Friday, 26 February 2021

Reasons to blog

Hey readers,

I have been blogging for over three years now and feel that I have some experience of this whole blogging malarky. 

If you have never blogged let me enlighten you as to why you should consider starting a blog.


Firstly, blogging can allow you to be creative. You don't have to focus on a niche. However, if you wanted to then that is fine because at the end of the day you can write whatever you want to. 

 That is the beauty about blogging, you can literally write about anything from domestic abuse to reasons to eat baked beans. 

It is a great tool for creativity and a way to express yourself to the world.


When I started blogging it was a distraction as I was going through some personal trauma. 

Blogging also helped me write down my feelings and express myself.

 I have autism and really struggle with verbal communication so blogged helped me look at how I was feeling and understand myself a bit better.

 With blogging, I can take my time and ponder.

 Blogging has helped me express myself when I maybe wouldn't have. 

Writing has helped me grow in confidence in working out how I feel and exploring reasons why I respond in the way that I do.

Spread awareness.

One positive about blogging is it can help raise awareness of a message you want to spread.

 Blog posts are fantastic as they are from the individual rather than an organisation. 

They are personal and tend to be raw, making it feel more real in a sense.

 Blogging is a platform to get your voice out there, anyone can read it and it isn't edited like professionals. I think that is one of the best things about blogs is that they tend to be first-hand accounts.

You learn about yourself.

I think exploring yourself can be quite hard but when you write it allows you to think about things.

 It makes your analysis and sees things maybe you might not instantly think of.

 Over time I have learned more about me through blogging and expanding areas of myself when I write.

Built an engagement.

Now, I am no great communicator but I will say that it has helped me get engaged with people.

 You may stumble across people that in normal life you would never have the opportunity to meet. 

Some bloggers make long-term friendship and think that is beautiful that something positive can come out of blogging.

Opens up to opportunities.

Blogging opens up to opportunities such as reviewing items or attending events.

 I am not the most successful blogger in this aspect but reading a lot of blogs if you are good at the social side of things then there are many doors that can be opened.

Make money.

Now, I have made the odd bit of money here and there which is fab as it has helped me when I really needed it.

 Some people can make a career out of blogging which I think is such an amazing opportunity to do something that you love.

Better writer.

As I have been blogging for a long period of time I feel that it has helped me be a better writer. I can write more words and can express myself better, which is always positive.

Cheers for reading X


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