

26. Open bottles.

27. Old condiment sachets.
28. DVDs. 

29. Old medicines. 

30. Old towels. 

31. Lidless containers. 

32. Extra cleaning rags.

33. Old phone covers or screen protectors. 

34. Old paint. 

35. Plastic cutlery.

36. Jewelry you don't wear.

37. Expired food. 

38. Stretched out hair ties.

39. Little shampoos that you got from a hotel 5 years ago. 

40. Kids' old art projects. 

41. Kids' clothes that are too small. 

42. Travel mugs that leak. 

43. Expired sunscreen.
44. Plug-in air freshers without a refill. 

45. Old batteries (can take them to the supermarket as they ask for them).

46. Goody bag toys from an old birthday celebration. 

47. Hair products you don't use.

48. Phonebooks. 

49. Borken Christmas lights. 

50. Catalogs.

Have I missed anything on the list of items to declutter today? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X

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Tuesday, 30 November 2021

7 Best Subscription Gift Boxes.

Gifts aren’t supposed to be given only on special events or occasions, you can also send someone gift to give them a break from their daily hectic routine or you can also get one for yourself to treat yourself a bit special other than the 9 to 5 routine and stress.

So, We spoke to www. and came up with the best subscription gift boxes.

7 Best Subscription Gift Boxes.


Glossybox subscription means receiving the best and latest treats straight at your doorsteps but there might be some people who aren’t aware of Glossybox subscription so let me tell you guys that Glossybox is monthly subscription service and each month they send you a box containing 5 products from beauty and makeup category and worth over £50. If you want to keep yourself up to date with the latest beauty trends then Glossybox is the best option for you. Their monthly subscription will cost you less than £15month.


Toppbox is a bit different from the other subscription boxes as it delivers only men grooming products according to their skin type. So basically, Toppbox is subscription service for men, each month they’ll deliver you a box right at the comfort of your home loaded with seven different men grooming products of worth up to £70. These products include essential oils, face masks, Bullet & Bone Cooling Recovery body wash and a lot more! To get started you just need to create your account and enter your details so they can send you the box according to your skin type and their monthly subscription will cost you £24month.

Craft Gin Club

Where are all the gin lovers at This one is for you as they allow you to discover and try the unique small batch gins every time they send you a box. Once you’ve subscribed to their service you will receive a beautiful box containing a full-sized bottle of a craft gin, tonics and garnish along with a sweet savoury treat a 56-page club magazine to enjoy till your last sip.
You can subscribe to their monthly service by paying £40 a month.


The BakedIn baking club is a baking subscription service that delivers a different recipe each month to you straight at your doorsteps. After subscribing to their service you will receive a box containing the step-by-step recipe guide book, along with all the dry ingredients and plus some extras too.

BakedIn given you an opportunity to cook your all time favourite muffins, biscuits, cakes and cookies with really easy step by step guide and share it with your favourite people.
If you are one of those who loves baking and spending time in their kitchen then this one is for you and you can get monthly service by paying £7.50.


We all know that nothing can be better than starting your day with a cup of your favorite coffee and Grind is a subscription box that each month deliver you Compostable Nespresso Pods Letterbox Refill Pack containing 30 pods of three different blends which is enough to get you through the month and give you the perfect boost every morning. They also offer a decaf version in case you’re willing to with that one and you can subscribe to their monthly service by paying £15 per month.

Mud & Bloom

How can we not mention a subscription box for our lovely little kids while talking about the best subscription boxes! Mud & Bloom allows kids to build and improve their gardening skills. Once you’ve subscribed to their service then each month they’ll deliver you a box containing multiple tasks which will surely inspire your kid to learn gardening and get connected with the nature. You can get their monthly subscription by just paying £12.95 GBPmonth

Gadget Discovery Club

Gadget Discovery Club is one of the best subscription boxes for all those tech lover and they give you a chance to treat yourself or your loved ones a bit special by sending them their subscription box fully loaded with 4 innovative gadgets which they didn’t know they needed.

They assure you that every single gadget they’ll deliver to you at your doorsteps will help you to upgrade your home, entertainment or lifestyle for sure as their subscription box contains everything from tech, wearables to smart home devices including SamsungPhilips kits and Google home speakers.

You just need to signup with your details and select your preferences so they can send you the latest and exciting gadgets based on your profile. They also allow you to either choose a monthly subscription or you can also choose their yearly plan and enjoy hassle-free subscription. You can get their monthly subscription by just paying £33 per month.

Please let us know what you think and which one you liked the most by dropping a comment in our comment section below.

Monday, 18 October 2021

October tag.

Hey readers,

I tried doing this for Tweetober however, I forgot and then I kind of gave up. However, I really like the questions so I thought I would do the tag as a blog post.

1) Favorite fall colour? My favorite fall colour would have to be mustard.

2) favorite fall activity? going for walks in nature when there is that crisp feel in the air then going home in the afternoon into the warm, bliss!

3) Favorite fall candle scent? apple cinnamon.

4) Corn maze or hayride? I think a hayride would be much more fun than a corn maze.

5) Sweater or hoodie? I prefer a sweater much more comfortable though I do miss the hood.

6) Favorite fall clothing item? I love fluffy socks and the way they feel on my tootsies especially when it is cold or during a dark evening.

7 Favorite fall date idea? I like to snuggle under a cosy blanket watching a film and drinking hot chocolate when it is all cold and drizzly outside.

8) Favorite fall drink? I would choose a rare treat that I have now and again and that would be a cheeky Costa mint hot chocolate.

9) Favorite thing about fall? Oh gosh, so many good things. Darker nights, cooler weather, the colours of the leaves, fairy lights.

10) What are you grateful for? Though I don't have a lot of money I am glad for having a roof over my head, food in my belly, feeling safe at home and my boys being happy (especially when they are giggling together).

11) Pumpkins or apples? Apples I loves a good juicy apple.

12) Favorite Halloween costume? I really love Beetlejuice so of course, it had to be him.

13) Favorite Disney villain? Not a massive Disney lover but if I had to choose a Disney villain it would have to be Cruella de Vil from the film One Hundred and One Dalmatians. I chose her just because she kicks ass at being evil and she has a brilliant dirty laugh.

14) Do you like haunted houses? Yes, of course, I do they look so much fun.

15) Favorite Disney movie? Without a question of doubt would be Beetlejuice.

16) Favorite fall memory? Feeling cozy in the evenings.

17) Favorite fall decor item? my Halloween fairy lights from Primark.

18) Favorite Halloween joke? I got so fed up with trick or treaters at Halloween that in the end I turned the lights out and pretended I wasn't in. Forget the ships. My lighthouse, my rules...

19) Favorite Halloween song? Bobby Pickett Monster Mash.

20) Firepit or fireplace? I love the fireplace and get cozy. Firepit sounds like hell, lol.

21) Scariest Halloween memory? Seeing humans, lol.

22) Do you believe in ghosts? No.

23) Pretty little liars or scream queens? Neither don't know what Scream Queens but not a fan of America-type programs that are saturated on Netflicks.

24) The favorite villain of all time? Hannibal Lecter.

25) Would you sleep in a graveyard? I already have when I was 12. I love graveyards so calming and no f*cker is around.

26) Favourite classic monster? cookie monster.

27) Biggest fear? Humans.

28) What Halloween monster would you be? Frankenstein.

29) The creepiest story you have heard? Jimmy Saville.

30) Favorite Adam's family member? Cousin It.

31) Halloween plans? eat all the mother f*cking sweets.

The blank questions if you want to join in. 

1) Favorite fall colour?

2) favorite fall activity? 

3) Favorite fall candle scent?

4) Corn maze or hayride? 

5) Sweater or hoodie? 

6) Favorite fall clothing item? 

8) Favorite fall drink? 

9) Favorite thing about fall? 

10) What are you grateful for? 

11) Pumpkins or apples? 

12) Favorite Halloween costume?

13) Favorite Disney villain? 

14) Do you like haunted houses? 

15) Favorite Disney movie? 

16) Favorite fall memory? 

17) Favorite fall decor item? 

18) Favorite Halloween joke?

19) Favorite Halloween song? 

20) Firepit or fireplace? 

21) Scariest Halloween memory? 

22) Do you believe in ghosts?

23) Pretty little liars or scream queens? 

24) The favorite villain of all time? 

25) Would you sleep in a graveyard?

26) Favourite classic monster? 

27) Biggest fear? 

28) What Halloween monster would you be? 

29) The creepiest story you have heard? 

30) Favorite Adam's family member? 

31) Halloween plans? 

Cheers for reading X

Friday, 10 September 2021

60 fun things to do on your birthday.

Hey readers,

Looking for some cool ideas to celebrate your birthday then look no further as I have 60 birthday ideas to get your inspired. 

60 fun things to do on your birthday.

 1. Eat at a restaurant that you haven't tried before. 

2. Play board games. 

3. Breakfast in bed.

4. Spend the day with someone special. 

5. Spend the day at a spa. 

6. Rent a limo. 

7. Spend the day at the beach. 

8. Go to a concert. 

9. Ditch work for the day. 

10. Have a coffee date at a coffee shop. 

11. Check out an amusement park. 

12. Climb a mountain. 

13. Play laser tag. 

14. Buy a new outfit. 

15. Do a birthday photoshoot. 

16. Go camping.

17. Go flower picking. 

19. Spend the day in bed.

20. Buy yourself a gift. 

21. Book into a hotel.

22. Go to a vineyard.

23. Visit a brewery hop. 

24. Buy your favorite treat. 

25. Head to a bowling aisle.

26. Go for a hike. 

27. Splurge on a nice bottle of your favorite wine. 

28. Buy yourself some flowers.

29. Turn your phone off for a set period of time. 

30. Plan a trip to somewhere you really want to visit. 

31. Have a favorite movie marathon. 

32. Go dancing.

33. Go to an escape room. 

34. Go wine tasting.

35. Go to a trampoline park. 

36. Watch a comedy show. 

37. Go canoeing or kayaking. 

38. Hire a boat and ride on the lake.

39. Get a psychic reading.

40. Go horseback riding. 

41. Go to a clay or pottery class. 

42. Go rock climbing.

43. Learn how to sail.

44. Go to the lake. 

45. Ride a bike.

46. Donate or volunteer.

47. Visit gardens or an arboretum. 

48. Check out a natural trust property. 

49. Create an art masterpiece. 

50. Visit a zoo. 

51. Live out your ideal day. 

52. Plant a tree.

53. Go urban exploring. 

54. Scrapbooking. 

55. Make origami.

56. Have a long soak in the bath. 

57. Try out VR. 

58. Play mini-golf.

59. Have a BBQ. 

60. Got a fair, carnival, or festival. 

What do you like to do on your birthday? Love to hear your ideas in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X
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