100 things that make me happy.

Hey readers, 

As someone who suffers from depression, it can be tough going and sometimes it can be hard. That is why just seeing some simple pleasures can really brighten your day up. Also, I personally can come back to this post when I am having a downer and reflect on things that make me happy. 

100 things that make me happy. 

1) The smell of fresh grass. 

2) Sunsets. 

3) Sunrises.

4) Witty puns.

5) Belly laughs.

6) Hot coffee.

7) Cracking your neck.

8) Listening to your favourite song.

9) Soaking your muscles in hot water.

10) Caccooning yourself with the quilt in bed.

11) Heated Blanket.

12) Summer evening walks.

13) Thrilling book.

14) A gentle breeze.

15) Taking an afternoon nap.

16) Lying on the grass and looking at the clouds.

17) Having a picnic.

18) Stargazing.

19) Thunderstorms.

20) Being cosy inside when the rain hits hard on the window.

21) Jumping in muddy puddles.

22) Hot shower.

23) Ice cream.

24) Watching the bubbles forming in a lava lamp.

25) Bare feet on grass.

26) Hearing the right song at the right moment.

27) Realising you have more time to sleep in the bed.

28) People watching.

29) Walking in the countryside.

30) Being at the seaside.

31) Eating fish and chips at the beach.

32) Jumping waves on the beach.

33) Smelling the sea air.

34) A good old workout.

35) Blowing bubbles with kids.

36) Hot towels straight from the drier.

37) Watching children giggle and play.

38) Sleeping in on a rainy day.

39) Being a passenger on a drive in the dark.

40) Sitting on a hill. 

41) Having a candle burn. 

42) Incense sticks burning. 

43) Taking your shoes off after a long day. 

44) The smell of freshly baked bread. 

45) Climbing into bed with fresh sheets.

46) Writing an ace blog post. 

47) Getting a compliment.

48) Turning over the pillow and laying on the cold spot. 

49) Putting your feet out of the bed.

50) Stopping and smelling a flower. 

51) Feeling the sun radiate on your face. 

52) Having a cup-a-soup. 

53) Getting fresh air. 

54) Emptying the wash basket. 

55) Pottering about.

56)Putting washing on the line.

57) Mcdonalds banana milkshake. 

58) Stroking a cat. 

59) The sound of birds singing. 

60) Stretching your back. 

61) Having all your clothes hung up nicely in the wardrobe. 

62) Taking a nap in the sun. 

63) Feeling safe. 

64) A bacon sandwich. 

65) A rollercoaster ride. 

66) Getting a ton books out from the library. 

67) Having a brain wave. 

68) Having a good old cry. 

69) Buying some daffodils. 

70) Watching daffodils open up and brighten a room. 

71) Blossoms. 

72) Autumn leaves.

73) Kicking through crunchy leaves. 

74) Stripping off a face mask. 

75) Fluffy socks. 

76) Wearing a dressing gown when it is cold.

77) Hot water bottle. 

78) Eating al fresco. 

79) Cleaning out the lint from the drier in one single swipe. 

80) Fairy lights. 

81) Twinkling Christmas lights.

82) Watching Fail Army on youtube.

83) Squishing playdoh.

84)Watching a stand-up comedian. 

85) Seeing a rainbow. 

86) Fuffy clouds. 

87) Buying a new packet of colouring pens. 

88) Buying something in the sale. 

89) Housetops covered in frost.

90) A field covered with untouched snow. 

91) Writing out a proper letter. 

92) Finding some money in your pocket.

93) Walking through a forest. 

94) Learning a new skill. 

95) Chocolate. 

96) Peeling of nail polish in a single strip. 

97) Spotting a full moon. 

98) Blow drying your hair. 

99) Not feeling guilty for saying no. 

100) Emptying your spam folder. 

What are your simple pleasures?

Cheers for reading X 


  1. Great post :). Can almost smell the grass now and feel it under my bare feet while the sun shines warmly onto my skin while I'm eating an ice cream :)

  2. I'm doing a lot of number 8 - I start my morning with it in the shower and it really lifts my mood for the day. As for 99, we need lessons in that. I still struggle with it. (I wrestle internally. I still say it!) #Stayclassymama

  3. This is fabulous, I love how you've mentioned so many little things that you don't normally think of as making you happy, but they indeed do, like the peeling of the nail varnish in one go. Great list and it made me feel happy reading it. x

  4. Yes ... it's more often the little things ... a good chat with a friend, a walk with the dogs, a sunny day in winter, chocolate and a coffee .. so many things. Thanks for the reminder #BlogCrush

    1. Thank you, some times a good old list does wonders X

  5. Great list. I think my favourites would be reading, sewing, bubble baths and log fires #pocolo

  6. I'm a big fan of reminding myself what makes me happy when I'm having a tough day or feeling lonely #pocolo

    1. Yes it really does help during the low times to have that reminder X

  7. What a very beautiful list. Thanks for sharing it with us. It is always nice to remember the things that give us joy. #PoCoLo

  8. I like how you have a lovely mixture of things and experiences. #POCOLO

  9. I was hooked by your first one as freshly mowed grass brings back memories of my dad from when I was little and the smell of freshly baked bread is another beautiful childhood memory as we lived right near a bakery so early every morning the smell of fresh bread would fill our home. It is a great idea to make a list like this as I know when my anxiety or depression hits hard I can barely see any good. Thank you for sharing with #ABloggingGoodTime

    1. Thank you is a lovely memory to keep hold off X

  10. That is quite a long list of things that make you happy - it's wonderful if we can find happiness and joy in an array of things #stayclassymama

  11. The only thing I can't agree with is an electric blanket - hate the things! #ablogginggoodtime

    1. Oh really awww we can't all like all the same things life would be boring wouldn't it X

  12. I love the relief of cracking my neck! Some of these I haven't heard of (Fail Army?) so am off to investigate! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

    1. Haha you need to check it on youtube if you like fails and need a laugh X

  13. What a great list. I tried to give up coffee last week but I realised how happy it made me so I gave up chocolate instead. It makes me smile when I get down my email list and delete all the spam. #PoCoLo

    1. When you empty your email the relief is immense X

  14. It's so good to be able to write these lists sometimes. I love the one where you are cosy inside when it's bouncing it down outside. We have a flat roof extension and I love listening to the rain beating down on there!

    And here's something else to make you happy - somebody felt that this post was the best one they'd read all week and so they chose to add it to the BlogCrush linky for you. Hurray! Feel free to pop over and collect your "I've been featured" blog badge #blogcrush

    1. P.S. Just popping back for a second time to let you know that this post has actually been added to the BlogCrush linky TWICE in one week!!! Wow!

    2. Oh wow I feel honoured thank you so much :)

  15. There's some great things on this list - but I have to disagree with the banana milkshake, the strawberry one rocks!! Thanks for joining us at #PoCoLo