Monday 27 February 2023 review.

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With the cost of living affecting our income, we are trying to find ways to save money. One way to cut down on food costs is to buy food that has a best-before date. review.

The best before date, sometimes shown as BBE (best before the end), is about quality and not safety. After the best-before date listed on a product, the food will be safe to eat but may not be at its best. Best-before dates appear on a wide range of foods 


Frozen foods (such as peas, chips and ice cream).

* Dried foods (such as pasta and rice).
Tinned foods (such as baked beans and canned tomatoes)
The best-before date will only be accurate if the food is stored according to the instructions on the packaging.
There are a few websites that offer best-before food at low costs prices so you save money and also reduce food waste so it is a win-win situation all around. 
One of the websites that cater for this is called which specialises in bulk food short dates food, snacks, confectionary and drinks. 
You can make a saving of 70% off supermarket prices and there are regular bargains to be found each week. 

I have also previously done a review of an alternative low coast food website called Best before its gone so do check that blog post out as well. 

What I received. 

2 X Cadbury double decker chocolate bars RRP £4.50 I paid £2.50 for 3 packs. review
12 x Jacobs baked crinkly variety packs 2 packs RRP £3.00 I paid £2.25. review

Lily O'Brien's petit desserts chocolate collections RRP £8.00 I paid £3.95. review

2 packs of Seabrook loaded rings zingy prawn cocktails RRP £3.58 I paid £1.95. review

4 packs of M&S Collection turkey feast crisps share bags RRP £5.95 I paid £2.50. review

1kg Luxury chocolate broken biscuit assortment RRP £5.95 I paid £3.95. review

3 x Monty Bojangles cocoa dusted truffle boxes RRP £8.99 I paid 2.50. review

In total if I had brought the items at the original cost I would have had to pay £39.97. 

However, with the reduced price due to best before the date, it cost me £19.60 giving me a saving of.

The shipping cost me £4.45. I had a discount code "RA50" which gives you £2.50 (double check if you are using this as it might not be valid. 

If not then just google Low Price Foods discount codes as there are regular ones to be found on the internet. 

Overall I think it is a good way to save some money on food and snacks. It is also good to help reduce food waste. I found the delivery was about 8 days with Evri delivery service.

 I had no problems with delivery as I had an order number and got notifications when my order was out on delivery.

My Package was well secured with cardboard boxes and within the boxes were smaller cardboard boxes that protected the food items to protect the goods such as crisps and biscuits. 

The food was absolutely fine for all my family, and the crisps weren't as crisp but that was fine I didn't expect that as they had a short life but they still were enjoyable.

 I can't complain, they were good bargains and definitely be making another order in the future as it is a great way to save some money in my grocery shop. 

Have you tried love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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  1. Ohh! I've not heard of Low Price Foods before but I will be giving them a try. I paid £5 for 4 tins of tomato soup the other day and these have then for £2.70. Hmmf! What fantastic bargains. x