Monday, 1 February 2021

7 amazing reasons why you should go for a walk.

Hey readers, 

I know currently during lockdown gyms closed and with no sign of reopening soon. 

I thought I would share the reasons why I think walking is really good for you as a form of excise. 
Plus why walking is beneficial especially during the lockdown period. 

7 amazing reasons why you should go for a walk.

 1. Burns calories.

The good think about walking is exercise and is a good way to burn unwanted calories. Obviously, you won't lose a lot if you walk to the shop around the corner. Aim for a mile or two helps a lot with your health. 

2. Strength heart rate. 

If you walk at a brisk pace this can help strengthen your heart rate by making it work more therefore increasing the heart rate. 

The more you walk over a period of time strengthens the heart as it is a big muscle. So using the heart through walking can make it more efficient bringing more nutrients and oxygen to your organs.

3. Eases back pain.

When you are walking the body produces hormones in particular one called endorphins. This hormone helps decrease your perception of pain. 

Walking is especially good with lower back pain so if you suffer then getting walking as it can work wonders. 

4. Lift your mood.

Going for a walk even if it is to your local park can have a huge influence on lifting your mood. 

Simple things such as getting off the chair, change of scenery, being in nature and getting sunlight can all help make you feel good. 

When you are walking for a length the brain produces feel-good hormones called endorphins which make you naturally make you feel good.

5. Alllivate joint pain.

Incorporating walking into your routine can really help with joint pain. Maintaining a regular exercise helps reduce strain on your body and reduces pressure on your back. 

6. Free.

Walking is fantastic as anyone can dom, you can do it anywhere. It is free and perfect if you want to do something during the lockdown.

 You don't have to walk for hours you could do it for 30-45 minutes but that in itself has a massive positive impact on your overall health. 

7. Low-risk injury.

Walking is a brilliant form of exercise because it carries a low risk of injury. 

Of course, no exercise is immune to injury however the research tends to show that injuries that occur during walking are low.
Some of the reasons why you might get injured during walking are because of distraction whether that be on your phone, not looking where you are walking or checking the road for traffic when crossing. 

Another injury resulting in walking is if you do too much in one go could cause ligament injury. The key is to build up your stamina and not go to an extreme.

 It is important to find a balance that is challenging but not overworked reducing the element of injury on your body.

Do you like walking? What is your experience of walking? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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  1. We went for a walk this afternoon after not being out in about a week. It was just what we needed. x