Thursday, 18 February 2021

How bloggers can get freebies and samples.

We are working with MegaFreeStuff and have come up with a list of how Bloggers can get freebies, samples and generally free full-sized products from brands. Bloggers tend to search for "how to get freebies" when they start blogging. This is why the title of this article is what it is, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to be compensated or want to create a different kind of content by reviewing items. However, there are various ways to go about getting freebies and samples. 

First, let's just say that not all bloggers want free things and nothing is free in life. If you want an item for free, then be prepared to promote it in an effective way. If all you want is free stuff, then sooner or later, your blog will just fade away. With that said, here are ways that are not effective, what you should do and other useful information.

How bloggers can get freebies and samples.

What Not To Do

There are a few things you don't want to do. These ways are not effective at all. Below are non-effective ways of trying to get freebies. 

1. Sending out a bunch of emails don't work. You need to figure out how you're going to send brands emails and let them know you have something in return. If you have nothing to offer, then good luck. 

2. Tweeting brands don't work because they are making money as it is, so unless you have a bunch of followers, they won't care. Plus, if you do this for a lot of other brands, then you won't have any luck. Unless you have over 15K Twitter followers, you'll be wasting your time doing this. 

3. Targeting the major names is not a smart idea unless you have a large following. The chances are you won't be receiving free handbags or items from Chanel in the near future. Big-name brands tend to stick with bloggers who have a large viewership, produce high-quality content and images.

What You Should Do

Don't let the above discourage you. There are numerous things you can do. Let's discuss them below. 

1. Creating a great blog is the first thing you want to do. Your blog needs to have a nice looking theme, awesome photos and high-quality content. Make sure you spend time on social media building up your followers because this can help.  

2. Media kits are great. Think of them as a CV, but for bloggers. If you create a media kit, you'll be doing yourself a huge favour. 

3. You need a good pitch, so treat it like you're trying to land a job. Tell the brand why you love them and if they plan on releasing any campaigns anytime soon. Let them know you'd love to be part of it. 

4. Tweet subtly. You can share the brands you love with your followers. Don't forget to tag the brands. 

5. Campaign sites are great too. There are many sites that offer free stuff. Check out a few campaign sites and join a few of them. 

6. Don't be unrealistic because brands will reject your offer and you are not entitled to free stuff, even if you're a blogger. Many bloggers have established themselves and have put a lot of time and effort. Just remember, you are just one of the many bloggers out there, so work hard and do what you can to stand out of the crowd. 

When Brands Send You Freebies

When you get your freebies, make sure you thank the company. After that, you have to be prepared to promote the heck out of the items you received. Make sure to use all the big-name social media sites and always mention the company whose products you're promoting.  

After you post about the item, let the company know. Don't forget to tag the company and things of that nature. However, always send the final link to the company. 

The above info should help you. Implement what you've just learnt and before you know it, you'll receive freebies and samples. Just keep working hard at it and you'll be successful.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. You are right even the "free" products we get as bloggers are not free. Writing a blog post about them takes time and promoting it does too.
    I made a media kit years ago and haven't actually used it once. lol No one has ever asked for it.
    Great advice x

  2. Thanks I will try and get some freebies now! :)