Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

This is because I've had a couple of changes and that something I struggle with. but hey go carry on and all the stuff. 

My youngest had an awful cough and was sick because of the mucus. His temp was also up and on Monday he was like death. So he had a couple of days to recuperate.  

Also, this week both my boys had the opportunity of parents coming to have lunch with them. Sadly my youngest was sick but my eldest was fine so he had the choice of mummy and daddy. 

So he picked me eek was expecting that. Still, even though my anxiety was through the roof I did it by myself so was that slightly nerve-wracking. my eldest was also very tense and anxious so I something to focus on to try and keep him calm. 

He also is not good with the change to routine and he doesn't like the noise which was a lot more now that there were more people than normal in the dinner Hall. 

Anyhow, hope you have had a good week 

Cheers for reading. X


  1. Sorry to hear you've had a poorly boy this week, hope he's on the mend soon. Change can be so hard especially if it's something you struggle with already, good on you for pushing out your comfort zone though and going for the lunch x #wotw

  2. I hope your youngest is feeling better now x Well done for attending the school dinner. I get anxious about these things at school, but I tend to enjoy them once there. Thanks for joining in with #wotw x

    1. Thanks I peddled on through and I did enjoy finding out how my son dined X

  3. Aww! I really feel for your youngest. I've been full of cold all week and I've been left with a cough. I've came close to being sick a couple of times.
    Well done you for going to the school lunch. It sounds like you both did great. x

  4. Thank you he is feeling a lot better X

  5. Change can be so hard especially when it's something that you particularly struggle with. Well done for stepping out of your comfort zone and going to the school lunch - I can imagine the noise was quite overwhelming. Sorry to hear your youngest has been ill, hope he is better now. #WotW

  6. Throws my week completely when one of the children are home ill. I hope your youngest is feeling better now. Poor thing. It's a nice idea to have the parents come in for lunch, but I can see how the noise and number of people would be unnerving. I hope it went well and your eldest enjoyed having you there. Hope you have a more straightforward week, next week. #wotw

  7. Thank you. It sure does throw the old Rountine. Luckily the school was organised and had X amount of parents at different times so wasn't so overwhelming X

  8. Oh I love it when I push through my anxiety and manage to do something I was tempted to avoid, it feels like such an accomplishment doesn't it? Well done you! :) #WotW