Monday, 15 February 2021

Skittles rainbow experiment for kids!

 Hey readers,

What a fun and quick science experiment then you need to try this skittle rainbow experiment. Only needs four items and takes less than five minutes. It will totally blow your child's mind, perfect to do indoors and during the half-term holiday. 

Skittles rainbow experiment for kids.

what you will need

* Some Skittles.
* Some warm water.
* Funnel.
* White plate.

What to do.

   1. First place skittles in a circle on the edge of the plate.

2. I put the funnel in the middle of the plate, stops young kids who overexcited spilling it all over the place. The funnel helps keep water in the middle. Pour the water slowly on to the plate.

3. Remove the funnel and watch the magic happen. 

Behind the experiment.

Skittles are coated in sugar and food colouring. When you add warm water to the skittles the sugar and food colouring starts to dissolve. 

Now here is the thing because the skittles are pretty much similar in the amount of sugar and food colour on them they will dissolve and move at similar speeds and stay in their lanes. 

Skittles rainbow experiment for kids.

Skittles rainbow experiment for kids.

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  1. We have done this in the past and my girls love it. It is really impressive x