Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Virtual dates for long-distance relationships.

Hey readers,

It can be difficult if you're in a relationship but are socially distancing from one another. 

However, that does not mean you can't go on dates... virtual dates will be your friend and help stay connected with a loved one during the lockdown.

 I have some amazing virtual date ideas to get your inspired. 

Virtual dates for long distance relationships.

1. Games. 

A fun way to spend time together is playing games online and there are many available that are really effective on platforms like Whatsapp. An example of this would be Pictionary and using the Pictionary dictionary play out the word and the other person tries to guess what that word is. 

2. Watch something together. 

There are many extension that allows you to watch something together and have a chat box is you can chat with one another. 

It is a great way to connect with someone and it means less lonely as you doing something with another through technology which is brilliant during the lockdown. 

There are a few on the block now obviously there is Teleparty but not fear if you do not have Netflix then there are many alternatives such as Uptime which is designed to watch youtube videos together. 

3. Order each other takeaway.

A cute thing to do as a virtual date is to buy each other a meal and be delivered to the person's home.

 There are plenty of delivery services that can deliver some amazing food such as Just Eat or Uber  Eats. 

4. Pancakes vs Waffles.

This a fun game to get to know someone better. Pancakes and Waffles is a game is where you answer questions on your preference between two similar items. 

It starts of questions such as pancakes and waffles? You have to choose one however that means the other option is gone from existence. 

Then it carries on with similar such as waffles vs chips. It can be lighthearted or deep as it gets you to discuss your reasons why you want something.

5. Walk outdoors.

Now when I say walk outdoors I mean separately but together through WhatsApp or whatever platform you find best to video call one another. It is a fun way to walk with some virtually. 

6. Video games.

Of course one of the most obvious ideas of a virtual date would be video games. If you have a Nintendo switch you could play animal crossing or Mario Kart.

 Alternatively, you can download a game app that you both enjoy and can play together via the app. 

7. Write letters. 

A traditional take on a virtual thing to do for your partner is to write a letter and send it to each other. 

There is nothing quite like getting a handwritten letter from someone in the post. 

8. Work out together.

Why not do a workout class together. There are plenty of personal fitness trainers streaming their workout online during the lockdown.

 There are so many different things from dancing to 80s music to doing aerobic classes, the world is your oyster on the internet. 

An additional benefit of doing exercise together it keeps you motivated and can encourage you to keep going. 

What do you think about these virtual dates? Have you tried any or done anything differently that I haven't mentioned? 

Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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