Friday, 12 February 2021

5 gifts for someone with depression

Hey readers,

It can be hard to know what to do for someone that you care about who is suffering from depression. I wish there was a magic cure to snap fingers and it would vanish however sadly this is not a readily available option. 

That is why sometimes a gift can show you care and that you are thinking of them. 

5 gifts for someone with depression

Here are my top 5 gift ideas that would be perfect for someone who is dealing with depression. 

1. Bracelet.

5 gifts for someone with depression
I love this bracelet with the comforting quote of 'storms don't last forever'.  It is a positive quote of encouragement to keep you going and you can wear it times for when you need that comfort. 

2. Weighed blanket.

5 gifts for someone with depression
I can personally tell you as someone who suffers from depression and has a weighted blanket they are amazing and so comforting. They are especially helpful, for when you are feeling scared and in a dark place.

I find the weight gives me comfort and helps me relax my body. Definitely recommend in having one.

3. Sad lamp.

5 gifts for someone with depression

A sad lamp is particularly good during the dark and grey days of winter when it can really impact your mood.

 Basically, if you haven't heard of a sad lamp it replicas natural sunlight and triggers the feel-good hormone serotonin.

 Studies have shown that sad lamps during short dark days have been able to adjust the circadian system (which regulates sleep and distinguishes day and night) giving you much more needed energy within the day.

4.  The 6-minute journal.

5 gifts for someone with depression


This is an excellent idea if you are short of time but still what to paricipate in journalling then this 6-minute journal is the one. 

The idea is that it gives the person the opportunity to think of positive things in their lives and things to be thankful for. 

The page for the day is split up to 3 minutes morning when it can get you into a motivated mindset for the day. 

In the evening there is a 3 minutes section where the focus is on positive things that have happened to the person during the day. 

 There are also other features in the journal throughout that cover weekly reflections.

 It is a great technique to help you think more positive about yourself and what you have achieved. It doesn't have to big occurrences but small achievements should be celebrated. 

5. Fun organisation pills.

This is for the pill takers out there (I am one too so no shame). Let's make it fun to take the pills with these fun bright pill dispensers. 

They are great because they have a section so if you take medication the day it is easy then to separate the pills so they don't get muddled up. 

What do you think of my gift guide for someone who is dealing with depression? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X