Monday, 14 January 2019

9 ways to calm your imagination at bedtime

Hey readers,

Do you struggle with settling to go to sleep before bed, your mind is racing with thoughts that won't switch off. Below I have provided some tips to help with a conundrum to get some sleep instead of staying away thinking.

1. Routine.

I know it is the same old story but routine really does help you get into a rhythm with trying your brain to behave in a certain way. Create a time you want to go to bed and do things that help you sleep.

2. Reading.

woman holding book

If you need some downtime and to stop going in circles with your thoughts at night then I suggest giving reading a go. It helps calm the mind, makes you sleepy and you can focus on the story rather than your million and one thoughts that pop into your head.

3. TV.

Try to avoid the really heavy stuff that provokes an emotional reaction such as the news or horror films. You need to unwind before bed and one of the best ways is to watch something light-hearted. I think comedy is a great way to relax.

4. Music.

If TV is not your thing then another way to relax is to listen to music or there are plenty of relaxation videos you can get free on YouTube that you can shut your eyes and follow step by step. Again like reading this allows you to focus on the instructions and create calming thoughts into your head which in turn will provide you with the calmness to settle for bed and sleep.

5. Yoga.

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Alternatively, to the relaxation videos, you can try light yoga to do before bed. Stretches the muscles can help get you to sleep quicker. by working on the muscles and getting them ready to stretch out and relax.

6. Story.

Sometimes, when I struggle to drift off to sleep I create a story in my mind to give me something to think off and it helps a lot. I think about the situation and the feelings. It doesn't have to be fictional sometimes go back to when I was a child and think of the special moments and what it felt like such as the evening sun and playing outside. It involves happy thoughts and really helps get me to sleep.

7. Light.

Having low light when your watching TV say can create a relaxing ambience to get you in that sleepy mood and ready for bed. Having a warm lamp or fairy lights are great accessories to purchase and help in the long term with your sleep.

8. PMR.

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a technique to help you relax your body. You scan through each muscle of the body tensing and released the tension. Being consciously aware of this can help get the body to relax but that is key is to have as little stress physically in order to settle off to sleep.

9. List.


Having a notebook by the bed is useful because if you have lots of thoughts that are stopping you getting sleep writing them down can clear the mind. It will stop the thoughts circling and can know that it can get dealt with tomorrow as it is written down you won't forget about it.

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