Sunday, 19 July 2020

50 random thoughts whilst trying to drift off to sleep.

Hey readers,

Ever wondered what people think about or have similar thoughts to you when going to sleep? Then check out my 50 random thoughts that I have had whilst trying to drift off to sleep at night.

1. Did I turn the oven off? 

2. What happens if I don't wake up in time?

3. How am I going to get through the day?

4. Do I need a wee? 

5. I need to get some milk.

6. Why did I say that to someone in 1999? 

7. Will I ever go to sleep. 

8. I am so tired but why can't I sleep. 

9. Must remember that I need to get some conditioner. 

10. Oh no I forgot to sort out my son's homework. 

11. Why are my feet so hot?

12. What would happen if someone tried to break in? What the hell would I do?

13. Imagine if I fell out of bed in the night what damage would I cause?

14. Should have brought that bloody dress earlier.

15. Oh, f*$% it's midnight? 

16. How much sleep will I get now if I go to sleep straight away...

17. Close my eyes and imagine being somewhere warm and on a cloud. 

18. Why are my pillows rubbish? 

19. Seriously, I need more pillows.

20. OMG, why can't I fall asleep? 

21. I swear to God I am never going to stay up late ever again!

22. Do I need a pee? 

23. Have I locked my front door? 

24. I need to empty the bin. 

25. Ugh, why is it so hot? 

26. I need to get a lighter tog quilt. 

27. Did I set the alarm? 

28. What am I going to eat for breakfast?

29. What am I going to do for dinner? 

30. OMG.... what is that noise? 

31. I wonder what I am going to dream about tonight. 

32.  Tomorrow I am going to bed earlier.

33. If I died how long would it be before someone found me?

34. How does the internet work?

35. What am I going to wear tomorrow?

36. Why do I never have anything to wear?

37. I wish I could have something to eat right now. 

38. I'm too hot so take my foot out of the quilt. 

39. Nope too cold now so going to put my foot back under the quilt.

40. Oh God, it is 5am...and I only have two hours more to get sleep in. 

41. I will just watch one more Youtube video and go to sleep. 

42. Oh no an hour has gone and I am still watching Youtube.

43. Should I wear the blue or green top tomorrow? 

44. Why did I have that drink before bed now I need to get up for that wee?

45. What is existence? 

46. Am I really here? 

47. What is better Coke or Pepsi? 

48. Did I get the chicken out of the freezer for tomorrows dinner? 

49. Yeah, I'm sh*t. 

50. Also, I've heard 'classy as f*ck.' How classy as f*ck? 

Do you identify with any of these thoughts? What random thoughts do you have before going to sleep? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. hahaha! This made me chuckle. I often think some of these things but mostly that I wish my fella would stop snoring. lol

  2. I have recently had a surgery as I was going under and I heard the voices of the nursing staff I thought I was watching TV and had forgotten to pause it#anythinggoes@_karendennis

  3. Why is it that our thoughts are so clear and urgent when we should be drifting off???

  4. LOL! I Often wonder why my brain can not just shut off at night. It seems like everything is quite pressing in the middle of the night too.

  5. I've thought all of those and more as I toss and turn. Hope you sleep well tonight! #MMBC

  6. Funny! I am getting sleepy .... #MMBC

  7. oh yes, you've nailed this one. Of course, do I need to pee turns up frequently. :)

  8. This is funny and relatable. Visiting you from the global blogging link up.

  9. Haha, fun post. I am nodding to a few of these ones :) #mmbc

  10. Haha this made me chuckle - so relatable! :) #mmbc

  11. Hehehe! Love this post. A million percent yes! There are always so many things to think about as soon as you get into bed. I have no idea how that even happens. I'm also one for hearing funny noises and then the questions just keep on rolling. Thank you for bringing the giggles to the #DreamTeamLinky xx

  12. Haha! This made me smile. I'm always thinking of random things when I'm lying in bed. And like Kim said, normally wishing the hubby would stop bloody snoring!
    Have a lovely weekend. x

  13. Some of these definitely ring a bell! Usually I wonder whether to get up or if that will disturb hubby or the kids! Oh and whether I need the loo! Thanks for linking up with #dreamteamlinky

  14. Excellent, this is absolutely hilarious and so relatable x x #Dream Team Linky

  15. I hate it when I lay there wondering if I need to get up, it's usually better if I get a drink/go to the loo/throw off the covers when I first wake! Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging, please update our badge when you get a chance