Monday, 13 July 2020

How to create blog ideas.

Hey readers,

Have you ever suffered from writer's block and need inspiration for blog ideas? Well, look no further as I tell you some fab places to find content inspiration for your blog or whatever you need it for.

Here are my six ways to find inspiration to write.

1.  Websites of interest.

Obviously, a classic place would be to look on websites that relate to topics of interests, such as Mumsnet, Huffington post or even general newspapers. 

This can give you a broad sense of different topic ideas such as Mumsnet discusses parent matters such as potty training and dealing with getting a child ready to start school for example. But gives you a feel for ideas that they can inspire you.

2. Mind map.

A way to generate ideas is to do a thing called a mind map where you put your focus theme in the middle and generate subcategories relating to the main theme. 

You don't have to write sentences just words, pictures or anything that generates an idea. I find it really relaxing to get your creative juices flowing so to speak. 

The focus is on one word in the centre and then separate that topic into smaller ones such as school – bullying – education – special needs – learning – reading. 

You can just from that an example can generate a fair few ideas which then in turn such as education as a whole heap more and so forth.

3.  Blogs.

 The third tip is a classic one and that is to read other people's blogs that may be of similar interests to you.

 It can really help inspire when reading other people's work to get a feel of different styles of writing or ideas that you may not have thought about but trigger thoughts and ideas.

4. TweetChats.

Look at TweetChats on twitter as it is really good for getting you thinking. There are many regular chats on twitter, on a variety of topics so there are plenty of choices and look at things that may appeal to you to write about.

5. Answer The Public.

Answer The Public is a great website to see trending keywords on a topic of interest. All you need to do is type in a topic and it comes back with questions, topics and words that relate to your enquiry.

Plus it is free so take advantage of it,  I have found it very helpful for getting me motivated and finding ideas to write about and knowing that someone out in the universe will find it helpful.

6. Themes.

 Look up themes for a month or time of year you can find different ideas or do the block challenge which has a certain theme for each day can be really helpful in challenging you to write.

Also looking up specific days of the year for celebrations around the ones can really help find topic ideas and I've had a really successful place in the past because of that.

Where do you find inspiration for blog content? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X


  1. Fantastic ideas. I have a couple of news websites where I get ideas from and a few where it lists all the national and world days like chocolate day or peanut butter day that are always good for blog post inspiration x

  2. love your suggestions - I've used many of them #MMBC