Monday, 6 July 2020

6 reasons why introverts are awesome!

Hey readers,

One time I used to hate being an introvert and even more so when someone called me that.

 I think people associate introverts with negativity but as I have gotten older I celebrate being an introvert that is why in this post I am going to tell you the 6 reasons why being an introvert is awesome. 

1. They listen. 

Introverts are good listens on a whole, they like to listen to what people have said and take their time to process what has been said. 

Also, introverts do not like to be the centre of attention but prefer to take in information that is around them. 

2. Self-awareness.

I think introverts are more self-aware with who they are as they take a lot of time working out their environment and how they responded to situations.

 I think introverts take time to reflect upon their actions and more likely to understand themselves as an individual on that basis. 

3. Careful. 

As introverts spend a lot of time thinking - whether it be what to say or reflecting on a situation that has already occurred introverts tend to be cautious with what they say and do. 

I know for me I worry that I may say something wrong so I have to be confident before I say the things I need to say, it is almost like you are on guard for your own safety and peace of mind.

 I now feel tenser in public and a huge relief when I can close my front door and just take the mask off without the state of alert consistently when around other people especially when I  do not know them. 

4. Fewer people. 

The fewer people an introvert knows the better as there is less responsibility to keep up on top of the social element that is involved with friendships and whatnot. 

However, that may be such a negative thing as introverts take responsibilities such as being loyal and a good friend seriously meaning that what they do is the better quality they give out. 

One of the reasons for introverts to not need people is because they find their own happiness from inside themselves as opposed to wanting something from someone else.

5. Sensitive and thoughtful. 

This next point ties in with number 4 because the introvert is highly sensitive and takes on any criticism to heart. 

Introverts what to do a good job as they take things personally. The introvert is conscientious and when they do something they put all their effort into doing what is expected of them. 

Also, they listen to individuals and are good at it so they will remember the important information that the person has said and will keep hold of it, use it and help the person. It also demonstrates that the person can be relied on as they provide the expectations of the other person. 

6. Loneliness.

Introverts are not scared of loneliness, maybe one of the reasons is because they don't require energy from people but can find answers from themselves. 

They enjoy their own company and to some extent thrive from it, therefore, they comfortable with not needing to have the presence of others to find happiness.

Do you identify as an introvert? what do you think about these traits? Lave to heat your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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  1. Introverts are a vital part of life - as an introvert myself, I thank you for this good read. Have a great day! #MMBC

  2. Us introverts are awesome. hehehe
    I enjoy not having a busy social life, loads of friends to keep up with and I love being on my own. x

  3. As you say. Lots of positives to be had from all those qualities. I think I am extrovert and introvert in different situations, but can definitely empathise with all these points #MMBC

  4. I so agree with all that you have said here, introverts certainly can be awesome. I especially never get lonely.

  5. This is so interesting and so much of it resonated with me! I think of myself as an introvert, but weirdly, loneliness does bother me! I like to be around people (sometimes) but on a one to one basis. Big groups scare the crap out of me! Love this post :) #MMBC

  6. This post made me smile and nod along, thank you