Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Reading and mental health.

Hey readers,

I have found reading to be beneficial for me and my mental health. Even though I have some really crappy days I still try to read because I find it helps in a small way, it might not be much but it is powerful. 

So in this post, I am going to get explore some reasons why reading can help with improving your mental health.

1. Escapism.

There is nothing worse than the feeling of not being able to escape your own thoughts that are constantly blasting at you. 

It can be easy to focus on them because they are so loud for attention but sometimes what I find helpful is a distraction and in this case reading. 

Reading for me is escapism from my thoughts because I am focusing on something else therefore not giving my thoughts the attention but focusing on reading can give me a break for a bit. 

 I read psychological thrillers and the escapism from the ‘real world’ is what is appealing. I like to get into the mind of someone else's story, this helps a lot when I am feeling particularly down and need something to give my mind a break from my life stresses.

2.  Reduces stress.

Reading can reduce stress because when you read for fun it is pleasurable and something that you enjoy.

 There is nothing better to read a good book where you can’t put it down and that is real enjoyment that is a positive effect on your mind. 

The story capturing your attention therefore you reduce stress levels by relaxing your tensed muscles, giving yourself that feel good chemicals when pleasure is activated in the brain.

3. Mental stimulation.

Reading can help with giving our brain some stimulation by keeping it working through reading and creating scenarios in our head of the plot of the story. These are great to keep your mind active and functioning and engaging in areas of the mind.

4. Memory.

Reading helps with your memory because for example with a story you need to remember each character what they are like and key events that has happened to make sense of the future story that you are reading. 

Again it comes back to the point about having to focus on something other than your own thoughts. This is refreshing because it gives you that break for the distress which can help reduce mental stress in the long term.

5. Sleep.

Reading before bed is a perfect ritual you should master as it helps increase the quality of your sleep. Reading before sleep allows yourself to relax your body and get it in sleep mode. 

Reading can also help you switch off from your own thoughts allowing quicker time to get to sleep. 

Overall with reading at night focusing on the book reduces the negative thoughts because you’re focusing on the reading meaningless likely to wake up if you are relaxed.

Have you found reading has helped you with your mental health? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Musings Of A Tired Mummy


  1. Also try audio books - Alain de Botton says they have the same benefits as meditation and I agree! it directs your focus and shuts out all other thoughts so you're quite refreshed at the end of the session

  2. There's nothing quite like a good read is there?#,PoCOLO@_karendennis

  3. The only reading I do is of blogs but I do listen to audio books. I wish there were more hours in the day so I could read books. x

  4. I have been reading more lately where I can and I'm really enjoying it. It's a nice escapism.
    Lovely to see you back again! :) xx

  5. The only time I have a problem is reading before bed.. often I just can not put that book down to go to sleep!

  6. I really need to read more but struggle to sit still, preferring to watch documentaries on youtube as I did other chores. Thanks for linking with #pocolo and hope to see you back later this week.

  7. Reading is such an important skill and I love that you have pointed out the benefits for mental health. My kids are not great readers but I wish they were! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  8. I love reading and it is definitely good for mental health and your mind. I try to get my kids to read for pleasure as well as learning too. Some very good points here #stayclassymama