Sunday, 3 February 2019

10 cheap dates for nature lovers

Hey readers,

I am a big fan of being outdoors as quite claustrophobic and it got me to thinking about date ideas to do with nature lovers. So, here are my top 10 date ideas for the nature lovers out there.

1. Stargazing.

silhouette photo of two person watching stars

A lovely way to spend an evening with someone outside (unless it is raining) is to get a throw to go somewhere grassy have some drinks and star gazing. it is so peaceful and calm.

2. Nature scavenger hunt.

 A quirky date to do outdoors is to print a nature scavenger hunt and go someplace that is full of nature. A fun thing to do as well competes with one another and it is a great way to connect with someone.

3. Walk in the woods.

trees on forest with sun rays

I love trees, they are just so beautiful so going to woods is in my eyes totally escapism. It is the beautiful natural environment and it just enjoyable disconnect from everything for a little while with someone.

4. Go hiking.

If you like a challenge and have the stamina then try going on a trek, it is a great way to do something that you have to work hard physically and feel really good after.

5. Outdoor picnic.

brown wicker picnic basket on red textile

During the more milder seasons, a brilliant idea is to get some lunch food and a blanket again if you look locally there are plenty of places you explore. if you have the funds then maybe go further afield and look for somewhere that is eye pleasing. it will make a really good day out and you can't beat eating Al fresco, food just tastes much more enjoyable being out in the fresh air.

6. Go geocaching. 

If you have a smart phone download the free app geocaching where you use the map to locate containers called geocaches or catch at a specific location where you use coordinates to find it, which is basically a fun treasure hunt. You did need to have a GPS device to play, but everything is free just need to type the location and a map will appear of where the geocaches are for you to find. 

7. Go to the beach.

ocean wave at beach

Alternatively to green type locations why not check out the beach with golden sand and watching the waves come crashing down is a fantastic place to chill out to someone.

8. Have a BBQ.

 Another fine Al fresco choice to do on a date outdoors is to have a BBQ in your back garden or some a place that allows BBQ, but be best to check beforehand instead of turning up to a place disappointed. 

9. Rent a bike.

silhouette of white bicycle during sunrise

You don't need to own a bike to enjoy bike rides as there are places now that cater to people loaning bikes for the day, which is awesome to go on a bike ride with someone. Also, check out places that allow bikes too as there many facilities that offer people riding bikes. 

10. Attend a festival.

This more apt for summer but check out where you live, as for instance I live in Coventry and every year they host a three day festival in August that has free music gigs outdoors in the beautiful Memorial park. 

What kind of date ideas do you like to do outdoors?

Cheers for reading X


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