Monday, 25 February 2019

Why I like shopping in charity shops.

Hey readers, 

I love charity shopping, it such a cool habit to do. It is so fun because you don't know what to expect because it is so random and such a variety of items.  So, why do I like charity shopping? Well, let me tell you why below. 

1. Money. 

Going shopping in charity shops is a great way to be frugal and save so much money.  Not to mention the fact that you good value as there is still plenty of wear in the clothing. Not only can you get clothing from charity shops but other items such as homeware and children's toys. The shops tend to check beforehand the quality. I would 90% are really good at that with the odd that shop doesn't give a monkeys. However, you can check it before buying anyway so it is absolutely fine. 

2. Unique. 

The items that people kindly donate to charity shops is so varied in the choice that it can be a really fun way of thinking outside of the box in terms of creating pieces for outfits. You definitely going to feel unique because you can pick up something different and create your own style. Most items tend to be out of trend which is good because you know that not everyone is going to wear the same item at the same time, which is refreshing. If you are into vintage clothing charity shops are the place to be as they are a lot cheaper then say Ebay because there is less focus selling the idea of 'vintage'. 

3. Charity. 

You know when you buy from a charity shop the money that you pay for the items goes straight to the charity and causes that will benefit greatly for your contribution to buying items from the charity shop. 

4. Environmental.

Buying from the charity shop means that you are recycling old items and reuses them, meaning less material is being used and affecting the environment whilst doing this. With regards to throw away fashion, it means it is more sustainable and that you are not just buying more clothes but instead buying old clothes but are new to you. 

Do you like charity shops? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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