Monday, 22 February 2021

Spring homeware ideas 2021

Hey readers,

Good news next month spring arrives and you might be thinking of changes in your home to give it a fresh feel.

Spring homeware ideas 2021

 I have selected some spring homeware interior that might be inspiring for you. 

 1. spring painting canvas - Wayfair.

Spring homeware ideas 2021First up with have this beautiful painting of wildflowers, It is an oil painting on a canvas and would look perfect in the living room as it is a relaxing image with the flowers and calming sky. It comes from Wayfair for £76.99. 

2. Olive small sideboard -  Dunelm. 

Spring homeware ideas 2021
A beautiful and simple design but the subtle colours will add character to any room. Not to mention that there is plenty of storage in the drawers. You can buy this sideboard from Dunelm for £199.00. 

    3. Yellow stripey throw - M&S. 

    Spring homeware ideas 2021

    This lightweight throw is perfect for springtime. Lovely design with the woven monochrome stripes with a splash of yellow. If you want this throw you can buy it from M & S for £29.50. 

    4 Harley Hare dinner set - Next.

    Spring homeware ideas 2021

    This adorable dinner set form Next is perfect to add a b of fun to the dinner table with the rabbit illustration with the hand-painted finish. The dinnerware set cost £35.00 includes 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates and 4 bowls. 

    5. Diffuser - Bobolyn.

    Spring homeware ideas 2021
    This air diffuser will bring a calm ambience to the room when you add aromeopthepy ails to the diffuser creating a mist to enter the room.

    Comes with the amazing visual of the firework. which is really relaxing to look at in the evening. You can buy this diffuser from Amazon for £31.00. 

    6. Foilage - Ali Express. 

    Spring homeware ideas 2021

    Add a bit of greenery to your room with this 2m of green leave ivy wall. It is a good way to get the outdoor feel inside, you can purchase from Aliexpress for. $1.16 - 1.18.

    7. Cotton Bedding - French Bedroom Company.  

    Spring homeware ideas 2021

    This bedding has a watercolour print with pink, blue and grey soft colours making it something a bit different from the norm. It is also 300 thread and 100% cotton making it feel soft to the touch. The bedding comes from the French Bedroom Company from £89.00.

    What do you think to my homeware spring ideas for 2021? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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