Monday 31 October 2022

100 everyday photograph ideas

 Hey readers,

This post is to help you feel inspired for ideas to take of things when you don't have to hit a blank wall of inspiration. I like playing with my phone camera and it is always fun to have ideas beforehand of what I want to take photos of so here is a brilliant list I did (for myself to go back to as well when I am stuck) of photography ideas. 

100 everyday photograph ideas

100 everyday photograph ideas.

1. Flowers. 

2. Trees.

3. Bark.

4. Vines. 

5. Leaves. 

6. Tallgrass. 

7. Driftwood. 

8. Fields. 

9. Pumpkin patch. 

10. Sunflower fields. 

11. Lego figures. 

12. Children's toys. 

13. Christmas lights. 

14. Shadows.

15. Street lights. 

16. The sky. 

17. Sunrise/sunset. 

18. Pets. 

19. Birds

20. Single fruit.

21. Light bulb. 

22. Plate of food. 

23. Forks. 

24. Eggs.

25. Glassware. 

26. Stairs or steps. 

27. Windows.

28. Books. 

29. Taps. 

30. Candles. 

31. Vintage signs. 

32. Rainbows.

33. Glass. 

34. Door. 

35. Clouds. 

36. Smoke. 

37. Pathways.

38. Trails. 

39. Dirt Roads. 

40. Bowl of fruit. 

41. Marbles. 

42. Hands.

43. Reflections. 

44. Sweets. 

45. Shoes. 

46. Kitchen at night. 

47. Lights from the fridge. 

48. Bubbles. 

49. Your oven. 

50. Snow. 

51. Ice. 

52. Rocks or stones. 

53. Farm animals. 

54. Panning. 

55. Indoor fire.

56. Sea.

57. Sand. 

58. Mountains. 

59. Aquarium. 

60. Glass buildings.

61. Bathtime. 

62. Archways. 

63. Hobbies.
64. Campfires. 

65. Self-portrait.

66. Use tablet light. 

67. Go intentionally out of focus. 

68. Drinks. 

69. Light Bokeh. 

70. Oil. 

71. Your home. 

72. Cityscape. 

73. Find the alphabet. 

74. Colours. 

75. Pencils. 

76. Cafe.
77. Your feet.
78. Signs.

79. Sliced fruit. 

80. Statues. 

81. Thunderstorms. 

82. Other people's

83. Clothing. 

84. Waterfalls.  

85. vehicles. 

86. Frozen flowers. 

87. Coffee. 

88. Water splash. 

89. Water drops. 

90. Light trails.
91. Rugs. 

92. Flatlay.

93. Motion blur. 

94. Physical photos. 

95. Sculptures. 

96. Rain. 

97. People walking. 

98. Black and white photos. 

99. Landscape. 

100. Ballons. 

What do you think of my list of photos of items to take photos of? Have I missed anything on the list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday 30 October 2022

My Sunday Photo 30/10/2022

Friday 28 October 2022

How to calm an autistic person down when they are anxious.

 Hey readers

With autism comes a lot of sensory information whether that be good or bad but sometimes it can be the latter. It can be too much and we autistic people need help because we can get so overwhelmed that it can consume us that we forget the steps to get back to a normal level of calmness within our mind. 

That is why it is good if we have some supportive people in our lives that can understand some techniques and that is why I have thought of five things that for as well being autistic has benefited me and think that may help other fellow autistic people out there.

How to calm an autistic person down when they are anxious.

1. The shame of a meltdown. 

The shame that follows a meltdown can be devastating. At times I think that getting over the meltdown is worse than actually having it. I feel so ashamed that I’ve ended up crying or yelling in public. I hate that I’m this way.

Having meltdowns is, for many, part of having autism. Although someone can make an effort to avoid triggers and manage emotional regulation, they should also recognize that it’s not their fault that a relatively slight upset, or simply being in a place where their senses are overloaded, can lead to a meltdown.

2. Words. 

Use few words because too much information can be unbearable as the autistic person has enough to deal with and process. Adding more information into the process can be another trigger and at times can make the situation worse. Sometimes just staying calm can be enough help for an autistic individual. 

3. A plan. 

A plan is always beneficial especially if the autistic person is going to someone new before. Just knowing that they can escape a situation at any time can help calm their anxiety down. Also, knowing what to expect and having a routine doesn't have to be strict but some sort of outline can be of benefit and can reduce the anxiety of the individual. 

4. Comforts. 

Of course like anyone autistic people are different so find what comforts them whether it be a good book they enjoy, a game, or an evening hiding in a dark place with their headphones on to help calm them down. Maybe fidget toys help them when they are anxious or having a meltdown, little comforts go a long way for someone with autism. 

5. Stimming. 

Let autistic people stim safely as much as they need to. Stimming is a series of repetitive movements that are calming mechanisms for autistic people. Examples of stimming include hand flapping, finger flicking, and rocking. Stimming is a crucial self-calming mechanism during emotional distress. 

Cheers for reading X 

Monday 24 October 2022

7 ways to reduce food waste at home

 Hey readers, 

Did you know that Brits throw out a whopping £19 billion of food every year. This equates to 9.5 tones and 22% of the food we purchase ends up in the bin. We need to do something to reduce this and we can all do our bit so check out my 8 tips below on how to reduce food waste at home.

7 ways to reduce food waste at home


1. Avoid buying too much.

One of the simplest ways to avoid food waste as a consumer is to buy less.
A packed fridge may look appealing, but it may lead to food waste if the household cannot eat all of the food.

Taking a couple of shorter trips to the grocery store each week rather than one longer trip may prevent people from buying too much food and help cut back on waste.

2. Pick ugly fruit and vegetables.

Don’t judge food by its appearance! Oddly-shaped or bruised fruits and vegetables are often thrown away because they don’t meet arbitrary cosmetic standards. Don’t worry - they taste the same! Use mature fruit for smoothies, juices and desserts.

3. Love your list.

Make a shopping list (the easiest way is to keep it in the kitchen and add to it as you think of things) and stick to it when you go shopping. Plan ahead and shop with specific meals in mind.

Making a meal menu for the week may help some people organize their food usage and cut back on waste.
Using online tools or cookbooks to help plan out meals for the week can a person compile an accurate shopping list.

It may take a few weeks for each household to get the menu right, but having a set weekly menu might help some people reduce the guesswork around meals and avoid wasting food.

5. Know the foods that go off first. 

Keep an eye on the perishable items (such as meats, fish and salads), because that's the stuff that will go off more quickly. Your non-perishable items don't need as much attention.
This will take away the stress of using all of your ingredients and draw attention to the fresh items which will end up in the bin faster than, say, a bag of rice.


'Best before' refers to quality, so after that date, it'll be safe but might not be at its best.

'Use by' refers to safety so after this date you mustn't eat it, even if it looks and smells OK.

4. Don't shop on an empty stomach. 

If you are hungry you're more likely to impulse-buy treats that you don't need (and that could end up in the bin). 

5. Buy foods that are in season.

Foods that are in season are more likely to taste better, which means you’re more likely to eat them! As well, food that is in the season hasn’t spent as much time in transport from the farm to your plate, so it has had less time to potentially spoil and become waste.

6. Need vs Deal.

Buy 1 get 1 free deals can be so tempting. It’s easy to get lost in the feeling of victory when you spot a good bargain. Remember - a smart shopper takes advantage of deals, don’t let the deals take advantage of you! 

7. Try not to cook too many food items that can’t be reused. 

I would always try and create ‘table abundance’ by cooking foods that can be easily reused, so keep away from things like dressed salads and stick to cooking root vegetables, which easily turned into a soup or broth the next day.

8. Bring lunch from home.

Packing a lunch from home can reduce food waste majorly. Whether it’s last night’s leftovers, a fresh, or even some fruit, packing food for the day means you don’t need to buy any unnecessary, single-use plastic and you have a set portion size. Plus, it decreases home leftovers and waste!

Have I missed any tips on how to reduce food waste at home? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 
Cheers for reading X  

Sunday 23 October 2022

My Sunday Photo 23/10/2022

My eldest getting invested into Scouts ☺ 

Friday 21 October 2022

The autumn tag: this or that!

Hey readers, 

If you didn't know already it is autumn and when I saw the autumn tag on Life as Kim blog I thought I am going to have to give it a whirl on my blog. 

The autumn tag: this or that!

1. The smell of pumpkin guts OR rotting leaves?

If I had to chose between the two I would have to go for rotting leaves just because the smell of pumpkin guts just makes me want to vomit.

2. Sweet OR salty pumpkin seeds?

    Salty pumpkin seeds, thought I haven't tried either because they don't have a sweet or salty flavour do they?

3. Store bought OR pumpkin patch pumpkins?

If money wass no objection then patch pumpkins for the experience but because  I am skint supermarket will do the job just fine :D

4. Wool OR knit sweaters?

I prefer knit because wool irritates my skin and as an autistic i am quite sensitive to clothing material. I find wool to itchy where as knit is warm and cosy for me anyways. 

5. Halloween party OR explore haunted places?

Haunted places I love idea of doing urban exploring. 

6. Apple pie or pumpkin pie?

I like both but apple pie comes out more favourable. 
7. Still, silent nights OR rainy, windblown nights?

I like rainy windy nights when it is dark outside and i can be cosy and feel safe inside my home. 

8. Witches OR ghosts?

Either bring them on lol.

9. Raking leaves or climbing trees?

oooo you know what I don't mind either up anything me.

10. Ouija boards OR ghost stories around a campfire?

I have never tried Ouija boards love to have a go on that. Ghost stories bore me to tears, they interested me when I was 10 not now I am an adult. 

11. October OR November?

100% October, love halloween, the darkness and spooky season.

12. Black cats OR owls?

Black cats as they are beautiful!

13. Fireplace OR candle light?

Can I be greedy and have both as this is a tough one as they are both delightful. 

14. Monster movies OR their classic novels?

Monster movies, I prefer to read psychological thrillers ;)

15. Carve OR paint pumpkins?
Carve with a tough of sort hand. 

Below are the questions if you want to join in ith the tag yourself.

1. The smell of pumpkin guts OR rotting leaves?

2. Sweet OR salty pumpkin seeds?

3. Store bought OR pumpkin patch pumpkins?

4. Wool OR knit sweaters?

5. Halloween party OR explore haunted places?

6. Apple pie or pumpkin pie?
7. Still, silent nights OR rainy, windblown nights?

8. Witches OR ghosts?

9. Raking leaves or climbing trees?

10. Ouija boards OR ghost stories around a campfire?

11. October OR November?

12. Black cats OR owls?

13. Fireplace OR candle light?

14. Monster movies OR their classic novels?
15. Carve OR paint pumpkins?

Cheers for reading X

Monday 17 October 2022

Top 5 family films.

Hey readers, 

A nice thing to do with the family is to grab the popcorn and curl up on the sofa with a throw, some popcorn and put on a film for all the family to enjoy. If you are looking for a good family film then I might have the answer with my top 5 family films to enjoy.

Top 5 family films

 1. Sonic 1 and 2.

If you are of a certain age you will remember Sonic games and this gives you as a parent nostalgia feels. Not only is fun for kids parents can also enjoy the action fun-packed film full of adventures including sonic and of course the baddie egg man. The films are not too long and carry off the games with the film along with stories of trying to save the world whilst trying to avoid the baddie much like the game and works well in a film format. Isn't too soppy and enough action throughout to keep you entertained.

2. Nuns on the run. 

This is a classic one but I think it is brilliant and one that you would normally think would end up on a list of top films but recommend it as my kids love it. Yes, it is cheesy but it is really fun and about two crooks are on the run after getting the money from the bank. They get dressed as nuns but then fake being a nun because it saves their skin is funny throughout and is a timeless classic. 

3. The Mask

Where do we start the course the brilliant Jim Carrey who has some bad luck in life finds a mask and then turns his life into a Dr Jekyll and Hyde life whereby the day he is a bank and at night is when all the fun happens. Lots of childish fun and laughter along the way are great for all the family to enjoy.

 4. Unkle Buck.

One of his best family films from the 80s has to be Uncle Buck starring the one and only John Candy. It's a timeless story about family, growing up, and being there for the ones you love. It hits all the marks of a classic John Hughes film from the 80s nostalgia, slapstick comedy, and heartfelt performances.

5. Maleficent.

I love Maleficent film and one of the best Disney films out there. Be warned it is a dark adventure fantasy film and even though it is rated PG it does have violence and death involved. It is a stunning setting and it is a retold version of sleeping beauty but from the villain's point of view. 

What do you think about my list of family films? Have I missed any ones that you think are good? love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday 16 October 2022

My Sunday Photo 16/10/2022

Friday 14 October 2022

Autism and things I cannot live without.

Hey readers,

This post is all about the things that help a little to make my life a bit more manageable with dealing with being autistic in a neurotypical world. Some of the things have helped calm me down when I am emotional trauma, changed or uncertain.

 It doesn't have to be big or fancy but it is enough to have an impact on my mood and calm me down when I most need it.

Autism and things I cannot live without.

6 things that help make my autistic life more manageable.

1. Noise-cancelling headphones.

I am not talking about the headphones kids wear (though they are good) I wear the ones that drown out all the noise and I can also listen to music or podcasts. 

This has helped me when I am out and about in supermarkets or need to get somewhere on public transport. I can switch off into my little universe when I get overstimulated with the noise, business and lights.

 I can zone out and gives me a pause to just chill and rebalance my senses again as it were. Having this opportunity to take time out from the outside world by putting headphones on means can help reduce the risk of having a meltdown as I don’t like them, especially in public places as I hate attention on myself and very private person when it comes to emotional stuff so much prefer to scream some quiet away from everyone.

2. Google Maps.

Google maps for me are a godsend before this was available on phones I used to hate going anywhere new or didn’t know that was familiar to me as I would get lost and get very anxious. 

Having Google maps give me the security blanket of knowing where to go, and what buses to catch and not worrying if I do get lost. It means I can explore more like taking my kids to a new park without fear as much, I still get anxious, but I can analyse where we are and work out where to go on the map. 

Although when I do get too anxious I still can't manage to read the instructions but have learnt to take myself away from the noisy environment to allow myself time to calm down to work it out or if ever a situation got too much for me to handle I do have my husband who has a car or there is an uber, so I always have a plan b which again gives that security so feel less anxious because whatever happens it can be resolved one way or another.

3. My bed.

It is my safe space for when I am feeling scared or want to shut down I like to escape there and hide in the corner away from it all. It is where I go to relax and wind down, I want to put my headphones on and listen to music or read a book. I like it when I have my window open and the breeze flows around me. 

4. Lava lamp/fairy lights. 

I love low lighting and moving lights, it calms me down and hence why I have included my lava lamp and fairy lights. They just bring a relaxing ambience to my room and help calm me down and help especially when I am having a meltdown. 

5. YouTube visual aid. 

I love visual aids from moving colours to train journeys anything that calms me down and relaxes me. I find YouTube videos great for resources which are free to use. 

6. My Husband.

My husband is a massive help in a lot of ways and makes it much easier for everyday situations to fill in complex forms and meetings. 

Cheers for reading X 

Monday 10 October 2022

Benefits of being alone.

 Hey readers,  
In today's life, we are constantly bombarded with messages from social media and life that we should always be busy and doing things with others or else we are at risk of missing out.

 It is almost like we have lost the ability to be by ourselves at times, of course, it is good to spend time with people but also it is good to have times when you are alone. Many positive benefits of solitary can do you the world of good and sometimes it is just switching off and being by yourself. 

Benefits of being alone

1. Know Yourself.

One of the greatest benefits of spending time alone is how it helps you develop a better understanding of who you are. The more you know and understand yourself the more likely you are to do things that you love, learn things that interest you and spend time with people who make you feel good. Knowing yourself also builds confidence to help you navigate all types of situations. The more you get to know yourself the more you’ll like and accept yourself. When you know and like you, others are more inclined to like you too!

2. Being Alone Allows Our Brains to Recharge.

Our brains need balance. While social interactions are crucial to certain areas of brain activity, time alone is necessary for our brains to unwind and recharge. Constantly being ‘on’ doesn’t give your brain a chance to rest and replenish itself. Being by yourself with no distractions gives you the chance to clear your mind, focus, and think more clearly. It’s an opportunity to revitalise your mind and body at the same time.

 3. Doing things you enjoy.

When you’re constantly in the company of other people, you’re always making compromises to find solutions that the entire group can enjoy. And unfortunately, the things you want most, may not always line up with what the group wants.
So it’s easy to enjoy being alone once you realize that doing so gives you more freedom to do the things you want to do.

4. Quality of your relationships. 

Solitude can enhance the quality of your relationships with others. By spending time with yourself and gaining a better understanding of who you are and what you desire in life, you're more likely to make better choices about who you want to be around. You also may come to appreciate your relationships more after you've spent some time alone.
Despite knowing these benefits, it can be a challenge to find time alone in a world that seems to never sleep. Here are a few ideas to help you find more time to spend with yourself.

5. Solitude sparks creativity.

There’s a reason a lot of authors or artists want to go to a cabin in the woods or a private studio to work. Being alone with your thoughts gives your brain a chance to wander, which can help you become more creative.

 What do you think about being alone? Do you enjoy it? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X