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Monday, 18 April 2022

why I blog.

Hey readers,

I love blogging and there are so many reasons why you should try it. Check out my reasons why I blog down below.  

why I blog

1. Share my thoughts.

I started my blog as a way to share my thoughts, they were personal to me, and sometimes they were light and fluffy. Depending on my mood and what I wanted to write the posts would reflect that.

 I write about life, which isn't perfect, sometimes I write a matter of fairness, and other times I write like my heart is on my sleeve. My blog is a place that is mine, and I write whatever tickles my tastes buds. 

2. Improve my writing ability.

I am not the best with grammar but being a blogger for a number of years has definitely helped me improve my writing abilities. I am nowhere near perfect but I have learned a lot over the years. 

I find writing has helped me channel my thoughts and write them down on my blog. As a regular blogger who writes twice a week the consistency and keeping in a routine has helped. Like anything the more you practice the better you get. 

3. Learn a skill

Blogging is learning a new skill from coming up with ideas on how to design your blog to work out how to share blog posts, how to write blog posts, and how to join in with blog links. All these things I never knew about before joining the blogging world. Obviously, I still have a lot to learn but looking back it is amazing how much I have developed over the years during my blogging journey. 

4.  Overcome trauma. 

Originally when I first started blogging the aim was for me to use blogging as a tool to distract me because I was going through some personal trauma. I needed something to take my mind off some heartache and blogging was just what I needed.

It really gave me something to focus on, learn and write. It was definitely a cathartic process for me when I first started blogging. Even now when I am going through difficult times I turn to my blog as a way of escapism to distract me from what is going on in life for a bit, really does help a lot.  

5.  Inspire others.

When writing personal stuff using my first-hand account of what it is like to have autism has helped people to understand or relate. It has made awareness to help understand which is positive all around because often voices aren't always heard because barriers get in the way such as not being from a middle-class background or male or whatever barrier.

 With the internet, this erases such blockages as blogging is accessible to anyone regardless of background etc. It is free to do so anyone can set up a blog and write authentically and without being influenced.  

6. Increases your confidence.

With time doing blogging helps increase your confidence because you get into a routine with writing and this forms your personal voice. With writing, you can share your thoughts with what you believe in and the thoughts you want to share

Blogging can give you a voice when as mentioned in the previous point at times barriers get in the way blogging is a place where you can write out your stresses and feel a lot lighter. As a blog is a documentation of your thoughts you can look back over past posts and can see the changes that you have made and the growth that you have done. 

Have you tried blogging? Are you a blogger? What do you think about blogging? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

How brands can collaborate effectively with bloggers. **AD**

Hey readers,

I think as a brand it is really important to think about the way you work with other bloggers to promote your brand.

 Below I have some tips for brands on how to work with bloggers sucessfully.

How brands can collaborate effectively with bloggers.

Top tips on how brands can work with design bloggers and get the best out of the work arrangement. 

1. Selection process.

It is important to think about what your brand represents, you don't want to choose any blogger if they don't fit the brand or niche that they aim for.

The key is to take time your time in the selection process and consider bloggers that are appropriately matched to your brand.

 For example, there is no point in choosing a blogger who blogs about beauty to get to do a review of your restaurant. 

Another research method is to look for bloggers on Instagram. For example, an influencer who is already talking about your product or something similar that they tag in their pictures using.

 This indicates that the blogger is already got an interest in the product so comes across as more sincere than just choosing a blogger with no in the product beforehand. 

Look at the influencers past work and how they write, is it appealing to your brand. How is interacting with the blogger and their audience? These other elements consider when choosing the right candidate for your brand. 

2. Website.

Impressions count and making sure your website is optimised to the best of your ability is essential.

 Making sure that your website is clean and easy to navigate especially with quick load up is vital in getting visitors to your site. 

3.  Pitch perfect. 

Having a pitch ready before contacting a blogger is important. When you reach out to the blogger you want to be precise and clear about what you want.  

It is important, to be honest, as then that provides trust which is fundamental in making a good working relationship be successful. 

Layout what you want from the blogger and what you can offer the blogger in return. Be prepared in making a suitable pitch - be clear about what you want, set a budget and be honest. 

Remember though sometimes bloggers may want to negotiate if it doesn't feel right for them first off. Sometimes you have to work together to come to a suitable agreement so that everyone is happy with what they are doing. 

4. Goals.

Goals are something you should consider with where you want to improve with your brand. Things to consider are what you want to grow in terms of say growing your branded Instagram account, increasing sales of a product or bringing traffic to your website are just a few examples.

How brands can collaborate effectively with bloggers. 

 There are many ways in which a blogger can offer service when collaborating with your brand. Below are some examples.

1. Guest blogging.

Guest posts are similar to sponsored posts however they are not paid. They normally are written for the blogger to published on their site. 

This is attractive for the blogger as it is high-quality content published. The appeal to the brand is that it gets their name out there and helps increase their SEO along with not having to spend a penny on the advertising of the brand. 

2. Sponsored posts.

A sponsored post is where the blogger writes a blog post all about the product. 

There will be a discussion with the brand to decide on how long the blog post is and what kind of thing they would like the blogger to discuss. 

After the published post and everything is finalised the blogger will get paid a sum for doing the published post about their brand. 

3. Shoutouts.

This tends to be more suited for social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where the blogger takes a photo of the brand and mentioned them in the post. The incentive will be either the blogger getting a free brand product or get paid for it. 

4. Affiliate posts. 

This is where the blogger writes about the product, then leaves a unique code for that product. It means that if you click on and buy the product the blogger will get say 10% of commissions from the sales of the product if the visitor buys the product through the link.  

5. Interviews. 

This is a more personal type of collaboration as it is about either getting to know the blogger or brand and discussions motivations and the ideas behind the work that the brand/blogger does. 

There are however alternatives whereby you have someone in the middle to help brands connect with the right bloggers for projects in which you are looking for a suitable blogger. 

A brilliant site that is really beneficial for bloggers and brands is called Get Blogged Marketplace

I myself have used this platform for me to quickly get connected to brands and work with them. I find it easy to navigate and a great way to connect to brands without faffing with emails etc. 

Using the Get Blogged Marketplace is time-efficient for you the brand so quickly to get access to bloggers. 

The platform is ideal if you don't have a big budget but still want to get quality bloggers that provide good content. 

The good news is that you can get a variety of skills from different UK design bloggers. The fact that many design bloggers return frequently to the Get blogged marketplace site means have been their long term relationship which inturn shows trust and reliability. 

 Using the Get Blogged marketplace for your brand you can grow their backlink score and shareable content. 

Not to mention that using Get Blogged marketplace you grown your SEO meaning that your brand gets seen which is important in growing your business. 

The Get Blogged marketplace allows you to add a free listing to the marketplace with what you are looking for.  

As many design bloggers come to the blogger outreach services daily to check to see if they can apply for opportunities. This is beneficial because it potentially means sourcing a good blogger to help achieve your goal of getting a collaboration

How brands can collaborate effectively with bloggers.

Below are my top 5 design blogs that can give you a feel of what good quality bloggers can bring to the table to help enhance your brand promotion. 

1. I love Typothology.

This blog specialises in all things typology with detailed information about the history, to quizzes and new fonts that are on the block right now. 

I love typothology
2. Google Design.

This blog is from Google so there will be a lot of information about Google products and services. However, don't let that put you off as there is a wealth of articles on the world of design such as, 'Lessons From the Scariest Design Disaster in American History'. 

Google Design
3. Wix Creative. 

Now Wix Creative in its own right is a blog platform but it also offers some really useful information on design. The type of content you will be able to get is inspiration, tips and general information such as how to create an online profile. 

Wix Creative
4. It's Nice That. 

This blog hosts a variety of topics from art, illustration and graphic designs. It's Nice That is one of the best sites out there to keep up to date with design information. 

It;s Nice That
5. Creative Review.

This blog was established in 1980. It is a monthly magazine that covers art and design. You can expect high-quality journalism that offers reviews, news and features from the creative world. 

Creative Review

Hope this has been of help. 

Cheers for reading.

This is a collaboration post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Friday, 26 February 2021

Reasons to blog

Hey readers,

I have been blogging for over three years now and feel that I have some experience of this whole blogging malarky. 

If you have never blogged let me enlighten you as to why you should consider starting a blog.


Firstly, blogging can allow you to be creative. You don't have to focus on a niche. However, if you wanted to then that is fine because at the end of the day you can write whatever you want to. 

 That is the beauty about blogging, you can literally write about anything from domestic abuse to reasons to eat baked beans. 

It is a great tool for creativity and a way to express yourself to the world.


When I started blogging it was a distraction as I was going through some personal trauma. 

Blogging also helped me write down my feelings and express myself.

 I have autism and really struggle with verbal communication so blogged helped me look at how I was feeling and understand myself a bit better.

 With blogging, I can take my time and ponder.

 Blogging has helped me express myself when I maybe wouldn't have. 

Writing has helped me grow in confidence in working out how I feel and exploring reasons why I respond in the way that I do.

Spread awareness.

One positive about blogging is it can help raise awareness of a message you want to spread.

 Blog posts are fantastic as they are from the individual rather than an organisation. 

They are personal and tend to be raw, making it feel more real in a sense.

 Blogging is a platform to get your voice out there, anyone can read it and it isn't edited like professionals. I think that is one of the best things about blogs is that they tend to be first-hand accounts.

You learn about yourself.

I think exploring yourself can be quite hard but when you write it allows you to think about things.

 It makes your analysis and sees things maybe you might not instantly think of.

 Over time I have learned more about me through blogging and expanding areas of myself when I write.

Built an engagement.

Now, I am no great communicator but I will say that it has helped me get engaged with people.

 You may stumble across people that in normal life you would never have the opportunity to meet. 

Some bloggers make long-term friendship and think that is beautiful that something positive can come out of blogging.

Opens up to opportunities.

Blogging opens up to opportunities such as reviewing items or attending events.

 I am not the most successful blogger in this aspect but reading a lot of blogs if you are good at the social side of things then there are many doors that can be opened.

Make money.

Now, I have made the odd bit of money here and there which is fab as it has helped me when I really needed it.

 Some people can make a career out of blogging which I think is such an amazing opportunity to do something that you love.

Better writer.

As I have been blogging for a long period of time I feel that it has helped me be a better writer. I can write more words and can express myself better, which is always positive.

Cheers for reading X

Friday, 6 November 2020

75 catchy blog title templates.

Hey readers, 

Sometimes it is hard to envision a catchy title to grab someone's attention. Sometimes you need a little help and that is what I give you today with 75 generic titles that will stand out from the crowd. I hope you find these helpful for creating blog titles of your own.

  1. What to do with__________
  2. How to tell if_____________
  3. Essentials step to __________
  4. Reasons you don't get
  5. Most popular ways to 
  6. Epic formula to 
  7. Beginners guide to 
  8. Where to find 
  9. Ideas to 
  10. Essential steps to 
  11. Confessions of a
  12. When you feel
  13. Ideas to spark your 
  14. The ultimate sheet on
  15. Resources to help you 
  16. How to get rid of
  17. How to become a 
  18. Tips to rekindle 
  19. Ways to totally change your 
  20. How to unlock your 
  21. [#} Secrets to learning 
  22.  [#] Out of This World ____
  23. [#] Surprising Elements of ____
  24. Stop! The Right ___ Is This!
  25. [#] Shocking Truths about ____
  26. [#] Ridiculous Ways to ____
  27. [#] Steps to Achieve ____
  28. [#] Great Tips for ____
  29. [#] Best Reasons to ____
  30. [#] Kinds of ____
  31. [#] Sensible Tips to ____
  32. How to Build a ____
  33. How You Become _____
  34. Best Tips to Using a ____
  35. If You Love ___, You’ll Love ___ Too
  36. Secrets Nobody Will Tell You about ____
  37. How You Can Unlock Your ____
  38. What Your ____ Says about Your ____
  39. [#] Myths about ___ You Need to Shrug Off
  40. [#] Best Known Ways to ____
  41. [#] Major Benefits of ____
  42. This Is the Smartest Tip Ever about ____
  43. [#] Questions You Need to Ask Before You ____
  44. The Subtle Art of ___
  45. [#] Eye-catching Methods for You to _____
  46. Everything I Learned about ____
  47. How I Turned Out to Become ____
  48. The [#] Tips That Made Me ___
  49. [#] Juicy Tips on How You Can ____
  50. [#] Secrets I Wish I Knew about ____
  51. Give Me [short time period] and I’ll Give You [blank].

  52. ________ on DemandHow to _________ in ____ easy steps

  53. 100% of ______ you need.

  54. What Everybody Ought to Know About [blank]

  55.  Have a [or] Build a [blank] You Can Be Proud Of

  56.  [Do something] like [world-class example]

  57. Now You Can Have [something desirable] [great circumstance]

  58. Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem]

  59. Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All

  60. Little Known Ways to [blank]

  61.  Here is a Method That is Helping [blank] to [blank]

  62. The Secret of [blank]

  63. Who Else Wants [blank]?

  64. If You’re [blank], You Can [blank].

  65.  [Blank] Ways to [blank].

  66.  Are You [blank]?

  67. How [blank] Made Me [blank].

  68. Warning: [blank].

  69. Do You Make These Mistakes?

  70. You Don’t Have to Be [something challenging] to be [desired result].

  71. See How Easily You Can [desirable result].

  72.  Do You Recognize the [number] Early Warning Signs of [blank]?

  73. The Lazy [blank’s] Way to [blank].

  74.  If You Don’t [blank] Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.

Is there any catchy name titles I have missed but think work really well in grabbing the readers attention? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Friday, 16 October 2020

What to do when you are a blogger insomniac

Hey readers,

Sometimes I struggle to sleep. I have had sleeping problems all my life. However, I am now on medication. 

However, last week I messed up my medication so I ended up not taking. Because it was late and if I did take my medication it would result in me feeling dead the next day. 

Which would not be cool when you have two kids under five and you need to have the energy of superwomen. 

So when I am bored in the late hours wondering what the fuck to do here is the list of my ideas to keep you amused. Thank God I do blogging as well as it sure does kill time, haha!

1. Organised.

As a blogger, you can never be too organised. One idea is to catch up on all the blog posts that need to be done for the week.

2. Pinterest.

Pinterest kills time in an instant. Any old shit that you can think of can be found on this social media platform. It is great mind fantasying and activating your creative skills even if you are just dreaming that you can do, still fun to make boards with ideas/inspiration. That is the place to be my friend and at least it can save you money compared to going on eBay ;).

3. Brain dump. 

 Get writing and do a brain dump of potential blog ideas. This point can also be linked to number three as there is a host of information about ideas or prompts to get your moving in the right direction.

4. Youtube. 

 If all else fails then that don't fear as there is always old faithful YouTube to help take your blues away.

Do you blog? How do you find blogging and has it been helpful for insomnia?

Cheers for reading X

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

60 autumn blog post ideas

Hey readers,

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of ideas on the spot so I have 60 fantastic blog ideas for the autumn period so you don't have to stress. Hope they help find some inspiration. 

  1. Autumn wardrobe capsule.
  2. Outdoor activities to do during autumn time.
  3. Your favourite autumn Instagram captions.
  4. How to deal with darker days.
  5. A seasonal recipe.
  6. A coat wishlist.
  7. Favourite autumn Instagram accounts to follow.
  8. Things to do in autumn with the family.
  9. Your favourite knitwear.
  10. Morning routine.
  11. Evening routine.
  12. A list of autumnal walks in your local area.
  13. Autumn bucket list.
  14. How to carve a pumpkin. 
  15. Different ideas to decorate a pumpkin.
  16. Autumn self-care routine.
  17. Autumn wellness tips. 
  18. Things to do on a rainy day. 
  19. Slow cooker recipes.
  20. Hot chocolate recipes
  21. Ways to embrace Hyggee.
  22. Why you like autumn.
  23. Your favourite autumn candles. 
  24. Halloween nail art.
  25. Halloween DIYs.
  26. Autumn photo props.
  27. How to take blog photos\ on darker days.
  28. 10 autumn stables.
  29. Frugal autumn meals.
  30. How to cut down on your heating bill. 
  31. Autumn bag essentials. 
  32. Autumn hairstyles.
  33. Loves and lusts for autumn.
  34. What's worth watching on the telly this autumn.
  35. Your favourite Halloween movies.
  36. How to keep warm this season.
  37. Places to go pumpkin picking. 
  38. Autumn date ideas.
  39. Product review.
  40. What I am thankful for this year.
  41. Your favourite autumn scents.
  42. Blog post ideas for autumn. 
  43. Share a Q & A autumn tag.
  44. Best bloggers to follow this autumn. 
  45. Your autumn workout routine.
  46. How to save money during autumn time. 
  47. How to layer clothes.
  48. How to deal with dry skin.
  49. Where to get cheap Halloween decorations.
  50. No cost fall activities.
  51. Top 5 autumn beverages.
  52. Autumn stables you can not live without. 
  53. Autumnal activities to do with children.
  54. Autumn/Halloween decorations you have in your home.
  55. Favourite Halloween memes
  56. Halloween costume ideas.
  57. Do an autumn photography challenge.
  58. Blogging essentials for autumn. 
  59. The boots you need this autumn.
  60. Share an autumn music playlist. 
Have I missed any good autumn blog post ideas out of the list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheersn for reading X

Monday, 13 July 2020

How to create blog ideas.

Hey readers,

Have you ever suffered from writer's block and need inspiration for blog ideas? Well, look no further as I tell you some fab places to find content inspiration for your blog or whatever you need it for.

Here are my six ways to find inspiration to write.

1.  Websites of interest.

Obviously, a classic place would be to look on websites that relate to topics of interests, such as Mumsnet, Huffington post or even general newspapers. 

This can give you a broad sense of different topic ideas such as Mumsnet discusses parent matters such as potty training and dealing with getting a child ready to start school for example. But gives you a feel for ideas that they can inspire you.

2. Mind map.

A way to generate ideas is to do a thing called a mind map where you put your focus theme in the middle and generate subcategories relating to the main theme. 

You don't have to write sentences just words, pictures or anything that generates an idea. I find it really relaxing to get your creative juices flowing so to speak. 

The focus is on one word in the centre and then separate that topic into smaller ones such as school – bullying – education – special needs – learning – reading. 

You can just from that an example can generate a fair few ideas which then in turn such as education as a whole heap more and so forth.

3.  Blogs.

 The third tip is a classic one and that is to read other people's blogs that may be of similar interests to you.

 It can really help inspire when reading other people's work to get a feel of different styles of writing or ideas that you may not have thought about but trigger thoughts and ideas.

4. TweetChats.

Look at TweetChats on twitter as it is really good for getting you thinking. There are many regular chats on twitter, on a variety of topics so there are plenty of choices and look at things that may appeal to you to write about.

5. Answer The Public.

Answer The Public is a great website to see trending keywords on a topic of interest. All you need to do is type in a topic and it comes back with questions, topics and words that relate to your enquiry.

Plus it is free so take advantage of it,  I have found it very helpful for getting me motivated and finding ideas to write about and knowing that someone out in the universe will find it helpful.

6. Themes.

 Look up themes for a month or time of year you can find different ideas or do the block challenge which has a certain theme for each day can be really helpful in challenging you to write.

Also looking up specific days of the year for celebrations around the ones can really help find topic ideas and I've had a really successful place in the past because of that.

Where do you find inspiration for blog content? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 13 April 2020

7 ways to find blogging motivation

Hey readers,

I think after a while of blogging you may stumble and find yourself struggling with ideas to write about and have no motivation. 

One of the reasons in my personal experience as a blogger when I struggle is with finding my mojo, which made me feel so demotivated. Every now again I just lose motivation and all interest to simply just write.

So, in this post, I am going to explore ways to overcome the feeling of demotivation and how to motivate yourself to get that sparkle back to continue to write. I hope then this will be useful for when you need to co


This may not be for everyone but having a routine can be helpful for some. I find having time set aside each day to do all blogging stuff really helpful. 

If I do it every day have that time set aside then it can create a positive habit to get into the mood and know that at that time is when I am going to do blogging.

 I like order and structure, I find forcing myself sometimes can trigger a response to get sh*t done.

Go out in public.

Sometimes, there are just too many distractions at home when you are trying to find time to do some content writing. 

I find that staying at home can lead me to not do a lot and spend far too much looking at memes rather than blogging. 

That is why my next suggestion is to go outdoors in public, whether it be in the park on a sunny day or a coffee somewhere.

 You can take your electronics, pen, and pad and do the work away from home. Being in public there are fewer distractions.

 If your in a popular place where there are others working then that can motivate you to take action and do some work.

Take a blogging break.

I have written previously a blog post about the importance to have a break and not quit. 

I do think blogging breaks can be really beneficial if you are struggling to get motivated. It allows you to have that break and reconnect with creativity.

Read other blogs/articles etc. 

I find the idea of reading blogs, articles, newspapers etc a great way to explore topics that you find interesting and can really inspire or make you come with other ideas to write about. Knowledge is power and it is a brilliant technique to come up with new ideas.


I love mindmapping where you use colour and visuals to create ideas that connect to the main theme in the centre of the map.

 I find colouring and doing something therapeutic with my hands instead of hitting the laptop first can inspire me greatly. 

Just focusing on a theme such as relationships and exploring the subgroups that are associated with relationships such as sexual/personal/ work/ business/school. 

Then exploring deeper into the sub-categories to come up with further related issues can pull together ideas that can be brilliant content for your blog.

Just go out and live.

Most of the best ideas come from the experience of my life and what I have personally done, seen or heard. 

There are many different angles you can write a blog post on from your own experience whether that be a rant, a letter to someone who has touched you or even a review that you want to tell the world about what product or service that has been beneficial in your life.

I hope this has been useful to learn how to be better at getting that motivation back when you lose that get up and go.

How do you get motivated when you're uninspired?

What is your blog writing tips?

Cheers for reading X

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

75 Blog Ideas For March.

Hey readers, 

Need some blog inspiration? then look no further as I have 75 blog post ideas so plenty to help get you feeling inspired to write this March.

1. How do you relax?

2. how has 2020 been so far for you?

3. Mother's day gift guide. 

4. What have you been reading lately?

5. List your own blog ideas.

6. Is there something that has recently irritated you? Why not write a rant post and share it. 

7. Make a myth vs fact post. 

8. What is your make up routine?

9. What is your morning routine?

10. How do you relax after a long day?

11. What are your favourite Youtube channels?

12. What are your hobbies?

13. March bucket list. 

14. Trying a new look for Spring.

15. Spring cleaning tips.

16. Spring skincare routine. 

17. How to deal with the clocks going forward when you are a parent. 

18. Spring scent must-haves. 

19. Favourite spring nail polishes. 

20. Write about spring fashion trends.

21. How to put a spring in your step. 

22. How to become healthier this spring. 

23. How to achieve your goals this spring. 

24. Reasons to love springtime. 

25. Why you should start blogging in spring. 

26. Spring room decor. 

27. Spring homeware haul. 

28. How to maintain a healthy mindset this spring. 

29. Spring Instagram themes. 

30. Spring Instagram captions. 

31. Your favourite time-saving hacks.

32. Create a blogging mood board. 

33. Party theme ideas. 

34. Do a review for a monthly subscription box. 

35. Your outfit of the day blog post. 

36. Make an A to Z post and share with your readers. 

37. Spring themed meal ideas. 

38. 48-hours in [insert city].

39. 10 places that you want to travel and explore. 

40. A round-up of the most popular blog posts.

41. Share your me-time must-haves. 

42. How to motivate yourself on 'off' days.

43. 5 bloggers you admire and why?

44.Your favourite Instagram pictures of all time. 

45. Your rainy day playlist. 

46. The worst place you have visited. 

47. What's your personality type (take a quiz and show the answers). 

48. 10 things that make you happy right now. 

49. Your favourite road trip. 

50. Describe your best day as a mom.

51. Describe your worst day as a mom.

52. Post a picture and ask readers to caption it.

53. Share a dilemma that's plaguing your family right now.

54. Write a letter to your future self. 

55. The worst pick up lines.

56. Healthy changes to make this year.

57. TV shows you are watching this spring.

58. Earth day ideas. 

59. St Patrick day activities to do with children. 

60. How to get outside more. 

61. Reasons to be more green in your life. 

62. Movies that you are excited to see.

63. Transitional fashion pieces from season to season.

64. Create a DIY piece for your home and show your step-by-step process.

65. What do you find inspiration?

66.Your favourite hashtags to use.

67. Three things you bring on a desert island. 

68. 3 books you recommend. 

69. March kids craft ideas.

70. Tell your in-laws exactly what you think of them (as long as they don't know your blog!).

71. Why SEO is necessary for your blog.

72. The best lessons you have learnt in life. 

73. Best places to get royalty-free images. 

74. Why do you need a blog planner?

75.Your favourite things to do over the weekend.

Have I missed out any good blog ideas for March? Love to hear your comments in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X